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Vulnerability is a wonderful thing. It can lead to incredible, ground-breaking conversations. It can lead to stronger, more open connections. And most importantly, it can lead you to your truth - the best part. . . . . . . . . . . #bebrave #vulnerability #bevulnerable #fermentanicals #qootd #quote #word #quotes #bewell #brenebrown #brenebrownquote #nourishyourself #inspiration #motivation #wellness #health #healthylifestyle #happiness #happy #meditation

Carly Rodger

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Watched the amazing Brené Brown on Netflix last night and was reminded about what life is really all about. Being vulnerable shows the greatest courage but will generate the greatest rewards, and you will get your ass kicked. Still #getinthearena of life!#brenebrownquote

@brenebrown saved my life about 4 years ago...and to this day is one of my hero’s. The past two to three months have been HARD on me. Many tough decisions, lots of judgments, and tricky changes and transitions in my professional and personal life. I’m glad for Brene’s work to keep me grounded and focused. #brenebrownquotes #brenebrown #brenebrowninspired #brenebrownquote #brenebrownwisdom #brenebrownnetflixspecial #brenebrownismyhero #brenébrown #brenebrown

I love Brene Brown. Watch her Ted Talks and Netflix special!

“Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable, it means to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need, to talk about how you're feeling, to have the hard conversations.” — Brené Brown⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ Photo by Winnipeg photographer @stefunny⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ #quote #familylife #stefunny #beach #familylife #marriageconference #familylifecanada #brenebrownquote #inspiration #growth #gratitude #longweekend #happylongweekend


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~Midlife unraveling~ Words you can only understand if you've gone through it or are in the middle of it! 💫 M I D L I F E In my humble opinion, @brenebrown is brilliant on this topic!


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“Belonging is belonging to yourself first”-BB #brenebrownquote #youareworthy

'We all want to show up and be seen in our lives. This means we will all struggle and fall; we will know what it means to be both brave and broken-hearted.' Brené Brown The ebb and flow of life is the greatest adventure. 🍃 #life #ebbandflow #brenebrown #brenebrownquote #thoughts #ideas

3 facts about my 3 days spent with @brenebrown ⬇️ . . 1. For the first time in my life, I sat in the front row. I knew I had three days to soak up as much as I could, and I didn't want to miss a minute. . 2. I realized a shame trigger that I possess. And with Brené Brown's work, particularity Daring Greatly and Rising Strong, I have been able to change my inner narrative and dial down the negative talk. . 3. I now am extremely happy to say that I am a certified Dare to Lead™️ Facilitator and I am so excited to bring this new work to life. . . To read more, tap the link in my bio and visit my Articles & Resources page.

I have been watching Brene Browns Talk on vulnerability. This is one of her favourite quotes and now mine.🙌🏻 I was actually feeling a little overwhelmed and Michelle Blake told me to watch this talk. It was everything we had been discussing. Being an empath I feel things very deeply, I know when people are not being honest, I feel jealousy, I feel their critical words and sometimes i find it hard and fall back into not good enough. I am just so lucky I have so many amazing techniques and people to help me move through it”. I am proud of my vulnerability, I have fallen many times with lots of critical eyes around me, yet I have gotten back up and started again. I have spoken my truth only to be abused and hated on, yet I have stayed true to myself. I have started businesses and failed, I have had terrible relationships, I have been rejected, told I’m not good enough, all the things that stop people from being vulnerable, yet I have loved again, I have followed my passions and given them a go, I have put myself out there even when it scares the hell out of me. Yet I still choose to belong not fit in. Fitting in is assessing and acclimating Here is what I should say, be Here’s what I shouldn’t say Here’s what I should avoid talking about What I should dress like That’s fitting in Belonging Is belonging to yourself first speaking your truth, telling your story Never betraying yourself for other people True belonging does not require you to change who you are It requires you to be who you are And that’s vulnerable Vulnerablility’s not about winning It’s not about losing It’s having the courage to show up When you can’t control the outcome. For some reason I can’t put up the link 🤪 If you have Netflix watch Brene Browns talk on vulnerability 🙏🏻

„Nie można przyjmować krytyki i opinii od osób, które nie są w życiu odważne” - prawda? Widzieliście już na #netflix przemowę Brené Brown o odwadze? Jeśli nie, to koniecznie zobaczcie!🔝 Sposób, w jaki Brené pojmuje odwagę, otwiera oczy i jest według mnie rewolucyjny! (biorac pod uwagę popularność autorki, nie tylko ja tak uważam 😉) Brown od lat prowadzi badania nad takimi uczuciami/stanami jak wstyd, wrażliwość, empatia i odwaga, a w swoich ksiażkach pisze o tym, jak żyć odważnie. Badaczka powtarza, że odważne życie wiąże się z tym, że się odsłaniasz, nie wiedząc, jakie będą tego konsekwencje. W tym miejscu zdolność do prawdziwej odwagi łaczy się ze zdolnościa do bycia wrażliwym, do odsłonięcia się, a to z kolei wystawia nas również na porażkę, zawód czy poczucie wstydu. Chcac „żyć na arenie" - być w swoim życiu odważnym i ryzykować - trzeba tę porażkę przyjać i zaakceptować. Łatwo się mówi, co? 😉 Ja wierzę, że wiedza to pierwszy krok do jakiejkolwiek zmiany 👉🏻 Netflix - Brené Brown, Odwagi! A swoja droga, od kogo według Was warto przyjmować krytykę/feedback?

A little #motivationmonday for ya, courtesy of @brenebrown. 💛 . Your brain is wired to keep you safe, but being comfy and avoiding new things gets you nowhere fast. Hands up if you’ve been pushing yourself to do something scary or uncomfortable. 🙌🏼 . My goal this year is to teach more workshops (link in bio for one this Saturday!) ✍🏼 and get an online store up and running (coming soon!) 🎁... because all I want is to share what I’ve learned and make rad things. Fuck being scared. Let’s. Do. This. 💪🏼✨

‘Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they are never weakness’ - Brene’ Brown 📷 unknown #inpraiseofthevulnerableman #courage #truth #rejectstigma #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthaffectsusall #support #makeittoyourmat #practiceandalliscoming #yoga #positivebodyimage #startwithwhatyouhave #brenebrownquote

One of my fav quotes ✊ Why? Because I am not interested in those people who's thoughts, opinions & plenty to say but have nothing to offer, and no action to their words, gossiping, make dirty water business. And are not in the arena with me, like others getting their asses kicked, working hard, living their true selves, living from their true value base, being genuine, not sticking their noses in other's business, lifting others up & living bravely, with courage & vulnerability everyday ✊🙏✌#brenebrown #brenebrownquote #getinthearenaorgetlost #bebrave #becourageous #liftothersup

You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging. -Brene Brown ✨

Kyle Scobee

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“What’s the greater risk? Letting go of what people think – or letting go of how I feel, what I believe, and who I am?” - Brené Brown . . . . . . #selfie #happy #brenebrownquote #lifeisgood #blackandwhite #choosehappiness #grateful

Nesse sábado gostoso, perfeito pra ficar debaixo das cobertas vendo aquela série do momento, te desafio a ver essa mulher: @brenebrown (palestra de mais ou menos 1 hora no Netflix)!⁣ 📺🤩 ⁣ Muito engraçada e sem medo de falar o que precisa ser falado, ela me ajudou a ver o que verdadeiramente significa ser corajosa em um mundo regido pelo medo e incerteza. Vale a pena o seu tempo, #permitase experimentar algo novo!⁣🙌🏻 ⁣ Depois me fala o que você achou, ou me dá uma dica de coisas diferentes pra eu ver por aqui!🤩💛 - - - - - - #perguntapraisa #perguntaserespostas #ajudaai #vidadedesigner #posicionamentodigital #saindodazonadeconforto #quotes #frases #frasesinspiradoras #brenebrownquotes #brenebrown #brenebrownquote

Oh my ladies, I am SO in love with Brené Brown since I’ve watched her Netflix special!! . 💌What a badass lady, an inspiration for us all. She speaks the truth and that reached me right into the heart. I was just being interviewed recently to help a fellow online practitioner about my anxiety story. I realized I really much still define myself as a "victim" of anxiety and burnout. And she was telling me that it is possible to manage this painful past and this natural stress reaction in a way that they don't shape me anymore. . 🤔And it's true that I have defined myself in the past as "gluten intolerant", "vegan" or "with endometriosis"... but after a long health journey I don't define myself with these words anymore. I am starting to know where these stories end for me and and it is such a liberating feeling! I am excited to put a final end to my anxiety and my burnouts soon! . 💃This will be mostly through helping wonderful creative women like YOU, who wants to feel grounded enough to do what you are the best at (create!) and will not settle for life-long drug prescriptions and unsustainable medical practices. We're in it together ladies, let me show you the way! Loving deep breath, Lysiane

An excerpt from my journal 30 June 2016: “I go go go from this thing to the next thing. Meeting after meeting and nights jam packed with teaching and catch ups. It’s like I’m addicted to doing, I’m so tired but I can’t stop. Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I just so busy all of the time??” . . Ah… Crazy busy. It took me a while to realise that I was setting these busy scenarios up for myself. Doing “all the things” so that I didn’t have to be alone, with my thoughts and myself – it was the perfect socially acceptable form of escapism! Everything I was feeling would build up from being pushed down and would eventually come spilling out… . And it’s a hard habit to get yourself out of and when I realised I was a always “busy” person I started to get really clever with it and swap nights out with educational workshops… . This is a work in progress for me and through a persistent and yet gentle practice of making changes I now crave alone time. Starting small, rethinking to do lists, only signing up for workshops I really want to do, finishing work on time, saying no to things and realising I can’t do it all. And through slowing down I am able to connect more to myself which makes me more available, grounded and present for when I am with clients, family and friends…

I was conflicted about posting this b/c I loathe trendy #ig quotes. Then I watched @brenebrown's (BRILLIANT) @netflix special and caught #feelings + the #holyghost 🙌🏿. I had to share, you know? - - She made me realize 3 things: 1. I've never allowed myself to feel the joy, of liking or falling in love w. someone. 2. I'm always WAITING for the other 👢 to drop. Which means, I've missed so many opportunities for real joy. 3. I don't want to do 👆🏿 anymore. - - Can you relate? How are you working through it? xoxo, The Dating Doula #calldatingdoula . . . .


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“It’s not about 'what can I accomplish?' but 'what do I want to accomplish?' Paradigm shift.” – Brene Brown . . When everything seemingly falls apart, it’s more important than ever to get clear on the direction you want to go in as you move forward. . Start focusing on how you want to feel in every area/aspect of your life and then start doing activities that create those desired feelings. . This is about you. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? . . On my agenda for the day- soaking up some sunshine, indulging in an amazing cup of coffee, relishing in the scent of sweet lilacs and loving on some of my beautiful clients. . Wishing you all a Beautiful Friday! . . . #lilacs #coffeealldayeveryday #brenebrownquote #brenebrown #paradigmshift #betterversionofme #sunshine #coffee #yellowheels #pnw #upperleftliving #masteresthetician #millcreek #fridaymood #millcreekwa #snohomishcounty

A space to Gather, Learn, Create and Heal.⁣ Join Kalico in creating an inclusive, community resource centered in the arts.⁣ .⁣ @brenebrown⁣ .⁣ #kalicoart #brenebrown #brenebrownquote #artisconnection #artshealthwellbeing #vulnerableart #artquotes #artquotesoninstagram #artmakesmehappy #communityartcenter #artastherapy

Wow, @brenebrown you are so good for me. This is powerful and necessary. xoxo

Day 210/365: Mindless doodling and colouring using my Tombow Dual Brush Pen sets on this rainy Friday morning. I was listening to Brené Brown in an interview today. I have tried listening to her in the past several times, and just couldn't get into it. Today was different, there were many nuggets of gold for me to hear. I was ready. "The magic of art is the ability to capture our pain and deliver us from it at the same time." -Brené Brown #365creativedays #suzannecreates #abstractart #mindlessdoodling #colouring #tombowdualbrushpen #brenebrownquote

Gwen Swain

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Show up. Always. #brenebrownquote

Working on posting this one in the shop tonight. I just can’t get enough of Dr. Brown. She’s my social work idol ❤️ Now available in my Etsy shop & FREE SHIPPING to celebrate her new Netflix show! Link in bio. Shop name = SimekCreations #brenebrownquotes #brenebrowninspired #brenebrown #netflix #brenebrownnetflixspecial #brenebrownquote #brenebrownismyhero #brenebrownthecalltocourage #dictionaryart #etsyshop #shopsmall #socialwork #socialworkgift #msw #lmsw #mswstudent

Don’t fail because you refused to try. Fail beautifully, gloriously, messily because you gave it everything you had. And then wipe the dirt off your face and do it again. . . I have found so much joy and so much LIFE in the last 2 years, by attempting things I know I’m not capable of yet. Key word: yet. . . From the beginning of our relationship, Bryan and I have had a rule: one of us says “challenge issued” the answer always is “challenge accepted.” . . What challenges are you not issuing yourself out of fear? What challenges are you not accepting because of doubt? . . Get in the arena, do the THING, it’s way more fun than sitting on the side lines. . . #fear #fearoffailure #bedaring #daregreatly #brenebrownquote #challengeissued #challengeexcepted #daretobegreat #getinthegame #getinthearena #womeninspiringwomen #womenleaders #womensleadership #girlbossquotes #bossbabequotes #womenwhowork #dallaslifestyleblogger #blogger #inspirationalblogger #dallasblogger #blogher #unleashyourthing #unleash #unleashedlife #lifeunleashed . . 📸: @paulwingo Quote by @brenebrown / Theodore Roosevelt

Are you curious about understanding and combatting shame? Join us for our next Satsang. "Satsang" is just a Sanskrit word for gathering, and we will be discussing the third chapter of Brené Brown's book, "Daring Greatly." You do not have to have come to other sessions, and are welcome to drop in for $15! We also have the book available for purchase if you need a copy.⠀ --⠀ Monthly Satsang: "Daring Greatly," by Brené Brown⠀ Chapter 3: Understanding and Combatting Shame⠀ Monday, May 13 ⠀ 7:30 - 8:30 pm⠀ --⠀ #daringgreatly #brenebrown #yogacommunity #ispycommunity #vulnerability #shame #daringgreatlyquote #brenebrownquote #shamequote

✋ Self check-in ✋ Are you on a path to living your most authentic life? Here are a few questions you can start to ask yourself to see if you are ... ˙ 🔶 Does your work fulfill you in some way? 🔶 Can you easily identify one of your passions? And are you doing it? 🔶 Are you satisfied with your current relationships? 🔶 Do you feel that you speak your truth? ˙ Check-in with these four questions when you feel yourself steering away from your authentic path ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ #alanacarvalhotherapy #mentalhealth #authenticlife #authenticlifestyle #intuitive #healing #wellness #psychotherapy #therapy #counseling #psychology #grouptherapy #meditation #spirituality #energy #consciousness #selflove #loveandlight #selfcare #wellness #recovery #mindfulness #meditate #healer #authenticity #liveauthentic #liveauthentically #brenebrown #brenebrownquote #brenebrownquotes

“You share with people who have earned the right to hear your story.” -Brene Brown. Now available in my Etsy shop & FREE SHIPPING to celebrate her new Netflix show! Link in bio. Shop name = SimekCreations #brenebrownquotes #brenebrowninspired #brenebrown #netflix #brenebrownnetflixspecial #brenebrownquote #brenebrownismyhero #brenebrownthecalltocourage #dictionaryart #etsyshop #shopsmall #socialwork #socialworkgift

I used to think that moving forward, meant forgetting all the bad things in my past . When I opened up publicly about these things, it didn't feel good . I thought I was going to puke . I was shaking . I had never spoken of these things to anyone . Not my family, friends, no one . And I shared what I experienced without assigning blame . In case it might help someone else out there . I cried a lot . And afterwards, people reached out to me in trust and courage and shared their experiences . I felt a deep calm and a sense of clarity too . And I also felt stronger and more confident - it's true what they say you know . Being totally vulnerable and open makes you so much stronger . It's a different kind of strength . It's like a level of reality peeled away like that plastic film you peel off a new piece of luggage . You want to keep it on because the shiny bits will stay shinier longer . And everything will be protected . But the colours aren't bright and the shiny bits don't get to shine because they're covered up . Removing that film, makes a person see so much more clearly . How we're all connected . How we aren't different after all . I could breathe deeper . A mysterious lower back pain I had for years lifted up and away . This shit is real man . For me, speaking openly about my experiences unlocked the dark room I had kept a previous version of myself in . There wasn't anything wrong with her . There was never anything wrong with me . I imagined myself opening that door and bringing her out and holding her, hugging her . Bringing her out into the light . Let her speak her truth. . Let me speak my truth . I am who I am because of what I've gone through . I get it . ❤️ xx


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Just show up. #shedefined

🤩 These words gave me all the feels today! 💖 “When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending... 💫 ... and when we don’t own our stories of failure, setbacks, and hurt- they own us.” - Brené Brown #daretolead 🙏 Feeling immense gratitude today for my failures! 🧐 Yup, you read that correctly! ✨ If we never own up to our mistakes we never move forward and as a result, we can never grow. 😱 Although it is mortifying at times to face the realities we have created for ourselves, we must do so in order to move forward and to regain control. 🤛 Instead of letting our shortcomings control us, when we ask for help, when we say “I’m sorry”, or when we realize that we weren’t trying our best is how we teach failure who’s boss by acting instead of reacting. 🤪 But this takes practice... at least for me. 💪 Having the courage to face failure needs resilience, time, and repetition. 🥰 So be kind to yourself and to your stories of hurt, shame, or failure because you’re the only you that you have. 💖 Acknowledging that I am in control of my story, when things are going wrong or when they’re going well, nourishes my body, mind, and soul. 💁🏻‍♀️ Why do you think it’s so hard to have courage ? ⤵️ ... .. . #thenourishedone #gratitude #nourishedones #nourish #nourished #nourishment #inspirehealthy #selfcare #wellness #healthandwellness #healthandwellnessblogger #dailynourishment #eatwell #affirmations #healthyfoodblogger #healthyrecipes #travelislife #womeninfitness #womenwhoexercise #mentalhealth #selflove #quoteoftheday #brenebrown #borntotravel #travelblogger #brenebrownquote #healthyrecipe #healthylifestyle #selfcare

I was knee deep in desperation and parenting books constantly searching for the “how to” of parenting😰. “How to” get make baby food🥑🥕? “How to” sleep train (I had oodles of those books)😴, “How to” deal with toddler tantrums🤷🏻‍♀️? Then the lens pulled back and there it was chapter 7 of Brene’ Brown’s book Daring Greatly. @brenebrown 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 “Who we are and how we engage with the world are much stronger predictors of how our children will do that what we know about parenting. In terms of teaching our children to dare greatly in the “never enough” culture, the question isn’t so much “Are you parenting the right way?” as it is: “Are you the adult that you want your child to grow up to be?” 🌱Me? I hadn’t thought about me in a while. I knew I was not becoming the adult I want my kids to be. In fact, I was letting myself get erased. My identity was fading away with meeting need after need day after day (#enneagram2 ). I thought I was faithfully serving and giving it all up for my family but they needed their mom in a different way. Besides being the hourly snack dispenser, they needed me to become who God intended me to be 👩🏻‍🎨. This quote finally woke me and gave me permission to find “me” again. So the last few years I have modeled “how to” follow your dreams, “how to” create before you consume @marieforleo , “How to” learn something new, “how to” put yourself out there, “how to” be brave when you feel nervous, “How to” create a habit of prayer, “How to” lead with faith and “how to” work hard. One day, I pray they will reflect it back to me. I will always be a work in progress but now I can say, follow me little ducklings. 🦆🦆🦆Follow me. 🌸Here’s a photo of me and my youngest. The older one is taking the pic (rocking his photography skills 😉). Are you the adult that you want your child to grow up to be? What’s YOUR story? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #motherhood #fatherhood #brenebrownquote #brenebrown #enneagram2 #createbeforeyouconsume #workingmom #sahmlife #youmatter #wholeheartedparenting #proverbs31woman #gratitudephotography

Pam Lynch

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I just started reading "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown and I am already in love as I came across this quote in the introduction.❤️ Can't wait to read the rest! Have you watched her special on Netflix? It is a MUST SEE!🙌 #brenebrownquote #brenebrowninspired #daringgreatly #parentingquotes #parentingwisdom #inspiredmom #mominspiration #parentinglife #parentingquotes #toddlermom #infantmom #motherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #babytoddlerteacher #mindfulparenting #bestmomlife #alwayslearning

Don’t miss what you have now while focusing on the bigger picture. Working toward extraordinary is good. Paying attention to the ordinary moments will remind you of why you’re chasing it to begin with. Those precious, ordinary little moments make the process of getting from here to there so much more meaningful.💕

RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN PERSONALLY VICTIMIZED BY A COACH 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣ ⁣ I get it.⁣ 🌿 It’s become my mission to work with service based entrepreneurs like you who are DEDICATED to doing high quality work.⁣ ⁣ ⁉ Question...⁣ 💭 How many of you have signed up with a coach and been severely let down by the level of support *ACTUALLY* provided?⁣ ⁣ 💭 How many of you who have joined a group program and been taught "fluff" instead of actual concrete steps?⁣ ⁣ 💭 How many of you have heard of people being scammed by service based entrepreneurs?⁣ ⁣ 💭 How many of you see coaches out there giving TERRIBLE advice??⁣ ⁣ 😥 The coaching/service based industry online is broken.⁣ ⁣ I want to help people like you that are actually providing a well thought out, high quality service, so that the people who NEED you can find you!! 🎆🦋⁣ ⁣ ✨If you’re ready to put your fears aside, I'm taking on THREE 1:1 clients to help them get confident, clear and connected with their social media and DREAM CLIENTS.✨⁣ ⁣ Early bird bonus ends May 8th! My coaching will never be this price again so now is the time!!⁣ ⁣ 🌿 Book a call with me to go over ALL the details by clicking the link in my bio!

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"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen" #brenebrownquote Pictured: @kellyprincewright

I finally got the chance to watch Brené Brown's Netflix special today. I have to say, if I ever get a chance to see her in person, I will jump at the chance. I love how she shares her message, using her personal stories and the years of data she has collected. I especially loved her message about just appreciating the ordinary moments. Slowing down and just being present. "Just choose joy."

Are you living in the arena? Are you choosing to show up, be seen and answer the call? There are a million cheap seats in the house. You can choose to buy a ticket to the show or you can play in the arena, which is to live out your soul’s purpose in this life. I recently watched Brené Brown’s new Netflix show titled Call to Courage and let me tell you, this woman is LEGIT. And that’s why I love her. No bullshit. Just straight up real talk about life and how we’re choosing to live it. 💕 She’ll push you right up against all your greatest fears and dare you to be brave. She’ll show you your deepest wounds and ask you to be vulnerable. She’ll advance you to a new way of living, and she’ll remind you of your call to greatness. Answer the call! 📞 Drop some 🌸’s in the comments if you’re answering the call and stepping into the arena P.S. See you there! 💃🏻

"I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness -- it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude." -Brené Brown We love this quote. Here at Jasmine Road, we believe that practicing gratitude is very much rooted in opening up to appreciate where we are now. Many times, that starts with noticing what is right in front of us, seeing the beauty in our environment around us, and then sharing with others. One of the Jasmine Road residents who took this photo said today: "Seeing things from a different perspective is one of the biggest ways to change your life." This process of recognizing and choosing to have a new perspective plays a big role in self-discovery, healing, and recovery for the residents in our program, and is also a key ingredient in finding joy. #jasmineroad #housingfirst #rootedinlove #lovehealbloom #yeahthatgreenville #gratitude #brenebrownquote #gratitudequote

Today, choose courage 🙌

"The truth is: belonging starts with self acceptance." ⁣ .⁣ "......Your level of belonging, in fact, can never be greater than your level of self-acceptance, because believing that you're enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic, vulnerable and imperfect."⁣ .⁣ Quote from the amazing Brene Brown⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣#samhara #brenebrown #brenebrownquote #samharareiki #instaquotes #quoteoftheday #motivation #inspirationalquotes #lifequotes #motivationalquotes

Riding the Brené Brown bandwagon like the rest of them, no shame here 💁🏼‍♀️. . . Feedback is vital to business growth, but there’s always someone who will give you unwelcome advice when they don’t have a clue about the hard work that’s gone into getting you this far. Keep your head up and remember they aren’t brave enough to battle in this crazy arena but you are 💪 . . Thanks @brenebrown for all your encouragement


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You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot have both - Brene Brown. #watercolorpets #leavinggiftforacatlady #cat1 #watercolorofinstagram #crazycatladyforlife #brenebrownquote #faceourfears

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both. - Brené Brown . . . . . #couragetobeyou #courage #courageovercomfort #quotetoremember #quotetoliveby #quotesaboutlife #quoteoftheday #brenebrownquote #brenebrownquotes #brenébrown #brenebrown #lukedoeslife


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Watched Brené Brown’s special on Netflix a few days ago and it was very eye opening, I definitely suggest it! @brenebrown • • • #brenebrownquote #brenebrowninspired #brenébrown #netflixspecial #writers #qotd #quoteoftheday #beinspired #bevulnerable #becourageous #daringgreatly #selfgrowth #selfhealer #beseen #askforwhatyouneed #havethehardconversations

The inner longing for connection exists within all! Each one of us can intuitively feel when there is a connection between ourselves and another one. It is a inner feeling that gives positive vibration and evokes a desire to feel more connection. As Brene mentions here it is the energy created when one feels seen, heard and valued; when there is giving and receiving without judgement. I would add that where such a relationship exists between these ones; trust is also created. Trust is a critical foundation whereby each one feels safe mentally, emotionally and physically. Where trust exists much is possible! May you experience a connection and trust today! 🙂#connection #oneness #trust #energy #seenheardvalued #seen #heard #valued #experienceconnection #knowyourvalue #giveandreceive #trustyourintuition #intuition #innerlonging #desireforconnection #desiretobeseen #desiretobeheard #energydoesntlie #brenebrownquote #judgmentfree


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I had a rough couple weeks, I'm not gonna lie. The house has been under the weather, thanks highest pollen counts like ever!! Plus, I have had some great success on my team but I haven't hit my personal goals in way too long despite my efforts. It's time to reassess (again) and start finding my success. Not to mention a I THOUGHT I nailed one but I was missing one checkmark and didn't get it. What daily method of operation works best for you? I think it's time for vision boards and a more discipline on my DMO. #dailymethodofoperation #strugglebus #success #healthyfamily #healthyalternatives #boundaries #instaquote #brenebrownquote 🔥

Guys, last night I watched Brené Brown on Netflix. If you've got time this weekend, you should watch it too. It's amazing and now I need to read her books!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #brenebrowninspired #brenebrownquote #vulnerabilityisstrength #writersden #writersdesk #amwritingfantasy #writingfantasy #authorssupportingauthors #writerssupportingwriters #writerssupportwriters #authorssupportauthors #fantasyauthor #fantasyseries #fantasywriter #fantasywriting #writewritewrite #booksandbooksandbooks #happywriter #happywriting

"Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen."⁣ ⁣ Always choose showing up as YOU and being authentic over camouflaging who you are in an effort to seek approval. Whether it be from friends, family, or your clients, the right people will "get you" and love you for being the real you, not the watered down version. ⁣ ⁣ #brenebrownquote #befashionablylean #beyou⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ #successmindset#businesstips #businesscoach #focusonwhatreallymatters #communityovercompetition #savvybusinessowner#goodvibetribe #businessinspiration #businesscoachforwomen #businesspassion #mycreativebiz #creativeentrepreneur #solopreneur #entrepreneurmindset #stayfocused #bossbabe #createcultivate #businessdevelopmentcoach #thoughtleaders #successtips #wordsofwisdom #livewithpurpose #womeninspiringwomen #femalefounders #createyourlife #authenticity #beauthentic

Let’s get personal. The truth is, I have struggled in confidently telling people “I make bags for a living” when asked what I do for work. . Dream chasing in the form of entrepreneurship doesn’t always pay the bills. And in a society where success is predominantly measured in money, fully owning that I am pursuing my dream job and that job isn’t yet profitable has proven difficult for finding a sense of belonging. . The reality is, I have never worked so hard, made so little money, and yet, been this personally and professionally fulfilled before. So here is me showing up in a real way: What do I do for a living, you may ask? I’m courageous and take chances on a daily basis. I problem solve for problems I didn’t even know existed. I’m head of the accounting department, marketing, PR, and business analytics just to name a few. Oh, and I design beautifully thought-out, handcrafted leather bags that are unique and made to last, and now I’m working on telling the world about it! - Diana @dfrancadesigns . . . . . . . . . . #brenebrown #brenebrownquote #belonging #showingup #realtalk #upcloseandpersonal #inthearena #confessionsofanentrepreneur #smallbusinesshustle #showupinarealway #flexyourcouragemuscle #flexyourfemale #havecourage #beauthentic #ownyourtruth #beproudofyourpath #takingownership #pride #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspiring #inspirepositivity #thoughtoftheday #quotestagram #lifequotes #happiness #livelovecreate #liveandlearn #wisdom

Dica da semana vai pra esse especial do Netflix com Brené Brown que está imperdível!! Vulnerabilidade não é o oposto da coragem, ao contrário, elas andam de mãos dadas. Admtir nossas vulnerabilidades nos torna mais empáticos, inclusivos, criativos, confiáveis, inovadores!! "Sem vulnerabilidade não há criatividade. Sem tolerância para o fracasso, sem inovação." BB #brenébrown #compositiva #vulnerabilidadesocial #vulnerabilidade #coragem #thecalltocourage #netflix #brenebrownquote #brenebrown

#brenebrownquote Choose courage! . . . #thoughtfulthursday Amherst Madison

Has anyone watched the Brené Brown Netflix special? I was front and center on Friday night, watching with friends. Brené is an engaging storyteller who makes me think deeply about how I'm showing up as a leader. I highly recommend watching it. And I can’t wait to see it again as I know I’ll pick up even more nuggets the second time. . . . #coach #leadership #newleaders #leadershipcoach #leadershipdevelopment #businesscoach #goals #newmanager #managementtips #coachcalhoun #calhouncoachingconsulting #brenebrown #thecalltocourage #netflix #courageovercomfort #brenebrownquote

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Re-read this about a million times. @brenebrown #brenebrownquote #truthbomb #janehamill #recoveringperfectionist #controlenthusiast

Sometimes we fear (and avoid) What is most empowering. I remember doing a fear challenge run by the amazing Kyle Lipton a couple of years back. Right at the start of the challenge, When introducing ourselves to the group, We were asked to fill in the blanks: "Hi, my name is _____ and what I don't want you to know about me is _______." Ooh how my stomach turned. Revealing something I DIDN'T want to, To a bunch of total strangers. What a way to kick things off!! *gulp* 😕 And once I had done my live intro video And shared what I shared, The magic of vulnerability, of truth & courage worked it's way into my system. As with EVERY time we go out on a limb and prioritise these things above all else, The fear that we had diminishes. I became empowered in the transparency, because with nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear. Fear is the blackmailer that says "Do as I tell you, otherwise [insert bad shit - being judged, looking stupid, being rejected, failing, losing something] will happen." If we tell the blackmailer "That's OK" and go ahead, Risking the bad shit happening, The blackmailer has nothing on us. It can't dob us in, It can't reveal our weaknesses Or our secrets If we get in and do it first. And once you do it, You realise it wasn't worth being scared about If we are courageous, It ALWAYS works out. We ALWAYS finish up surviving, Going "Well that wasn't so bad". Vulnerability is the key To moving through fear To falling deeply in love To having more of what you want in your life. When's the last time your vulnerability paid off? 👇 Drop a comment below 👇

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These are four maxims that have had a major impact in my life. I continuously refer to them to steer me in the right direction. . . . . . . . #findingcreativity #curiousforcreativity #createuntilyoufindyourvoice #wishlovesmile #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #brenebrownquote #josephcampbellquote #tomdelongequote #dailylovequote

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. Brené Brown 💚

Does this ever happen when you're scrolling your feed?⁣ ⁣ Hmmm, maybe?⁣ ⁣ Maybe, it's flipped around and you're shaming yourself as you're the one doing worse than you think the image you're looking at?⁣ ⁣ What if you you simply stepped out of this mindset? Literally, turn around and see what else is there? ⁣ ⁣ It's the comparison that will get you every time!!!⁣ ⁣ This is the time for practicing a mantra about becoming more non-judgmental. More acceptance to move you forward in your life. Focus on what is going well and do more of that!⁣ ⁣ What is one non-judgmental action you can take today?⁣ :⁣ :⁣ :⁣ #nonjudgmental #shame #comparison #brenebrown #positivequotes #brenebrownquote #nourishnotpunish⁣ #consciousmindbody #mindfuleating #intuitiveeating #consciouseating #positivethoughts #nourishtoflourish #emotionaleating #bingeeating #foodfreedom #haes #bodypositivity #ditchthediet #growthmindset #lovingkindness #bodykindness

✨Hemos sido enseñados desde pequeños a no mostrar nuestras emociones porque eran percibidas como “debilidad”. En el proceso nos hemos desconectado de ellas. ✨Muchas veces el cuerpo habla por nosotros en forma de enfermedades, síntomas, dolor.. porque lo que la boca calla el cuerpo muestra. ✨Vivir desde la VULNERABILIDAD, es vivir siendo valientes, mostrando lo que soy siento y pienso sin armadura. ✨Es decir “ Te quiero “ primero a riesgo de que no sea recíproco . Es publicar un escrito aunque tenga miedo de las críticas. Es pedir perdón, es poner límites aunque tenga miedo de perder el amor de los demás. Es hacer aquello que tememos , aceptando el miedo y dando el pasito. ✨Es incómodo, se siente expuesto... Cuando YO me siento así, se que estoy CRECIENDO💝 #brenebrownquote #vulnerabilidad @rewirerd

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So how happy are the quality of your connections?⠀ Brenda Walding, the author and coach I interviewed today, reminded me of this quote by Brene Brown. ⠀ ⠀ There is a good reason we are incarnated spirits in a human body in this lifetime and the main reason is so we can evolve our Soul which then evolves the collective including Source. Yes! Source evolves too! Crazy idea, right?⠀ ⠀ But there is evidence that Source DOES evolve (thank you Quantum Physics and Dr. Teresa Bullard), just like I had been "told" in my conversations with Source. ⠀ So relationships and connections are an integral part of that evolution. The most important connection is your connection with your Being, your Source within, the Oneness. Take time to cultivate that daily, and watch your life morph and change with ever increasing love-based connections!⠀ ⠀ Please share if you resonate with this!⠀ #brenebrownquote⠀ #brenebrown⠀ #connections⠀ #relationships⠀ #healthyrelationships⠀ #codependentnomore⠀ #sustainablerelationships⠀ #radiantrelationships⠀ #source⠀ #evolution⠀ #spiritualalchemy⠀ #quantumphysics⠀ #teresabullard⠀ #spiritualevolution⠀ #lightmedicinedoctor⠀ #lightmedicine