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Cellulites are pretty, and i love my legs with them 🤩 Så mange år med missnøye med kroppen er over, det gidder jeg bare ikke mer 😉 #cellulite #bodypositivity #kroppspositivisme #kropp #gym #gymlife #fit #fitspo #fitfam #healthy #me #booty🍑 #gains #ootd #loveyourself #selflove #womenpower

Tolles Ergebnis nach 11 LPG Behandlungen. //Verbesserung der Hautstruktur und 5 cm Umfang verloren. Jetzt Abo Abschließen für 10 Behandlungen nur 450 statt 490 zahlen . Termine unter 0172-4421475 #lipomassage #lpg #fettreduktion #liporedux #cellulite #straffen #modelieren #anticellulite #kosmetikstudio #kosmetik #schönehaut #düsseldorf


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Stasera io ceno con il mio buonissimo Proshape😊 Questo è il più grande vantaggio che ti dà FitLine Proshape: dimagrire e allo stesso tempo modellare i punti giusti. Soprattutto perdi peso ma con gusto. Io lo adoro e sazia tantissimo 🍫 Per info contattami senza impegno in privato.z


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Elimina definitivamente la cellulite e cuscinetti fastidiosi! •RITENZIONE IDRICA ✔️ •SEDERE SODO ✔️ •GAMBE TONICHE E SNELLE ✔️ Cosa aspetti? COMMENTA👇🏼 #prodottinaturali #cellulite #dimagriremangiando #benessere


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La cellulite ti tormenta⁉️ Vuoi glutei e cosce sodi, senza cellulite⁉️ Utilizza il nostro set che combatte la cellulite dall’interno all’esterno🤭👌🏻💯 Per info scrivimi su DIRECT💟 #perderepeso #starebene #dieta #natura #palestra #energia #motivazione #italia #glutenfree #autunno #informa #salute #benessere #happy #love #addiocellulite #cellulite #latob #instagood #love #funny #work #girls #freddo #frutta #sport #istalike #prodotti #sport #shopping #body


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Bone broths including beef, chicken, fish and lamb have been staples in the traditional diets of every culture for thousands of years. That’s because bone broths are nutrient-dense, easy to digest, rich in flavor, boost healing and promote good health.⠀ Read more about the benefits of #bonebroth by clicking the link in the bio!⠀ ⠀ ⠀


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Happy summer! To celebrate, we are hosting a laser body contouring giveaway. 🌞 The winner will be announced in 4 weeks! We are the 1st Spa in the state of Tennessee to offer the Verju Laser for body contouring. This FDA Approved Laser is rather remarkable for those who would like to drop a pant size or two. This laser is absolutely painless. There is no heat, no sensation, no pain, no downtime, no side effects. The way it works is the green laser swirls around the mid-section of the body, stimulating microscopic holes in the fat cells that sit just underneath the skin. The fatty content is then released and absorbed by the lymphatic system, then flushed naturally or used up as energy. We can relate it to a fat cell changing from a "grape" to a "raisin". It will take 12 treatments, on average, for desired results. The idea is to come twice a week for 6 weeks. Another nice benefit to the Verju is that it can also help with the appearance of cellulite in many people. #verju #bodycontouring #laser #summer #cellulite #losefat #fatloss #bodysculpting #bikiniready #summerready #medspa #beauty #giveaway #nashville #greenhills #spa #tone #summerbody #losefat


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For a long time i’ve got comments about my body and how it looks. It has always been a struggle not to care about the comments. Since i was little i’ve worked out and i was really skinny, but healthy. I danced ballet and played football so my weeks were really busy. Yet i got comments that i was a walking stick and people always assumed that i had anorexia. At the same time people said my body was ”goals” and that i’m lucky that i can eat whatever i want without gaining weight. What people didn’t know was that every ”good” and ”bad” comment affected me. I could cry all night because i hated being tall and skinny, i was obsessed with staying skinny and fit and at the same time i loved my body. This is my body now. i’m still skinny, healthy and taller than then. But i’m not as skinny and fit as i was before. But even now i can get comments about my body. ”Wow you’ve gained weight”, ”have you lost weight?”, ”are you pregnant, you look a little fatter” and so on. And even today i struggle with my thoughts about my body because of it. PEOPLE STOP COMMENTING OTHER PEOPLE’S BODIES! No matter how ”nice” you think the comments are, just shut up. • • • #mydubai #fujinordic #fujifilm #beautifuldestinations #travelholic #bodyshaming #bodypositivity #bodycare #cellulite #stretchmarks #stopit


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🌸🛁 Did you try those detox baths I told you about last week? 😁 They’re so good, I had to remind you again 🤗 Detox baths draw out toxins, ease stress and improve sleep and concentration, definitely recommend giving them a go during your detox! They are also a really great way to distract yourself if you are having evening junk food cravings on the detox, just run yourself a nice bath and relax...or prop your phone up somewhere safe and watch YouTube/Netflix 💁🏼‍♀️📺📱 I have included a simple detox bath recipes in my 12 Day Smoothie Slim Detox eBook, which can be found on page 54 📗💚 🎥 @amandagyuran


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Restorate🍋 Elimina le scorie e le tossine Aiuta a riposare meglio Elimina la ritenzione idrica Rinforza unghie, capelli, pelle, denti ed ossa💣 Info 3470527504 o direct📲


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Restorate🍋 Elimina le scorie e le tossine Aiuta a riposare meglio Elimina la ritenzione idrica Rinforza unghie, capelli, pelle, denti ed ossa💣 Info 3470527504 o direct📲

Body Slim & Detoxing Massage. A real body rejuvenating treatment. Firms and straightens loose muscles. Improves the appearance of the skin, stimulates renewing processes, oxygenates the cells. Restores biological balance to tissues and speeds up micro-circulation, eliminating cellulite. Improves metabolism of fatty tissues and helps to get rid of excess metabolism products-naturally slims. We recommend getting 6 treatments to be able to see the results your wanting. Please contact us if you have any questions. #kingstonontario #esthetician #bodydetoxing #cellulite #violaeuropeanesthetics


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Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretchmarks #cellulite


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Let's get rid of cellulite and stretch marks for the summer! You can wear those crop tops, shorts, skirts or anything that shows your skin without shame or fear! Awaken the glow in your skin with Melody Tone's s Coffee Sugar Scrub. ! ❤☕ _____________ #melodytones #natural #organic #vegan #handmade #homemade #allnatural #veganskincare #handmade #organicproducts #naturalproducts #veganproducts #skincare #skincareroutine #skinregimen #beautyregimen #coffee #coffeelover #coffeelove #coffeeaddict #cafe #coffeescrub #facialscrub #bodyscrub #facescrub #acne #acnescars #cellulite #stretchmarks #summer #summerbody #stretchmarks


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We love art here at Flying Cow and promoting artist of all kinds! Isn’t this piece hilarious by @mcmandymom @beardandblueco ?! 🖤🖤🖤 PM me if your interested in getting a little cash, free product, and a free social media feature! #supportthearts #supportlocalartists


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Leave the house wearing an outfit like this to hit the gym? NOT so much. 😳 Stay in my basement to press play and hit it hard during nap time? YES! 💪🏻 18 minutes of lifting & hiit training is DONE! I’ve been choosing shorter workouts to not push my back too hard, plus while Evan and I were playing this morning I pulled a rib out of place. 😬 (old seatbelt injury from a car accident 10 years ago) What can I say, little man and I play hard. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now excuse me while I go mop the house in my workout gear. 😂 #naptimehustle #nofilter #mombod #toddlermom #imcoveredinbruises #boymomforlife #wednesdaymotivation


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Sentirsi bene con se stesse è una routine quotidiana .. e una donna non dovrebbe mai rinunciarci! Questa è la Crema di cui mi sono innamorata e che mi ha dato risultati già dalla prima settimana! Con optimal set e Cc-Cel posso finalmente dire addio a ritenzione idrica e cellulite! ❤️


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Fermi tutti 🙌🏻🙌🏻 . Neanche io mi riconosco .. Ma come mi ero combinata??🙈🙈 Ok sono diventata mamma anzi mamma bis ma, Manu ma proprio tu che eri quella sempre a dieta , quella che a volte faceva il salto del pasto , che non voleva uscire a cena perché era un’incognita e di sentirti sempre diversa per quella insalatina triste .. Hai visto come ti eri combinata ?? . Con quei rotolini sulla pancia , quel sorriso forzato .. E il metabolismo pari a quello di un bradipo .. Ma come si dice tutto serve 🙌🏻🙌🏻 guarda come sei ora !!! E sopratutto quanto mangi ?? E quante cene fuori !! E senza schifezze chimiche ❌❌ . È stato semplice e sopratutto sano !! Infatti è diventato il mio nuovo stile di vita ❤️ . Se vuoi conoscerlo anche tu scrivimi in Direct 📩 . #motivation #mammeonline #mangiaresano #mammeinforma #healthyfood #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #fitnessmom #fitnessgirl #fitnessfood #fitnesswomen #detox #projectbikini #operationbikini #se_lo_vuoi_fallo_accadere #siamoquellochemangiamo #siamoquellochefacciamo #panciapiatta #gambesnelle #cellulite #ritenzioneidrica #modellare #tono #tonificare #mammeaspillo


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✨OFFRE ANTI CELLULITE ✨ Enfin un remède Naturel au problème que nous, femmes, connaissons toute l’année et qui nous angoisse encore plus 😱 à l’arrivée de l’été 👙☀️ et oui on n’ose pas se mettre en maillot de bain 👙 en short .... Des aujoirdhui on va dire stop 🛑 à cela et lutter contre cette ➡️ Cellulite 😕🤦🏼‍♀️ Qui se sent concerné ? Qui se sens prêt à dire stop 🛑 ??🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ commente ce post 🙋🏼‍♀️ ou écris moi en privé 📲 ❌ OFFRE SPÉCIALE JUSQU’AU 27 MAI INCLUS 🎁 Un Ebook vous sera offert et bien plus 🙌 #byebye#cellulite#stop#remede#


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Thanks!!! @southern_nest 🖤🖤🖤 Enjoy your super soft T!!!! @mcmandymom... Everyone has been enjoying your art!


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One of the hardest areas to break up cellulite can be your legs, this is mostly due to connective tissue called fascia NOT FAT!! Which is why exercises and diets are not all that’s needed to repair this area. Vacuum Therapy is a great help to loosen up this tissue for smoother looking skin. #vacuumtherapy #cellulite #celulitis #fat #contouring #skin #looseskin #bikiniseason #shortshorts


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#potassium #vitamink #cellulite #fiber #lowfatprotein #howtogetridofcellulite becareful if on blood thinners or pressure meds with vitamin k n when I say more potassium I mean a healthy diet level cause to much can be to much for the kidney n cause failure or infection I've had clean diets before like lived of low fat low protein mainly high protein high fiber diets before I particularly like high fiber if really wanna be super healthy n lose weight because it gives ugood sustainable energy good grains for that is oatmeal bulgar***(best grain ever makes good Mediterranean style dishes) egg whites healthier energy bars low in fat when or veggie protein shakes potassium n nutrient dense of all alt Milks is fat free or low fat soy milk it's high in vitamin d minerals and other stuffs I forget I like low fat vanilla soy cause it taste better it's like 60cals a serving n way more enutrient drnse then any other alt milks I've read on I've actually done lots of health food super food research also flax when broken down is good but if not u might react poorly to it an dnot be able to break it down in ur body algea n kale and fish oil is great too good fats as would be said super goods n help.while fat n not to nutrient dense is still a super food because it acts similiar to I think flax I can't remember but yah when I eat lots of spinach bananans cranberries mangos potato's even I got n do get rid of allost all what lil cellulite I have I know I said don't take my fat n carbs but beyond treats occasionally if I can't lose this weight I'll probly go back to more of these types of foods n black no sugar coffee n tea not energy drink even if 0 Cal rev up the metabolism making u crave and eat more so yah I've done it before I do know how I just I wanna lose it n be less seditary n slimmer wee bit not a lot u know 125-135 I'd be good with sustained but I'm.lazy n like yummy food so will see where I end up lol


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Enjoying the weather 😍 Lunch + Beauty Booster! •Benefits: •Stronger Nails, Hair, and better skin •Helps reduce #cellulite, fine lines, #wrinkles, due to Verisol collagen in it •Improves #skinelasticity •Very small molecule so it can be mixed with anything and the body will absorb it.


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Cellulite Treatment BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH BOOKSY OR CALL AT 201 428 1550.


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Our famous firm-up cream for #cellulite 💪🏻 The perfect addition to your skin care line-up for summer! . . . . . #beautybloggers #instabeauty #wellness #iamwellandgood #skincare #houstonspa #beauty #pcos #pcosawareness #pcoswarrior #pcossurvivor #shaving #camelliaalise


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ULTRASHAPE TREATMENT Summer is around the corner lose inches with ultrashape treatment! We have a great promotion going on for more information call at 201-428-1550