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@ CocoMe all organic coconut oil with a hint of organic beeswax. good for wrinkles! No Ness No Fuss. No Chemicals, preservatives or dyes. 100% organic skin care. #organicskincare #organicbeauty #organiclife #organicliving #organicproducts Follow: @Chemical_free_life4U Send pics and videos to @Chemical_free_life4U Please comment 🖖 #chemicalfreeliving #nochemicalshere #chemicalfreeproducts #chemicalfreeskincare #chemicalfreemakeup #chemicalfreefood #nochemicalsadded #nochemical #nomineraloils #chemicalfreelife #chemicalfreecleaning #mineraloil #nochemicals


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Current situation: Making my Christmas list and checking it twice 🎁 What’s on your holiday wish list?


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Link in bio ✨✨✨

Young Living owns farms all over the world but there’s one right here in Canada! Have you tried diffusing the Northern Lights Black Spruce, it’s perfect for this time of the year! #northernlights #yyc #calgary #airdrie #cochrane #okotoks #essentialoils #theraputicgrade #youngliving #younglivingcanada #workfromhome #joinourteam #networkmarketing #chemicalfree #toxinfree #liveclean #healthyhome #businessbuilding #chemicalfreemakeup #chemicalfreecleaning #supplements #babyproducts #thieves


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🌸 Did you know that in the eu there are 1,900 ingredients for cosmetics that are prohibited and restricted because of their harmful nature? . 🌸 How many does the FDA prohibit and restrict? Only 11. . #knowyourproducts


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🙌🏼 We couldn’t agree more | 🌿One way of taking care of yourself is making decisions that’ll positively affect your health > > ✨ like, choosing cosmetics (and other skincare products) that are non-toxic! 🌿💕

Folks step away from the scented candles, they may seem like they make your home feel cosy, but I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to inhale the second hand smoke, try this diffuser combo instead, it smells amazing, just like gingerbread, thank you so much to @essenceoilstx for the suggestion 💚 Get all the cosy vibes and health benefits with essential oils instead!


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🕊3 White Angelica 🌸3 Gentle Baby or Lavender Also great for adults who just want to chiiilllll. Diffused this in Aaron’s (2 year old) room at nap yesterday and it was divine, and he slept 3 hours, and I almost fell asleep with him. Maybe I should change this to Peaceful Sleep Diffuser Blend 😆😴! Whatever you choose, enjoy it friends!

Did you know that CFC sells empty palettes? Probably not, because I never advertise them. 😂😣 These 3.5x3.5 inch metal palettes are designed to hold your essentials and are perfect for travel (which I know a lot of you will be doing over the holidays). Swipe left to see what a "fully loaded" palette looks like. I sell fully loaded palettes too, but hey, if you already have your essentials and just need a way of storing them...this is for you. 👍 Shop link in bio. 20% off 2+ items this month!


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This one is always kept on hand, seasonal changes, pollution, cold weather, night time breathing and just in case we get the occasional ick! 😪


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Loving how we have become so healthy an now have a chemical free lifestyle, Thanks to Young Living Essential Oils, Supplements and more....#heaalthylifestyle #chemicalfreeliving #chemicalfreemakeup #ylessentialoils #lovingfreeproducts #lovinglifeanoils #lovinghealthandwellness #lovingthieves

Our Savvy Minerals eyeshadows would be a welcome addition to any lady’s stocking! These sets are available for the holidays, but many individual colors are available year round 💋


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Healthy from the inside out 🌱 What does that even mean?? In a world where we strive to eat clean, avoid gmo’s, shop organically etc, I think it’s important to also take a look at not only what we are consuming, but what are we putting on our bodies . As a postpartum mom I have felt the effects of hormone changes, stress, anxiety, etc. I have always been mindful about what I put on my kids skin, but have never really looked very hard into my products until the last few months. I have been researching about how toxins affect our health in many ways from hormone regulation to digestion issues to skin problems, allergies, headaches, depression, etc. . Now I am not a Doctor and don’t claim to know everything about health, but I know that I have always watched what I put in my body, and as of recently, have been taking a hard look about what I am putting on my body as well. Sooo many of the products that I used to think nothing about have turned out to be extremely toxic after researching the ingredients list 😳I have slowly been making swaps for toxic-free clean products and have felt that my skin and body are thanking me. I am not completely there yet, (I call it full hippy 😆) but I know that there is something to be said about all the toxic ingredients that are hidden in our skincare and makeup even if the company claims to “be all natural.” . I have also noticed that one brand may claim to have safe, natural products but then only a handful of their products are actually “clean” while the rest are toxic. I know first hand how hard it is to pick the bad ones out so I have been using the Think Dirty app and it has opened my eyes tremendously 👀 . I am not saying to go throw away all your stuff but just take a look at what we are putting on our skin and body, as well as inside of it: After all, our skin is the largest organ of our body! 🤗 . #mindbodyhealth #cleanskincare #healthfromwithin #chemicalfreemakeup #toxicfreebeauty #journeytohealth


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Ready to venture outside the kit? Here’s the top 5 oils I recommend... we NEVER run out of these. PS- Tea Tree is the best thing, oil or otherwise, I’ve ever used for my blemishes. Dries them right up. Yet, it also cleared up my dry, red, irritated skin I had around my mouth last winter. Gosh, it’s like plants are smart or something! 😆 Get your kit and add these to your ER order!


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Never a truer statement!! Love yourself 💞 Have you tried Ningxia red? It is a fantastic drink, packed with antioxidants 💪 Containing wolfberry purée, blueberry juice, cherry juice, pomegranate juice, plum juice and infused with essential oils, it’s plant power at its max! Give it a try and then go without it for a few days, and notice the difference mood, energy levels and general wellness.


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Congratulations to the beautiful, @katiegaribaldi, Hollywood Media & Music Award Nominee last night for Best Christian/Gospel Song. She is wearing our #organictintedlipbalm in ‘The Future’ on the Red Carpet💋 💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄 . . . . #hmmas #musicawards #redcarpet #redcarpetglam #redcarpetbeauty #organicbeauty #organicmakeup #organiclove #doubledowncosmetics #indiebrand #nontoxicmakeup #consciousliving #organicbeauty #greenbeautyproducts #crueltyfreemakeup #greenbeautycommunity #cleanbeauty #allnaturalingredients #healthiswealth #nontoxicenvironment #chemicalfreebeauty #chemicalfreemakeup #greenclean #parabenfreemakeup #glutenfreebeauty #madeinusa


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💰Referral 💰program ON POINT. When people ask you about your oils, be ready to give them your member number! Better yet, go to http://YL.pe to make your own link. This takes them straight to the starter kit! You don’t have to ‘sell’ YL to take advantage of the referral program. Refer 1 person, refer 50 people. Nothing is required or expected of you. Congrats, non-committals! Lol. Just spend $50 in a given month to earn the bonus- hello free oils! People on ER: you’re already spending at least 50, so nothing more is needed! 🎄Christmas cash 🚙 Car repairs 🏠Home improvements 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦KIDS Things come up, an extra payday can’t hurt!


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Our skin is a daily representation of us, are you investing in yours? I wouldn’t be without my @younglivingeo skincare products, tell me.....what are your skincare faves?


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Oh heeeey. We're back with another BEAUTY GIVEAWAY 💋💄 Our Beauty Bag is brimming with natural skin and beauty essentials, hand-picked by our in-house experts.⠀ ⠀ We have 2 beauty bags to give to one lucky winner & their bestie! Here's how to enter:⠀ ✨Follow LuckyVitamin⠀ ✨Comment with your 🍂fall/winter❄️ beauty must have!⠀ ⠀✨Tag your best friend (Your friend must follow back)⠀ ⠀ Winners will be selected on 11/21. Giveaway open to US residents only.⠀ ⠀ Want to shop the bag instead? Tap the link in bio ☝⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #luckyvitamin #spreadthewellness #giveaway #beautygiveaway #naturalbeauty #naturalskincare #skincareroutine #skincaregiveaway #naturalbeautyproducts #crueltyfree #organicmakeup #organic #healthyliving #chemicalfreemakeup #nontoxicmakeup #cleanmakeup #cleanliving #beauty #curatedbeauty #curatedskincare #naturalbeauty #naturalbeauties #naturalbeautyproducts #beautyproducts #beautyproduct #beautycare #beautyproducts #skincare #naturalskincareproducts #naturalskin


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Getting cozy today with the Christmas Spirit Blend and DIY Diffuser Garland. Have you started your Christmas decorating? Message us to have the Young Living Holiday Catalogue sent to you! #christmasdecor #yyc #calgary #cochrane #okotoks #airdrie #braggcreek #essentialoils #youngliving #younglivingcanada #chemicalfree #toxinfree #healthyhome #healthylife #thieves #chemicalfreemakeup #chemicalfreecleaning #joinourteam #networkmarketing


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Let me tell you about the time I thought I knew how to photograph transparent things...😂😳😣 *facepalm*. I wanted to make the chunk of quartz look like ice, but... actually, I'd rather not talk about it. 😜❄️🎄 Here's another good holiday combo -- copper (Nova) eyeshadow and green (Moss) tinted lip balm. Swipe left to see what a SFW application of these products looks like on an actual face, as opposed to a piece of white paper. Shop link in bio. 20% off 2+ items this month!


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@ Hot compress or cold compress? - Find out when is the best time to use each.⠀ ⠀ 🐘 #paulaspalace #naturalhealing #homeremedy #brisbane #brisbanesalon Follow: @Chemical_free_life4U Send pics and videos to @Chemical_free_life4U Please comment 🖖 #nochemicalhair #nochemicals #nochemicalsadded #chemicalfreebeauty #chemicalfreehair #chemicalfreehome #chemicalfreecleaning #nomineraloil #chemicalfreefood #mineraloil #chemicalfreemakeup #nochemicalshere #chemicalfreeproducts #nomineraloils


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Have you been thinking you’d like to try a chemical free lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry that’s why @younglivingeo created their starter kit just to help you get going! We’ve all been there, I had no idea how to use my oils when I first got them, I just knew they were going to make a big difference to us and help my son. And guess what? They did! This is not just a kit of oils and a diffuser, it’s you key to living a non-toxic lifestyle and creating natural wellness in your home! Emotional support, digestive support, sleep support, mental clarity, immune support, happy hormones, less trips to the doctors because of the immune support, and the list goes on! Believe you need this kit! You and your loved ones are so worth this gift of wellness this year! And when you join with me and sign up to Essential rewards, because believe me when you start using these oils you will not want to be without them! I will refund your shipping costs. Click the link in my bio or message me and let’s have a chat about your specific needs!


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Do you like these autumn colours ? 🍂🍁😁👍🏼 if so they’re free today with a small purchase 😍🤩#lovefreebies #vegan #chemicalfreemakeup #lookgoodfeelgood #updateyourcolurs #feelamazing #pressiesforme #lookfoxy 🦊 just pm me 👍🏼👌🏼😁


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Only 6 days worth of stock left!!! Did you order your Limited Edition Purple 💜 Epic Mascara? * *See link in bio to order online. * #epicmascara #younique #chemicalfreemakeup #lashesoftheday #chocoholic🍫 #winelover🍷 #purple💜 #makeuplover #footballmom


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When I hit a low point, I'm reminded that I'm surrounded by great friends. Love y'all 😊❤️ #everydaymotivation #mylifeooo • 💄#100percentpure Pomegranate oil anti-aging lipstick in Buttercup • 📸 & edits by @bluephoenixra with #sonyalpha


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We know you love multi-functional items as much as we do. • Kohl TRIPLES as your eye-make up, boosts eyesight and reduces under-eye puffiness as well as make a great accessory for your handbag. • RM130 for 30g of kohl in silver or gold hand-engraved containers excluding postage. • WA 018-322 9440 to inquire. #celak #celakithmid #celakarab #kohl #eyemakeupart #eyesightproblems #masalahmata #masalahmatarabun #masalahmatapanda #smokeyeye #sunnahnabi #sunnahrasul #handbagaccessories #chemicalfreemakeup #eyeline #naturaleyeliners


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🙆🏼‍♀️ It’s been QUITE the year! We’re not big on “tooting our own horn,” but for the sake of reflection: amongst the growth of our line and getting our products in the hands of so many [very] happy women 🙌🏼, we’ve had the privilege of appearing in some humbling publications - making a strong presence in press, 💫 we’ve won awards, and more importantly have been able to support amazing organizations like @lipstickangels, @greenspanetwork and the American Botanical Council 💕🌿. . 👉🏼 Whether your year has been filled with great accomplishments, very complicated challenges, or a mixture of both — we’re sending you positive vibes and strength for this final stretch of 2018 ✨, and reminding you to set intentions for 2019… because we can all reach a little higher and be a little happier... 😊😉


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Cosy vibes!! ☕️🍂


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👄💄Our lipglosses 💄👄are GORGEOUS! Silky smooth and EO infused! Love Embrace- it’s a perfect neutral and goes with everything! I may drive a swagger wagon, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have luxurious lips. Lol. Also perfect for 🎄stocking stuffers!🎄Getcha some! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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@ BE AS BEAUTIFUL AS A FLOWER 🇨🇭 AS STRONG AS TREE 🇨🇭 % ORGANIC % SWISS MADE % VEGAN % CRUELTY FREE % NO PLASTICS # stronglikeme #beautifullikeme#skincare#beauty#antiaging Follow: @Chemical_free_life4U Send pics and videos to @Chemical_free_life4U Please comment 🖖 #chemicalfreelifestyle #mineraloilfree #chemicalfreemakeup #chemicalfreelife #nochemicalhair #nochemicalshere #chemicalfreecleaning #nomineraloils #chemicalfreeliving #nochemicalsneeded #chemicalfreehair #chemicalfreefamily #nomineraloil #nochemicals


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My favourite perfume 🌹💜