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A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart 👭 My biggest baby is turning 6 soon and the days need to slow down #camppendletonphotographer #oceansidephotographer #sandiegophotographer #mommyandme #usmclove #marinebrat #6yearsold #onceuponachild #love #growingup #militarylove #californiaphotographer #caligirlbornandraised

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Hey, too much photo revising, watch your classmates….#meme #funnyChinesepictures #amusing #picturerevising #Chineseonline

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Last night was fire😍🔥 these two are freaking stunning. I will never get enough of dress blues! I miss wearing them myself!😩 - This location is so special to me. I love that it is on Camp Pendleton, because this has become like a second home to me. I’m truly going to miss it when we leave at the end of the year. All of my friends are slowly heading off as well and it’s becoming a lot more lonely out here as time flies😩 - Today is the first day in about 2 weeks that I have NOTHING to do. I am so happy to finally relax at home, spend time with my sick little man, and edit away❤️ I definitely needed a day off😩🙌🏻 - Have a happy Saturday everyone! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #wanderingphotographers #littlethingstheory #belovedstories #steamyphotographer #justalittleloveinspo #authenticlovemag #floridaweddingphotographer #icelandweddingphotographer #hawaiiweddingphotographer #californiaweddingphotographer #losangelesweddingphotographer #texasweddingphotographer #couplesintimates #unconventionaltogs #belovedstories #destinationphotographer #centraltexasweddingphotographer #engagementphotos #floridaweddingphotographer #engaged #wildloveadventures #sandiegoweddings #sandiegoweddingphotographer #oceansideweddingphotographer #camppendletonphotographer #beltonweddingphotographer #houstonweddingphotographer #austinweddingphotographer #adventurouslovers #elizabethmathenyphotography

Just one of the few doggies I have let into my heart. This one has a special place there. From the second I met him, I was in doggie awe. Thanks to amazing friends from a previous duty station, this beautiful BUTTERS-y love will always be a part of wonderful memories. #photographer #dogphotographer #petphotographer #loveanimals #dogstagram #milsophotographer #sandiegophotographer #oceansidephotographer #camppendletonphotographer

A little before and after on this fine Saturday. I’ll be taking Sundays completely off of social media from here on out and I’m kinda looking forward to not being obligated to answer emails, messages and check out my latest likes and comments. Lord knows I love you all! But taking a breather is nice for the mind and body! Swipe to see @janedlugoss and Johns before photo!

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So excited for this weekend!! Shooting my first wedding of 2019 tomorrow🎂🎊🎉😬 . What’s everyone’s big plans for this weekend?!

Camp Pendleton Retirement. Thank you for 20 years of service. #soniahebertphotography

Tommy has been throwing up today and we think he caught a bug😭 poor little dude. He is currently in bed finally and resting!❤️ - On another note, I LOVE this photo of this gorgeous momma to be! If you can’t tell her makeup is also flawless, thanks to @mua_cl 😍 - Booking an amazing makeup artist is just as important as booking your photographer! It’s such a mind blowing difference! Makeup enhances your natural beauty and gives a stunning finish to your photos!❤️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #wanderingphotographers #littlethingstheory #belovedstories #steamyphotographer #justalittleloveinspo #authenticlovemag #floridaweddingphotographer #icelandweddingphotographer #hawaiiweddingphotographer #californiaweddingphotographer #losangelesweddingphotographer #texasweddingphotographer #couplesintimates #unconventionaltogs #belovedstories #destinationphotographer #centraltexasweddingphotographer #engagementphotos #floridaweddingphotographer #engaged #wildloveadventures #sandiegoweddings #sandiegoweddingphotographer #oceansideweddingphotographer #camppendletonphotographer #beltonweddingphotographer #houstonweddingphotographer #austinweddingphotographer #adventurouslovers #elizabethmathenyphotography

it's Thursday. I just got the best update call on my remmy. greys anatomy is on tonight. its almost the weekend. today is a good day. 💃🏽 who else loves Thursday?!🙋🏼‍♀️

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Someone please schedule a sunrise session!!! I hands down prefer sunrise over sunset🙈

Being a mom and making friends can be a difficult journey.. or was that just a struggle i had?! 😂🙈 • I have always wanted to be surrounded by girls who loved Jesus, loved and honored their husbands, girls i could be authentic with over coffee or a glass of wine, raise our children together and would overall just make me a better wife, mom and friend. It has been incredible seeing God answer this huge desire of mine by putting so many women in my life to look up to and do life with over the past few years! ❤️❤️ • It can get really lonely if you aren’t in a ‘community’ so if you live near me & feel this way HOLLA. I’m always down for a park date or coffee ... or wine. 💃

my new pricing guides are almost done and that makes me so happy. . I have invested so much time into making my business more me and to show how much I love all my couple's sessions 💕 if you want to book a session in Europe, you'll be seeing some pretty pricing guides in your inbox 🥳

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Anyone else NEEED to be watching something when working? Whenever I’m editing I have to have something playing in the background. Currently watching Sister Wives but I’m almost done. Any recommendations on a show to watch? On Hulu or Netflix!

You know one of the things that makes my photographer and, well, human heart sing? Dads that show up to sessions all in! I’m normally armed with a bag of tricks to win over dads first and little people second! Most often dads/husbands aren’t super pumped to be there and look at me crazy when I do pre session prep and tell them to get ready to snuggle and laugh with their family. Not Ric! Not only was he all in, but he even did some extra scouting of good spots in the park while I was shooting with his gorgeous girls. He needed zero prompts to love and hug on them too. This makes sessions go so much smoother and I LOVED it!! That’s also why I have a crap ton of their photos tagged to edit 😬😬 Get ready for a big gallery @emilyalice0506 !! —————————————— #sanclementelife #lifestylephotography #hellostoryteller #sandiego #sandiegomoms #sandiegodad #carlsbad #carlsbadmoms #encinitas #sanclemente #sanclementephotographer #sandiegophotographer #sandiegofamilyphotographer #camppendletonphotographer #sandiegofamilyphotographer #sandiegofamilymagazine #christapaustenbaughphotography #carlsbadfamilyphotographer #lajollafamilyphotographer #lifestylephotographer #cameramama #beunraveled #smalpresets #boldemotionalcolorful #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #dearphotographer #dpmagfaves #dadsofinstagram #storytellingphotography #momentsoverposes

today's plan is to clean/deep clean the majority of our apartment. Bella is blowing out her undercoat so bad right now and her undercoat is everywhere. . anyone have a long haired pup going through the same thing? . anyone have suggestions to help with all this hair everywhere?!🤪

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There are some photos that I look at and just fall in love with. Those photos usually aren’t the ones that are perfectly posed or the composition is just right. . My favorite photos are these. No rhyme or reason to them. Just a momma chasing her littles around the beach.

The Shoot and Share Contest year after year tells me a few things. My Military, Maternity and Landscape work is my strongest work. They’re also some of my favorite sessions to shoot! Are you expecting a baby around July, August, September, October? Are you located near or around Camp Pendleton? I’d love to chat! Know someone expecting? Tag them in the comments below.

Just blogged this incredible family and their session from last month. Talking about the importance of always looking for ways to improve in both the business side of things and technical side. There is always so much to learn to make the experience that much better for families. Link in profile. —————————————— #lifestylephotography #sandiego #sandiegomoms #encinitas #sanclementelife #sanclemente #sanclementephotographer #deeplyauthentic #dearphotographer #carlsbadmoms #dpmagfaves #boldemotionalcolorful #socalphotographer #sandiegophotographer #sandiegofamilyphotographer #camppendletonphotographer #carlsbadfamilyphotographer #lajollafamilyphotographer #lifestylephotographer #cameramama #beunraveled #lightinspired #motherhoodrising #hellostoryteller #thebloomforum #momentsoverposes

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Because sitting and awkwardly staring at a camera is so overrated 😉

Sweet Little Guy 🥰#soniahebertphotography

photographers, this one is for you. . whether you're stuck in a rut, feel like you're not booking enough to have a steady income, haven't booked a dream client in so long...patience really is key. . be patient for the clients that make you happy. wait for the sessions that truly bring joy. . if you're worried about a slow season, find ways to let your creativity flow and thrive. . don't get discouraged if your schedule is more open than busy, that you're struggling to find the ideal clients, that you feel stuck. don't get discouraged. . approach this new week with energy and excitement for all the possibilities. this week, I'm creating new pricing guides, welcome packets, and session tips for all my future clients. what are you doing this week that excites YOU?

People get shocked when I tell them that I loooove to drive! Give me a road trip with coffee stops over the airport any day + I’m one happy girl! - So I’m curious. What’s your best self care?? (Do you even know?) - Welp, mines road trips because as much work as I have, as much editing I need to do, as many chores + errands I’ve got waiting... Driving forces me to block off time to NOT DO ANY OF IT. To sit. To breathe. To be ok with not working for a hot second, to think, to plan, to dream. - Seriously needed quality time with ME that I feel I don’t prioritize enough on a regular day. - So it’s time for you to think of yours! What is it?? Is it that daily 30 min shower to just soak in the hot water? Is it pumping out a to do list to get rid of stress? Is it cooking food for the week to prep for how hectic life gets?

Before I started photography, I worked in dentistry & I remembered EVERY patient, i knew their birthdays, who was due for cleanings, who recently had a special anniversary, a baby- whatever they told me- i would remember. • I didn’t think much of it until this journey, i just assumed i had a good memory 😂 but I’m realizing i care and connect with people SO freaking deeply. Strangers who reach out to me end up becoming apart of me. Like this couple. • Pre Deployment Session. I asked them to just have fun & embrace each other. Near the end of our session, they (..this manly freaking man & strong wife..) held each other and tears began knowing their ‘see you soon’ was happening shortly. I completely melted. • I will think about them often as they are apart. I will pray for their marriage. I will pray for his safety and her strength. I will LITERALLY count down till i see them reunite again ❤️

Number Four for these two. Congratulations! #soniahebertphotography

Congratulations to these love birds!🕊 I am so thrilled I was able to photograph one of my best friends weddings this weekend! These two had such a beautiful ceremony and some AMAZING BBQ😩 Y’all know how much I miss sweet tea, and gosh darn it, she had that too😭 - Sadly, I fly back tonight and will be having sweet tea withdrawals!😂 I am so grateful that I was able to spend some time with some family and friends back home as well, I definitely needed it❤️ - I hope you guys enjoyed my stories of Tommy! I’ve been soaking in this adorable stage in his life. He is finally learning to talk and it’s just the cutest thing❤️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cake: @bitsnbitescakesho Florals: @thedaisyflowershop Catering: @gettasting #wanderingphotographers #littlethingstheory #belovedstories #steamyphotographer #justalittleloveinspo #authenticlovemag #floridaweddingphotographer #icelandweddingphotographer #hawaiiweddingphotographer #californiaweddingphotographer #losangelesweddingphotographer #texasweddingphotographer #couplesintimates #unconventionaltogs #belovedstories #destinationphotographer #centraltexasweddingphotographer #engagementphotos #floridaweddingphotographer #engaged #wildloveadventures #sandiegoweddings #sandiegoweddingphotographer #oceansideweddingphotographer #camppendletonphotographer #beltonweddingphotographer #houstonweddingphotographer #austinweddingphotographer #adventurouslovers #elizabethmathenyphotography

I finally was able to see my results from the contest. This image was in the top 10% for couples/engagements. It placed 2,651 out of 48,578 not to shabby. Some images that I thought would have placed higher didn't. What does this mean for me as a photographer? Nothing. It's exciting to see what images people like and exciting to see which of those that won. The amount of talent is crazy!!! . . . . . #camppendletonphotographer #cherrypointphotographer #cherrypoint #havelockphotographer #northcarolina #usmc #mexicanamerican #fashionista #dailydose #ootdfashion #cameramomma #valeriehowellphotography #motivationmama #familyphotography #nikon #nikon750 #lightinspired

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Hey ladies!! I had a cancellation for my model call for boudoir! I am looking for someone who is pregnant who would be willing to sign a full model release. Must be willing to get hair and makeup professionally done and be available Wednesday! Tag anyone who you think may be interested and message me if you are available!

You guyyyyyys I woke up in CALI😍 where I’m soaking up 70 degree weather + heading to the Big Sur for a gorgeous engagement shoot!! Seriously been too long since I’ve seen this kind of sun/heat but I figured if it wouldn’t come to me in oregon, I had to go out + find it soooooo here I am🙈! Who else is done with the cold??

I have 2 amazing sessions happening this weekend and I am PUMPED for them. two amazing couples in two stunning locations. 😍 I'll be sharing sneak peeks & behind the scenes from the shoot 🙌🏼 this week was so refreshing and full of fun moments. I'm ready to just head to these sessions 👊🏼

It’s Fri-YAY!! Finally a weekend with ZERO rain in the forecast!! Woohoo!! We have plans to likely visit this very beach and I’m pumped. I have a shoot on Sunday and I cannot wait! Ready to get back out there with an awesome family with some gorgeous light. What’s on your plate this weekend?! —————————————— #oceanside #oceansidephotographer #sanclemente #sanclementephotographer #dearphotographer #sandiego #carlsbadmoms #carlsbadmaternityphotographer #mamatobe #maternityshoot #beunraveled #sincerestoryteller #encinitas #motherhoodunplugged #mothergoddess #sandiegophotographer #sandiegofamilyphotographer #camppendletonphotographer #carlsbadfamilyphotographer #lajollafamilyphotographer #lifestylephotographer #cameramama #boldemotionalcolorful #motherhoodrising #dpmagfaves #clickinmoms #smalpresets

“I’ve been watching you, dad, ain’t that cool? I’m your buckaroo, I wanna be like you!” #fatherandson #familyphotographer #oceansidephotographer #guajomepark #sandiegophotographer #camppendletonphotographer #militaryfamily #usmclove

What you don’t see here, is my oldest practicing soccer waaay off in the distance, my middle cuddling with dad in the car & my youngest taking a nap. No one ever knows my family goes with me to sessions and I don’t ask them to go (i mean dancing alone to dirty music in silence sounds real good), but they sometimes want to. 😍 They love sort of creeping in the distance watching me do what brings me insane joy. And i love that they get to witness me pursue something God so clearly put on my heart. ❤️

Excited for spring and all the babies. #soniahebertphotography

How cute is baby Nova!!!! Turning one is so much fun!!!! 🎉❤️ . . Seriously had so much fun today!!! It was needed, and @__teamsandoval__ (Britt) reminded me on why I love what I do !! 📸 I love when I meet amazing people and it feels like we were destined to meet each other!!! Ugh love you chika!!! ❤️ . . #tashatomeckophotography #camppendletonphotographer #ocphotographer #engagementring #engagementshoot #delmar #danapoint #couplesphotography #militaryhomecoming #militarylove #militaryspousephotog #milsolove #marinefamily #radstorytellers #yuccavalleyphotographer #temeculaphotographer #fallbrookphotographer #menifeephotographer #inlandempirephotographer #clickmagazine #momtogs #dearphotographer #embrace_presets #lookslikefilm #wildloveadventures #intimatestorytellers #radstorytellers #livelovelaugh #muchlove_ig #wildonebirthday #cakesmash

I may have cried myself to sleep last night because life is a tad bit stressful at the moment BUT today is a new day. Being reunited with this beach cannot come soon enough. #howmanymoredays #butwhy

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Life’s better buzzed.

did you know that i offer boudoir? permission to slide into my DM’s😏💕 @mua_cl . . . #sandiegophotographer #camppendletonphotographer #sacramentophotographer #boudoirphotography #boudoir #boudoirphotographer #confidentwomen

Being outnumbered by children can be tough as a mother. Everyone needs something and you don’t have enough hands or emotional capacity that day.. - Last night the middle little was sick all night long. Every hour on the hour. And you know what, John didn’t once ask me to get up or help. I’d hear him in the bathroom rubbing his back and reminding him, ‘it’s okay bud, im here for you. papa loves you.’ - He didn’t complain this morning or make any side comments like I’ve been guilty of doing. ‘Must be nice to sleep all night long.’ Amiright?! Every mom has said this? Right?! It’s in these odd parent moments, i fall for him a little more. I couldn’t do motherhood like I do, without his love and grace. I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH. - Spoiler alert: this is the first ever instapost about him he will see since he jumped on this wagon over the weekend 🙈

These two became apart of our family in less than 2 years. They’re now living life on a Hawaiian Island and I can’t help but think that they won’t be just a drive away when we return. They’ll be just an airplane ride away and this girl is going to finally see Hawaii! Alex and Maria we are coming!

happy monday!!! - I'm not a big fan of Monday. like at all 😂 BUT my cousin flew to California for the week and it has been SO nice to see a family member from the midwest! - on the way to Palm Springs today, I was blown away with the BEAUTIFUL scenery. I almost cried it was so gorgeous. so today's pretty much a great day because of alllll the views and seeing my cousin💃🏽. - what's one positive thing that happened on your Monday?! tell me in the comments 👇🏼

Running into this week with a high. Truth be told this move has been a great awakening both personally and professionally. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it proves to be even more difficult than I originally thought. Still finding my way here, but it’s ever so slowly getting easier. This is the first time I’ve ever truly had to market my business and it’s HARD!! I toy with if I keep it open on a weekly basis, but also not knowing what I the hell I would do otherwise! Yesterday came a giant boost I knew I needed, but did not in a eleventy million years think would happen. I placed 8th in a photo contest I’ve entered for years. EIGHTH!!! (see my stories for the actual photo) Out of 28,550 other photos. My head can’t wrap around it. It’s the push I needed to know this is worth it. —————————————— #sandiegophotographer #sandiego #sandiegomoms #boldemotionalcolorful #beunraveled #dearphotographer #dpmagfaves #deeplyauthentic #hellostoryteller #smalpresets #sandiegofamilyphotographer #camppendletonphotographer #carlsbadfamilyphotographer #carlsbad #carlsbadmoms #lajollafamilyphotographer #sanclementephotographer #sanclemente #lifestylephotographer #cameramama

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❗️MODEL CALL!!!❗️ I had such a blast at a boudoir workshop yesterday that I'm dying to do it again! . I am looking for a few ladies of all shapes and sizes (even my pregnant ladies) to model for me and another photographer on the 20th of March! . Here are the details: Must be willing to sign a full model release Must get hair and makeup professionally done Be available on the 20th of March to come to a studio in oceanside. . You'll receive images from both photographers for your time! <3 . Here's a little sneak of what to expect :)