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F/V Gabby G this past week offshore. It seems the wind hasn’t stopped blowing these last few weeks. Winter is here. 📷: @davewhite2

Kevan Corella

11 Days 16 Hours Ago

Once again, Instagram has the power to make monotonous things look cool, like chopping bait... taking photos is hard while working cause I get 15 seconds in between doing something to grab my camera, snap a pic, than back to work.


13 Days 10 Hours Ago

Restless Sea Wolf 🌊 He hasn't stopped talking of the sea, still healing and limping around like some misfortunate pirate. This time that we happened upon was supposed to be spent resting but to him everything is about where the summer wind is coming from, what these huge tides are doing, where the shark were running this time last year, contemplations on steaming his vessel east or west... . Summer holidays...I'm finally relaxed, he's restless. . We spin in different orbits, my ocean man and I, sometimes swinging close enough to touch, then off again into space, biding our time, in other worlds, until fate brings us close to one another again. . Leaving day is here, but in saying that I have not lifted my brush and painted since he has been home so maybe it's time for my own journey to begin again too ⚓ . . #theartistandthefisherman . . . . . . . #seawolf #nauticallove #romanceofthesea #huntergatherer #fishingcommunity #seadog #nauticallife #slowmoments #artistsjourney #coastallife #saltwaterfishing #oceanlover #oceanlove #oceanlife #saltlife #saltwaterfishing #fishermanswife #stormyseas #australianseafood #oceanart #southernocean #talesofadventure #sealegs #fishinglife #fishforthefuture #sustainability #oceanlover #fishingindustry #sharkfisherman #commercialfishingpics #seafoodindustry

F/V Seacapture a longline tile fish boat out of Montauk. 📷: @tilecapt

This isn’t meant to celebrate anyone’s misfortune. This is meant to show empathy to all those facing some hard times currently with the shutdown. See, in the commercial fishing industry, it’s not uncommon to have shut downs as well that impact many of our lives. Except for we have no notice of when the shutdowns come. And we can have numerous each and every year. Unfortunately, our shutdowns do not get constant, round the clock media coverage and most folks have no idea what the struggles are really like. It gets said often, but the #trawllife isn’t for everyone. 📸: @gierschphotography #wanchese #wanchesetrawl #trawllife #commercialfishing #commercialfishingpics #seafood #governmentshutdown #governmentshutdown2018 #commercialfishermenfeedtheworld #fightforanindustrythatfeedsyou #makecommercialfishinggreatagain

2019 started off with a terrible tragedy. The F/V Mistress went down near the Block Island wind farm. One crew member was found but the captain and one other crew member were not found and the coast guard has suspended the search for them. The fishing community as spread out as it is, when something like this happens it hits home for everyone. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family and friends affected by this terrible loss.

F/V Yankee Pride a week or so back before Christmas. I hope everyone had a great holiday and had full nets/traps before spending some time with family and friends. 📷: @davewhite2

Last video of 2018, Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year. Full video available at 8am Eastern Daylight Savings time on Facebook. Commercial Fishing Media. Link in bio.

Joel Woods

2018-12-21 15:06:58

When a female lobster is egg-bearing, she will keep her clutch safely protected under her hard shell tail until they are ready to be released. A 1lb lobster is the smallest a lobsterman can bring ashore, and it takes 7 years for it to get there. And a 1lb female can carry 9,000 or so eggs. A jumbo 10lb lobster can be around be around 70 years old, and can carry over 100,000 eggs. The largest lobster I've ever seen, was a male that weighed 27.5lbs. The skipper, Capt'n Ron, who had the lobster mounted decades ago when we could still keep the big ones, told me that he was told it probably hatched around the Civil War!

Joel Woods

2018-12-20 06:28:21

"Parting off" The farther offshore you go, the larger the boats, the larger the nets, the heavier gear and the longer the trawls. On our boats the average size of the trawls, from high flyer to high flyer, is over 3/4 mile and have on average between 35 and 45 traps. But with such a long distance, the odds of parting the ground line (the long line that all of the traps are tied to) increase exponentially. Sometimes ground fishermen tow there nets through our gear leaving our traps smashed on the bottom, and our the trawl in a pile far from where we left it. Sometimes other lobstermen misjudge the direction or strength of the tide, and set their trawls directly over ours. When we try and haul our traps to the surface, the 2 ground lines chafe through each other, leaving it in 2 separate pieces. But more often then not, in an effort to reduce whale entanglements, our ground lines are made from neutrally buoyant or negatively buoyant material. Because of this, not only are the ground lines weaker then traditional floating line, but sink line will sit on bottom and chafe as the tide constantly pushes against it. But the one thing that is the constant in each of these scenarios, is everyone straining their eyes and craning their necks, looking out into the water trying to spot the other end that could be just about anywhere. The whole thing is made harder, not only when it's dark, but when it's snowing as well.


2018-12-19 18:53:32

Julie Ann


2018-12-18 22:12:43

The big old compass of the Saint Gerard ⚓ The boats fueled up, Christian is just chasing up some ice then he'll throw the ropes and steam out for a few days so that they can bring in fresh scale fish to supply for Christmas. I'm a bit sad for him having to leave, he loves the lead up to Christmas almost as much as the day itself. Hes been in festive mode for almost a month now, last night he cooked us up a huge Christmas ham and brought bonbons for the kids, we had Christmas drinks with a few on mates on the back deck and watched the sun go down and the fairy lights begin to twinkle. Luckily it will only be a short trip, a couple of days and then he will be back, to revel in the festivities and chaos that is Christmas in our little seaside town xx . #theartistandthefisherman . . . . . . . #nauticallove #outdoorsadventure #roughocean #wildweather #fishingcommunity #seadog #nauticallife #slowmoments #roughseas #coastallife #saltwaterfishing #oceanlover #oceanlove #oceanlife #saltlife #saltwaterfishing #fishermanswife #compassrose #australianseafood #fishingropes #southernocean #talesofadventure #sealegs #fishinglife #fishforthefuture #sustainability #oceanlover #fishingindustry #sharkfisherman #commercialfishingpics #seafoodindustry

Joel Woods

2018-12-17 06:26:18

What do you do when your out to sea but you can't find any fish? Well, you get a tattoo of course!

Joel Woods

2018-12-15 10:12:11

When fishing in foul weather, little if anything stays put. Lobsters, traps, gear and anything else not tied down, is thrown in every direction. This was a shot that I grabbed of the lobster tank as the water inside was forced out of the hole in the top as the boat pitches and heaves in the seas. Matinicus Island, Maine

Once winter rolls around you don’t see many days like this. You gotta take advantage of the nice weather while you can. Hope everyone is seeing full traps and nets. 📷: @fvcameronlee

Joel Woods

2018-12-19 04:46:19

As a fishermen, though we're constantly at the mercy of the sea, we are truly the masters of all that call her depths home. And as long as we stay afloat in our massive boats, nothing that swims below us can harm us. We set traps and hooks from horizon to horizon, and cast nets so large they could swallow entire city blocks. We trick, corral, entice and ensnare all that are unfortunate enough to be near us at that moment. Here, we are King! However, once we are foolish enough to leave the safety of our vessels, we are not only at the mercy of the sea and all that swims below her, and I assure you there is much swimming below her, but we very quickly become by far the most ill equipped to be there. We have no sharp spines or teeth to protect us. No fins to help us swim. No eyes that help us see below her surface. In an instant, we go from King, to potentially somethings breakfast. As fishermen we do not have the luxury and security that land brings everyone else that visits her shores. As fishermen it does not matters if the sea is calm and warm, or mighty and cold. If we enter her, and we are not pulled from her, we will die. To this rule, there are no exceptions. But even with all of that said, I am not fearful of the sea. I do not see her as a killer, quietly and constantly stalking me as I work; lying in wait for me to make a misstep and fall into her so she can swallow me whole. On the contrary. I see her as an old and constant friend. One who when I am near, gives me peace. And when I am far, makes me unsettled. Ultimately she will be the sole cause of my ruination, but that doesn't matter. Because without her next to me I would shrivel up anyways; without her next to me I would whither and die. So hear I am, cursed to keep something I love at arms length. Yet I'm blessed to be able to be near her daily. I am cursed to love something that is completely indifferent to my existence. Yet I am blessed to truly love something at all.


2018-12-12 05:42:13

The sun in all its glory again this morning. It’s so awesome being able to catch seafood for the community, while enjoying this view.

F/V Sandy Point Pride. She’s 39’11x 28’8. 📷: @devonbe94

Joel Woods

2018-12-12 14:30:51

11 days, 1 fucked up back, 8 days of bad weather and sub freezing temps and 16k lbs of lobster later, I'm back ashore. What do I love about being a commercial fisherman? Everything! What do I hate about being a commercial fisherman? Everything...

Blue is best. Just a few lobsters in this one. 📷: @shoreman9

F/V Mackenzie Paige II 📷: @hunterstone25

F/V Northwestern getting ready for some winter crabbing in the next few weeks. 📷: @karlnwrasmussen

F/V Bernadette out of Charleston Oregon! slaying the Dover this tow! Love seeing some west coast action! 📷: @nicholaspost

F/V Sea Watcher II all dressed up for the Holidays! 📷: @c_robinson81


2018-12-03 17:56:12

Hey Crab friends, I hope you all are geared up and ready for the season. It’s a different feeling not participating this season. Anyhow, this is a shot of The Defiant @defiantbiz tied up in Crescent City California, waiting for dump day. All of my photos are available for print. I have shots of guys from the Astoria/Warrenton area, and a ton of shots of guys that were in the Nushagak 2016 and 2018. Send me a message with your boats name and I’ll see what I have for ya. Merry Christmas you salty bastards. #bristolbay #deadliestcatch #guycotten #crabbing #commercialfishing

I was just talking about this the other day. When something goes wrong offshore usually the only people we have to help are other fisherman. F/V Liberty giving a helping hand to their sistership F/V Explorer who lost all steering. 📷: @chrischasecrab

never know what you'll find in a trap! ⚓#catchoftheday #bycatch #lobstertrap #lobsterfishing #mainecoast #commercialfishing #commercialfishingpics #saltlife . . |photo: @michael38872|

Beautiful colors during the sunrise on the Pacific Ocean right by Malibu beach! I’m loving being a California squid fisherman #californiasquidfishing #commercialfishingpics #california #sunrise #westcoast #goodmorning #monday #pacificocean

F/V Dominator and F/V Columbia. The dominator is truly a monster of a boat. 📷: Jack Molan

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Good luck to everyone dumping gear tomorrow in LFA 33 and 34! Here’s to a safe dumping day and loaded traps the rest of the season! Hopefully the weather cooperates for tomorrow anyway! 📷: @riel_deon @travislennox @jeff.rossdabphotographer

Matt Raynor

2018-11-30 09:36:00

Finally ready to shove off after a week waiting for a generator part. I’ve made a few friends around Galilee in the meantime. I also now have a comprehensive understanding of the local highways as I spent three days driving around doing errands for the boat 😆 Looks like I may be doing some shellfishing on the east end when I return ! - - - - - - - - #commercialfisherman #photographer #commercialfishing #commercialfishingpics #rhodeisland #galilee #newyork #shinnecock #montauk #nikon #nikond7100 #photography #sunset #boat #ocean #sea #photography

F/V Extreme One sank at the dock a couple of days ago. Such a sad day especially with the lobster season opening on Saturday. No one was injured and the lobster community came together to help get everything back in order as much as they could. The fishing community is really amazing. We may all have our differences and not get along but when someone needs help it doesn’t matter what your relationship is like we give them a hand, wether it’s at the dock or out at sea. Most of the time, especially in the winter the only help you have offshore is other fisherman. The coast guard could be hours away. So glad to see people lending a helping hand. Good luck to all my Canadian followers getting ready to dump gear on Saturday. I hope everyone stays safe and the traps are loaded. 📷: Ervin Olsen

Joel Woods

2018-11-28 12:10:59

Real time: Wednesday, November 28 Outbound, Portsmouth Harbor. Back ashore in 10 days...

Coastal Eyre

2018-11-28 13:30:13

Get a signed copy of the book Coastal Eyre this Sunday between 2pm and 4pm Don’t blow it and leave it too late at DEL GIORNOs Restaurant Pt Lincoln

Fishing Q&A: Q: How is seafood stored on the boat after its caught? A: (part 3) So far we have talked about live and freezer holds. Another type of hold is a slush hold. In the case of this Seiner, there are 2 fore and 2 aft tanks. The tanks are filled with ice and mixed with salt water to make slush. The temperature is typically around 0 degrees C. Fish caught by seine are kept head on and in the round (meaning they are not gutted). 📷: Cailyn Siider - chum season 2016 Are you a fisherman, what questions do you get asked the most? Do you have a question about fishing, send it to us and we will do our best to answer it.

The sunset was beautiful today! The sky lite up colors that my #iphonex just couldn’t capture and it’s difficult taking panorama pictures from the boat, I hope we catch lots of 🦑🦑🦑 tonight! #cheers #commercialfisherman #california #commercialfishingpics #californiasquidfishing #malibucalifornia #sunsetcolors #mondaymood

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2018-11-24 20:52:32

Oh the places you go without me, my love 🌊 . The phone that Christian takes to sea is designed for better range not great photos but in saying this it can create some pretty surreal, dream like picts when he is at sea 🌊 . Today the sun is shining, theres hardly a breath of wind through the trees above me, I hope he's loving it out there, where ever he is on the blue 🌊 . . . #theartistandthefisherman . . . . . . . #nauticallove #outdoorsadventure #roughocean #wildweather #fishingcommunity #seadog #nauticallife #slowmoments #roughseas #coastallife #saltwaterfishing #oceanlover #oceanlove #oceanlife #saltlife #saltwaterfishing #fishermanswife #stormyseas #australianseafood #fishingropes #southernocean #talesofadventure #sealegs #fishinglife #fishforthefuture #sustainability #oceanlover #fishingindustry #sharkfisherman #commercialfishingpics #seafoodindustry

F/V Fundy contender lobstering in LFA 35. 📷: @reganamirault93

Joel Woods

2018-11-23 17:34:31

It's not my typical fishing photo, since, well, we weren't fishing. But they do fish out of these boats. As we caught a ride from this guy, I had to grab a shot of him as we barreled in fairly shitty seas, from Koh Phi Phi to the neighboring island of Koh Phi Phi Lee. Until going to Thailand, I had never seen anything like these boats. And it's not just the hull that was different then what I was accustomed to, which it was, but the manner of propulsion that made me stop and stare. It's a long narrow wooden boat with an excessively long stem on the bow, and an equally excessively large car engine strapped to the stern. And when I say car engine, I mean a legit car engine just sitting out in the open on the back. I saw twins 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines, and every one of them completely bare in all of their naked glory. And each with every inch of their blocks, belts and pulleys, spinning shamelessly for the whole world to see, and all of this happening right behind the back of the operator. It has a throttle like a motorcycle, and directly off the crank is about 12' drive shaft with a propeller on the end of it. And underneath the engine was a swivel that allowed you to spin the engine completely around (the only means of backing down), but it also allows you to push down on the front of the engine, which brings the shaft and propeller in and out of the water behind it, essentially putting it in and out of gear. Dangerous? Yes. Clever? Absolutely! Load as all hell? Sorry, I couldn't hear you....

Coastal Eyre

2018-11-23 01:57:56

Don’t slip up get your copy of the book Coastal Eyre before the Xmas rush at also available at Port Lincoln visitor information center,Liverpool st Newsagency,Adventure Bay Charters,The Fresh Fish Place,Boston Bean Co,Boat Supplies,Taylor’s Marine and now at Axel Stenross maritime museum and now at ORLANTE Clothing and shoes Streaky Bay

Joel Woods

2018-11-22 09:37:06

Sometimes there are nights when you're on a herring seiner, that you can't find the fish, and don't even set the net. So the night drags on as everyone stays close to their stations just in case we stumble upon a big fat ball of fish. But as the sun starts to rise, and what little fish there may be scatters and dives towards the bottom, everyone is left with an excess of pent up energy that didn't get spent the night before. And like any pirates, that energy tends to gravitate towards the mischievous. Maybe the guns come out, and pot shots are taken at anything floating by. Maybe even we get out the machine and get tattoos. Maybe there are even times when things go a little farther, and a bare knuckle boxing match breaks out. And maybe someone catches one squah in the nose...

Coastal Eyre

2018-11-22 00:49:49

Don’t be caught in the storm order your copy now so as not to miss out at makes an excellent Christmas present oh yeah

Coastal Eyre

2018-11-22 00:16:52

Almost feel guilty enjoying the storm while some poor bastards are out working in it Stay safe !


2018-11-22 00:07:38

Spare a thought for those at sea trying to make a living while some of us are actually enjoying the storm.Doesnt seem right.Image taken last night Eyre Peninsula

Joel Woods

2018-11-21 09:11:37

Greatest Hits: Though I wouldn't consider this little bugger a "rogue wave", I think it shows very nicely how one wave, for reasons unknown, can be twice the size of all the others around it. And when you're not expecting one to be that size, is easy to be caught off guard, and off balance, especially at night. Foreground: Keith Darling Background: Myself Atlantic Ocean - Gulf of Maine -

With a boat going down this past week and winter coming that inevitably means the weather is going to get much worse, I thought I would share this. Just remember why local seafood is more expensive than imported seafood. There are very few jobs out there where you walk out your front door knowing that you might not make it back. Commercial fishing isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle and it’s in our blood. I know I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It’s especially tough on our family members and loved ones back on land. They say goodbye and then have to wait days, sometimes weeks before they seen you again. When the wind comes up or they see a big storm moving across the country they have no control over what happens. They just have to wait it out and hope that soon enough they will see you again. Please feel free to share this and show everyone you know. The price of fish is very dear.

F/V Miss October a 45’ Leblanc on a typical day on the Bay of Fundy. 📷: @samuelsmall

Coastal Eyre

2018-11-18 01:19:50

The tuna industry quickly adapted to fish farming as they possessed the necessary skills ,the drive and the determination to forge ahead Preceding years forced them to the wall then saw heroes rise up and fight for survival

Timothy Remus

2018-11-17 17:57:06

The commercial fishing boats don’t tie up to docks, they just park en-masse. When It’s time to move they just kind of bump and grind their way through the crowd. #commercialfishingpics #shrimpfishing #shrimpfishingboats

Reijer Kros

2018-11-17 11:29:44

Mooie dag op Toms Creek, 1e in mijn vak. #vissen #commercialfishingpics #tackleguru #tomscreek#tomscreek_vispark#gurufishing

F/V Aaron & Melissa II went down 3 days ago about 60 miles off the coast of Rockland, Maine. The coast guard was able to recuse everyone on the boat. It was reported that there were 20ft seas and 50kt winds when she went down. Glad everyone was able to get into their survival suits and get into the life raft. You can always buy another boat, you can’t buy another life. Stay safe out there everyone. The weather is getting worse and the temperature is dropping. 📷: @mopar44059

Coastal Eyre

2018-11-17 01:28:22

Saturday night BLAST FROM THE PAST tow cage about to be transferred into holding pens mid 90’s .


2018-11-16 21:48:20

Just another day in the office! #bornkillas #gottacatchemall #bestinthewest #pnw #westcoastbestcoast #getsome #3amigos #commercialfishingpics these two are for you @johnstone93 #hogdaddys and #scallopslayers 😉😂

F/V Flavian S getting it done on a breezy day offshore. 📷: @jk08202


2018-11-15 10:27:36

Boat: F/V Recovery Captain: Vinny Crew: will Samp @therealslimsampy, Andrew Litwin Fishery: Bristol Bay Sockeye 2018 Location: The Nushagak River @therealslimsampy picking fish in the flats. For more facts about this fishery check out Oh, and this fishery is under threat thanks to mining and the trump administration. Regardless of your political affiliation, if you are pro fish, and a outdoors person you might want to look into the Pebble Mine Project in Bristol Bay. It could potentially destroy the largest natural salmon run in the world and be replaced for a mine that won't produce in perpetuity. . . . . #intasea #commercialfishingpics #findrefugeinthesea #slaveofthesea#nauticalimages#salty_crew#longlining#maritimelife #crabbing🦀#fishslayer #knowyourfisherman #crabfishing #sunrisechaser #shipslife #bristolbay #xtratuf #alaskasummer #grundens #boatporn #fishinglove #saltyvibes #earthoutdoors10k#fishmonger#sockeye#deadliestcatch#seekoffshore#thrillseekers#idratherbeinnature#nationalgeo


2018-11-15 10:26:38

Boat: F/V Katanya Captain: Rocky Koons @Rock_koons Crew: Katrina @k.a.t_r_i_n_a, And yours truly @justingoodfun Fishery: Bristol Bay Sockeye 2018 Location: The Nushagak River Living quarters on a gillnet boat. For those who don’t have a ½ million $$$ gillnet boat this is the typical living situation (actually maybe a little smaller than typical ha ha). Every summer thousands of men and women head to Bristol bay to harvest the largest production of natural salmon on the planet. During these 6 weeks the majority of them live aboard a small boat, rarely leaving the vessel and working around the clock. For more facts about this fishery check out Oh, and this fishery is under threat thanks to mining and the trump administration. Regardless of your political affiliation, if you are pro fish, and a outdoors person you might want to look into the Pebble Mine Project in Bristol Bay. It could potentially destroy the largest natural salmon run in the world and be replaced for a mine that won't produce in perpetuity. . . . . #intasea #commercialfishingpics #findrefugeinthesea #slaveofthesea#nauticalimages#salty_crew#longlining#maritimelife #crabbing🦀#fishslayer #knowyourfisherman #crabfishing #sunrisechaser #shipslife #bristolbay #xtratuf #alaskasummer #grundens #boatporn #fishinglove #saltyvibes #earthoutdoors10k#fishmonger#sockeye#deadliestcatch#seekoffshore#thrillseekers#idratherbeinnature#nationalgeo


2018-11-15 10:25:33

Boats: Beer Bottle Mama, Ark Angel, unkown Captain: Do you know? Please comment with names Crew: IDK Fishery: Bristol Bay Sockeye 2018 Location: The Nushagak River Sitting on the pic, waiting for the opener to start. High definition wall art available on request. Up tp 60 inches across and various materials, including Metal and fine art paper. . . . . #intasea #commercialfishingpics #findrefugeinthesea #slaveofthesea#nauticalimages#salty_crew#longlining#maritimelife #crabbing🦀#fishslayer #knowyourfisherman #crabfishing #sunrisechaser #shipslife #bristolbay #xtratuf #alaskasummer #grundens #boatporn #fishinglove #saltyvibes #earthoutdoors10k#fishmonger#sockeye#deadliestcatch#seekoffshore#thrillseekers#idratherbeinnature#nationalgeo