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3 Minutes Ago

we live in a pretty apathetic age, yet we’re surrounded by an enormous amount of information about other people. if you feel like it, you can easily gather that information about them. having said that, we still hardly know anything about people. 📸 @jennifermcintyre__ hair @manzo_re mua @sofia_verdugo retouch @sandy_the_moth

Hey my friends been busy but here is another shot hope you guys enjoy it.. Go check out my storie for the promo that I have until the 31st of this month. Hurry and book your spot now. Send a dm or call 669 251 4728 and we can set up an appointment to show you quality, pricing and to get into details on how you want your shoot.. hope to hear from you soon. God bless


22 Hours Ago

When I look back, I'd like to say I'm better off on my own. And even though right now, I don't feel strong.. One day I will. ✨


8 Minutes Ago

Cirque Du SoleiI at Bankers Life Fieldhouse Indianapolis, IN ✨ WOHOOOO ✨ Almost sold out!!


2 Minutes Ago

I love Monday’s! It’s the start of a new week, with new tasks, and deadlines to complete. Every week should be a progression towards your goals & dreams #mondaymotivation


1 Minute Ago

I can’t say there’s anything quite like a proposal on the coast of Iceland - especially since it happened again a few days later to ME🙈


1 Minute Ago

Virgo season is right around the corner... 👀 My favorite zodiac-themed pieces are now up on ohmagdalene.com! Link in bio. ✨


5 Minutes Ago

Among the trees, scilence sing, the shadows dance and the berries giggles.. This is my nearby! ~ Tell me - what’s around your corner? ~ ~ This outfit must be one of the best this summer, just love it 🙌🏻 in collaboration with @sondeflor


3 Minutes Ago

Travelling is one of the greatest things in my life. Experiencing new cultures, walking through a big city, leaving the comfort zone or just enjoying a hike, these are the things which make me feel most alive. Far away from everyday life and all worries.


10 Hours Ago

Evening walks like this ♥️


3 Minutes Ago

“She endures. She is the daisies bending in the wind and rain, always surviving.” feeling aligned ; @sundaylane


7 Minutes Ago

Midland on the Gramaphone Stage, Saturday at @houghtonfestival 2018 ⚡️ . Houghton blues? Head over to @mixmag to check their review including 8 of their stand-out tracks. Photos by us, enjoy! . 📸: @daisycaitlindenham | @hungryvisuals | @hannahmetcalfe #houghton #mixmag #hndd #hnjd #hnhm


32 Minutes Ago

First day of kindergarten photo. We never stopped school in the summer, so we count today as the first day of kinder because we started math. Note: I did not tell him to pose like that. I told him “show me you’re excited about math (which he is).” I got this. Swipe over to see his actual smile.


5 Minutes Ago

Even the bridges are cool in #denmark 💛 . . . #danmark #copenhagen #kopenhagen #design #streetart


4 Minutes Ago

Planning a Fundy 🗺


4 Minutes Ago

just getting REALLY excited over here because my windows are open and it feels like fall, which means all the adorable snuggly fall photos coming up! 😍🌿


5 Minutes Ago

The xx W/ @doroerdmaennchen . . Nein, dieses Bild ist nicht provokant. Es zeigt einen (fast) nackten Körper. Und das ist das Natürlichste der Welt. Wer hier den Unterschied zu Pornografie oder Pin-Up-Heftchen nicht sieht, hat Fotografie nicht verstanden und darf sich gern ganz ganz weit von meinem Feed entfernen. Küsschen auf's Nüsschen 💋 . . . . . #cattivopictures #pr0jectsoul #chasinglight #portraitoftheday #bravogreatphoto #portraits_vision #leipzig #fujifilmx_us #fujixshooters #moodyfilm


6 Minutes Ago

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