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2 Hours Ago

Spontaneous “short” hike that turned into 6 miles ⛰🌞 _____ I was recently told I have Chondromalacia patellae. I’m super upset as I’m an avid gym goer and it keeps me from doing most lower leg workouts without having extreme pain. Currently trying to find outdoor activities that will push me and keep me active. If you suffer from this, shoot me activity ideas! 🙏🏼 ____ #hike #hikecalifornia #friends #amigas #adventures #girltime #girltalk #miles #6mile #hiking #hikingadventures #stayactive #fitness #loveyourself #franklintrail #franklintrailcarpinteria #chondromalacia #chondromalaciapatella


9 Hours Ago

I can't get my full workout vid to pull up (wth?!?). So instead, you get to watch me do dumbbell driver crunches with Sammy for 40 seconds. 😂 As hard as yesterday was? Today was AMAZING! I felt so strong, I handled heavier weights for a few sets, and I felt GREAT when I was done! Our bodies (and minds!) really can shift that much day to day. Grace on our "low" days is so very important to keeping us on the path so that we get to experience the "high" days! I'm feeling very thankful for my fantastic support + accountability group, because without them, I'd never have stayed the course and gotten to experience this great Friday!


1 Day 5 Hours Ago

Day 995/430/307: My story was reviewed and posted! It makes me so happy to have my story up there :) today was the best day out of this horrible week. We won our tennis match today, we had a water fight with our coach at the courts, we got ice cream, and just had fun. I wish all days were like that. My knees are doing better and better. I wonder when I am going to start physical therapy again. Probably next week I am thinking. I think when I see my doctor in March (which I hope is my last appointment) I will ask for a photo with her. She is such a great doctor! #kneerealignment #kneesurgery #kneeinjury #kneebrace #physicaltherapy #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #mpflreconstruction #tibialtubercleosteotomy #chondromalacia #dislocatedknee #subluxation #chronicpain #knee #kneeissues


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

Young female posterior tilted patellae( knee caps) crepitus, chondromalacia patellae, notice on the squat how the hips sway to the right and the knee dips over the first toe. Correct alignment means great gluteal function. Try this exercise keep the hips centred and knee over the second toe. #functionaltraining #clickingknees #crepitus #pain #chondromalacia #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #doctor #xray #diagnose#physiotherapy #fixme #local #monavale #manly #warriewood #newport #narrabeen #avalon #bilgola #terreyhills #womenshealth #men #tennis #golf #soccer #netball #yoga #pilates #northernbeachesmums #northshoremums


1 Day 15 Hours Ago

Some days are hard. This was one of them. I woke up thinking I was going to need to go light on the weights. Slow down on the HIIT rounds. I just felt "off" and lacking confidence in my abilities. But then that awesomely magical, all natural preworkout juice started waking me up, and I realized I HAD this. My legs had the weight. My lungs had the cardio. It was my MIND that was messing with me! "Those weights are too heavy." "You always have such a hard time holding them." "Omg, catcher jumps." Shut. It. DOWN!! I proved my own brain wrong this morning. 💪👊


1 Day 22 Hours Ago

Oh well that's the last time I'll see those parts of my knee :( #tornmeniscus #chondromalacia now to schedule the surgery and up to 8wks on crutches #pegleggedpirate #oldage


2 Days 5 Hours Ago

This workout fits into the category of, “what do you do for cardio?” “Lift weights faster.” Or in this case, just lift weights. 😂😜 nothing like unbroken clean and jerks to drive the heart rate up! • • • Gwen Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps 95lb Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.


2 Days 17 Hours Ago

Sometimes, all your morning needs is a good sweat sesh and some ❤ from a furball. 🐱 She was ALL OVER ME the entire 35 minutes of my workout 😆


3 Days 10 Hours Ago

First day in the office together for @strengthtobeauty and I! We took a little break for a 12:30 wod! So much fun! #beautycounter #workbuddies #lovewhatyoudo #crossfitgirls #fitafter35 #hudsonwi


3 Days 12 Hours Ago

Wenn 2 Ärzte verschiedene Meinungen haben, nehm ich mir die, die für mich besser ist. Jetzt starte ich wieder mit laufen. #joggen #sport #polarm400 #running #chondromalacia


3 Days 14 Hours Ago

Day 993/428/305: I just got done with my doctors appointment and I’m a little stressed. She said she is happy that I’m back to tennis and said I deserve it after all I’ve been through. She wanted to put me to the test and made me do step downs. She said that my glutes are not strong enough and that I have to at least do physical therapy 1 a week and then go to the gym with my mom. Senior year is already stressing me out, and now I have to add that to my schedule somehow. She said she liked my outfit today and I was just wearing my school uniform because I have to go back to school. I thought it was funny. She asked if I do any strengthening at home and I said no I just play tennis. Then she told me that tennis empties the tank when I need to be filling the tank. She said if I don’t get my glutes strong I will come back with knee pain. I do not want to be coming back with knee pain because next year I’m off the college. She asked if I needed the paper with the exercises and I said no I have them, I just have to dig them out. Overall she is very proud of me and just doesn’t want to see me in pain. I see her March 19th now which is super far away. I am considering just posting my back in the game story now because technically I am. What do you guys think? #kneerealignment #kneesurgery #kneeinjury #kneebrace #physicaltherapy #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #mpflreconstruction #tibialtubercleosteotomy #chondromalacia #dislocatedknee #subluxation #chronicpain #knee #kneeissues


3 Days 16 Hours Ago

So, kindness. My illnesses are invisible. I wear tape on my knees every day, and sometimes I have a pronounced limp, but other than that you cannot look at me and tell how much pain I’m in that day, or how fatigued I am. The people I have surrounded myself with, my friends and family, are kind and understanding and willing to work with my abilities (and lack thereof) on any given day. Strangers, though? Not so much. I live on a college campus, and more than once I’ve gotten a real stink eye from someone because I’m using the elevator to go up one floor instead of taking the stairs. In one instance, two girls actually audibly made fun of me and my roommate as we exited the elevator. It has made me feel small, and even more anxious about how I will be perceived because I don’t look “sick enough”. I’m especially afraid because my physical abilities fluctuate enough that some days I can take the stairs, or walk longer, but I often pay the price in the days following. So, mostly, what I’m saying here is to not automatically assume that someone who looks able-bodied is, or that someone is lazy rather than just doing what’s right for their body. Be a little more kind. #spoonie #spoonielife #chondromalacia #hypothyroidism #babewithamobilityaid


4 Days 6 Hours Ago

There’s never a dull moment with Evelyn around! She’s always such a big help handing me my phone. 😂 #stretching #stretchingshenanigans #babyecdub #evelynclairewoodland #16monthsold #crossfitbaby


4 Days 10 Hours Ago

Your Monday motivation: Don't play the comparison game! And if you do, STOP! 🛑 Do not compare what weight you can lift with what weight I can lift 🏋️‍♀️ (because a year ago, I didn't even OWN anything heavier than maybe 10 lbs). Do not compare how fast you can jog/run with how fast someone else can 🏃‍♂️ (because maybe they're just naturally built for it!). Do not compare how many pushups you can do on your toes vs your knees vs any at all 💪 (because with consistency, that number will improve, and I certainly still drop to my knees!). Someone else's strengths might be your weaknesses, but that person's weaknesses might also be YOUR STRENGTHS! 🙌 We all do some things well and some things poorly. I totally suck at organization 🗂, for example. And budgeting. 💰 And craftiness! 🖌 But I can prioritize my health 🥦, and make a mean cupcake 🍰, and bust out a dance party with my daughter 💃. So remember to celebrate what you CAN do. And maybe take inspiration from others to improve on your weaker areas. 💡 We can all be better at something, but you're already amazing just the way you are. 🌟


4 Days 16 Hours Ago

Monday morning leg day. Whoever designed the gym with the weights upstairs is plain old mean. Downward motion with jelly legs is soooo not cool. Lol. #fightingarthritis #osteoarthritis #gettinghealthy #workingitout #arthritis #ibd #spoonie #costochondritis #lifewitharthritis #chondromalacia #chronicillness #chronicpain #gymtime #legday #physicaltherapy


5 Days 5 Hours Ago

So many times we let chronic illness stop us from trying things. "What if I have a flare up?" "What if I'm not strong enough?". Well what if you kick ass and it's absolutely amazing?? 😃 #fightingarthritis #osteoarthritis #arthritis #ibd #spoonie #costochondritis #lifewitharthritis #chondromalacia #chronicillness #chronicpain #nofear #motivation #liveyourlife #courage #believeinyourself #doordonotthereisnotry


6 Days 3 Hours Ago

I suppose I should probably introduce myself! My name is Emily, and I’m a second year college student in Ohio. I’ve had really bad knees for a while now, and they’ve been diagnosed with patellofemoral pain syndrome as well as patellofemoral chondromalacia. I’ve also recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It’s been a pretty wild ride so far, and not one that I’ve particularly enjoyed, but one huge way I’ve coped has been with knitting and crocheting. It’s something I can do on low spoon days that still leaves me feeling like I’ve accomplished something. So, here, I’ll be sharing my spoonie stories and thoughts as well as the crafts I’m working on. I hope I’ll be able to meet people like me through here!! #spoonie #spoonielife #hypothyroidism #chondromalacia #knittersofinstagram #spoonieknits


7 Days 5 Hours Ago

After a weekend long competition that I surprisingly felt great from and 4 days off for my trip to Nantucket it felt so good to be back in the gym working up a sweat. Even if it did include wall balls and the assault bike. 😝


7 Days 9 Hours Ago

Day 989/424/301: I got that brace tan 😂 It is much whiter in person! My knee was bothering me a little during my match yesterday, but thankfully it went away. For some odd reason I get a lot of discomfort when I run my lap on the court, but I have no problem on the treadmill or when I play. Our tennis record is 1-2. It is okay. I tend to get frustrated a lot on the courts 😂 I met someone that has the same issue as me. She dislocated her knees 6 times, but never had the surgery. So I told her she totally should get the surgery because honestly my knees feel awesome! I see my doctor in 4 days so let’s see what happens. I got an email from the office two days ago about writing a review for doctor Shubin Stein and I was like of course I’ll write a review! She is the best doctor ever! I don’t think she will discharge me on the 18th, but I never know. #kneerealignment #kneesurgery #kneeinjury #kneebrace #physicaltherapy #patellofemoralpainsyndrome #orthopedics #orthopedicsurgery #mpflreconstruction #tibialtubercleosteotomy #chondromalacia #dislocatedknee #subluxation #chronicpain #knee #kneeissues


7 Days 16 Hours Ago

If you don't feel THIS GOOD after finishing a hard workout, we've gotta find you a better one 😉. Because if you're not doing it to feel good, at the end of the day, you won't keep doing it. I know. I've been there! No reason to make yourself miserable! Do something that makes you feel truly GOOD today!!


8 Days 13 Hours Ago

Hey, you. Yes, YOU! 🛑 STOP comparing someone else's highlight reel (mine included!) with your everyday. You'll do nothing but sabotage your belief in yourself. 🙇‍♀️ No one is perfect, physically, mentally, or emotionally. We've ALL got our problem areas. Some of us hide them better than others. 🙈 Some of us flaunt them proudly.🤳 No matter which stance you take, embrace who YOU are. Every day. The good and the bad. 🤗 Because, baby, there's no one else like you. 💖


8 Days 18 Hours Ago

Bulgarian split squats - an exercise used to mainly target the quadriceps muscles but also recruits the gluteal, hamstrings, lower leg and feet. Usually this exercise used with quadriceps tendinopathy, chondromalacia patellae and other PFPS (patellofemoral pain) issues once a normal squat is no longer painful, when you improve your Q angle and once you are able to stabilize your knee etc. This exercise is also great for sports requiring running, jumping and leaping. Your health professional will be able to decide when you can incorporare this exercise into your program. #quads #bulgarian #squats #bench # tendinopathy #chondromalacia #pfps #knees #runners #sports #footy #nrl #superstretch #chinopants


10 Days 5 Hours Ago

I survived another #kickboxing class by Eddie...barely 😂💪💪 Thanks for pushing me @annikalisabeck . . . . . . @ckokickboxing #ckosomerset #ckokickboxing #countdownto40 #virgoseason #summabody2019 #gymlife #fitness #fitnessgoals #chondromalacia


10 Days 10 Hours Ago

Chest & Back day at the gym followed by the massage chair. We had a storm this morning that knocked out the power in the gym for a bit. You don't realize how bright it is in there until it's suddenly dark. Lol. #fightingarthritis #osteoarthritis #gettinghealthy #workingitout #arthritis #ibd #spoonie #costochondritis #lifewitharthritis #chondromalacia #chronicillness #chronicpain #gymtime #morningworkout #liftingweights


10 Days 16 Hours Ago

So I finished my 8-week lift + hiit program on Friday. 💪 But I've got no time to slack off! I'm hitting a hybrid schedule for the next 3 weeks, and then I'm expecting YOU to get started on this awesome program! Don't even try to tell me you don't have time for just 4 workouts per week at 30-40 minutes each. 🤨🕕 That's less than 3 hours out of your week, making time for YOU!! 👊 You've got 3 weeks before this program kicks off and we start all over at Day 1 (here's your preview of that 😉)! Let's get you ready NOW! 🔥


11 Days 10 Hours Ago

I’m feeling a bit demotivated so I thought I would do my first honesty post... • • This is the reality of having a chronic knee condition. It’s the first time in nearly a year I’ve had a flare up. I have severe pain in my right knee and can’t even straighten it without it giving way. I feel like the worst part is that I feel like I can’t do my usual cardio routine at the gym as it’s a struggle to even walk atm let alone doing anything else. I have been trying so hard to strengthen the muscles in knees but I guess that can only do so much and its just something I have to live with. I will try my best not to let this set me back, it just means I have to be extra good with my food this week so it doesn’t affect my progress 😔 • • #chondromalacia #kneecondition #honestypost #weightloss #weightlosscommunity #weightlossjourney #weightlossdiary


11 Days 19 Hours Ago

Keeping me company whilst I’m off work #knee #cartilidge #surgery #pain #chondromalacia #chondroplasty