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4 Minutes Ago

Hey.... psssst.... hey... yeah you... got some #catnip for me on #whiskerwednesday ?? #sketchydeals 🌱😼🌱😸


1 Minute Ago

Fred is the only one to have realized that there is a world outside of the foster room with other toys and animals to play with, and he voices his displeasure at being locked away constantly. He seems to know that the doorknob is the way to get out, so he jumps up on top of the playpen wall and just hangs there and screams at the door. Then will turn and scream at me. Then back to screaming at the door. Then he will jump down outside of the pen and scream at me because I am in the playpen and he wants to be with me, jumps back in, screams at me for not letting him out, and repeat and repeat and repeat. It’s hilarious and adorable. Once they’re a little bigger I’ll let them come out and play, but for now he will just have to deal. I love how vocal he is!


2 Minutes Ago

Flies, flies, flies where are you? Come and play with me 😸 🌱🌱🌱🌱 Leikkikavereita odotellessa. #meow_beauties #britishmeowdels #kittylookbook #pawsies_club #whiskerwednesday #balousfriends #catstagram #cats_of_instagram #instakatze #kissa #kedi #britishshorthaircat #goldenshadedbritishshorthair #bestmeow #cutecatsclub


2 Minutes Ago

Not sure if Pitwo understands the concept of a Cat bed....☺️


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15 Minutes Ago

Mommy: “Bob, pls can u just look at me?” Bob: *poses* better be quick, betch. #cattitude


5 Minutes Ago

For #tongueouttuesday I give you Monty enjoying #siggisyogurt vanilla yogurt with gusto!


3 Minutes Ago

Mom set up my perch but I needed a dental chew to incentivise the climb.