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47 Minutes Ago

THIRSTY? Try our Greedi Teas, filled with Antioxidants and Refreshing flavors. Perfect addition to accompany any of our Greedi meals. Lunch Starts at 12 at the Greedi see you then!


36 Minutes Ago

@stfireball and @my_purple_crayon getting the #workoutdone at @brooklynbridgepark 👊🏽 First a nice little jog to the park 🏃🏽‍♂️ Squats to overhead press with #resistanceband and #pushups in vid 1, partner #sideplank with band rows in vid 2 and walkouts to plank to high fives or fist bumps. Whichever they prefer 🤜🏽 Cause Working out can always use more high fives and fist bumps 🙌🏽


46 Minutes Ago

After - completed 12’x12’ mural in bklyn for the kids at the Bayview Community Center - had to include another scene of a kid playing Skelly


1 Hour Ago

Coming home to New York, I never cease to be amazed at how much it has changed. I could have never imagined the Dumbo that exists today when I was younger. It’s crazy.


1 Hour Ago

☝ Buy it Now .. link in Bio ☝


2 Hours Ago

No time to cook? Or just want to dig into this #lobster Mac & Cheese from your couch? 😏 We got you covered! You can pre-order for delivery or pickup on @grubhub — earliest pickup is by 5:30pm.


2 Hours Ago

You don’t often see Will Turman because he’s always cooking in the kitchen. A native of #brooklyn, Will joined Circa shortly after we opened. His forever craving? Grilled sweet corn (which isn’t on our menu now but maybe in the future!) 👅 #thisiscirca


3 Hours Ago

Most buildings have lost their shutters in Manhattan. But not this one ! #newyorkcity #askphilippe


5 Hours Ago

I love the new chair you bought me mama. #brooklynlife #sweetsummer #naptime


12 Hours Ago

I’ma always take the money over sex…🗣❗️


2 Days 18 Hours Ago

We did NOT get kicked out 🔥


12 Hours Ago

Manhattan bridge • #profilepicture


12 Hours Ago

Y’all know #yaboi had to do it to ya on #toplesstuesdays !!! I had dinner with my aunt tonight and had a bit of wine so not really in the right mindset to stream but I should be on either tomorrow Thursday or Friday! Balancing full time work with streaming is super tough but I’m also almost done with this show I’m on and I’m hoping to do a few more broadcasts per week when im done! I wanna do some irl streams from my vacations as well if y’all are into it!! Let me know! Thanks for the support as always #fam #famgoals #famlove


13 Hours Ago

#⭐ We are a #trio now.⭐ #brooklynlife #bushwickartist


14 Hours Ago

The Garden Kittens have figured out the walking thing and are now in full blown play mode. . . . . . . . #fostercatmom #rescue #fosterkitten #adoptdontshop #kitten #toocute #kittensofinstagram #kittengram #savelives #catsofnewyork #nyclife #brooklynlife #catlife #kittenvideo


14 Hours Ago

Back to the unglamorous everyday 🧦👖👚🛁


14 Hours Ago

You can’t make this stuff up! The very talented @irynasosnovskaphotography managed to capture the REAL us-effortlessly- and yes, he really makes me laugh that much 😂- #purejoy #myloves #naturalhabitat #brooklynlife #💛#coltranebanksy