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Today is the three month Birthday of Bold Girl Ministry and the third day of the scripture challege!! How did that happen?! 🤣🤪 I always wanted to do something for God and He has put so many amazing people in my path to get Bold Girl going. Each day has been a fun new adventure and I can't wait for today's! . Tag a friend to join sharing a scripture today!! #boldgirl4jesus #boldgirl4him


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“I don’t have any interest in living a naturally explainable life.” 💕 - @bethmoorelpm #lit A fire was lit under my booty last night. A fire was lit in my heart as I was reminded to rely on the SPIRIT for the power to live a disciplined life of passionate service. #christianlife #writersofinstagram #christianwriter #amwriting #christianity


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Blog by Writer Bev 🌺 _ Where Are You?….(Mentally) {On our Website_blog page} _ Providing to Encourage, Listen to Comfort, Speaking to Motivate #hassembling _____________________ Th'Gen'ralHassembly

Welcome to the blog 🎉 This is a safe place that's open minded, encouraging, supportive, and real (so not every post you see on here is going to be the happiest). Costructive criticism is tolerated and embraced, as I have no official qualifications or titles to back up my writing aside from my personal experience. However, hate does not have a place here. 🚫 Hate comments will just be deleted, so save your fingers some typing 👍 That being said, thanks for being here, for being a part of my journey, and for letting me be a part of yours! Let's get better together ❤☀ #writer #blogger #brokenmadebeautiful #brokenmadebeautifulblog #christian #christiancommunity #christianwriter #christianblogger #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthandthechristiancommunity #endthestigma #wix #wixsite #wixblog #wixwebsite #wixuser #dailypost #dailyinspiration #speakout #changetheworld #writeforchange #depression #anxiety #welcome #nohate #hatehasnoplace


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Repost because I forgot I had a theme ••• I wrote this big ol' thing about how scared I am about giving my book to the hands of other people (for the first time EVER might I add) but I kind of deleted it cause it was long and no one wants to read that😂. Although I still am indeed very scared. More than I've ever been in this process. I know that having people read your work is kind of mandatory if you want to become an author (kind of the point. What's an author if no one reads your books???) and being fearful about what those readers think is also something mandatory that just happens to us... I know I'll get through this all fine and dandy and it'll all be worth it in the end, just gonna have to figure out how to DEAL until then. #writerstruggle ••• Also, I had a book pun relating to this Selection picture in that other post... probably a good thing I deleted it😂😂. I'm gonna be known as the Bad Book Pun Girl... welp that was lame😂 Tags: #teenwriter #writer #writerlife #writergirl #writerslife #writerscommunity #writelife #writersofig #writersofinstagram #amwriting #amediting #editing #teenauthor #hopefully #youngwriter #authorsofinstagram #bibilophiles #bibilophile #christianwriter #christianwriters #writingcommunity #amreading #loveofbooks #teenwritersofinstagram #teenwritersofig #booksmakemehappy #writerstruggles

Hey peeps! Midway through the week already and still going strong. Have a good one! . . . . . . . . #art #artist #inspiration #inspire #writing #writer #poem #poetry #alyssachesterton #introvert #homebody #love #writersofinstagram  #christianwriter

Ahem. 🗣 I’ve begun drafting. *Cue dramatic music and tears* — 😂 Okay, so it’s not that bad (yet), and *technically* this is more of a re-write ✍🏼 than a first draft, so I do have words to go off of—but I’ve also changed things that will affect 📝 just about every chapter, so there is work ahead. — 🗳 But thanks to the amazing help of my betas, the new vision for what this story could become is SO EXCITING. 📕 I’m thrilled for THIS version of the story being told, because I think it’s stronger and more accurate 🗂 to the relationships of the characters. I’m just so excited. — 📉 I’ll keep you updated with stuff as I go along (word count, tear count, stress level—all that fun stuff). You guys have been so supportive and I genuinely appreciate that so much. 📚 This community is amazing and I am excited for the day when I can share the stories in my head and heart with all of you. ❤️ — ❓ Tell me something about your W.I.P. or your current read.

Ladies, we always have to pray that Lord's leading our husband's because we follow (whether we try to or not). Cover your husband. He has to deal with and struggle through more than we know. Cover Him in prayer, intercede for Him, summon the angels. WIN together! Declare WAR on anything that stands in the way of that! #anchoredandprosperous #mein2023 #christianentrepeneursconference #conference #christian #christianentrepreneur #christianwomeninbusiness #christianwomen #christianwomenleaders #proverbs31 #proverbs31boss #proverbs31bossacademy🙏🏾 #proverbs31bossmindset #womenempowerment #wivesinministry #wivesinbusiness #christianwriter #christianblogger #christianpodcast

Time for my plane ✈️ ride to @realmmakers Writers Conference! I have packed a nerf gun, a cosplay outfit and my books! #cosplay #nerfgun #christianwriter #writerslife #realmmakers2018 #christianwritersofinstagram


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Hustle barks, “go faster.” Obedience wonders, “is that God’s pace?” Hustle smirks at “building slow.” Obedience calls it “wisdom.” Hustle promises, “this is the only way.” Obedience asks, “is it?” Hustle claws it’s way into the spotlight. Obedience steps aside to serve others. Hustle demands. Obedience surrenders. Hustle urges “empire building.” Obedience knows that “kingdom-building” is better. Hustle suggests, “do it now.” Obedience whispers, “is that God’s timeline?” Hustle judges rest, “for the weak.” Obedience— knows better. Hustle listens to every voice. Obedience strains to hear One above the rest. Hustle strives to do “all the things.” Obedience pursues only a few . It’s been a little while now that I’ve been talking about this idea— two years, actually . Two years ago this week I shared some honest words about how the hustle trend made my heart cringe, and how I felt God impressing on me to do things His way, to accept His timing, to acknowledge that it may be better than what the world experts were advising. It’s been two years of living these words, fumbling often, and picking myself up to choose them again. Some days it feels easier, other days it doesn’t. But I am more convinced than ever that obedience is the key to my life being more peaceful, more at rest, more abundant in relationship and provision. It is less about a daily decision, and more about a continual conversation with Jesus #obedienceoverhustle


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I'm excited to announce that I'm looking for a few great bloggers to join the Launch Team for my fourth book, which will be released in October. Book 4 features powerful testimonies of how I've seen God's fingerprints during my travels to six continents and during short-term missions trips to five countries. Book 4 is already garnering some wonderful endorsements. God is Good! Launch Team member perks include: *Free PDF copy of Book 4 to review on your blog (Amazon or Goodreads reviews are also welcome) *Early access to book excerpts for blog posts *Sample social media posts *Opportunity to interview the author for your blog, podcast, etc. **Shout outs on Abounding Faith's social media** If you're interested, wonderful! Please send me a private message with links to your blog and social media, and I'll send you more info. This book is meant to celebrate God's mighty work here and abroad and to encourage readers to live their God-given dreams! Let's encourage people on their faith journey together! Thanks! Blessings! P.S. this is my first time having a Launch Team for a book so your prayers and ideas are welcome. Thanks 😀 #aboundingfaith #crossingyourjordanriver #waitingongodwell #praydreamdorepeat #blessed #faith #believe #bible #encouragement #jesus #christian #christianblogger #christianblog #christianlife #missionstrip #transformdontconform

you are beautiful🌸 don’t ever change yourself into someone you aren’t. stay true to who you’re and most importantly love who you ARE! God created you he molded and shaped you into who you’re today. you were made in HIS image💛 in the world we live in today it’s hard not to compare ourselves to others. we look on our social media almost every day and see pictures of everyone’s “perfect” life. we only choose what we want others to see on social media and only post the most perfect pictures so that people will like and comment on them. but YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! God loves you so much and he wants you to be truly who you are. he wants you to have an overwhelming love for him. he doesn’t want you to follow the crowd but wants you to stand out for him!! i challenge you to post an unfiltered raw photo of YOU because YOU are beautiful💛 God looks at our hearts because he sees the beauty we have. “people look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 samuel 16:7 • • #god #blog #blogger #blogposts #bloggerlife #christian #christianblog #christianwriter #lifestyle #lifestyleblog #lifestylewriter #travel #travelblog #travelwriter #photography #hello #welcome #bloominginhisgrace #community #inspring #inspiration #inspirational #encourage #encouragement #writer #beautiful #beauty #youarebeautiful #heart #overwhemlinglove


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“On mountains high and on valleys low, still I will praise my God.” -Claire Moore . The valleys in life are inevitable. Jesus warns that we will go through trials, but when the trials hit, we get shocked and discouraged. . Our emotions take over and we lose sight of our faith. I don’t know what you’re going through, but today, I challenge you to let your faith be bigger than your fear. . Remind yourself that our God is a good God and He works all things out for the good of those that love Him. . Stop worrying, start praising, and watch God move. Wait with expectation that He’s going to come through for you. . “I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭17:20‬ ‭ . . . . #faith #trust #mountains #saynotofear #sayyestofaith #faithoverfear #praisehiminadvance #valleyslow #mountainshigh #writing #christianwomen #christianwriter #instagood #instaquote #instadaily #morningswithgod #nothingshallbeimpossible #ourgod #faithquotes #faithful #unstoppablegod


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#repost @reeinspired with @get_repost ・・・ Hey Christian writer, are you listening for God's voice? How are you supposed to know what He wants written if you don't listen? He's speaking. He's providing insight and instruction regarding your writing assignment. He wants you to write to inspire, encourage, correct, simply to bless, but you have to do it, say it, or write it His way. Pray before writing. It makes all the difference in the world! Photo credit: @createherstock


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Today is the day! Today is the day I’m going to get seriously focused and write ALL the words! —— Only problem? I’m not in control of my brain and if it doesn’t want to write ALL the words, there’s no way I’m going to be able to write ✍️ ALL the words. 😩 BUT the good news is that I can write SOME words today. Even if I don’t write 100,000 (because who EVER DOES THAT in one sitting?), I can write something. Anything. And you can too! The best way to push through a block in your writing, is to just keep pushing! —— I totallyyy forgot that some people are doing Camp NaNo write now! How are all of you campers doing? And even if you’re not participating in Camp NaNo, how are you doing? Because I care about each and every one of you! 😂 —— #christianfiction #authortuber #amediting #writerssociety #writerscommunity #christianfictionauthor #storytelling #amwriting #campnano #writersofinstagram #editing #writing #writersofig #writerslife #writingtip #writingparty #authortube #wip #nanowrimo #writingritualstag #christianwriter #christianauthor #christianblogger #bookworms #bibliophile #bookish #writingcommunity #wordboss


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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here it is loves, today is the official start date of the Reviving My Life Series 🎉 • • Do you feel incomplete in life? Regretful of some of the decisions you’ve made? Settling when you could be doing a whole lot more? Wondering what greater purpose you can achieve? • • Good news is: no matter who you are, you can always make new choices, you can always start over! (To read more, click the link in the bio 💖) • • Are you living your best life? Do you feel you could’ve done things differently? Tag a friend and share your thoughts in the comments below 👇🏽

Book RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH...how to do it and for how long. Watch this short video and find out


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The struggle has been R E A L! My youngest son is a month old now and between adjusting to having a newborn and also having a one and two year old the struggle has been so real trying to get any quiet time in. For the past few weeks my quiet time has consisted of me sleeping if I can be totally honest. And I’ve been feeling so guilty because I want to get into my Word but have been so sleep depraved. But what I’m learning is God will meet you where you are whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours. As a wife, mom of 3 and business owner God has shown me He’ll meet me while I’m breastfeeding, washing the dishes, cooking dinner or making lipsticks. My quiet time is not always quiet, most times it’s filled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the background lol. We just have to make ourselves open and available. Give God what you have. If all you have is 10 minutes, ask God to help you use that time wisely and to fill you up with His presence. We always think we need more and sometimes we do but God can use even a minute of your time and do wonders.


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What war are you fighting inside you? Our staff writer, Cindy Green, knows how you feel. Come read her latest poem on our website! #christianpoet #christianpoetry #christianpoem #christianwriter #storyembers


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Taking a moment. You can have one, too! How do you usually “take a moment?”


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My regular choice of footwear is Under Armour athletic shoes or slides. . On the occasion I strap on a pair of leather sandals like these ... flat with no arch support, I imagine the countless miles covered in a single day by Jesus and the disciples on unpaved roads and undeveloped terrain ...all because they were on a mission to bring the Gospel to the people of their day. And I ponder... how much more ground they might have traveled in a pair of tennis shoes. 👟 . Lord, we know today will be filled with decisions, distractions, and perhaps even disappointments, yet our hope does not rest on what goes right or wrong today; our hope rests only in you. Because your Word is the source of light that illuminates the path for our feet, direct our steps for your good purposes so that others may come to know you in a greater way. . #lightuntomypath #prayer #walkinfaith


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“My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.”⠀ ⠀ And then demonstrate how that gets done.⠀ ⠀ ~ Abraham-Hicks⠀ ⠀ I mean...can I get a preach 🙌🏻 or what!? ⠀ ⠀ ⏩⏩ Swipe to see both side. ⠀ ⠀ Shop our #whenlifebites tee by clicking directly on the product or by using the link in my bio 🎣 “Catch” yours today 😉 #punsfordays⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #whenlife #whenlifelove #whenlifehope #whenlifeheartbreak #whenlifelemons #birminghamal #blountcountyalabama #writersofinstagram #storytellingbrand #christianbrand #quoteoftheday #christiantees #tshirt #christianwriter #christianblogger #christianwomen #faithblogger #christiancreative #thegirlgang #blogginggals #bloggerandbizbabes #bhambloggers #itsalongstory #shareyourstory #shirtswithastory #christianapparel #whenlifefaith #birminghamblogger


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You can be sure that GOD will take care of everything you need, His generosity exceeding even yours in the GLORY that pours from Jesus. Our GOD and Father abounds in GLORY that just pours out into eternity. Yes. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Philippians 4:19 (Message Bible) ----------------------------------------------------------------- #hope #encouragement #morningmanna #supernaturalprovision #alonewithgod #wordsofwisdomwednesday #powerfulscriptures #powerfulmessages #womanofgod #womenspeaker #faithblogger #christianwriter #christianauthor #godspromises #christianinfluencer #thegloryofgod #wisechaz


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“the shadows danced against the dark grey sky as the clouds chased after the setting sun.... pale and drifting away — drowning - the weight of the water is too hard to hold on to — so be still — be silent.... just breathe... the shadows are meant to dance - the sun is meant to set... twilight always turns into dawn.... immeasurable and unmistakable - your worth is found in the sun... and your strength is found by dancing in the shadows.... “ i’ve always loved writing and last week i set aside five minutes to write what was on my heart.... it was so good for my soul... i need to keep setting aside some time to #freewrite!!!!! #gritandgrace #propelwomen #poetrygram #shereadstruth #shewritestruth #sheislight #christianblogger #christianwomen #christianwriter


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Before I moved on with the rest of my day I took a few minute after my workout to write - to think and reflect. Why is it so hard to be still? Too often we hold ourselves to a schedule that is not sustainable and experience burnout as a result. If God has a plan for our lives and is willing to help us fulfill it how come so many of us are so determined to do it on our own?! Being still and pacing yourself is a sign of trust and reliance in God; His direction, His timing. I take these moments to remind myself I’m not the one in control. That my life is safe and secure in the Master’s hands. #rest #pacingmyself #strengthforthejourney #bestillandknow #mychristianlife #littlerose #christianbrand #christianwriter #jointhejourney #morningdevotion #readyourbible #tranformationjourney #putyourtrustingod


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make my heart these things 🙏🏽


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TBT to my graduation a few years back and celebrating with my favorite person, my sissy Rebekah 😍 Alsooooo.... The Freshly Planted Podcast is going live this evening!! Talking about a subject we all have questions about: Waiting on God. Stay tuned ☺️


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Elisabeth Elliot...... another Christian writer I love..... #judgejudyjudyreads #readersofinstagram #elisabethelliot #christianwriter #christianwritersofinstagram

Are you surprised by joy, or surprised by sorrow? What is the habit of your heart? Do you live shuffling, surviving in a reality of oppressive, expected, unsurprising sorrows? Where joy is a rare, sparkling shaft of sunlight on an otherwise leaden day? Or, traversing that same overcast day, do you habitually notice the help you are given, the little treasures, like a flower growing in a hard place? You carry within you the presence of Jesus, the assured warmth of his love, knowing that nothing in your circumstances can separate you from his love. The light is within, and when the sunlight breaks through the days' clouds, it is as if it is merely joining the light in your heart. Take some time today to sit in Jesus' presence, imagining you are a child receiving his embrace and blessing. (Mark 10:16) #bepresent #spiritualformation #christianwriter #christianblogger #today #belikeachild