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Business this weekend was a success, now to end the night with these views and visions. #topflightassistance #channelofwealth

I love my BEAUTIFUL FAMILY ❀😍 #mywhy #channelofwealth

In a sane world i feel most comfortable with the Stranger Things in life. Growth comes from challenging yourself and testing your skills. Outside if the comfort zone is Growth. Get it! #channelofwealth #paulythebarber #pacman #kingstouch

Today's motivation. Real talk. @andyfrisella If you dont listen to him yet, go ahead and check out his podcast or on YouTube. Enough said. Thank you to @polythebarbernuer for introducing me to @andyfrisella @holistik_ink_tattoos @polythebarbernuer @andybeecee_ @ejays.boutique @swaggkilla626 #channelofwealth #canalesfamilylove

Up up and away! #topflight #channelofwealth

In case you didn't get to see the knock out.. @josephdiazjr put the hurt on this veteran boxer who is now WIN #26 And Knock out #14. VERY PROUD OF YOU @josephdiazjr . #southelmonteboxing #championboxing#goldenboy #espnboxing #channelofwealth #canalesfamily #diazfamily

Im so thankful and grateful for everything!! Wow, what a major milestone here at Top Flight Assistance! Im just happy to be a blessing to others and help families get their credit right to accomplish their goals. I have just been following the philosophy of the late Zig Ziglar, " if you help enough people get what they want, by default you will have what you want." Essentially being selfless and putting others goals 1st ahead my own. Man, im so blessed to be able to hive people a second opportunity to gain their financial lufe back. This is just the beginning, thank you for everyone who pushed me and motivate me to do my best and push myself to new limits, i appreciate you all! Thank you and shout out to my fam Justin Wilson Michelle Wilson Jacob Tidwell Alisha Gallegos Gabriel Reyes Charity Reyes and of course My Queen CeCe Rasmussen, but most importantly, i would love to give it all up to GOD for using me as a vessel to fulifill purpose i couldn't have done it without your support! Lets continue making history, TOP FLIGHT! #channelofwealth #topflightassistance

Hooked my boy JC up with a quick freestyle design. @tharealskinnyp #channelofwealth #kingstouch #paulythebarber #barberlife #theperfectcut #perfectcuts2 #setttingthetone

Hit em.with that 210 drop...shag top edge up. #paulythebarber #barberlife #channelofwealth #theperfectcut #perfectcuts2

Midnight THINK and GROW RICH session. What are you doing? #channelofwealth

Hit Germ with that "Skinny P" Versace #channelofwealth #theperfectcut #perfectcuts2 #paulythebarber #pacman #kingstouch #barberlife @tharealskinnyp

Hooked my boy up with that long over due freshie. #channelofwealth #theperfectcut #perfectcuts2 #barberlife # StayFaded

It's finally here and ready to be sitting in your medicine cabinet. Kings Touch Hair oils is what you have been searching for. All of the men out there with beards know what it is to maintain the lumberjack look. There's annoying issues that come with it. My facial skin would flake up, my hair would feel like it was stabbing me in the face, I would notice a lot of split ends and breakage in my beard so I created Kings Touch as my solution. It has sense then soften my hair moisturized my skin repair my hair, and with the blends of essential oils my beard smells great. Get yours today. DM me for more info on how you can receive yours today. #kingstouch #channelofwealth #paulythebarber #theperfectcut #barberlife #barberlife #creator #beardcare

I am highly driven and motivated to succeed I am fully dedicated to growing my wealth I am on the path to abundance I have the ability to make large amounts of money I am already rich My mind is focused on achieving great wealth I have unbreakable confidence in myself I have the will and the desire to reach unlimited heights of success I will think positively and create a wonderful life for myself I am fully capable of achieving whatever I set my mind to I am becoming rich I am making more and more money I am starting to effortlessly attract money My belief in myself is growing stronger and stronger I will succeed at all costs I will become rich and successful no matter what Others are starting to notice how driven and full of purpose I am I am becoming intensely focused on making money I am transforming into someone who effortlessly builds wealth I am developing the attitude of an extremely rich and successful person You become what you think about, simple as that. #channelofwealth

Here in my art room, listening to my future lay out in my mind, as I sharpen my skills to be come better. A comment appears from my Son.... Read it. That is the mind of a Great Man like - Paul the Apostle. @paulypacmancan #wisdomisknowledgewhenapplied##championmindset#winners#neverstopgrowing#fortunemindset#entrepreneurmindset##lovemykids@swaggkilla626 @ejays.boutique @andybeecee_ #channelofwealth ChannelofWealth @channelofwealth #familycanales

When you are an entrepreneur, even your own FAMILY will tell you things like.. why don't you get a real job? Lol being an entrepreneur is not a job... its a lifestyle. Live life by design! Cheers to your job... #channelofwealth

The picture my queen took of me feeding bambiπŸ‘ Give back πŸ˜€πŸ™Œ #channelofwealth

When 2, 3 or more agree on a common purpose, it will come to pass. Its in the bible, his word WILL NEVER come back void. There is power in being on the same frequency frequently. We all have situations that we go through, the difference is how you proact pr even react to it. I never blame, complain or justify. It doesnt help anybody, i like to look at things as an opportunity to learn and grow from. You have control of what you give power to. #90dayblitz #milliondollarenergy #channelofwealth

Shout out to my queen for making it happen even though she is sick! You are a champion my queen, i appreciate you and everything you do! You are amazing and I'm blessed to be building our empire together β€πŸ‘‘πŸ˜— My #wce #channelofwealth

"The best possible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate with all your intelligence, all your enthusiasm, on doing today's work superbly today. That is the only possible way you can prepare for the future." Strive for your potential if not your success will be detrimental. #channelofwealth

The Queen in my life β€πŸ‘‘ I love you β€πŸ‘‘πŸ”₯πŸ’Ž #channelofwealth

Merry Christmas to you and your family from mine ❀ #channelofwealth

So happy and grateful now that i got to spend Christmas eve with my queen and princess. I love you so much β€β€β€πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ˜ Merry Christmas to you and your family πŸ™Œ #channelofwealth

As Biggie Smalls would say "Another One" here's another Transformation done in the shop today. 3 years to 3 Cheers. Thanks for coming thru and getting a freshie Ralph. #paulythebarber #theperfectcut #barberlife #channelofwealth #theperfectcut #perfectcuts2 #optimusfade

Shout out to my queen for getting me an early Christmas gift!!!! I am so thankful amd grateful for you and everything you do. My office is nicely decorated with this masterpiece, thank you ❀πŸ”₯πŸ”πŸ›«βš– #channelofwealth

So humbled... Thank you guys so much for this, this is only the beginning of new levels. I celebrate success with all of you in celebration of my success rhis whole year. Its been amazing so far helping over 1000 clients getting their credit repaired and a secind opportunity to do it right and get what their family truly deserves. Those of you that know me , knows i am extremely humble and i couldnt thank you all enough. From my supporters to my haters, you all play a major role in my SUCCESS. Haters , keep watching.. if you were pissed at me this year, watch how i 10x this in 2018! #topflightassistance #channelofwealth

Make your next appointment thru Booksy. It's simple all you do is download the app, search for Pauly The Barber and schedule your hair service all from the comfort of your mobile device. See you soon. #paulythebarber #theperfectcut #barberlife #booksybiz #thatwaseasy #channelofwealth

Hooked Mitkell up with a little bleach game. #paulythebarber #theperfectcut #perfectcuts2 #channelofwealth

I'm so happy and grateful now that I will be a blessing to over a billion lives πŸ™Œ I'm so happy and grateful now that when two or three agree on anything, it will come to pass! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ When you pray , you have to BELIEVE it, what you're speaking, aaaaaaaaaaaaand you shall RECEIVE it! He said he will give us the desires of our HEART. But you 1st have to HEAR IT. We frame our world's by the WORDS we speak. I'm so happy and grateful now that I have an overflow of abundance and you do to! Amen πŸ™ #channelofwealth

What's your philosophy? #channelofwealth