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Story of my day. Sometimes you work out & eat healthy, sometimes you inhale Tim Bits & a burger. Life is weird that way. #fightingarthritis #osteoarthritis #arthritis #ibd #spoonie #costochondritis #lifewitharthritis #chondromalacia #seasonalaffectivedisorder #chronicillness #chronicpain #lifehappens #dontsweatthesmallstuff #iownit

Hey, I’m Coral @iamcoral 21 from the UK! I’ve been having prominent issues with my knees for nearly 3 years! I’m really hypermobile and always felt unstable in my legs no mater what I was doing, I was constantly in the doctors and in hospital with them telling me there was nothing wrong, I was doing physio everyday to try and strengthen my knees, I was doing anything I could to relieve the pain. When I had my MRI and saw a surgeon he refused to even accept that there was anything wrong with me Told me it was all in my head(I have PTSD so they just assume from that without looking into my mental health) and then told me I should stop wasting time and just “live my life” which was horrible cause that’s exactly what I was trying to do. Sadly, I became even more depressed and was addicted to strong pain medication, the pain was unbearable and that’s when I couldn’t take it much longer, 9th August 2016 I tried to end my own life. I was done, my physiotherapist was the only thing that Kept me going he convinced me to get back in the Doctors and hospital and that’s exactly what I did! Unfortunately, the same surgeon shot me down told me my weight was a problem and that my problems would disappear if I lost weight, even though my weight wasn’t an issue! So after all this drama my physio was mad and put in a massive complaint for me and had me referred to a specialist hospital which after long days in hospital I met the surgeon of my dreams who confirmed there was something was wrong and 5 days later I had my first MPFL surgery! That was 29th November 2017 I’m fully recovered from that and feeling stronger then ever and my next MPFL for my other knee is on Wednesday!! I know it’s a long story but I hope it inspires people to keep pushing through and that it’s okay to have bad times but you need to fight for you and what you need! Cause when the medical professionals that should support you but don’t, you are all you have💖💪🏻 #kneerealignment #kneesurgery #kneeinjury #kneebrace #physicaltherapy #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #mpflreconstruction #tibialtubercleosteotomy #chondromalacia #dislocatedknee #subluxation #chronicpain #knee #kneeissu


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Day 847/292/159: Today was quite interesting. We had mass at school today and the priest made an interesting homily that really reflects on us. He talked about how he had a heart attack and he didn’t know. All of his arteries were blocked and he had to undergo a 9 hour surgery. And he said this made he realize how thankful he should be and how it opened his eyes to new things. We are given this crazy situation for some reason and the reason is to help others and bring positivity to the negatives. We can inspire others to keep fighting. Often times we take for granted the things we have, yeah we have issues, but there are people who rather be in our position then theirs. When was the last time we said thank you to our doctor, physical therapist, our parents, family, etc for giving us this amazing life to help others. Sometimes I would get messages from you guys saying I am an inspiration to you. That means the whole world to me. At school I may not mean anything to them, but I am helping and inspiring you guys. You guys are thankful that I answer your messages. You guys are amazing and stay that way :) #kneerealignment #kneesurgery #kneeinjury #kneebrace #physicaltherapy #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #mpflreconstruction #tibialtubercleosteotomy #chondromalacia #dislocatedknee #subluxation #chronicpain #knee #kneeissues

Evelyn wanted no part of being on the ground or any distraction we tossed her way! This was the only way supper was getting made! Bacon Ranch Chicken Poppers coming up! They were delicious and Evelyn had 5 of them! 🤗 https://unboundwellness.com/bacon-ranch-chicken-poppers/

That 5 minutes was a doozy! ‍ “Surfer on Acid” 3 Rounds: 50 Double Unders 21 Burpees


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finally somebody is helping me with this knees.. I am so happy i see the light at the end of the tunnel.. trying this new treatment for pain relief.. yes it hurts a little bit! #agopuntura #acupuncture #elettroagopuntura #painrelief #painfree #happy #finally #iwillbegoodsoon #iwillsquatsoon #chondromalacia #healing #cartilageisgone #gettingold #workingonmyknee #cartilage #quads #workinprogess #newprogramm #crossfit #crossfitgirl #kneeinjury #miamibeach


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Getting up early only gets marginally easier the longer you do it. But it is SO worth it to get that workout finished first thing in the morning and start the day off strong. Not to mention, nothing else that comes along in the course of my day can get in the way of it later. Including my own head! Given the chance, I'll employ every stall tactic my toddler usually resorts to when there's something she doesn't feel like doing. 😂 Your health is worth it. YOU are worth it.


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Just had a nice 45 min doze in an MRI scanner so we can find out how much my knees have deteriorated since 2013. Had to take a sneaky progress photo as the mirror and lighting were so good in the changing room. Yep still rubbish at knowing how to stand/taking selfies 🤦🏻‍♀️ #progressphoto #progressnotperfection #girlswholift #knackeredknees #ostechondrosisdissecans #chondromalacia


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Hi I my name is Hannah @hannah_kolacz , I'm 14 years old and am a dancer. I never really had knee trouble until the fall of 2015. I was on my schools cheerleading team just for fun and one day I was just practicing in my room and went to stand up from something and heard a pop my knee immediately hurt and I started crying. I told my aunt and she said if it wasn't better by the next morning I could go to the doctor. Next morning not any better so we go to the doctor and it gets diagnosed as a sprained knee. 2 months or so later it happens again at dance so we go to the doctor again and get told it's just a growing thing and will go away as I reach puberty. He also prescribes a knee brace so we get that to wear while I'm dancing. As the year goes on it keeps dislocating and getting worse. By this point I've started my first round of physical therapy. Nothing is working and it keeps going on with the brace on and off. 2017 we get a new brace. Then the day after saint Patrick's day it was just a regular Saturday at dance and I'm in jazz class. We are working on our dance for competition and we have to do this one jump. When we do it we have to land on the left (my bad side) and so I do the jump and when I landed my kneecap dislocated and then I fell to the floor and started sobbing it hurt so bad So all my friends and teachers huddled around me and asked me if I was ok. They also tried to cheer me up but failed. I was a complete mess at that moment. My one dance teacher went to a pizzeria next door to grab me some ice which I thought was nice. They then called my aunt to come pick me up. My aunt was on her way and I was sitting on the floor waiting for her to come. I was sobbing over the pain, I knew I wasn't going to be able to dance for a while. What if I need surgery so many thoughts Ran through my head at once. My aunt came and picked me up I couldn't walk so I had to be carried out of the studio. We went to the urgent care straight after. They didn't do much and just kinda dismissed it saying to follow up with the doctor. So we did with my orthopedist that treats something else I go to him for but he checked out my knee and I most likely needed surgery.


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Day 846/291/158: Yesterday I went back to pt and they didn’t seem mad at all. They were just questioning what went wrong. I am back to the simple exercises. For all the determined and go getters out there you will relate to the thing I’m about to say. I was having a convo with my father yesterday about returning to sports. And he said “you can’t be so prideful you have to let your knee relax.” I obviously won’t do tennis or singles without her permission. But even if I do that I feel like my dad would still say something. My dad said not to do sports. I was like what is wrong with you. I am going back to sports no matter what. I just hate how it doesn’t understand. Like our parents try to understand how we feel and what we are going through, but they don’t know. My parents say I’m prideful and stubborn. I can admit I am totally stubborn, but it’s been so long and you just want to be back in the game. Are your parents the same way? #kneerealignment #kneesurgery #kneeinjury #kneebrace #physicaltherapy #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #mpflreconstruction #tibialtubercleosteotomy #chondromalacia #dislocatedknee #subluxation #chronicpain #knee #kneeissues


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Chondromalacia patella AKA ‘Runners knee’ is common in young adults and adolescents. Behind the knee cap we have cartilage that allows our knee to slide up and down the femur whilst our knee bends and straightens. Over time the cartilage can soften and parts may break off. The injury tends to be managed quite well conservatively. Signs and symptoms patient may complain of are, pain behind the knee and at the front of the knee, clicking or grinding of the kneecap, pain when kneeling down. Risk factors include patella maltracking, muscle imbalance between hamstrings/glutes and quads and imbalance between hip adductors and abductors. Treatment techniques include posterior chain activation of glutes and hamstrings, knee stability and VMO activation. If you suffer with knee injuries or other injuries and need help with rehab or perhaps prehab, DM me or contact 07922716273. #amephysio #physio #physiotherapist #sports #gym #fitness #mma #martialarts #boxing #football #cricket #rugby #tennis #golf #rehab #kneepain #backpain #hippain #footpain #liverpool #merseyside #chondromalacia


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The feeling of wanting to accomplish so much and the reality of knowing that somethings are physically impossible for me. My knees won't allow me to to go on bike rides, to play kick ball, to really go hiking, go up the statue of liberty, or to climb the mountains I dream of climbing. When you are young you think you have all the time in the world to achieve your goals, sometimes you don't realize just how little time you actually do have. It's frustrating that I can't bend my knees to pick something up off the floor or sit criss cross apple sauce. I miss running and climbing trees. I miss doing cartwheels and playing jump rope. My daughter is just getting to an age where all these things are fun and I will be sitting on the sidelines watching her and her daddy doing the things I can't because of my knees.


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It hit 70 yesterday! ☀️ A little over a week ago we had a huge snowstorm with over 12 inches. I’m hoping it’s smooth sailing from here on out!


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After a week of letting my muscles recover with plenty of #sleep and #yoga, I'm back to resistance work! Even though this workout was just a "preview" to the whole program I just finished, it still challenged me! Felt awesome to work up that #sweat, and I can't wait to do it again tomorrow. If you're ready to join me, we've got a brand new #support community for you! Jump in and see what it's all about!


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Here’s some pix of my knee from my dr. I’m cleared to exercise as tolerated. Happy 💃!!! #icanrunagain #cleared #postop #chondromalacia


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Yesterday we went into the gym to practice more of our Gameday Mankato Wods and Elijah wanted to work out with us. He got all of his equipment out and did the wods with us. It’s one of my favorite things when he wants to work out with us. ♥️🏋🏼‍♂️ #latergram #fitkids #crossfitkids #edubdub #4yearsold #boymom


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Day 844/289/156: MY SHIRT CAME IM ON FRIDAY!!!!!!! I love it so much! It looks awesome! If you want one the link is in my bio! Also I need stories to be featured on my @patellofemoral.disorders account. So if you would like to submit your story let me know! My knee has been being nice to me today so I’m happy. I still have to do my exercises for today and tomorrow I have physical therapy. I haven’t seen them since my appointment so let’s see how that all goes over tomorrow 😬 #kneerealignment #kneesurgery #kneeinjury #kneebrace #physicaltherapy #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #mpflreconstruction #tibialtubercleosteotomy #chondromalacia #dislocatedknee #subluxation #chronicpain #knee #kneeissues


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OK so finally here is my #cbd story. I've been struggling with Chondromalacia of the Patella for the past several years. I did physical therapy, struggle with weight loss and a host of other remedies to help alleviate my symptoms. See how CBD oil came to my rescue!! @cmarkbernal @don.bernal.1 . . Click link in bio to read blog post. . . #ghhchondromalacia #chondromalacia #gethemphealthy #cbd #cbdoil


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At the gym making fat cry. It’s a leg day and I have to modify cause of my knee condition but I still get it in. 30 day push up challenge is on deck too. Gonna train myself to do regular pushups. Watch me cause I can. #makingfatcry #chondromalacia #legworkout #pushupchallenge


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. ***CHONDROMALACIA PATELLA***. The patella is a sesamoid bone which acts as a pulley to enhance the action of the quadriceps muscle. . Due to the shape of the bone, the manner in which it sits between the femoral condyles, and the pull of the quadriceps muscle, dysfunction can arise due to the following; . - The knees generally are closer to the midline than the hips. This is more prominent in women hence why they are more susceptible to knee pain. This is also know as the Q angle and is formed by a line from the ASIS to the midpoint of the patella and another line travelling through the midline of the patella and the tibial tuberosity . - This generally causes a lateral pull on the patella as the quadriceps contracts so that the lateral border of the patella may impact on the medial surface of the lateral condyle . - This lateral drift can cause damage to the hyaline cartilage of the patella, femur or cause inflammation of the joint capsule should it become impinged between the lateral surface of the patella and lateral femoral condyle. This can give rise to synovitis and effusion of the knee ultimately resulting in anterior knee pain and potentially wear and arthritis of the patella and femoral condyle. This is a condition known as Chondromalacia patella . - The medial component of the quadriceps muscle, vastus medialise obliqus usually functions to hold the patella medially and control it’s tracking in the trochlear groove , preventing lateral displacement. Weakness of VMO will alter the tracking of the patella . - Additionally, when there is overpronation of the foot the biomechanics of the foot are such that the increased pronation will give rise to increased medial rotation of the tibia. This medial rotation will increase the Q angle of the patella and increase the likelihood of Chondromalacia and anterior knee pain . - Taping the knee can assist with the re-tracking of the patella within the trochlear groove, reducing friction between articulation surfaces and thus relieving the symptoms of pain . #physiotherapystudent #physiotherapy #chondromalacia #chondromalaciapatella #anatomy #anteriorkneepain #student #biomechanics


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I need to build up my core strength so I am giving Pilates a go. Not sure if I'm excited or dreading finding out how hard this will be. #fightingarthritis #osteoarthritis #workingitout #arthritis #lifewitharthritis #spoonie #ibd #costochondritis #chondromalacia #chronicillness #chronicpain #pilates #learning #gettingstronger #somethingnew #chronicillnesswarrior #seasonalaffectivedisorder


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Day 843/288/155: There are definitely going to be dark times during recovery. We just have to face them and get over them. This weekend is a little hard for me. This weekend is competition weekend. I usually go every year to support my dance friends, but unfortunately this year I have events this weekend. I just want to dance. I do kicks and tilts all the time, but that is nothing compared to what I use to do. Life is just too short to not do what you love. Of course we have to follow doctor’s orders, but have fun. You only live once and what’s the point of wasting it. There will be a day that I’ll be able to put my dance shoes back on with my tights, shorts, and sports bra. I will be able to dance in the street and everywhere I go like I use to. I will be able to thank Dr Shubin Stein for everything she has done and I will have a smile on my face because it’s over. On that day I will take a picture with her (hopefully) so I can always remember what kind of doctor I strive to be. #kneerealignment #kneesurgery #kneeinjury #kneebrace #physicaltherapy #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #mpflreconstruction #tibialtubercleosteotomy #chondromalacia #dislocatedknee #subluxation #chronicpain #knee #kneeissues


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It may not be a lot of weight. And it may not be my best form. But today was the first time I performed a back squat with weight AND increased knee flexion ROM without knee pain since I injured my knee! I’m just happy I can #squat again without pain ☺️#squats #babysteps #fitness #gethealthy #fitnessmotivation #getfit #trainhard #fitlife #getstrong #sweat #workout #workhard #fitnessmotivation #instafitness #hiit #hiitworkout #fitnesslifestyle #nopainnogain #strengthtraining #muscle #strong #train #body #muscles #strong #rehab #pfj #chondromalacia #kneerehab #progress


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Did a little hspu skill work today and it’s been awhile since I’ve tried any deficits. This rep was slow going! 🙃


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Even if you only manage to find your #balance for 1 second, that's 1 second of perfect focus you can build on. Don't give up! I'm really enjoying challenging my focus and flexibility this week with all the #yoga I'm doing. It's the perfect recentering activity before I launch back into the higher intensity workouts!


6 Days 6 Hours Ago

Hey all! I had my doctors appointment today and I have some good news! She doesn’t think I need surgery for both my knees! She looked at my MRI and said that my distance between my knee cap and tibial tubercle is only 12 cm which is in normal range! She says I only have very mild trochlear dysplasia in both my knees but not enough to do anything about it. None of my ligaments are torn in both my knees and the cartilage seems to be in the right place. From her exam, she doesn’t think my knee caps are going to pop out or anything since I didn’t react to her pulling on my knee caps that much. She said anterior knee pain in female, hyper-mobile athletes is one of the hardest conditions to treat. She says 80% of what they do it physiological and making sure their athletes are well enough mentally to go out on the field. She says that PT should take about 9-12 months to work and I will have to do it once a week. I have to strengthen my quads, hamstrings, VMOs and core to get me pain free! I will see her in another 8 weeks to see if I have made any progress! I don’t need to wear my knee braces anymore since my knee caps are no longer the issue and those braces could be playing a role in my quads being weak. She also gave me a cortisone and numbing shot in my left knee to help with pain. That was a weird experience. It hurt going in but felt like a bunch of pressure! Some of my pain is gone an hour later so I’m hopeful it will work. She says if it works, then surgery will not since we can treat this conservatively. I’m so excited to not have surgery and just to be focusing on doing PT to get better. Hopefully these shots will work to help get me back to playing on the fields and skiing pain free soon! Keep going guys even though recovery might be frustrating in its process. Recovery is going to take a lot out of me but it will be worth it!


6 Days 12 Hours Ago

Quick hot and sweaty yoga sesh this morning before heading over to a 12-hour meeting day!