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1 Day 5 Hours Ago

Lately I’ve been going through a process of letting go • It would seem hard but I’m confident because I know God is always with me, holding my hands and leading me even through trials • He is my comforter at all times. So I’m resting even when it seems everything is stressing • Tag someone to remind them He is their Rest❤️ • Artwork: @thofummiie • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost


3 Days 20 Hours Ago

LOL!! Sittin in the pew like.. @churchoflaugh #church #funny #christianmemesdaily #altarcall


4 Days 5 Hours Ago

I’ve been there, I’ve had times where I’ve shared the gospel and tried to teach Gods love and the person doesn’t seem to bulge • And then there comes the tendency to feel discouraged • One thing I’m learning is that God is more obsessed than I am to see this person come to the light • So I’m not alone , He is with me • Paul said that he may plant and Apollo may water but God gives the increase • It’s not our place to transform hearts but the Holyspirit’s • We simply by our words and actions teach and show the Gospel, being conscious that we are sowing seeds • And we rejoice knowing that we have sowed seeds of Gods...praying, knowing that there will be a harvest • So don’t be weary in the well doing of sharing the gospel. Be encouraged! • Tag someone to encourage them • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost


4 Days 16 Hours Ago

Everyone tag that one student that does crazy stuff ALL 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 TIME 👏🏻 . . #youthgroup #youthministry #youthpastor #youthpastorproblems #church #meme #churchmeme #christianmeme #meme #memes #christianmemes #christianmemesdaily


5 Days 18 Hours Ago

I really love this cutie in the picture with me yet this picture took me forever to post, why? • There’s so much cuteness and color and for me that’s really uncomfortable 😣 • As a certified hard guy, I don’t like to express myself. I find cute things very uncomfortable 😣 and I feel vulnerable when I say sweet things • But lately I find myself being more cute than usual and at first I would cringe, like “girl what is wrong with you! Put those walls back up! • But I found myself being “cute” over and over again. Seeing my friends and even people I don’t know and feeling an overwhelming love • The truth is I couldn’t help it because it was the nature of Love in me just finding expression • Listen, it’s ok to Love unconditionally. It’s ok to hug your friends and just be mushy. It’s ok to be the friend who seems extra • It’s ok to cry and laugh at the same time. It’s ok to let the right people in, trusting God to guard your heart. • And you may be asking”what if they leave?” “what if we get so close and one day we become strangers?” • Sweetie, “what if they stay!” “What if God loves you and He gat you 💯” • Don’t be afraid, trust God❤️ • And God for the cutie and other cuties in my life who are teaching me this❤️ • Tag a friend and tell them how much you appreciate them💕 • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost #friendship👭


7 Days 21 Hours Ago

A lot of times we get so caught up trying to impress God. • So Last week you prayed 5 hours and then you drop in your commitment level this week • Suddenly you start to think less of God’s opinion of you • His opinion that He loves you, You are holy, righteous, set apart for Him • And it isn’t just any opinion but your reality in Him • You feel you aren’t doing enough to earn what He FREELY GAVE • But His opinion about you is constant! 👌 perfect! • And in the midst of your weakness, He is singing over you, reminding you of HIS STRENGTH! • His Strength is always available, ever ready! • He doesn’t look at you in spite but through the lens of His Love! • Caption by @olaoluwa_98 ❤️ • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #righteousness #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost


10 Days 20 Hours Ago

Woahhhhhhhh honestly I’ve missed doing spontaneous worship videos • It’s soo refeshing😭😭😭 • Don’t let the gifts God has deposited in you lie dormant • Stir them up! • I’m speaking to myself too • But honestly it’s amazing how much God loves us • Even when you don’t see it, feel it , He does! • So much He proved it on the Cross! • Now we can boldly call him Father! We have access! Hallelujah! • It was amazing worshipping after class with @thatyemiguy 😭 • Just a reminder that you we have constant access wherever we go! • How many proud Sons in the house!🙋‍♀️ • #linkinbio • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost #worshipwithoutwalls #worshipunashamed


12 Days 8 Hours Ago

So lately I realized I don’t know a lot of things😂 • There was the temptation to feel dull😂 and so I began to ask myself “is it ok to not know?”🤷‍♀️ • The relativity of that question puzzled me. Could it be that it’s not about “if it’s ok “ but “when”?🤔 • So I asked my friend “when does become ok to not know?” because I didn’t really know the answer. And here was his reply👆 • That “ my friends are too wise and I am blessed to have them” moment though 🤧 • See it’s ok to not know and acknowledge that You don’t🤷‍♀️ • Society may make it seem like you must know everything but the truth is none of us do🤷‍♀️ • And a true mark of Learning and growth is when you are able to acknowledge your ignorance 💆‍♀️ • It’s better to know you don’t and be willing to learn, than act like you do and lead yourself and everyone else into error🙅‍♀️ • This applies to all things especially spiritual truths • So if you don’t know something say you don’t and be willing to learn ❤️ • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost #friendship👭


14 Days 8 Hours Ago

So recently I have had a lot of responsibilities, also why I don’t post like I should • And I was praying and telling Pops that I really don’t know where to start • And He told me to start in the place of prayer. Ironic isn’t it😅 • I don’t know what you are confused about but worrying and stressing won’t help • Instead rest in arms of your Father and cast all your cares to Him in prayer • He cares more than you can imagine and You are led by His Spirit • So relax God got you❤️ • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost #friendship👭


18 Days 1 Hour Ago

I legit forgot to clean my mustache but it’s cool God loves me with or without it😂 • This video blessed me so much. It’s so full of weaknesses and I really didn’t want to upload it. • The audio was crappy and I didn’t have the best day • So I basically closed my laptop and said no, there’s no way I’m editing this. • So later on I decided to listen to a message which talked about God’s grace in our weaknesses. • It’s not when I’m perfect that His strength shows but when I’m weak • When my audio is weak and I have a mustache on my face that I forgot to clean😂. • When I spend my whole day crying in private but forming hard guy and blaming it on a cold whenever anyone asked • But I went back to the video and I was so blessed because I had forgotten what I spoke about in the video. • But listening to His strength in my weakness, humbled and blessed me • So I’ll rejoice in my weaknesses because His strength is available and I’m sure this video will bless you too. #linkinbio • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost #friendship👭


20 Days 19 Hours Ago

“Let their own table before them become a snare; and when they are at peace, let it become a trap.” #jesusmemes #christianmemes #christianmemesdaily


21 Days 21 Hours Ago

So I’ve been gone for almost a month🙈 • Yes I’ve missed everyone💕 but one of the things I learnt in my period of being away is appreciating fellowship❤️. • Sometimes we take our friends for granted, we show love and care to everyone but our friends . • I would get so carried away with activities that I don’t check up on those I care about. • Then I assume they would understand but that isn’t how it’s supposed to be • Don’t neglect the fellowship of the brethren, this includes your friends in the faith • Call them, text them, go to their rooms, let them know you care even though they already know. • Encourage them, give them compliments, don’t just think it, say the compliments. • Buy them gifts. Consciously learn to show love to them intentionally. • Spend time praying, worshipping and fellowshipping together. • I’m not perfect at it either but I’m learning daily to rely on God’s grace to enjoy little moments like playing jackpot with friends❤️ • • • • #thofummiie #christianyoutuber #christianyoutubers #christianyoutubechannels #christianmeme #christianmemesdaily #youtubergirl #youtubenigeria #nigerianyoutubers #christianfaith #christianpost #friendship👭