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Continuando con los ejercicios de la semana pasada, la profesora @sireiresvivir incrementó el nivel de dificultad, y jugandito hizo que los participantes realizaran ejercicios de balance mientras cantaban, jugaban y reían. Una forma de hacer ejercicios físicos a bajo y mediano impacto, siendo atenuado el estrés muscular por las endorfinas que se generaba al cantar y reír. Nuestro método BIALRI lleva a la práctica los que profesionales de la medicina han investigado sobre el deber ser preventivo y correctivo de la salud física, psicoemocional y espiritual, ya que traducimos a través del uso de sentidos, aplicando el cómo hacerlo. Si te gusto dale un ❤️ Para información sobre nuestros talleres escribe al email: yogadelarisaesvivir@gmail.com Estamos los sábados de 9:00 a 10:30 am y los martes de 3:30 pm a 5:00 pm en el parque Negra Hipólita dando sesiones terapéuticas. Lo que hacemos es divertido, pero no es diversión. #bienestar #bienestarysalud #bienestarlaboral #bienestarorganizacional #bienestartotal #empresasfelices #empresaspolar #redactivateyconstruye #fundacionempresaspolar #coaching #coach #coachlife #coachinglife #coachdevida #coachparalavida #terapia #terapias #terapiando #terapiafisica #terapiaengrupo #terapiadegrupo #facilitador #facilitadores

How do you use the fitness you spend soooo much time building in the gym? - For me it’s snowboarding in the winter and hiking and mountain biking in the summer. And I gotta say I’m getting the itch to be out on a bike! #fitness #coach #coachlife #crossfitcoach #hwpo #deeproots #growyourrootsdeep #rootsinmovement #rootedinmovement #beresilient


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Ever wonder why we push ourselves 👉🏻 to do hard things? 👉🏻to do things that scare us? 👉🏻to try things that are completely outside our comfort zone? We are all different as to what we find motivating, but if we don’t do anything differently, nothing will EVER change! The question lies in whether “you are ready to change?” And for many, it takes a while... and that’s ok. You should never be pressured into an opportunity. When I saw other coaches be successful, I wondered if I could do it at all. I told myself all the reasons not to try coaching... I didn’t ... 👉🏻want to be that old gal trying desperately to hang onto her youth (fighting off Mother Nature is allowed though) 👉🏻get teased about being so passionate about getting healthy 👉🏻be all salesy. It’s one of the reasons I had turned down other opportunities. For me, those opportunities weren’t a match for me due to my style ( I have no idea about how to do my makeup lol) (Disclaimer - I buy from others so I fully support others following their passions - 🙂). Ultimately, it comes down to whether any opportunity is a good match. And For me, I feel like this is a good match and I am having so much fun doing it! ——————- I want to: 👉🏻 guide others to see what is possible with hard work and the support of a wonderful community of like minded people 👉🏻 learn and grow as a leader and be a support for others because I have been there (and still am) in the trenches with you 👉🏻 to grow skills that I have allowed to be dormant for many years. Others know me as the one that keeps the lights on. This isn’t a bad thing at all but I do want to learn other skills. I want to mentor others to be all they can be. I want to support others be all they can be. And I want to be an example to others of what is possible if you “do hard things” So if you are someone for whom health and fitness is a passion, and you have some questions about this opportunity, drop me an emoji below or message me for more info. I am looking for 3 people to join our team and see just what is possible once you step outside that comfort zone. ——————————————— #workingmom #sidegig #parttime #coachlife #weareinthistogether

Lovin my newly potted plants!! Personally a meditative process. Proud plant parent!! 😆🌎👨🏽‍🌾

It felt great to workout tonight after sitting in the car for a little over 6 hours today. It felt even better to get done with my workout & realize how much muscle I’ve gained in just a little over a month!!! I’d say this program is working! 😃 . #musicchaser #busymama #mswarrior #thriving #fostermama #boymom #adoptivemama #fitteacher #dogmom #7kids #fitnessinspiration #freespirit #wildatheart #strongmomv#workoutwifey #coachlife #tattedgirl #strivingfordiamond #goalstoreach #longhairdontcare #nebraskagirl #musclegains

I love watching the sunrise. Do you?

The wrong person will distract you, but the right one will motivate you to reach your full potential. ❤️ . I talk a lot about knowing your own worth and being a strong woman. But there is so much to be said for a strong man who is not intimidated by your strengths or passion, but seeks to set them on fire. 🔥 . It’s in these arms I‘m home. We both have crazy drive — it’s two people wanting to make a difference — who can change the world. 😍

I wish I could look like that. I wish I felt good in my clothes. I wish I could train that hard. I wish I could do what he/she does. I wish I was successful. I wish that worked for me. Do you notice how you’re always watching other people, wanting what they have? Wishing you could do what they do...unhappy with where you’re at. But if you think about it, you haven’t even tried - really TRIED - to do something about it. You might even resent people who’ve made it. Who are happy and content with their accomplishments. They must have it easy. It’s easy for them but not for you. You talked yourself out of action before you even started. That was me. Years went by and I would start and stop things...or not start at all. People always told me growing up, “You have so much potential.” Well, potential is not what makes a person successful. It’s what you DO with that potential. It might look like people have success overnight, but in reality we don’t always see the blood, sweat & tears that successful people had to put in to get where they are. The difference between them and everyone else is that they didn’t give up when it got hard. They didn’t accept failure. They found solutions to obstacles. They most likely heard a lot of NO’s before they got a Yes. Stop wishing. Start doing. Don’t take no for an answer. Persist. Tell yourself you CAN. Keep getting back up. When you start to make excuses for why it won’t work, check yourself. Focus. MAKE it work. I know how it feels to be stuck. To feel like I can’t. But the ONLY thing that got me out of that was my ATTITUDE. My WILLINGNESS to stop at nothing to get the results I wanted. I KNOW the feeling of working hard and seeing results and it’s far better than being comfort with mediocrity. I want YOU to know that you CAN get to wherever it is you want to be. Trust me. If you need someone to believe in you until you can believe in yourself, I will. I do. If I can, then so can you. 🖤My next challenge group starts April 1st ~ PM me for details🖤

Day 62 Booty Day🍑 Look......I got a booty!!!!!! I’m so excited I have never had a booty. It’s always been like flat as a board! I did my workout right before I went to work tonight but forgot to post this!!!!!!!!!! Comment below if you wanna start a getting a booty #80dayobsession #bootyday #day62 #beachbodycoach #coachlife #fitmomma #passion #changeisgood #hustle #motherofboys #louisiana #oklahoma #pink #challenge #exol_push_to_1mgap via ripl.com

Such a great night @lightcellar thanks for the goodies!!!

Had a fabulous day talking about how to Be Radically You @thebestyou_ expo!!! Standing on stage was even more fun than I was expecting and now I’m 💩😆 Thanks again to @shelley_rickman the amazing makeup! It looked 🔥 all day. More pictures in my story. #thebestyouexpo #thebestyouexpo2018 #speaker #inspire #coachlife #womensempowerment #empowermentcoach #authenticitycoach #empowermentuniversity #sierraceo

Neurojuegos en la UE Niños en Acción. Tuvimos el agrado de participar en el cierre del trimestre de las profesoras de la UE Niños en Acción en la ciudad de Valencia (Venezuela), gracias a la recomendación del maestro Reinado Mirabal @risaybienestar. —- Para esa ocasión preparamos una sesión de Bienestar basados en juegos con cantos, danzas y respiraciones profundas. —- Comenzamos jugando con risas simuladas, para introducir oxígeno a través de respiraciones profunda mientras jugábamos y reíamos, luego hicimos una danza de los sietes pasos para ejercitar las articulaciones de manera divertida. —- Ya con el cuerpo oxigenado y ejercitado, hicimos ejercicios de canto, percusión corporal y gimnasia cerebral, para trabajar las inteligencias: lingüísticas, viso-espacial, kinestesica, matemática, psico-emocional, social y espiritual. —- Apoyamos al sector educativo ofreciendo alternativas para facilitar el conocimiento por medio de nuestro método BIALRI (único en Venezuela), para el manejo de la focalización en el aquí y ahora, herramientas de mindfullness, inteligencia emocional (intrapersonal e interpersonal), PNL en valores y principios basado en el respeto y prevención del bulling, liderazgo creativo, toma emocional de decisiones, comunicación alegre y fluida: "Laughter Wellnness" (Bienestar y Alegría para Latinoamérica). —- Con @sireiresvivir —— Si te gusto dale un ❤️ Para mayor información escríbenos a yogadelarisaesvivir@gmail.com -—- #bienestar #bienestarysalud #bienestarlaboral #bienestarorganizacional #bienestartotal #empresasfelices #empresaspolar #redactivateyconstruye #fundacionempresaspolar #coaching #coach #coachlife #coachinglife #coachdevida #coachparalavida #terapia #terapias #terapiando #terapiafisica #terapiaengrupo #terapiadegrupo #facilitador #facilitadores

First day back and I'm feeling it!!! Jet lag hits you like a ton of bricks man! I'm pretty sure I should have just stayed there ❤🇨🇭 #takemeback

March #weekendblowout: ▪️▪️▪️ Team Time Trial session this morning.🚀🚀🚀 We worked on moving in and out of the paceline, communicating at speed and most importantly how to inflict pain on your friends without losing them. Super Fun 👌👌👌 Thanks for coming out #braves ▪️▪️▪️ #bravescoaching #digforfire 🔥 #onlytriathletesknow #teamtimetrial #triathlon #trilife #triathlontraining #triathloncoaching #coachlife #swimbikerun #70.3 #ironman #tri365 #singaporetriathlon #wayofthebraves #


As coaches we have to get down to our players' level and hear them out sometimes as well while trying to teach and develop Here coach @andrewayin and coach @goldboyg doing their thing before and during recent games #playercentered #coachlife #lovewhatyoudo #development #youthsoccer #youthfootball #talkwiththemnotatthem

The last 10 days completely changed me in San Jose. Going to Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins was something that can't be described. And spending the last 10 days with this stranger turned soul sister and family was more than I could have ever wished for. God brings you the experiences and people you need most when you need them. I'm so excited for all this goodness I get to incorporate into my life and my coaching practice to help change other lives ♡♡♡ Life will never be the same. The true essence of beauty and life has begun. Xo #livecolorfully #choosejoy #coachlife #daniellelaporte #lovethislife #girlboss #entrepreneur #upw #cultivatewhatmatters #gratitude #goaldigger #createcultivate #soulscripts #bekindtooneanother #pursuewhatislovely #liveauthentic #saturdaymood #herestothecreatives #spiritjunkie

This is my younger son’s dinner plate. Not only can I get him to eat healthy, he puts together a nice visual presentation 😁#cleaneating #kidseathealthy #parenting

Lisa Garcia-Hanson

1 Day 11 Hours Ago

Good morning everybody – happy Friday! Since I’ve met so many new friends on the socials, I thought I would re-introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I live in the Seattle area with my husband and two boys (I call them my “boys”- they are 21 & 15). I am passionate, fun-loving, energetic and have an irreverent, often inappropriate sense of humor 😉 I’ve never met a stranger, just a friend I don’t know yet 😁 I love hanging out with our friends - shopping, going to Mariners games, brunch, cocktails and movies, especially the Cinerama here in Seattle - and am a total Marvel fan girl! Avengers Assemble! 💪🙌 I was a vocal music major in college and planned to be the next Barbra Streisand on Broadway 😁 (yes, I’m THAT old 😉) I worked in higher education for over 25 years and am absolutely passionate about college success for students of color and other underrepresented populations AND professional success for faculty, staff and administrators! I love to coach and mentor other professionals who are exploring careers and planning for upward mobility. I’ve started my own consulting company because I want to help organizations and, especially their employees, successfully manage and implement change that will move them forward towards their goals. I am also a health and fitness accountability coach. You’ll see that I post a lot about fitness and nutrition. Through my own health and fitness journey, I’ve learned so much, and after years of yo-yo dieting and inconsistent fitness activity, I am now, at 49, in the best shape of my life! I hope by sharing snippets of my story, I inspire others to reach for their goals! 👈 Watch my IG stories to get a glimpse of my polynomiate life (if you are not familiar with that term, read the excellent book “How to be Everything” by @emiliewapnick #latergram #getit #goalcrusher #thatsme #livelaughlove

Lisa Garcia-Hanson

2 Days 13 Hours Ago

Easy breakfast to go! Spinach and chicken sausage egg muffins with Dave’s Sprouted bread toast with peanut butter and bananas! Yummy and oh so portable! #noms #ilovebreakfast #getinmybelly #foodisfuel

Lisa Garcia-Hanson

2 Days 6 Hours Ago

Does it bug anyone else that you can start off the day with a clean desk and by the end of the day it looks like this?? 🤚 I can’t stand leaving a messy desk at the end of the day, so I will straighten this up when I’m done. The beauty of working from home and owning my own business is that I 🙋🏻‍♀️ get to decide when I’m done 🙌🙌 #projects #womenentrepreneurs #goalgetter #crushing it

Our "tiny mites" had a time too in their own academy games. Look it for them in a few years in the republic cup as well N big up to coach @tharealpaulie on his recent appointment with the national senior men's football team 🇹🇹 #coachlife #funforall #playercenterd #development #youthfootball #youthsoccer

The mind is a terrible thing to waste! Stop having turtle mentality and start seeing & thinking like the giraffe! See the entire world from the TOP... Think Bigger Faster! Take the limits off God, you’ll take the limits off life. Develop a billionaire mindset and you’ll most likely make millions😉#teamnosleep #dreambig #thinkoutsidethebox

My tribe! #bffs #loves #coachlife #retreat @abonniwell @mountain_mama_fit

Saturday night booty workout, done!

BIG10 Championships! One of Stefanie’s last floor routines. . . #big10 #gymnastics #floor #ohio @stef_merkle23 #gym #gymlife #coach #coachlife @ohiostatewgymnastics @ohiostathletics #revolutionproud

On this lovely, windy day our girl hit a home run! We are sooo proud of you Jaylin! Keep up the good work. #coachlife#homerun#goodwork#superstar🔥☄️🤩 @kaitlyn_ladner @thalusladner


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Me + bird. A match made in...Toronto❤️Bird reminds me to laugh. Have fun. Open my eyes (realllllly wide) to all sorts of possibilities. . . Be curious. Learn. Try. Enjoy. ADJUST. Repeat.⚡️ . . That’s how I live and that’s how I coach. . . If you want to learn more about how bird and I will partner with you to make a big-time, lasting healthy lifestyle change, please see the link in my bio ⬆️ and click on PHOENIX RISING #goteam . . #wellness #wellbeing #wellnesswarrior #feelgood #makeachange #coachlife #wellnesscoach #riseup #lifestylechange #riseandshine #motivationforlife #fitforlife #flylikeabird #feelbetter #livebetter #livebeautifully #healthylife #healthyliving #healthychoices #beyourbestself