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Day 2/3 DETOX DONE✅ Honestly there is so much to eat, I hardly feel hungry And Im loving Yoga in the mornings. Didn’t know I missed it so much 💕 . For family.... Dinner Tonight! Make easy under 15 mins to make , Kodiak Vegetables Pancake . Vegetables Pancake! 1 cup Kodiak pancake mix 1 1/2 cup chopped veggies of your choice Salt Pepper 3 tsp Dhaniya powder Sesame seeds to top it with (optional) Method: 1. mix all ingredients in a bowl with water 2. In a non-stick pan, spread the pancake mix 3. Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top 4. Spray with oil, and flip the pancake 5. Cook both sides till brown 6. Serve with chutney or ketchup . . #detox #cleanse #quickdinner #3daycleanse #vegan #vegetarianrecipes #preetisfitfluence


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Raw Vegan Pineapple Strawberry Upside Down Mini Cakes. ❤️. 🌟Ingredient list below🌟 {continuation from yesterday’s post}. The cake base was super easy but tasty with only a few ingredients I had on hand. Good base to experiment with: ———————————- 1 cup Walnuts 1 cup Coconut Flakes 1/2 cup Raw Organic Rolled Oats about 10 Medjool Dates pinch of Celtic Sea Salt & Organic Vanilla Bean Powder (Process oats and walnuts & Celtic Salt together first to a flour consistency) then add Coconut Flakes & Dates til a moist moldable batter forms. I dehydrated for a few hours some Fresh Organic Strawberries & Pineapple to layer and made a glaze out of young Thai Coconut meat, Dates and Organic Vanilla Bean Powder. You could also blend some fresh pineapple with coconut nectar and/or dates to make a darker chunkier glaze. I laid glaze down first in molds/pan, then laid the sliced dehydrated fruit and then the raw cake batter. I had a few TBS of the glaze left and put it in food processor to blend with batter as not to waste it. (Helped make cake batter even more moist😋) After I stuffed the molds I placed them in Dehydrator to marinate flavors longer. Then, I placed them in freezer to set til ready to eat. I also used a silicone mini bundt cake mold (check instastory to see the one I love to use😍) to pop these out easily and they come out beautifully when done. After taking them out of the mold you can reheat in Dehydrator for a delicious right out of the oven warmth🤤 Sorry this was so lengthy🌱💙. . . . . . . . . . . . . #christianvegan #plantbased #plantstrong #raw #vegan #vegankids #hydrate #cleanse #sahm #rawmom #fastfood #rawvegan #instapic #pineappleupsidedowncake #foodstagram #healing #abundance #vegetarian #govegan #vegansofig #ig_kids #nutrition #fitness #fruitarian #organic #portrait #glutenfree #healthy #sda #1corinthians1031

#wellnesswednesday 🌸Fun Facts about one of my favorite products!! #biocleanse may not be one of our most well understood products, but one of my favorites. The company did some research and found out that the GI tract for many was not clean. All the toxins in our world, food and drinks are destroying our bodies. 🌺That being said, there are many detox or cleansing products out there, but Biocleanse is different! It is not intended to be used to completely clean out the colon all at once. 💗 Biocleanse oxygenates and energizes the body. 💗 Biocleanse neutralizes the acidic conditions that may promote pathogens. 💗 Biocleanse helps detox and cleanse the body; not only GI but also arteries. 💗 Biocleanse oxygenates the blood. Biocleanse is rich in magnesium and has the added benefit of a slight amount of sodium. The magnesium and sodium together create a chemical reaction that flood tissues with oxygen creating an alkaline environment in the bowel! What's cool about that? Certain disease causing cells cannot survive in an alkaline and oxygenated body! Who doesn't love that?! 💯 % #vegetarian #themoreyouknow #oxygenation #detox #regularity #vitaminc #alkaline #magnesium #glutenfree 💯% . . . #guthealth #guthealthmatters #guthealthy #ilovemysupplements #choosehealthy #tummyfeelsgood #happybodyhappylife #promoteregularity #relievesbloating #detoxification #healthandhappiness #cleanse #gitract #myfriendsloveit #loveyourguts #ifeelgood #wellnesswarrior * * *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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edible plants are my fave kinda plants 💚 my pesto recipe is now live on my blog 🙌🏻 swipe left to see some fun ingredients I tossed in (classic #chefsteff)..this is some brain FUEL if I ever saw some! 🧠 packed with so many delicious fats + nutrients and flavour🔋basil has so many amazing benefits..who knew? 🔗 in bio! highly recommend lathering it on some chicken like I did here, you won't regret it 🤤 what I am regretting is picking all my basil because now my garden is looking kinda sad..so not ready for summer to be over!


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#familyphotography 🌱🌱 Spend time with those who truly boost your vibes, make good intentions count and let the universe be your guide! 🦋🌍🙏🏽☮️🌳🌻 #amigisparatodalavida #vegan #govegan #beach #sand #vegansingles #live #veganlife #veganfitness #freedom #vegansingle #happiness #cleanse #sandy #explore #livefree #solotravel #backpacking #sunday #waves #sunkissed #vibes #friends #fitness #mom @vibrant_sol Thanks for being a friend and always helping me out when I need it!

We keep our microneedling treatment painless! Allowing us to get the skin even on your eyelids and lips ✨Are you ready for your fresh start? 🧖🏼‍♀️ #microneedling . . . . . #spa #brooklyn #brooklynspa #williamsburg #williamsburgbeautyspa #newyork #relax #facial #cleanse #clearskin #newskin #newmachine #loveyourskin #antiaging #deadskinremoval #treatment #spaday #organic #organic #spa #eminenceorganics #treatyourself #metime #beauty #beautytrend #beautyguru #beautyvideo #beautytutorial


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Photo taken by my little one ❤️ We were getting ready to prepare homemade rose water 🌹 I love roses even more after a profound experience I had while I was going through a very mentally tough time last year. The sweetest fragrance of roses filled my area one evening without any actually being present. I immediately felt at peace again and I knew it was a message of reassurance from the Spirit. Since then, I now use this sacred essence to cleanse my face and feet as a ritual for self love, renewing and raising energy ✨


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Who’s ready to receive 20% off their total order when you tag a friend?! Purchase a 5 day juice cleanse for you and a friend and receive 20% off your total order. : : Promo starts Friday September 21st. TAG A FRIEND. For more info DM us or visit us www.F4ljuicecleanse.com #tag20 #vegan #healthy #juicecleanse #juice #greens #vegetarian #cleanse #healthyfood


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Have you always wanted to learn more about crystals but don’t know where to start? 🔮 Shop online or stop in and pick up a copy of Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing! From choosing to charging and cleaning, this modern guide features fifty of the most common & interesting crystals. Learn how to use crystals to enhance your inner positivity & overall life! 💜


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OCTOBER 1ST 🎃 - I’ll be restarting my favorite program, the 80 day program that OBVIOUSLY transformed me, not only on the outside but within too! It completely changed my lifestyle and overall outlook on fitness and health. - That being said, I’m doing an EXCLUSIVE bootcamp starting October 1st and I’ll be doing this program step by step WITH YOU. This will be my second full round and I can’t tell you how excited I am to restart! - My heart and soul is in this program and I’m taking 15 women along with me so we can immerse fully into this and I can show you the best ways to tackle mindset and also the big scary one ....NUTRITION. - If you are ready to make a change and get started on this journey along with me drop a 🖤 below or fill out the link in my bio & I will message you directly with details! First 5 ladies to invest in themselves will also get a sample of either my superfoods shake or unicorn crack. Cheers to changing your life, girl🥂

Sat special only, reduced from $695 to $550 26kg amethyst geod from Brazil #amethyst #crystal #crystals #healthfoodshop #cleanse #goodnessgracioushealthfoods #familyfriendly


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Mixing and matching your skincare. 📷@lebeautycapsule

Detox Hacks & Cheats - It can be a daunting process for many people embarking on a Detox Program, so I thought it might be nice to offer some little tricks to make the process sound more achievable. The problem with detoxing is it can feel like punishment if you don't know the hacks and cheats that you can get away with. These are some of the things that people think they will miss when detoxing: Desserts, Sweet snacks, Coffee, Chocolate, Alcohol, Takeaways, Restaurants, Parties. My article gives you help so take a look by copying into browser https://goo.gl/rx7Epr #detox #cleanse #brettelliott #detoxify #detoxification #detoxi #detoxing #mastercleanse #mastercleansediet #detoxprogram www.brettelliott.com


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Excited to announce the release of our Wellthy App. Go to the iTunes App Store and search “Wellthy”. We will be releasing our best deals and sales, health tips and content exclusively through the app. Many new features to come. Google App coming soon for all you green bubbles.


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Testers in full force! Come and try before you buy. What an amazing make up range. It’s mineral and the coverage and pigments are brilliant. #tryit #makeup #minerals @nelsonbaybeauty ❤️❤️


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#kratom got delivered!!! I’m going to start it once I get low as possible on my Suboxone. As soon as I take my last dose of Suboxone and my withdrawal starts is when I’ll begin the kratom process. I’m going to be using it to get through my withdrawal and I’m going to using it as a maintenance medication rather then use Suboxone for maintenance. I’ll keep everyone updated on the process and how I feel. #kratomlife #kratomcommunity #kratompowder #kratomvendor #allnatural #natural #plantbased #plants #plantbaseddiet #plantsofinstagram #plantstrong #mothernature #nature #naturelovers #changes #detox #recovery #sobriety #herbalifenutrition #herbalife #herbal #herbs #reds #greens #vietnam #hurricane #bali #greenthumb #cleanse


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It’s time for a reset. Thank you Daisy @myjourneyorl for the love❤️ #5dayjuicedetox #selflove #reset #cleanse #moneydetox


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Angry much? Holding on to anger just isn’t good for ya! The constant flood of stress chemicals like adrenaline and noradrenaline can eventually cause harm to many systems of the body. It can raise your risk of heart attack and stroke, weaken your immune system. For me, the anger manifests as headaches, rashes and body aches. Ain’t nobody got time for that. . I take my relationships with people seriously. Someone I put a lot of time into hurt me. I was pretty upset, and then...I released the anger. I vented, I oiled up, I prayed, I meditated, did some yoga. I was my own music therapist. I played my piano. I sang some songs, and I let all go. And let me tell you, I feel a lot lighter than I did this morning.


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‼️WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A CLEANSE? If you’re looking to jump start your health, our RENEW CLEANSE may be the answer. Found at T3, check out some of the benefits: • Makes the digestive system more effective... • Maintains regularity and prevents constipation... • Increase energy... • Increases the body's absorption of vitamins and nutrients... • Improves concentration... • Kick-starts weight loss” ... • Decreases risk of colon cancer... • Increases fertility... • Maintains PH Balance in the bloodstream... • Improves the whole - body well being...


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‼️WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A CLEANSE? If you’re looking to jump start your health, our RENEW CLEANSE may be the answer. Found at T3, check out some of the benefits: • Makes the digestive system more effective... • Maintains regularity and prevents constipation... • Increase energy... • Increases the body's absorption of vitamins and nutrients... • Improves concentration... • Kick-starts weight loss” ... • Decreases risk of colon cancer... • Increases fertility... • Maintains PH Balance in the bloodstream... • Improves the whole - body well being...


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#repost @andjuiceco • • • • • #thelittlekitchen@andjuiceco rocked it out today! Good food you can feel good about. Follow us here for weekly in store food menus & juice specials. Always Vegan, always delicious! Andjuiceco.com #clintonville #italianvillage #upperarlington #columbuscrew #cleanse #rawlife #vegan #coldpressedjuice #icantbelieveitsvegan #smoothies #veganeats #puravida #plantbased #violife #yellowbirdfs #whogrewyourfood @thelittlekitchentruck @andjuiceco


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I’m a grandma. 👵🏼 I ordered this pill organizer to help make it easier to remember my daily supplements. I don’t care if this is embarrassing, I’m obsessed! • • • ESSENTIALZYME Essentialzyme is a bilayered (coated for delayed release), multienzyme (meaning multiple enzymes) complex caplet specially formulated to support and balance digestive health and to stimulate overall enzyme activity to combat the modern diet. 🍕🌮🍔 Essentialzyme contains tarragon, peppermint, anise, fennel, and clove essential oils to improve overall enzyme activity, and support healthy pancreatic function. LIFE 9 Life 9 is a proprietary, high-potency (💪🏼) probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains that promotes healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for overall support of a healthy immune system. COMFORTONE Comfortone is a natural colon cleanse that contains essential oils and herbal cleansing ingredients. Comfortone combined with Life 9 probiotic can eliminate residue from your colon while supporting a healthy digestive system. 💩 The ingredients in Comfortone are beneficial to promoting a healthy liver, gallbladder, and stomach. MULTIGREENS MultiGreens is a nutritious chlorophyll ✳️ formula designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems. MultiGreens is made with spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass, bee pollen, eleuthero, Pacific kelp, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. 🌱 SUPER B So that I don’t act like a Super B*+€#! Referred to as vitamin B complex, the eight B vitamins — B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 — play an important role in keeping our bodies running like well-oiled machines. 🤖 These essential nutrients help convert our food into fuel, allowing us to stay energized throughout the day. ☀️ #yleo #supplements #healthyliving


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Purchased this gorgeous candle filled with #seasalt, #clearquartzcrystal, #pinecone, #sandlewood and #howlitecrystal along with this magical #cleanse and #release #brushsoap from @rebelsandoutlaw at the @themakeupshow look at that clear quartz in the soap! I love it! Soap is made with #sage #seasalt #roseoil and #clearquartz *** I love how I can use these products to incorporate into my work as an artist- as well as tapping into my spiritual and healing abilities while working on a client *** #seasalt; history of use in rituals for #purification and #magical protection #pinecone; #protects and opens us up for #enlightenment #fire; releases our past so we can have clarity on our path #sandlewood; aids in #healing #clearing #protecting, calms the mind on the #journey #clearquartz; #seeker #transformer crystal, #masterhealer; strengthens and amplifies any energy directed for healing purposes. #howlite; calming stone, clears the mind. Allows dreaming, opens up intuition and empowers us to reach our goals. #makeyourownmagic


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Night cap... #cleanse 🍋🍐🍎 #juicesbychowie @ramosizaura


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Ryan and I were introduced to a nutritional system in June. . We were looking for a solution that would be convenient to help with our busy lifestyles. We felt like we were going to the gym and never seeing the results we wanted and would often skip work outs due to feeling sluggish and tired. . With our wedding quickly approaching in January, we were looking for a good solution to get us both back to our healthy and active selves so we could look better than ever for our special day! . I work full time in medical sales, so I travel a lot and having a convenient source of fuel was important to me! However, everyone knows this girl can’t cook🤦🏼‍♀️ so meal prepping was not an option I would consider! I was often having to stop for fast food during the day (chick-fil-a is good, but even that got old and expensive). It also left me feeling bloated a lot, so I would drag myself to the gym convinced that I could work the calories off and start over the next day. . We decided to say yes to this amazing nutrition and it has been the best decision we have made for our health! Being extremely skeptical, I honestly didn’t think it could work for me but it did and I am so thankful! . I have since lost 7 pounds and countless inches off my body and have kept them off without dieting or deprivation. I finally have my confidence back, that I had been trying to find again for years! Ryan has lost 10 pounds and put on lean muscle as well. The great thing about it is we feel incredible! We finally have the energy we have been longing for! . If you are looking for a solution that can completely change your life without yo-you dieting, let’s chat! Disclaimer... I have a smokin’ hot fiancé 😍🔥 @coultergk1