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You are your baby‘s first experience of love 💗 ******************************************************Babies fühlen die Liebe in ihrem Herzen durch unsere Hände. Babymassage verbindet und kommuniziert die Liebe. Es ist eine wunderschöne Erfahrung für Babies und ihre Eltern. #potd #babymassage #love #happiness #happybaby #routine #bondingtime #connectingwithyourbaby #munich #parenthood #qualitytime #experience #baby #health #massage #circulation #lymphatic #poweroftouch #growth #newparents #happymum #happydad #happybaby #wellness

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Whoohoo! Yoga-Tastic 4 Kids will be teaching a Parent & Child class catered to babies at My Gym in Oakville on November 13th @ 9:30am! To register please use this link and click on class calendar! ⬇️ #momandbabyyoga #yogaforkids #connectingwithyourbaby #joinus #mygym

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Research Behind the Lovey Heart Scent: part 2 of 2 The Lovey Heart Scent helps provide comfort to babies who have to spend time in the NICU following their birth because their mother’s scent can stay with them. .... .... ... References: 1. Winberg J, Porter R. Olfaction and human neonatal behavior: clinical implications. Acta Paediatr 1998; 87: 6-10. 2. Mizuno K et al. Mother-infant skin-to-skin contact after delivery results in early recognition of own mother’s milk odor. Acta Paediatr 2004; 93: 1640-5. 3. Romantshik O et al. Preliminary evidence of a sensitive period for olfactory learning by human newborns. 2007; 96: 372-376. 4. Nishitani S, Miyamura T, Tagawa M, Sumi M, Takase R, Doi H, Moriuchi H, Shinohara K. The calming effect of a maternal breast milk odor on the human newborn infant. Neurosci Res. 2009;63:66-71. 5. Shah PS, Aliwalas LI, Shah V. Breastfeeding or breast milk for procedural pain in neonates. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2006;3:CD004950.�6. Delaunay-El Allam M, Marlier L, Schaal B. Learning at the breast: preference formation for an artificial scent and its attraction against the odor of maternal milk. Infant Behav Dev. 2006;29(3):308-21.

Research Behind the Lovey Heart Scent- part 1 of 2 Babies’ sense of smell, called “olfaction,” is highly developed at birth. Scientists think a baby’s ability to smell his mother is one of the important ways he learns to recognize her. Newborns spend a lot of time with their eyes closed. Researchers have found that newborns are able to tell the difference between the smell of their mothers and the smell of other women (yes, they really did a study!). Babies’ early exposure to a smell (in the first couple of hours after birth versus more than 12 hours after birth) results in a stronger and longer memory of the smell. This may be because newborn babies learn from their senses best when they have high levels of the hormone norepinephrine and this hormone is high in most babies in the first few hours after they are born. Babies don’t have the ability to know what smells are; they don't know a flower or diaper by its smell – that takes experience. But, babies are calmed by the familiar smells that they associate with good experiences (like a loving touch or breastfeeding). In contrast, babies may turn away from strangers with strong unfamiliar odors so you might ask Aunt Sara not to wear too much perfume when she comes to visit! Because babies are more likely to remember the odors they were exposed to very early in life, they are more likely to be familiar with and calmed by the smell of their own mothers – since she’s right there after birth. These studies do not mean that babies won’t be able to recognize their mothers’ smell if they are not with her in the first hour or two, but it might take longer than those who are physically close to their moms earlier in life. Skin-to-skin contact for about an hour immediately after birth increases babies’ recognition of the smell of their moms’ milk at 4 days postpartum. Early skin-to-skin contact has many benefits for mom and baby and many hospitals encourage the practice immediately after birth, during the best time for learning. Dads can make sure that the baby is familiar with their smell by cuddling close early and often! ❤️More to come tomorrow!!❤️ #loveybabyproducts

In my 35 years of being a nurse I have so many tips to give out. I’m going to start sharing them with you. Today’s tip is for #connectingwithyourbaby ... ... ... ... #newmom #oxytocin #nursetips #loveybabyproducts #pregnant


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Heart-womb breathing. A beautiful breathing-visualization practice that @butterfly_andie and I learned in our pregnancy yoga teacher training with @umadinsmoretuli oh so many years ago now. 💗 💗 I have used this, my prenatal yoga students have used this, my clients have used this practice to center themselves, to focus their attention inwards, ti connect with their baby. 💗 💗 Directing breath to your heart space invites a full expansion of the lungs. Directing the breath to the belly and your baby activates baroreceptors (receptors that sense pressure) which signals the brain that you are settled (same signals as when you are breathing right before you fall asleep). 💗 💗 Heart rate slows down, breathing slows down, thoughts slow down. You are relaxed. Your baby is relaxed. 💗 💗 Your full attention is on your baby. A beautiful way to connect. And your baby learns how to calm down. This same practice can be used after your baby is born ... to connect and to calm. 💗 💗 Search for Andrea White, Heart-Womb Breathing on youtube. Happy to share this practice with you in person. 💗 💗 #wholeheartedpregnancy #heartwombbreath #connectingwithyourbaby #scienceyogadoula

Happy International Day of Infant Massage and Nurturing Touch!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vimala!! #healingtouch#infantmassageusa#infantmassage#connectingwithyourbaby#bondingwithbaby#massageforhealth

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Prenatal Yoga hamilelik esnasında hormonların dengelenmesine, bedeninizin güçlenmesine, kalça ve sırt ağrılarına, uyku düzeninize, sindirim sisteminize, kan dolaşımınıza fayda sağlar ancak hepsinden önemlisi yaşadığımız gündelik hayatın keşmekeşliği içerisinde yavaşlamanıza kendinize ve bebeğinize odaklanmanıza fırsat tanır. Ayrıca aynı deneyimi yaşayan diğer hamile annelerle bir araya gelme, paylaşma ve doğum sonrası dahi devam edebilecek dostlukların kurulmasını sağlar. @mpowersportsclub Pazartesi 18.30 Çarşamba 9.00 Cuma 9.00 Cumartesi 10.00 #prenatal #hamileyogası #sisterhood #mummybaby #hormones #strength #painrelief #bloodflow #sleep #digestion #connectingwithyourbaby

A fun and exciting 3-class series offered by @knowandgrowinstitute - It is designed to help parents learn more baby sign language to use with their young child; however, no prior experience is required. . This series is for any parent wanting to learn signs for these topics: Bath and Body, Clothes and Dressing, Favorite Animals, and Colors. . You bring your child with you to learn signs together through parent talk, singing, playing, and reading aloud. It's so much fun! Replace frustration and miscommunication with understanding and empowerment! . MONDAYS, October 9 - October 23; 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM; $35/family Appropriate for children birth - 2 years old. Register here: #signwithyourbaby #babysignlanguage #wrclasses #wrmc #connectingwithyourbaby


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Your baby believes in you. They instinctively know you will make the right choices for both of you. Have faith. Listen to the inner birthing wisdom. That voice of knowing. Sit quietly for 5 minutes a day and reconnect. You have all the answers already. Your body always knows what to do. Now you just need to believe in yourself. ✨VBAC is a mindset✨ #vbacwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #thevbacschool #vbac #vbacissafe #vbacwithlove #vbacwithconfidence #birthfeminist #feminism #vbactips #enpoweredwomen #birthingwisdom #wombwisdom #connectingwithyourbaby #bopo #bodypositivity