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Bruin very rarely actually enjoys taking a bath, but when he does, it’s the best time In the world for him. #cockatiel #cockatiels #cockatiellove #cockatiellovers #cockatielsofig #cockatielsofinstagram #parrotsofinstagram #birdlovers #birds #birdsofinstagram #cockatielsinging

Sat like this for about 5 hours today just because Snowflake was comfortable and I felt bad moving her #cockatiel #cockatiels #cockatiellove #cockatiellovers #cockatielsofig #cockatielsofinstagram #parrotsofinstagram #birdlovers #birds #birdsofinstagram #cockatielsinging

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✔ Follow: @clever.parrot ⇦⇦⇦ For MORE FUN✔ * Thank you very much! Credit: @bruno_the_budgie * Dear friends, please forgive me for the late news. Our poor Bruno has passed away on Feb 22, 2018 around 4pm. I was frozen with shock and disbelief - I couldn't cope, and still can't. It doesn't seem real, each time reality hits, it pains me. He was doing better on that morning but unfortunately he had too many metal particles in his tiny belly and finally couldn't fight any more. The vet did everything they could. We figured it may have been from the screen on our screen door that he chewed on over time, that I never thought he would injest as it is not edible. My grief also comes with guilt, that I could have prevented this. That I could've just clipped his wings or locked him in a cage. But all these things I am against, I wanted him to be free, and only caged when no one is home. I believe Bruno lived a good life but unfortunately being free had its downfall. Friends please don't let your feathered companions roam unsupervised, check your home for risks, especially older homes, keep an eye on what they play with, and have regular vet checks, tests. Provide them with ample wooden toys and *most importantly* branches/leaves to chew on regularly (not just occasionally like I have). Little Bruno showed no symptoms at all, and displayed all healthy signs, up until it was too late and he passed away within less than 24hrs of symptoms shown (watery clay coloured stools; wings out, tremors, thirsty snd regurgitating, depressed). Thank you so much for your overwhelming support, love, and prayers. Every single one of you, we have a deep appreciation for. We only ask that if you share his videos please be sensible in your captions in this time of healing for us. I hope Bruno made your hearts smile as much as the indescribable joy he has given all of us here. He was my remedy in a very dark place three years ago. He is a special one of a kind and will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace Our Bruno. We finally know why the chicken crossed the road, as you've always asked. To meet you in heaven. Bruno 2015 - 2018