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I feel so honored I was allowed to capture the love of these two. Their wedding day was filled with love and both are so beautiful inside and outside. . . . Make-up: @makeup.santorini.renia Hair: @rena_haircreations_santorini Wedding gown: @missbushbridal @maggiesotterodesigns Decoration: @weddingwishsantorini Venue: @rocabellasantorini First Shooter Photo + Video: @libertypearlphotography


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° sunday moments °


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Working away on our guest bedroom (not pictured) to host our first visitor this weekend! What would your ideal guest bedroom have in it? So far I have a phone charger, towels, extra blankets, and the WiFi password, but I want to know what else would make it perfect. I just told Austin I want our guest bedroom to be both luxurious & cozy, so there you go 😂


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We’ve met once before but only in a dream.


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Making the memories we want them to have ✨// letting off paper lanterns by the beach after sunset with root beers and a bonfire by the shore with nearby driftwood 👌⚡️#forevermemories #smallmoments #myboys


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When you are running around chasing moments at a wedding, every once in a while a perfect one comes across your lens! I will never forget Ila and Cody running around to get ready for the big group shot and this is what they turned the corner to see...one of my favorite ones for sure!


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I would like to take you along to this wonderful wedding in Santorini, which I was allowed to accompany two weeks ago. . . . Make-up: @makeup.santorini.renia Hair: @rena_haircreations_santorini Wedding gown: @missbushbridal @maggiesotterodesigns Decoration: @weddingwishsantorini Venue: @rocabellasantorini First Shooter Photo + Video: @libertypearlphotography


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I spent the entire time here not being able to say the name correctly #toungetwister #moalboal #cebu #philippines #desertedbeach #beautiful #chasingmoments #peaceful #clearbluewater #traveladdict #travelforlife


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- ᴍ ᴀ ʙ ᴏ ɴ -


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Editing yesterday’s #wedding is so much fun! The couple and I are friends for a long time and it was nice seeing so many other couples during this wedding as well, who got photographed by me over the past years... everywhere played happy kids... It was good seeing you all ♥️ #loveandlights


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💛 Is it possible to feel so much, that you never really know what kind of human you are? If you are filled with monsters or love or pain or chaos? I do not really know what to make of who I am, but I am waiting, nearly bursting, for someone who can. 💛 #croatia 🧜‍♀️🌊🧜‍♀️ #lastovo . . . #morje #seacoast #nature #dalmacija #hqnature #traveling #freedom #explore #outsideisfree #naturelovers #wildandfree #exploremore #beautiful #livetheadventure #getoutside #lifebehindbars #speechlessplaces #sheexplores #photooftheday #summer #summertime #love #moments #chasingmoments #sunset #instagood #instaphoto #activelife


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— ❝Estα es mi pequeñα aldeα, un lugαr cαdα díα iguαl...❞. 🏡🏞🍂


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— ❝Mirαrlαs y pensαr; «¿Qué haría yo sin estas locas»?.❞ 👩‍👩‍👦


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The feeling of being high with you, you drive me crazy everytime i see your smile and hear you laugh it's like a symphony to my ears. Seeing you happy while i'm driving you around bantayan is priceless. I love you ⚓👑 #lovewins #cebuphilippines #mangrove #travelcouple #chasingmoments #lostboys 📍 Omagieca Obo-Ob Mangrove Garden 📷 Go pro hero 4


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Sitter with child, 2018. 🌺 Goddess: Claudia Dufour Glowographer: Candice Pantin


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