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Sectional love. #claimingspace


3 Days 12 Hours Ago

The #intervention #simba is #claimingspace “laptop can’t have your lap”. #dogshaverightstoo

@levimac27 using his Esposito Strength Club hat to claim the space and weights he was using. #claimingspace #gymhats #thatsmine #imstillusingthat #circuittrain #cicruittraining #baseballthings #espositostrengthclub

The super dope baby bro Devin N. Morris with his The Ritual of Surpass, 2018 in the Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont curated The Aesthetics of Matter at Volta. #devinnmorris #baltimorerising #claimingspace #macncheese #ideologiesofcollage #deuxfemmesnoires #volta

Happy International Womxn’s Day! This Saturday, I’m juiced to once again be presenting at the Womxn Who Rock (un)Conference. This year’s theme is “Claiming Space in a Changing City” - taking place at @mohaiseattle. I’ll be doing a skill share about media justice at 2:30pm, along with the fierce & talented Jessica Ry’cheal @jessicarycheal - whose work is featured in the Everyday Black exhibit at the Northwest African American Museum. The session will also include a screening of KD Ray’s film on local jazz legend Ernestine Anderson. Don’t miss a performance by the incredible Ana Cano aka Black Mama @anablackmama (coming all the way from Ecuador!) - and so many other badass womxn at this event! Pre-registration is full, but there's limited on-site registration available during the Conference. Registration includes access to the museum. Many thanks to @lulunation206 and @mhabellp. More details below! #womxnwhorock #internationalwomensday #internationalwomxnsday #seattlecommunity #mohai #alsmith #everydayblack #blackmama #ernestineanderson #seattleactivism #claimingspace #gentrification #displacement #seattle #vanishingseattle #vivaseattle Saturday, March 10, 2018 10:30 am – 5 pm Join musicians, media-makers, performers, artists, scholars, and activists to make scenes and build community. Explore the role of women in creating Seattle’s historic jazz scene and learn how current artists are claiming space in a changing city. The 8th annual (un)Conference is participant-driven and centered around issues of gender, race, class and sexuality. Activities include skill-sharing workshops, performances, children’s activities, and a tour of the special exhibit Seattle on the Spot: the Photographs of Al Smith. Check in opens at 10 am and the first session begins at 10:30 am. Presented in partnership with the Womxn Who Rock Community. MOHAI is committed to accessibility for all visitors. Learn more about accessibility at MOHAI on the Plan a Visit page. http://mohai.org/event/womxn-who-rock-unconference-claiming-space-in-a-changing-city

🌹Limited Edition Print Giveaway in honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day!!! . 🌹May we heal and celebrate the sacred feminine in all of us! . 🌹TO PARTICIPATE: *Follow @archetypal_musings. *Like this post. *Comment how do you honor and/or celebrate the feminine. *Tag others who you think might be interested (not required but grateful that you are willing to spread the word) *At this time, able to ship in the continental US only. . 🌹A winner will be announced on March 8th, to celebrate International Women's day. . DISCLAIMER: this is my first official video for Archetypal Musings. I was hella nervous but glad to share it with you all 😬. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #archetypalmusings #pamelagalmeida #internationalwomensday #empoweringwomen #gratitude #honoringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #giveaway #sisterhood #sacredfeminine #womenshistorymonth #honorwomen #sacredart #artheals #supportart #supportwomen #unapologetic #existence #claimingspace #joy #pleasure #celebration #artprint #wocartist #painting #magic #strength #daring #divinefeminine #lineage

Actually, there was one dude I did not talk about when I talked about my current Uranus transit, and that dude happens to be Mars. He was not amused, to say the least, so I was invited to a Mars Intensive over the weekend and now need to deliver an upgrade. Here we go: next to the Moon being the natural ruler of my 4th house, Mars actually happens to be the accidential ruler of my 4th house. And just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding, when I talk about rulership, I talk about the energy of resonance, and, if you so will, penetration, but clearly not domination. It is just astro lingo which might be misunderstood when not explicitly explained. With having said that, I was simply very, very worried that some crazy Mars dude could come along now taking over my house, so I rather didn't say anything. My natal Mars is sitting at 29 degree Gemini in my 7th house of Relationships and I did not want to have anything to do with that either due to a very negative experience I have made with external Masculine Gemini expression in the past. Not that I would not have made negative experiences with all other 11 Masculine expressions of the zodiac, sorry guys, but that is the truth, but that one was particularly bad, which is why this guy sits at 29 degree. It is a karmic number and symbolizes something I came in to complete in this lifetime.

S. Bhattarai

14 Days 7 Hours Ago

Sometimes when people ask me how to define myself, I don't have an answer. When they ask me questions, I don't know how to respond at times. I don't know the start of my journey, nor the end. I just know the now and the things that resonate within on my identity. They say that I am able to explain things in manner that is simple to understand. All about perspectives. #owningmyself #claimingspace #trying #identity #reflections #ftm #thisiswhattranslookslike #journeys #poc #visibility #sharingiscaring #southasian #onedayatatime #understandingmyself

As of right now, one of my new best friends Uranus is finally hitting the cusp of my 4th house, naturally ruled by the Moon, relating to the topics of Home, Family, and Roots, and opposing my Midheaven in Libra, ruled by Venus, and I have to say, it feels fantastic and like what I have been waiting for and working towards my whole life, and probably many, many more. Over the next eight years, he will not only transit my Vesta-Chiron conjunction at 13 degree Taurus in my 4th house, but also oppose my natal Uranus at 16 degree Scorpio in my 10th house of Career. At the same time, the North Node is still sitting very comfortably on my natal Sun at 14 degree Leo in the 8th house, opposing my natal Moon at 7 degree Aquarius in my 2nd house. Quite frankly, I am so fucking ready for this, or in other words, I am not able anymore to take anything but this. And, I am curious beyond measure around how exactly it all will play out in detail. Love and Magic, Emi.

S. Bhattarai

15 Days 8 Hours Ago

When you are tired at the end of a long day of interactions, you get cosy under a blanket burrito fort. You hit a high with someone getting your name right, you hit a low with someone saying it wrong. It is a high when people use the correct pronouns, it is a low when you get misgendered and the person doesn't catch the mistake. You get put in awkward situations at times and all you can do is let it wash over you. Hope that things will be different. Call me by the name and pronouns I tell you to call me by and understand that it changes depending on the spaces I inhabit. When in doubt, they/them/theirs = my pronouns until I say differently. #reflections #claimingspace #takingupspace #identity #tired #ftm #thisiswhattranslookslike #genderwoes #genderthings #trans #dailystruggles #transproblems #onedayatatime #visibility #southasian #poc #vulnerability #namesandpronouns #thethingsifeel #thelittlethings #selfadvocacy

TO HEAL A HEART... . This FULL MOON in Virgo and this Pisces season in general have had me reflecting a lot on the importance of mourning and grieving in order to heal, but more significantly on how essential it is to create a space to be held, contained, and supported during that process. Recently, at some of my lowest moments I’ve had familiar and unexpected people offer me much needed kindness, illumination and encouragement. In reflecting back to me the beauty of who I am, they have reminded me of my commitment to keeping my heart open no matter what. . In this FULL MOON, I am choosing to create nourishing structures and boundaries that honor me AND at the same time that expand my ability to open my heart even wider, with more love and more compassion for self and others. . Now don’t think that has been easy. I kick and scream at every step of the way, but in my learning to surrender with choice, my tantrums are lessening too 😊. . I trust that you always CHOOSE LOVE... because as cheesy as it sounds, that is where the healing is! . . . . . . . #archetypalmusings #pamelagalmeida #artist #intentionalcreativity #sacredart #sacredfeminine #healing #sketch #spirit #trust #love #goddess #claimingspace #ritual #selflove #openheart #magic #surrender #life #process #inquiry #fullmoon #cycles #illumination #support #gratitude #virgomoon #surrender #kindness #chooselove

The internal landscape doesn’t look much different right now tbh. But hell, here’s the inventory if interest is sparked: 1 surfboard 2 ski setups 1 pair of hockey skates 1 wetsuit/booties/gloves 1 towel 1 bathing suit and rash guard 1 pair hiking boots 1 pair snowshoes 1 old dog bed 1 pair trekking poles 1 rain jacket 1 yoga mat 2 racquetball rackets/balls 1 sleeping bag 1 pair climbing shoes/harness 3 disc golf discs 1 collection of camping pots 3 text books Trash from my last 3 meals #readyforanything #surelyscattered #livingwild #seizingmoments #findingtime #claimingspace


23 Days 21 Hours Ago

Back during our (hugely successful) Claiming SPACE campaign to buy our building, our hero and friend Jonathan Richman kindly offered us this shining endorsement. We’re overjoyed to be welcoming this dream of a man and true original back to SPACE in just over a week. Tickets are moving fast. Grab yours ASAP. • • • #tbt #claimingspace #jonathanrichman

Having a 4 year old, #muses , with its aggressive and thirsty adult parade goers trickin for shoes, is my LEAST favorite. Nonetheless, after catching a “Barbie” doll, jamming to the bands and marveling at the art-themed floats Ariya was gifted TWO! Thanks Ladies for making her night!! 💋💋💋 And thank you to the awesome people around us that checked themselves (before they wrecked themselves), broke up their colonies and even crawled under barricades in the #spirit of #carnival (they were on their BEST behavior by the end of the night). #claimingspace #superheroes #spreadingpositivevibes

Grief is a curious being — a multi-tailed scorpion whose sting catches me in the most unexpected moments. These past few weeks I made a pact wth Grief — renegotiating our relationship to be one of spacious permission. 10 Days ago, a dear friend joined her ancestors. I was honored to be able to hold her in her illness, in her fight, in her dying and in her death. This was a powerful gift she offered me — and my grief. I have been asking my body and my grief these past two weeks, “(how) do you need more space?” — and taking the time to listen. In doing so, I have encountered an unexpected sweetness in my relationship to my grief. We are becoming friends. I am holding my grief and in return, my grief is holding me. This is spacious permission. This is mutual care, embodied. This photo is of Little Jaguar earlier today, claiming her spacious pause under the kiss of a morning sun. She was one of my friend’s caregivers in her final months —- and has been a fierce ally and support to me as we wander, together, this new world. (clarifying note: Jag did not pass away -- a human friend did. i realize now this photo may be misleading...) #grief #queerhealer #catsarehealers #spacious permission #grievingprocess #thesweetnessofgrief #claimingspace #buddhistpractice #beinpractice #communityhealing #mayweallbefree


2018-01-23 00:26:09

#thecharmologist was here! #tagging #proofoflife #claimingspace #hawaii #kahuku #giovannisshrimptruck #maleiwa #holidayfood well my friends this lunch was just the best type of beach food recommended by the locals @buzz’s restaurant in #kailua. Sorry the wind makes the video noisy but you can hear them calling our order... #8 😍🙀

Room Revive

2018-01-12 11:32:06

Daily Themes this year - Friday Fun or Family Fun! What fun do you have planned this weekend? Here’s my girl at mormor’s (grandma) home in our bedroom there. We have used what is on hand to make this room our own - mixing patterns - oh my! Years ago I would have cringed, now I love it if done well. Not all things mix yet so much can! The possibilities are endless!

This is how we wind down after day 1 of the Mystic Soul Project. A little pinot and a little Pooh. #pinotnoir #beauty #shadowwork #soultalk #claimingspace #spirituality #iseeyou #msc18 #msp

Vivienne McMaster

2018-01-11 10:52:55

From the moment I first put the camera down and realized that it was my doorway back to myself, I've had this strong urge to stretch my arms wide. To claim as much space as I can. I spent far too much of my life trying to be contained, make myself quieter, smaller and I'm going to keep reaching out and claiming space as long as I need to, until I no longer feel that need to counteract the pressures that try to keep us contained and keeping ourselves small. #beyourownbeloved #bodyacceptanceselfies

Otis The Cat

2018-01-06 06:53:55

Breakfast time with mom. Wait, where’s mine? #greedy #feedmemore #gimmewhatyouhave #noseyone #claimingspace #facerubsfordays #cantbelieveshemakesmeeatonthefloor #caturday #caturdaymornings #furrlife🐾 @felines_of_instagram_ @felinesofny @catsofbrooklyn @catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram #meow

Berkeley Law’s most recent student spotlight feature and our very own La Raza queen, Mallory Morales ✨♥️ #repost @berkeleylaw ・・・ #studentspotlight: What's it like to be a part of law review at an elite law school? 3L Mallory Morales, editor-in-chief of California Law Review, says it's a big responsibility and a huge honor. Read more at law.berkeley.edu/studentspotlight #clr #lawreview #classof2018 #berkeleylaw #laraza #claimingspace #razapride #wiselatina


2017-12-30 22:09:35

First I claimed a toothbrush....then I took over a drawer. Now I’ve moved in a diffuser 😊 #evolutionofarelationship #difusserblends #claimingspace #itookahangertoo #younglivingessentialoils #yleo

Tina Carey

2017-12-23 07:02:01

My daughters love of post it notes and tape carries forward to Christmas Morning! Claiming her space under the tree already.... @3m @postit . . #christmasready #girlslovepostitnotes #mygirl #claimingspace #presentready #instructionsforsanta #holidayfun #smartgirlsrock #dyslexiawontstopher #excitedforchristmas

So... with one of my all time favourite quotes.... see below.....my next years mantra is to be seen you’ve got to make yourself visible....⭐️ ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.’ Marianne Williamson. #claimingspace #shiningmylight #steppingoutoftheshadows

Naila Francis

2017-12-11 11:03:38

Want the crackling aliveness, the giddy peal, the current that thrums — bold flare and sprouting sun streaking its dance in your chest. _ Sometimes I just need to remind myself I don’t need to give it time, give it a chance, wait and see, hang in there or let it grow on me. _ If it’s not an ecstatic yes, then it’s definitely a hell no! _ #gutinstinct #thebodyknows #bodywisdom #tuningin #claimingspace #braveheart #boldtruth #whatyoudeserve #whatlightsyouup #keepafireinyoursoul #knowwhatyouwant #takeastand #boundaries #determinedwoman #findyouryes #liveyouryes #speakyourtruth #allthefeels #nothingless #joyismycompass #mondaymotivation