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Supplement of the Month: Pure InflaMedix 10% OFF this month!!! Benefits of InflaMedix: Unregulated inflammation may be at the root of most common chronic diseases of aging including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and arthritis. Extensive clinical research on the ingredients in Pure InflaMedix have been shown to regulate the normal inflammatory process by targeting and inhibiting the pro-inflammatory enzymes. #supplements #chiropracticcare #wellness


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Got Game? My kids do...but unfortunately I'm still temporarily sidelined with ongoing shoulder/scap issues. #slowandsteady #233_game #picturethis365 #chiropracticcare #scapularstability


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Say hello 👋🏽 to the newest member of the Performance & Rehab Chiropractic family- Ellenor 👑💖 —————— She is Dr. Ryan’s fifth child, and third baby girl 💖😍. Born on her due date (when does that ever happen?!) August 10, 2018. We are so happy she’s here!


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Schedule by phone or online: 925-736-3210 anatomypower.com


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Keeping @theofficialbramfam aligned 🌟 • • When you’ve got a family to take care of, you need #alignment to be at your best. 👊🏼


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Chiropractic Alignment of a Pediatric Patient with Asthma Learn more about asthma in children and discover natural treatment alternatives your child. Studies prove 70% improvement of Asthma with #chiropracticcare in Kids. To know more about it visit our website www.AbsoluteFamilyChiropractic.com #vacaville #chiropracticadjustment #chiropractor #wellness #health #healthcare


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Testimonial Tuesday!! Our patients are like our family and we love building relationships for life! Click the link in the profile to schedule your free exam to become the next member of our family! #chiropractic #grateful #gratitude


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We love our neighbors and valued partners 🙏 Elite Chiro Summer Care Packages have landed 📥👌 ________ #beverlyhills #beverlyhillschiro #chiropractor #painfree #chiropracticcare


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Detox week continues! 💧Yesterday we introduced 2 detox options we offer @fhccarolinas , the first being the @prolonfmd 🙏🏼 Here Dr. Riser explains this detox in a bit more detail to help you decide whether or not it’s a good fit for you. — We’d love to hear from you guys! Have you tried the @prolonfmd fast? Share your experience with us below! 👇🏼 DM us with any questions you might have. Happy Tuesday! #fhccarolinas #detoxweek #prolon

Visit @elitechiroperformance on the hill to learn about their mobility assessments. #concert #chiro #chiropractor #chiropracticcare #care #health #wellness #adjustment #appointment #mobility #injury

Let Dr. Dustin help improve the quality of your life! Our focus is to help you become free of pain, healthy and resilient so you can enjoy everything and everyone in your life fully and happily now and for many years to come! #prestigespinalcare #chirolife #thewoodlands #wellness #chiro #chiropractic #chiropracticcare


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Back and bi’s 💪🏻💙🙌🏻 literally dripping 😅 I have been feeling pretty good (knock on wood) and I have an adjustment tomorrow so I decided what the heck and upped my weights on some of my moves to 8’s since my shoulder/back/arm has been doing ok with 5’s. So we will see how that goes 😬 muscle soreness is a ok’ with me just have to make sure I don’t bring my nerve pain back or my neck issues. So far KST has been amazing.

Dr. Musnik assists the natural healing process by helping maintain, restore or enhance health, and it does so without drugs or surgery #musnikchiropractic


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🧠💪🏼🗣WHEN I SAY RECIPROCAL, YOU SAY INHIBITION🗣🧠💪🏼 • This is a trick 🤹🏻‍♂️ you can use when you’re stretching if you have a super tight muscle💪🏼 that kind of spasms up whenever you try to stretch it! • Reciprocal inhibition is a process that happens between agonist and antagonist muscles💪🏼. An agonist muscle💪🏼 will perform an action, while an antagonist muscle💪🏼 is the muscle that would oppose that action. For example, if I am extending at my knee, my quadriceps would be considered the agonist muscle💪🏼, while my hamstrings would be considered the antagonist. And vice versa, if I am flexing at my knee, my hamstrings would be considered the agonist muscle💪🏼, while my quadriceps would be considered the antagonist! 💥 • Reciprocal inhibition means that while one muscle💪🏼 contracts (in the video this would be my quads), the opposing muscle is forced 🤜🏼 to relax 💆🏼‍♀️ to accommodate (in the video this would be my hamstring). This can be applied to almost any antagonistic muscle pair!🤠 • Better Function ➡️ Better Stretch

Muchos expertos están estudiando y buscando soluciones para tratar condiciones del sistema nervioso. Implantes de dispositivos para estimular nervios, tratamientos de estimulación del nervio vago y muchas otras formas de bioelectricidad se están popularizando en el campo de la salud. También, en el caso de Argentina, hay un auge de las neurociencias. La razón por la cual se está investigando tanto en esta área de la salud, es porque las alteraciones en el sistema nervioso producen grandes cambios en la salud y bienestar de las personas. Mira esta imagen… a 6 semanas de la concepción, el sistema nervioso ya está a cargo del control directo de cada órgano del cuerpo. Los quiroprácticos han estado influenciando directamente al sistema nervioso por 123 años sin drogas, aparatos, cirugías, o efectos secundarios no deseados. Todo el mundo merece saber y experimentar los beneficios de la quiropráctica! • • • #lovemymonday #lifeuniversity #matildachallenge #salud #chiropractic #chiropractor #chiropracticcare #chiropracticadjustment #quiropraxia #sistemanervoso #neuro #neuroscience

Got my #younglivingstarterkit today and officially became a member of the @theoilyteam ! I will keep everyone posted on my oils journey!

This is the start of our collaborative #mckenzietherapyseries with @strengthinevidence_physio! - The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT) is an internationally renowned method of assessment and treatment for spinal and extremity pain. Although MDT is not a perfect system, it continues to be one of the most researched clinical methods and was given the highest grade by Denmark’s low back pain clinical guidelines. - Yet there are lots of misconceptions so let us address each of these point by point to more accurately portray what MDT is. - MDT is a treatment based classification that’s based around a detailed history & physical exam exploring the effects of sustained or repeated movements, positions, and loading strategies on symptoms and motion rather than a detailed pathoanatomical diagnosis (it used to be based on the pathoanatomical models but is now moving towards a biopsychosocial model). - Each classification is matched up to a different rehab approach and within MDT there are: - • Derangement: presence of a directional preference (DP) with lasting positive change in sensation, pain, ROM and function; also unique to derangement is centralization where distal symptoms reduce or abolish in a proximal fashion towards the spine (the presence of DP & centralization are indicators of better outcome) - • Articular Dysfunction: presence of intermittent pain consistently produced at a restricted end range with no rapid change of symptoms or range - • Contractile Dysfunction: presence of intermittent pain, consistently produced by loading the musculo-tendinous unit, for instance, with isometrics - • Postural syndrome: pain is only produced by sustained position; once they move away from the sustained position, pain subsides - • ‘Other’ subgroups: when none of the above patterns are present; these include inflammatory, trauma and persistent pain, etc. - Identifying DP is an important component of MDT and DP refers to repeated movements in a single direction (flexion, extension, or side-glide/rotation) centralize, decrease or abolish sciatica and LBP, or reduce somatic referred pain. ------------------- Follow @neuroorthobasedapproach


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Don’t get cranky, get adjusted! 😂 Loving this print from @parkaveprints - a fellow chiro student with amazing calligraphy skills! Can’t wait to have her signs in my own office some day!

Regrann from @vibrantlivingcbd - Specializing in bringing unique and premium CBD brands to market! It’s all about providing your clients with the highest quality CBD products, we want what’s best for your clients! Call 407-274-6886 ask for Robbie or shoot us a DM for more info! . . . . #knowyourcbd #vibrantlivingcbd #wholehealth #wellness #organic #pure #gamechanger #gotlabresults #yoga #surfing #massagetherapy #physicaltherapy #chiropracticcare #hairsalons #hemplucid #cbdcoffee #cbdtea #cbdlotion #cbdskincare #mentalhealth #beachlife #thechoiceisclear #cbdnow #knowyourcbd #florida #mindfullness #askusabouthemplucid #bobmarley #cbdalotion #plantmedicine #herb


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Summer is over and backpacks are an essential for everyone going back to school! 💼 According to Quebec statistics, 50% of youth experience back, neck, and shoulder pain due to unsuitable backpack adjustments. Here are a few tips to insure a backpack that will not cause detrimental effects to you or your children! 💪 - Adjust the straps so that the bag doesn’t go higher than your shoulders or that the lowest part doesn’t touch your butt - Always wear your backpack using both straps - The total weight of the bag should not exceed 10-15% of your weight ••• 📞 514.303.2800 🌐 www.drlaurabenhaim.com


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Relief. Recovery. Wellness. These are the things you can find at The Joint! Make sure to come in for your maintenance adjustment! #thejoint #chiropracticadjustment #chiropracticcare #briercreek


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Niños y Quiropraxia. www.vidachiropractic.com Argentina. Brasil. Chile. España Por turnos con Dr.David Serio 15.2335.9557 #chiropracticcare #vidachiropractic #subluxationfree #innateintelligence

Durante a gestação o corpo sofre algumas alterações. À medida que ocorre a expansão/crescimento do útero ocorre uma mudança no centro de gravidade da mulher. Essa alteração afeta a coluna vertebral, e às vezes, mais significativamente, a região lombar. A mudança hormonal que ocorre durante a gravidez, não só pode alterar o humor das gravidinhas🤰🏻😖😆🤯😭, mas é importante entender que essa alteração hormonal também afrouxa os ligamentos e articulações que se conectam à coluna preparando a pelve para o momento da passagem do bebê 👶🏻. A quiropraxia pode ser indicada para ajudar no alívio do incômodo e alinhamento da coluna para o momento do parto, visando evitar estresse sobre as articulações da mãe e do bebê. Manda uma mensagem que te explico como a quiropraxia pode te ajudar 💁🏼‍♀️📲(11)992969736 Fonte texto: Borggren CL, Pregnancy and chiropractic: a narrative review of the literature, Journal Chiro Med (2007)6, 70–74 americanpregnancy.org, manualdamamae.com.br, Borggren Fonte fotos: naturalchildbirthedu.com , quiropraxiacaxias.wordpress.com, yourpregnatcore.com, physio-pedia.com/Low_Back_Pain_and_Pregnancy, dicasdegravidez.com.br #thais_quiropraxia #gestacao #gestante #gravidez #partonormal #partonatural #regulaquiro #regulaquiropraxia #quiropraxista #quiropraxiaporquiropraxistas #prevencao #cuidadoscomacoluna #saudedacoluna #colunasaudavel #quiropraxiavilaolimpia #quiropraxiapinheiros #quiropraxiaperdizes #quiropraxiadomiciliar #chiropractic #adjustments #spinehealthcare #vitality #wellness #freesubluxationspine #chiropracticcare #lumbarpain #pregnancy #pregnant

Come on out and support a great cause by joining Dr. Friedman and CARE Wellness Center at XFN 21, The Next Generation. A nonstop evening of action packed with mixed martial arts in the premier cage of Florida. The greatest amateur fighters are coming from all around the Us to face the greatest competition for the ultimate prize. ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE; Raising funds for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Wresting Team. We will have a booth set up doing complimentary massage work, stretching and postural analysis. 10% off with the promo code “10off” at xfnfights.com #xfn #mma #marjorystonemandouglas #wrestling #community


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Come on out and support a great cause by joining Dr. Friedman and CARE Wellness Center at XFN 21, THE NEXT GENERATION. A nonstop evening of action packed with mixed martial arts in the premier cage of Florida. The greatest amateur fighters are coming from all around the Us to face the greatest competition for the ultimate prize. ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE; Raising funds for the MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS WRESTING TEAM. We will have a booth set up doing complimentary massage work, stretching and postural analysis. 10% off with the promo code “10off” at www.xfnfights.com #xfn #mma #marjorystonemandouglas #wrestling #community


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Available in tees and long sleeves. https://teespring.com/wake-up-well-adjusted-sleep-wi#pid=2&cid=581&sid=front . . . . . #chiropracticadjustment #chiropractor #chiropractic #chiro #chiropracticcare #chiropractors #chiropracticworks #chiropracticlifestyle #sportschiropractic #chiropractors #funnyshirt #graphictee


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Here are some quick and healthy snacks to try this week!


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Hey its me, McKenzie!🤗 I am a Chiropractic Intern in the Life Chiropractic College West Health Center! I can’t wait to use this page to show you all of the ways Chiropractic can benefit you! If you’re interested in becoming a patient, call the LCCW Heath Center & ask for me!👩🏼‍⚕️☀️💚