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Sunday before the #funday 🎉✔️Laundry ✔️sheets in the dryer ✔️started writing out top priorities for this week and I’m ready to tackle anxiety, ready to make my self-care come first. I’ve tried holistic healing, exercise (which works wonders but my anxiety still lingers🙄), blood work, fixing health issues, Reiki, supplements, prayers, gratitude, yoga, meditation, medication, having fun, resting, self-help books, you name it I’ve tried it . This week I’m more consciously directing my focus on a 7-day anxiety class online, 5 minutes of journaling a day (Sofia’s joining this one too!), 20min daily cardio + reading . I so wish there was something that magically takes the anxiousness away. I want to live life + do ALL the things then as I set out to do it, bam! Panic attacks strike wave after wave. The formidable dizziness, racing thoughts, wanting to climb out of your own skin, hands tingling, shortness of breath all while knowing it’s complete + utter bullsh*t . I’m not sure how it’s possible to be a total hippie and so high strung at the same time!?🤷🏻‍♀️


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• INTRODUCING BREATHWORK THROUGH THE ZODIAC • link in bio ☾ . the first session is here! libra themes include truth, balance, justice, equality, relationships, fairness, + boundaries. you’ll receive an intro video + playlist to evoke libra energy. . use this breathwork session: - during any significant astrological transits around libra (for example, when the sun, moon, or planets move into libra) - if you have lots of libra (or lack of libra) in your natal chart - if you want to process the energy you hold around libra themes . if you’ve been watching my stories, i’ve been posting sneak peaks of the playlist. let me just say that it is soo on point. lol i can say this because i’m a libra sun + rising 😇

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Where do you travel with your @arkcrystals 💎?? #tag4likes #tag4repost if you want me to share!! Shoutout to @alexciprianitravel for the #tag #whereistheark 💎✌️👁🤳💥🏆📸💎🎉


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Oddstation - One10%, Philth Like, 90BRO Three artists from the same city, living in different cities, talking about the same city, their home city Check out the full video on the link in me bio like... @ninetybro #goldbars #ukhiphop #spokenword #poetry #sunderland #malaysia #manchester #illustration #music #art #culture #artist #northeasthiphop #hiphop #social #consciousness #barberlife #manchesterbarber


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I don’t think anyone really has loads of extra time where they can spend it focusing on themselves. . However: We need to make sure that we take a moment to stop, breathe and reset. . My Sunday’s are now filled with dance class, so things need to be adjusted a tad. I used to grocery shop, prep food, do laundry, take time for me. BUT, this may now be tricky ... . 〰️ I could panic about always being in a rush today. Run to the grocery store after I drop off my daughter. Multi task and Start my list of things to do. . 〰️ Or, I could sit back and relax during the 45 minute dance class and take some quite time for mamma. . Today I choose to stop and enjoy myself ❤️


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He stands before a mystery, whose solution he will one day find. Every so often, he says to himself: 'This life is absolutely insane.' ⚔️. ⚔️. ⚔️. He is right. In surrendering to the miracle of the everyday, he notices that he cannot always foresee the consequences of his actions. ⚔️. ⚔️. ⚔️. Sometimes he acts without even knowing that he is doing so, he saves someone without even knowing he is saving them, he suffers without even knowing why he is sad. ⚔️. ⚔️. ⚔️. Yes, life is insane. But the great wisdom of the warrior lies in choosing his insanity wisely. ⚔️. ⚔️. ⚔️. ⚔️. ⚔️. #spirituality #love #higherconsciousness #spiritual #consciousness #meditate #pinealgland #enlightenment #knowthyself #namaste #meditation #higherawakening #knowledge #loveandlight #energy #soul #peace #awakening #higherfrequency #highervibes #truth #spiritualgrowth #4biddenknowledge #universalguidance #conscious #spiritualrevolution #spirit #wisdom


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The law of attraction! You will get what you think about, positive or negative, it will come your way so choose your thoughts wisely 👌🏻

Sound on** 🎧 The last few months have been pretty insane for me/us. So many changes and preparations for change. I haven’t had a single ‘lucid spiritual’ moment for what feels like eternity and have been surviving purely on hunches as intuition and instinct for weeks. . When we moved, I felt like I was uprooting us and leaving behind a community, in the most gorgeous city I was blessed to live and have ancestral connections to. . I spent the last couple weeks with my head down focusing in on my own gut. Having no clue if my decision would pay off and doubting myself. The last time I felt like that I found out I was pregnant with Arlo and I moved back to York as a safety net. This time, I was moving town with us both. Away from our safety net. Sort of like leaving the nest. 🦅 . This weekend, putting down my paint brushes and spending some time with open eyes in our new local area has given me the answer. Confirmed the hunches and intuitions. All the pushes I couldn’t make sense of and put into words. . It has come (as always!) at this precious equinox time (always my new year) and I feel at home. And so very glad to have taken that risk. . As we walked and explored our new natural habitats I also realised — ancestral connections have nothing to do with people or blood lines. They are about the land. I am a descendant of nature. I share the same DNA as creation herself and we all really ARE children of the universe 🌟 🌏🌲❤️🦅 . . #cominghome #childoftheuniverse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #autumn🍁 #everyseason #happyplace #explore #loveautumn #leaves #naturelovers #nature_good #naturephotography #pagansofinstagram #equinox #sundayselfcare #courage #intuition #myvideo #walkingmeditation #mindfulness #awakening #consciousness #trust #trustyourgut #instinct #wildfamily #feral #newhome #earthmagic #whatatimetobealive #magichappens


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I'm 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 who can relate?? 😂☠😭 @lauraclery #spiritualism #spiritualist #spirituality #consciousness #affirmations #manifestation


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Beloved Goddesses,⠀ ⠀ Is your intention to elevate your consciousness and live a heart-centred life of service and fulfillment? 💞⠀ ⠀ Tomorrow evening MON SEPT 24th, we gather in a circle of sisterhood here in Vancouver to activate and awaken at this auspicious time of the Autumn Equinox and Aries full moon.🌘🌕🌒⠀ ⠀ Will you join me? 💞⠀ ⠀ Get started with the video replay of our Autumn Equinox Ceremony over on The Secret Garden Society Facebook Page.💥⠀ ⠀ This change of season presents a potent pause for reflection on positive change implemented in 2018 and the expression of deep gratitude. 🍂✨🍂⠀ ⠀ Register @ link in bio 🌘🌕🌒⠀ ⠀ I welcome you to open to more support, more self-compassion and new momentum and enthusiasm on your path. 💥⠀ ⠀ Now is our time to share our Goddess given gifts with the world. 💞⠀ ⠀ See you soon!⠀ ⠀ Desirée ⠀ ⠀ 🌹


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Shadow Work. It’s not easy. It’s not pretty. It’s uncomfortable. But it’s worth it. When we begin to integrate the parts of ourselves that are lying beneath the surface, a great healing takes place. And patterns that have been playing out for perhaps generations upon generations can be broken. And recognizing these samskaras, this work is not just the greatest gift that we can give our children but perhaps humanity and the planet as a collective consciousness. It’s powerful. We’re here to do the work. All of the work. Not just the parts that are “love and light”... we’re here to bring the collective shadows to the surface and integrate and heal as a collective. Can you see and feel all of the shadows of our society coming into the light? It’s not subtle, it’s not comfortable, it’s very intense and it’s the life we’ve chosen in to at this time and we have the power to move mountains. I want to thank my teacher @ashleyturner1 for the work she is doing on this planet. Shining a light on each of the shadow aspects of our @yogapsychology sangha with deep compassion. Empowering each of us to rise to the occasion of this time and space our souls have chosen. It’s a rollercoaster of a time to be alive. And we are here to do great work, to shift the perspective and the future of humankind. Yet again, I feel reborn. And so thankful. #yogapsychesoul #yogapsychology #tantrayoga #samskara #samskaras #shadowwork #collectiveconsciousness #healing #consciousness #consciousparenting

This Law works. It will always work. It changed my life. I vow to teach/spread this information and to help change others. (only if they want to change) #lawofattraction #wealth #mind #abundance #consciousness #positive #thoughts #knowledge #speaklife #karma #prosperity #energy #universe #staypositive #believe #millionaire #positivethoughts #loa #manifest #lifeisgood#youarecreators

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Yes my circle so small it's a period but I am coming to this point in my spiritual journey where I want more quantity while keeping the same quality. I've met so many people through #3conscious3garden3 that it's crazy. It has changed how I view people in a different way, more positive. Like I have over 20,000 most love my work and some just are here but my perspective of what a day one or best friend is has changed. I want to connect with more people on a intellectual, mental, spiritual, and emotional way. I understand the beauty in the connection so I would love to meet more people. I want to create better ways to connect to spiritual people. What do you think conscious family??? Do you feel the same way?? . . . . . . Follow @3conscious3garden3 for more great content!! . . . . #consciousgarden #3conscious3garden3 #consciousness #plantdatseed #feelinggood #growth #vibes #create #abundance #wealth #happy #happiness #love #higherknowledge #higherconsciousness #knowyourworth #knowthyself #universe #knowledge #knowledgeispower #lawofattraction #meditation #mastermind #freethinker #thinkforyourself #liveforyou #befree