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2018-07-31 15:10:19

Hey Abita Springs!! If you couldn’t make it in for lunch today don’t worry, we’ve got all sorts of delicious, home cooked specialities headed to the cold case. If your in the mood to cook then look no further. Our meat department is stocked with fresh cuts from the one and only Bobby Carter. Don’t forget to grab a six pack of ice cold abita beer on your way out, and please stay tuned to see what on the menu tommorrow. Here is a list of some things folks have been requesting hitting the cold case tonight and tommorrow morning. - Homemade chicken and sausage gumbo - Potato salad - Broccoli and grape salad - Creole tomato and basil soup - Tuna salad - Egg salad - Marinated kale salad - More to come!!! See you soon!! #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #mandevillela #cajungrocery #thankfullybobbybutchersbetterthanhesings #familyownedandoperated #shoplocal #belocal #abitabtewery


2018-07-27 08:14:06

Good morning Abita Springs! Here’s today’s menu! - Blackcat poboys. Two fillets of blackened catfish, homemade tartar sauce and slaw on leidenheimer french bread - New Orleans style Bbq shrimp and grits - Shrimp and creole tomato spaghetti scampi - Hamburger steaks with gravy and mashed potatoes Our sides include dirty rice, home fries, yellow corn, sweet potato soufflé, and smothered okra. See you soon! #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #mandevillela #lacombela #abitabrewery #blackcatpoboy #smotheredokra #meatandthree #castironkitchen #cajungrocery #willcookforcastiron


2018-07-21 10:40:57

🚨🚨🔥🔥Hot boudin just out of the smoker!! 🔥🔥🚨🚨 Follow us on Instagram @artigues_abita_market #whilesupplieslast #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #mandevillela #followyournose #smellthesmoke #cajungrocery #hotboudincoldcouscouscomeontigerspushpushpush #hotboudin


2018-06-26 08:25:05

Good Morning Abita Springs!! Here’s today’s menu!! Hope to see you soon! - Baked ham with cherries, pineapple, and coke - Shrimp and smoked sausage jambalaya - Garlic and herb roasted pork tenderloins with onions and peppers Our sides include Mac and cheese, succotash, green beans, turnip greens, smothered cabbage, candied yams, peas and carrots, and Aunt Jeanette’s bread pudding! #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #mandevillela #meatandthree #riverroadrecipes #cajungrocery #doublestarch #bikiniseason #gocountyourcaloriessomewhereelse


2018-06-22 08:08:16

Happy Friday Abita Springs! We’ve got a great lunch planned and the cold case is stocked with everything you need to get your weekend started off right. We also just received a delivery of freshly baked @bellegardebakery bread! Hope to see you soon and have a great Friday! - Aunt Gail’s cheesy Louisiana crawfish pasta - Blackcat poboys with homemade tartar sauce and slaw - Nola style bbq shrimp and jalapeño cheese grits Our sides include corn on the cob, butter beans with smoked sausage, carrots, smothered okra and creole tomatoes, green beans, and braised cabbage with smoked pork. #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #mandevillela #abitasprings #seafoodfridaysatartigues #blackcatpoboy #bellegardebakery #meatandthree #tgif #cajungrocery


2018-06-18 08:33:17

Happy Monday Abita Springs!! We hope you had a great father’s day weekend and have a chance to stop by today. We’ve got a great menu planned and are excited for you to come and see us. Here’s today’s menu: - Mom’s red beans and rice - Grilled sausage and pork chops - Fried green tomatoes with blackened shrimp and white remoulade - Andouille stuffed pork loin - Homemade meatloaf with mashed potatoes and brown gravy Our sides include sweet potatoes, green peas, green beans, turnip greens, and carrots #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #mandevillela #abitasprings #meatandthree #cajungrocery


2018-05-31 07:40:03

Good morning Abita Springs!! Here’s today’s menu: - Chicken and summer vegetable stir-fry with ginger sesame noodles - Applewood smoked pork tenderloin with roasted pork tenderloin - Bbq chicken legs and thighs - Homemade andouille and rabbit gumbo with jasmine rice. Our sides include sautéed green beans and sugarnaps with mushrooms, dirty rice, yams, baked beans, and Lima bean succotash. We also have our cold case stocked with all of your favorites plus some new items including roasted eggplant and garlic dip and grilled chicken shop salad with local honey and lemon vinaigrette. Hope to see you soon!!! #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #mandevillela #meatandthree #cajungrocery


2018-05-25 10:08:21

We’re open for lunch Abita Springs! Come stop by and see what everyone is talking about! Mom just pulled a peach cobbler out of the oven and it’s still warm! Be sure to ask us about our soon to be famous “Blackcat Po-boy.” Serving lunch from 11-2. See you soon!! #artiguesabitamarket #abitasprings #abitabrewery #covingtonla #mandevillela #blackcatpoboy #peachcobbler #zappschips #zapps #cajungrocery #whatchueatingforlunch


2018-05-24 08:24:34

Good morning Abita Springs! Here’s what’s on the menu today: - grilled smoked sausage with onions and peppers - Cajun stuffed and roasted pork loin - hamburger steaks with mashed potatoes and gravy - grilled steaks with sautéed mushrooms and garlic - Roast beef po-boys or roast beef as an entree. Our sides include peas, corn, carrots, mashed potatoes, smothered collard greens, and green beans. We also are working on a fresh batch of boudin that should be out right around 5:00. Stay tuned for more, and hope to see you soon!!! #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #mandevillela #whatchueatinforlunch #abitabrewery #abitabeer #cajungrocery


2018-05-23 09:34:10

Good morning Abita Springs! Here’s today’s menu. Hope to see you soon! - Bbq St. Louis ribs - ***smoked brisket enchilada casserole*** - hot roast beef po-boys or roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy - smoked pulled pork Our sides include: Dirty rice, baked beans, slow cooked collard greens and Cole slaw We also have a full sandwich line today and our sandwich special is the “hottsie” burger, back by popular demand. It’s a ground beef patty topped with pepper jack cheese and a Patton’s hot sausage patty on bun or poboy dressed just the way you like. Stay tuned for more specials and updates, Hope to see you soon!! #artiguesabitamarket #covingtonla #mandevillela #whatchueatinforlunch #makecollardsnotwar #abitaspringsla #pattonshotsausage #moreboudincomingsoon #cajungrocery


2018-05-18 11:47:43

Hey Abita Springs! We’ve got a round of boudin in the smoker and it’s due out around 2:30. Come and get it while it’s hot or take some home to enjoy later. We’re getting great feedback and would love to hear your thoughts. We also just got a brand new cold case and are filling it up with your favorites as well as some new things. Come stop by and see us, we can’t wait to show off our new items. See you soon #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #abitasprings #covingtonla #mandevillela #boudin #smokedboudin #tasso #cajungrocery #arnaudvilleproud #daparishproud #abitabrewery #deliwithstyle


2018-05-18 08:00:43

Good morning abita! Seafood Friday’s are becoming a huge hit @artigues_abita_market and we hope you can make it in to see what cooking. Here’s today’s menu! - New Orleans style bbq shrimp and *thundercheese* was grits - Blackened Breaux Bridge catfish - ****Homemade crawfish boudin**** (Our first batch, very tasty, while supplies last) - Cajun style shrimp and okra gumbo with jazzmen rice We also have plenty of non seafood options including slow roasted pork butt, pressed Reuben sandwiches, and hot roast beef poboys Don’t forget about our Friday special sandwich, the blackcat: 2 blackened catfish filets on frenchbread with homemade tartar sauce and spicy vinegar slaw. We hope your as excited about Friday as we are and hope to see you soon #abitasprings #covingtonla #mandeville #artiguesabitamarket #meatandthree #blackcatpoboy #itsathing #tgif #seafoodfridays #cajungrocery


2018-05-16 08:16:47

Good morning Abita Springs!!! Here’s what’s on the menu today! - BBQ baby back ribs - Corned beef with roasted vegetables - chicken and sausage pasta lays - rabbit and andouille gumbo Our sides today include Purple hull peas, turnip greens, broccoli cheese and rice casserole, baked beans. We also have our hot roast beef poboys as well as a full sandwich line. Come stop by for lunch and see what’s cooking! See you soon!!! #artiguesabitamarket #abitaspringsla #abitasprings #covingtonla #meatandthree #cajungrocery


2018-05-10 06:58:01

Good morning Abita Springs! It’s a beautiful day and we’ve got some great food on the menu. Hope to see you soon - baked pork chops - beef enchilada casserole - Spicy buffalo chicken - crawfish pasta As always our cold case is stocked and ready for a quick grab and go lunch or dinner. Stay tuned for more updates and specials. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @artigues_abita_market #artiguesabitamarket #abitasprings #abitaspringsla #covingtonla #meatandthree #cajungrocery

Spent the day at my daughter's home, she has lots of my paintings... this is one of my favorites #cajungrocery #makinggroceries #neworleansfoodies #whereyaart

Wouldn't be a grocery store in Louisiana without some fishing worms next to your produce. 🍎🍏🍞🎣 #baitandtackle #cajungrocery #onestopshop 😂


2016-11-05 09:08:45

A new invention. Boneless Chicken. #cajungrocery