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2 Hours Ago

🌜 it doesnt happen over night 🌛 #nature #fortunate #worksucks #butitsworthit #life #bongrips #playboicarti #moshpit


4 Hours Ago

I feel like ever since we’ve come home from Washington we brought the rain with us. Today reminding me of Olympic. So unique but don’t forget your rain boots. There’s no way your able to stay dry here. Not a rainforest without constant rain. 🏔🗺👣🌧☔️💦 #foreverraining #butitsworthit #neverstopexploring


7 Hours Ago

Sunday night is treat night for my skin. #takeseffort #butitsworthit


9 Hours Ago

🍑💪🏽 5x 345lb (~156kg) hip thrust * Been feeling so strong with these!! 🙌🏽Have I mentioned... Hip Thrusts are my absolute favorite exercise! I LOVE them!!! So effective! #thethrustisamust * This was from yesterday’s training sesh. *See my IG stories from yesterday (if they are still up!!🤞🏽) to see this whole hip thrust set! * For nearly the past 4 weeks Iv been adding this hip thrust set inspired by @bretcontreras1 into my program, and have been loving it! #bretcontreras #thegluteguy #hipthrusters * Warmup- 135lbs +band x10 Set 1- 225lbs x15 Set 2- 295lbs x10 Set 3- 345lbs x5 Set 4- 185lbs +band 20 * In this workout, also did heaps of core, 4sets of 20 KB swings(28kg) and ~15/side 45lb plate overhead walking lunges, a some glute accessory sets. And more core. * * * 📹thanks for filming this whole workout @mark_edward_g !!! * *


9 Hours Ago

Some photos of Jose & I on our anniversary trip. Truthfully, God kept us together and words can’t describe how blessed & grateful I am to have Jose in my life, in my heart, & a beautiful family we created together. #godistheonlyway #marriageisnoteasy #butitsworthit #marriedforfiveyears #iloveyou #mybunny #homeiswhereyouare


9 Hours Ago

#sundayfamilybreakfast I've gotten so used to not eating till noon that trying to eat at 9am with my family actualy made me feel a little nauseated🤢 #butitsworthit #soyummy #imstuffed #chorizoandbaconomlette with #cheese #spinach and #avocado🥑 #🤤🤤🤤 #intermittentfasting


11 Hours Ago

Impromptu Photo Shoot 📱✖️ • I’m happy with where I am! It’s been a little over a year since I started hitting the weights heavy again, after being hospitalized #2x for #rhabdo and opening my own personal training business. Now, I have no restrictions, just a full tank of ambition and so many goals to achieve. • My days are long, but I’ve managed make time for myself to do work, in the kitchen, and in the weight room. I made a decision to devote my energy and effort to assisting and inspiring others to become the best version of themselves. • Whose going to listen to me if I’m not taking responsibility for my own personal health? No one, that’s who. Or at least not the people I want to attract. I believe in “looking the part,” and “living the life,” in whatever way you’re capable. But I’m also a firm believer in balance! Gotta live a little! So, here I am!


13 Hours Ago

Sunday 💙 Po vcerajsej Majkovej oslave by som chcela dostat kuchynu a cely byt do povodneho stavu. #butfirstcoffee A trosku ma stve, ze mam rozpisane 2 clanky a neviem sa dostat do modu, ze ich dopisem. Vzdy ked si k tomu sadnem sa bud jedno dieta zobudi, alebo druhe je hladne, alebo sa musim ist hrat s vlacikmi. Ale pri dvoch malych detoch je to asi normalne. Ale mozno sa hecnem dnes vecer a sadnem si k tomu. Lebo mam strasne vela myslienok, napadov o com by som chcela pisat. Asi az moc a potom neviem ktoremu sa skor venovat. Asi som “all over the place”. Asi si este musim zvyknut, ze som “mom of two”. #motherhoodishard #butitsworthit A keby niekto chcel, mozete si precitat ten jeden clanok o mojom NEkojeni. Dufam, ze ich bude pribudat coskoro viac. A pravidelne. To by som chcela. #majkoarisko #momofboys #family


22 Hours Ago

Weekend veranda project done! #homedepot #tookallmycoins #butitsworthit #outdoorlivingspace

I know there’s a few people out there who have made his face while doing their homework I gave them 😂😂😂 #youknowimright #youcandoit #puttheworkintoit #healingisntalwayseasy #butitsworthit #ivebeentheretoo #itsgoodforyourspirit #pingu


1 Day 1 Hour Ago

NOTE TO SELF📝 . For all those times 📍You felt worthless... you became a warrior 📍You thought you were ugly... know you are beautiful 📍You felt like a quitter... you won every battle 📍You felt alone... you gained more friends . . Know that things in life may not be easy right now but you can’t quit. You owe it to yourself to stick through it. Life isn’t happening to you but for you and you too will overcome it🙌🏽 . #empoweringwomen #smile #youareworthit #standtall #neversettle #itmaynotbeeasy #butitsworthit #loveyourself #selflove #yougotthis #youareawarrior


1 Day 3 Hours Ago

Aretha was quoted: "Keep looking for your voice; you will find it." What a valuable lesson: the power in finding my voice, my own voice, in whatever field I chose to pursue. And likewise, uncovering our talents, gifts, abilities, and strengths; our skills, life lessons, personal experiences, depth and breadth of knowledge and wisdom. Then, harnessing them to something bigger, higher, more meaningful. "Setting yourself on fire" as it where, and "allowing the world to watch you burn!" #aretha #arethafranklin #findyourvoice #dontstopdreaming #dontstopbelieving #setyourselfonfire #bealight #livewithintention #keepseeking #keepsearching #keepknocking #itainteasy #itshard #butitsworthit #keepgrinding #livelongyou


1 Day 5 Hours Ago

If it’s good enough for @tomford and @ellync17 then it’s good enough for me! Delicious dinner at Cucina Delle Langhe! Thank you everyone for all the Milan recommendations! It’s a big holiday week here and nearly everything has been closed!!! I looked up every single one of your recommendations! Victor had every night booked except for tonight! Very lucky my friend @ellync17 was here last night so we knew this yummy spot was open! Now if only some of my shopping destinations are open tomorrow. I’m not optimistic. That will just leave more time for gelato! Caroline and I were so excited to find zucchini blossoms on the menu. They are our favorites but can be hard to find!


1 Day 5 Hours Ago

#gellibaff this is one of those things that your kid begs you to try, so you say ‘sure, what’s the harm’ 😂 it’s so gross! #summer . . #instalife #instadaily #slimebath #sogross #butitsworthit #septicsafe


1 Day 12 Hours Ago

Thank you Facebook memories for reminding me of how far I’ve come. I’ll never take for granted all the blessing that have entered my life to make me the person I am today. Everyone is lost at one point or another in their life and this was one of my lowest points in mine and I’m proud of where I’ve gotten in these past 8 years! If you don’t like the direction your going, you have the right to find a different path and keep fighting 💗 #grateful #lifeisnteasy #butitsworthit


1 Day 12 Hours Ago

삼겹살 사랑 ... 이게 얼마나 먹고 싶던지 워싱턴 도착 하자마자 울 남편 꼬셔서 바로 ^^ 여기 오면 꼭 !!! 들려줘야 하는 집 .. 주막집 !! 이집 삼겹살은 한국 보다 더 맛있는 나만의 미슐랭 스타 !!! 반찬도 예술 😍 버지니아에서 만든다는 저 동동주도 예술 👍 넘 행복해 😊 왜 LA 엔 없을까 ?? 오늘밤 다이어트 완전 실패 지만 ㅋㅋ #bestporkbelly #foodporn #mymichelinstar #bestrestaurantinva #datenight❤️ #mydietfailed #butitsworthit #sohappy #thanksyeobo #삽겹살맛집 #강추 #맛스타그램


1 Day 23 Hours Ago

Age: 40 ••••••• I may not be as swift as before but darn it, I’m doing my best! Currently, three sizes away from my ideal pant 👖size and 40 more lbs to go. (And of course we know where 32 of those lbs are, right? 🤦🏾‍♀️) #competingwithmyself #thestruggle #itsnoteasy #butitsworthit #takingmytime #doingitright #lifestylechange #atlantafitness #weightloss #weightlossjourney #iwillbealright


1 Day 23 Hours Ago

We gotta learn to bring our light into the darkness. . . . #47 #balance #itainteasy #butitsworthit #behappy #doorswillopen


2 Days 4 Hours Ago

Taking Lucey out for a little spin this morning and guess what - it’s hot!! Go figure - right?? #itsthedesertpeople 🤪🔥🌵. . #colourwerxquilts #colourwerxdezignhaus #palmdesertca #desertlife🌵 #apqsquilting #apqslucey #machinequilting #sufferforyourart #butitsworthit


2 Days 5 Hours Ago

Thought I’d try out the Summer Edition since I want to try out some more Redbulls and see what they have to offer. Honestly, I’m not upset with this flavor. I’m usually very cautious around coconut flavored energy drinks because they can either be really really good or be really really shit. BUT luckily this one was really good. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good so 🤷🏻‍♂️ I dunno, just thought I’d share my thoughts on it. Definitely recommend it. #energy #energydrink #iaminlove #iliveforthis #redbull #redbullsummeredition #summeredition #energydrinkaddict #caffeineaddict #caffeine #caffeineaddiction #notsponsored #notspons #but #irecommendit #itsgood #notnew #butitsworthit


2 Days 6 Hours Ago

Today was tough!! Doing a double workout? With my kiddo awake? Was I nuts?! - - The answer to that is yes. Most definitely nuts! - - Truth be told, Last night I was feeling pretty nauseous again and then didn’t even get a good nights sleep bc little man ended up sleeping in bed with me. (This is VERY RARE) - - This morning I made use to tell him that mommy needed to workout and he was like ok!!! Let’s go! Sometimes you rearrange your life schedule to make sure things get done. I made a promise to myself that this pregnancy would result in me staying active the whole time. I need to be healthy not just for me but for the sake of my toddler and unborn baby. - - Having my sweet 2.5 year old pick up some 3lb weights was by far the sweetest and proud moment of the day! It’s like he was going to workout with me until he realized his toys were way more fun 🤪 - - Look, I know it’s not easy and it would be much easier to make excuse after excuse, but what good does that do? Do yourself a favor, and put YOU above the rest. Make YOU a priority. You’ll be so glad you did! 💪🏻👊🏻 #fitmom #toddlermom #boymom #fitpregnancy #13weekspregnant #bettertodaythanyesterday #makeyourselfapriority #thismomliftsmorethanjustherkids #momminainteasy #butitsworthit