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Dance with the frequencies of life and you'll start to see in colors you never thought existed. Photoshoot theme: Outrageously Mismatched Attire Photographer: Sam Marie Makeup: Model, Willow Riley Hair: Model Clothing: Model, SaMarie Fashion #smfmodels #smfmodelsusa #samariefashion #samariefashionmodels #trans #transgenderwoman #transformation #transgender #transgendermodel #goals #dreams #confidence #driven #photography #photoshoot #motivational #modeling #model #selfrespect #selflove #knowyourworth #neverquit #nevergiveup #imahurricane #dance #colors #clothing #fashion #life #gypsy

🥋Attention holiday schedule 🥋🇺🇸 tomorrow Practice 6 pm to 745pm all levels No kids class enjoy the holiday God bless 🙏🏻🇺🇸


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I wish I knew what I know now when I was younger. I wish I had the confidence I feel in myself now back then. I feel like a lot would be different. But I know we can’t go back. I grew up with parents who did not have confidence in me, they didn’t build me up or help, they constantly tore me down and shattered my confidence. But now, I’ve found people who build me up and I can be myself with. I have a family of friends who love me for me no matter what. I’m finally confident in me, and proud to be me. #confidence #happiness #loveyourself #me

Trust the process 💪 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #2k18 #confidence #trust #process #trusttheprocess #life #lifestyle #quoteoftheday #quotes #2k17 #love #happy


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Really am trying to love myself more lately 🌹 #selflove #confidence #lovemyself #makeup #curlyhair

Enrollment is open until WEDNESDAY for my next Self Love challenge! . This week is the NEXT kick off for my Project CONQUER, SELF LOVE CHALLENGE 💕✨ . It's the month OF LOVE! If I asked you to name all of the things you love... how long would it take you to love yourself? Our focus is going to be all about SELF LOVE ❤️🙌 . I have 7 SPOTS for ladies to join and want to have YOU join us! Each lady gets a gift from ME for joining and loving on herself, for joining us! . Work 1 on 2 with myself, join my online fit fam community & workout alongside me VIRTUALLY! Lose weight, gain self love, confidence & MORE! Let's do this babes! . Want more details about joining me, and grabbing one of the last few SPOTS?! Drop an EMOJI below 👇

Gabby Gross

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Sometimes I take time to do my makeup and other days I rock yesterday’s makeup because its called balance 😉 #balance #selflove #loveyourself #confidence #confident #ss #latergram #smile #makeup


Tonight was a night of firsts for me and yep I was confident in the wine shop and apparently I was dead wrong...whoops...read about it in tonight’s blog :) #confidence #smiling

People will stare, make it worth their while 🖤✨ #gymlife #fitness #makeithappen #confidence

Sometimes when I start to think I should be seeing changes quicker..like from week to week or even within a few days and I don’t I will admit I get a little bummed. But then I remind myself of a few things: -This is about progress, not perfection. -This is a marathon, not a sprint. -This is about the journey (that will never end), not the destination. -This is not a quick fix. There are no magic pills. -This is a lifestyle, not a “diet.” -I am not only nourishing myself, but I’m nourishing my growing baby boy. -I have come farther in my 6 week postpartum to 6 month postpartum journey with my third child than I did probably in years with my first two children. We didn’t start our health and fitness journey until October 2014 when our second child was almost 3 years old. So I am beyond thankful I have all I need this time in order to not wait so long to get healthier, feel better, have more energy, and have a better quality of mom life with my kids! I am still getting up 1-2 times a night with the baby but I am not dragging all day the next day. I am getting down on the floor playing WITH him. I am able to lift his stroller and car seat in and out of the car by myself. I am able to hold him for however long he needs me to without feeling like my arm is going to fall off! Pictures and how clothes are fitting can really show you how far you’ve come so putting these side by side really reminded me of that! I don’t weigh myself often because the number doesn’t really matter to me to be honest..I feel best when my Mommy tummy is a little more toned so my jeans fit better without the pooch hanging over, I like seeing muscle and definition in my arms and legs, I like having more energy, I like feeling less stressed, and I like feeling more confident and better in my skin! Today was Day 32/80 of the home fitness program we’ve been doing and we are loving it! I am feeling amazing and can’t wait for the next day! Need some help with working out? Nutrition? Losing weight/inches? Want to have more energy? Confidence? Comment below or send me a message and let’s see if it would help you too!

Sometimes it's hard to understand why the wind blows you were you can not go , why your soul goes with it knowing it can not stay there . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Summer is almost over 😭 but I’m going to keep buying swimsuits because I’ll be in Hawaii in August 🤓🙌🏼 It is my goal to be confident enough in myself to wear to wear swimsuits on the beach while I’m there. In the last 4 years I can count one one hand how many times I went to the beach and wore a swimsuit, and the amount of times I didn’t go to the beach on a beautiful sunny day because I didn’t want to be around a lot of people in a swimsuit is just silly. I’ll be running around #hawaii with @nickvavitiss in my bikini without a care in the world ❤️ P.s can anyone recommend good #vegan froyo places, preferably places with more then one vegan flavour because I like variety 😊 P.p.s This white bikini top is from @thehelpfulveganboutique

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learn to trust my self a lot more #confidence #forest 🌲🌲

Confidence is the art of having faith in yourself 🌺 #sinfulbeauty #selfie #confidence #getsnobetter #simplyme

Friendship 25 years strong! ❣️