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Dilmer shippers?

يعُمريي! يوم قالت “ I want m&m,s” 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. ++ @selenagomez , #selenagomez .

i really want ariana to perform blazed live but she probably won’t bc it’s no one’s fav besides mine sIGH

Selfie queen

The smile in her eyes makes me happy

She doesnt change at all 😍

Whats your fave Demi song?

The voice of the new generation ❤

we stan an angel

I love her eyes


She is angel

TMYLM 🌟 she was awesome

Omg, she is a beautiful and cute! ♥️☺ #camilacabello #camilizersforever

Wow, I'm gay now

I love her

(17-01-19) @dualipa through instagram in LA 🖇 | #dualipa @dua.portugal

emma mckey

1969-12-31 16:00:00

lovatics here?

Mama 🔥🔥

🍕 or 🍔? I am a pizza person 🤤 my fave pizza topping is pineapple 🍍 what’s yours? @selenagomez #selenagomez

her cuteness is fill my heart with love 💞

good old days 🥀

I haven't posted my edits for a while ❤️ here's it 💥

Today I'm gonna share @ddlovato 😍

J Lyrics

23 Minutes Ago

I had a awesome night 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you so Much 😊 @djmilehigh_ for Enjoying my performance Im honored have a lot more & store💪🏾🅿️ #dj #radio #music #camilacabello #fashionnova #jcole #undiscovered_muas #europe #entertainment #djakademiks #wgci #power92 #drake #kendricklamar #chrisbrown #justinbieber #selenagomez #goviral #viral #explorer #newyearseve #newyork #atlanta #california #taylorswift #dj

imagine this girl have a crush on you 😍 @jadethirlwall #jadethirlwall

Ayrıca Meksika sınırından ABD'ye geçtikleri sırada aklı geride kalan babasındaymış 🖤 @camila_cabello #camilacabello #camilizers


25 Minutes Ago

Sur les réseaux sociaux, @camila_cabello a confirmé la sortie d'un nouvel album, puisqu'elle a débuté l'écriture de quelques chansons. Alors heureux !? . . . . #camilacabello #camila #camilacabelloedit #camilacabellosexy #camilacabellonews #camilacabellofans

emma mckey

27 Minutes Ago

You look amazing @emmatmackey ❤️

Who is excited for 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍?


33 Minutes Ago

He's such a Cutie!😍✨❤️ @charlieputh


always more love 🖤

thank u, next bitch.

what color do you like the most?💛💙💗

have a nice day guys❤️ // I not find credit for this pictures

thank u, next. Honestly I just wanted to say that no matter who, I just hope she will find the right person and make her happy. I know she'll find her because she deserves it


I do not know what she does, or why, but I love it

and i’m sorry for this year my babe, i know it was hard for u💫

happy new year for all of you. And I love them.❤️

this year, we’re gonna been alrigth

happy new year guys 💘

leave me lonely or let me love you ?

smile to me babe 💫

@arianagrande ❤️

her voice😍



who need this hug ?


;) @paige.agbpv