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✨ a note to self to enjoy each moment. to not wish away time, places or experiences in the pursuit of 'more', 'new' or 'better'. (ph: @willtakesphotos_ )

Who could resist taking a stroll along a beach this lovely?😍💙 . Looking for more beaches to explore and activities to try in Cebu? Then visit Moalboal soon! This diver's paradise is home to diverse, rich, and colorful marine life. It's also a great jump off point for other popular destinations around Cebu like the Kawasan falls and Basdaku.🌏 . What are you waiting for? Visit Moalboal, Cebu today!👣 .

The best part of this Christmas season, even though we are far away from home and family, is making the most of our awesome kitchen in our temporary home. The countertops are absolutely perfect for baking and all day cooking sessions. Days off are filled with floury hands and happy faces like this. We haven't been able to bake and cook like this in ages - but having all the equipment is a big treat. Our personal cookbook is becoming quite lengthy! <3 . . . . . #christmascooking #christmascookies #bakingfever #temporaryhome #digitalnomads #lgbtqtravel #lgbtqtravelers #lesbiantravel #globalgaygirlgang #home #kitchentime #homecooking #tistheseason #festivespirit #veganfriendly #bakingtime #familytime #christmas #officeoftheday #vegetarian #travelcanada #awayforchristmas #digitalnomadcouple #germancooking #travelkindly #conscioustravel #worldtravel #traveltheworld #rockabilly #girlswithtattoos

A small recap of my trip last week. Although these are some serious cons, for me the pros do outweigh them (the cut in CO2 alone is enough for me) and I’m really happy to travel like this in the future! Except for the daybus on the way back: 0 stars, do not recommend... But if I plan it better I could probably get a nightbus back as well. Problem solved. Now the EU needs to fix the crazy price thing with the trains and someone needs to install a couple of water fountains at the stations and we’re all good to go! 😉 #sustainabletravel #conscioustravel #toportobytrainandbus #hadagreattime #prosandcons #woulddefinitelydoitagain #hopeyouwilldothesame #pleasefixthetrainsystemintheeu #ikreisanders

Winter is an artist! It has an amazing ability to sculpt and shape nature in white. So much so that many people has imitated nature to do ice art. Some places even run ice sculpture festivals and competitions. From Canada to Russia and China you can encounter the most amazing ice art traditions. Do you know any? For more tips check the +principles link in our bio. What are your favourite winter activities 💚? Comment 👇 __________ This is a 3×3 on winter wonderland. ___________ Follow us for more at: 👉@impacttravelworld 👉tag #positiveimpacttravel to be featured 📷 @simonmigaj ___________ Don't be indifferent Be #theinformedtraveller ___________________ #nomadict #wildernesstones #thewanderco #earthpix #bealpine #escapeandwonder #folkscenery #mountainstones #exploreourearth #stayandwander #the_folknature #earthoutdoors #wanderforever #bestravelphoto #mountainstories #createscenery #exceptional_pictures #mountiansgram #wildernesstones #voyage #viaje #путешествия #resonsibletravel #mindfultravel #conscioustravel #sustainabletravel #amazingplaces

✨MY TOP NINE 2018✨ . Thanks for all the support guys ❤️🙏✨ . For a year full of adventures, lots of nature, exploring, archeology, spirituality, yoga, consciousness, a lot lot of turquoise blue waters 💙 . May we all live our passions and what makes our heart beat. . May we all are in service of humanity and help the world to thrive. . May the beauty of our Mother Earth can survive us until we all wake up and live a healthier, more conscious and respectful life. . May we all are happy ✨ . . . #consciousworldcris🌀🌎 #topnine2018 #top #topnine #topnineinstagram #traveladdicts #naturelovers #ancientknowledge #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogini #archeologylovers #sunsetlovers #consciousness #consciousliving #conscioustravel #conscioustraveller #spiritualgangsters #globetrotter #worldexplorer #consciousnessevolution #support #help #giveback #love #beyou #giveyourgift #bethechange


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FROM THE SUITCASE // Stuck For last minute gift ideas? We’ve got lots of great presents for people on the move.. Today is our cut-off for delivery in time for Christmas ✨🌎

We are all connected 🙏 #ayahuasca #ayahuascaretreat #shaman

“Don’t eat salads. You’ll get sick” is what many ppl told me as I prepared for my first international trip years ago. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ppl that recommend this usually believe that if the fruits and vegetables have already been pre-cut and prepared, you risk being exposed to sanitation concerns—not sure if the food was cleaned thoroughly and safely — concerns if the food was cleaned with “unsafe local water” or clean environments. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Culture II Culture suggests that you CAN eat salads when traveling overseas. Just make sure to take care in selecting which restaurants you trust in preparing your salads. Hold off from buying any open salads or pealed vegetables or fruits from vendors off the road. If you’ve connected with anyone in the local community, they can recommend restaurants and street vendors for visitors. Use the same caution in where you get your salads just as you would in the US (think: the latest E. coli outbreak traced back to romaine lettuce 😶). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸 in #ethiopia #eatasalad #travelafrica #eatlocal #responsibletravel #internationaltravel #smarttravel #conscioustravel #healthytravel #blackdiaspora #cultureiiculture

Good Morning #tuesday... lets do this! #galvanise 😜 (Only 1 min video of an awesome 6 mins... anyone have any top tips of how to load more than a minute?)

I journaled while I was traveling in Bhutan - some scribbles were in old school pen and paper, others on my phone while I was in the car in one of those long drives. Here’s some random thought on Day 2. “We were driving early morning, headed to Chelela, a high mountain pass to the west, when we pulled over suddenly. There was a small group of people huddled on the side of the road. They were looking excitedly over the distance. My guide got off the car so I felt like I had to as well. “What’s going on?” I asked Sonam. “An airplane is landing.” This innocence is unsettling.

Have you camped upon the foothills, have you galloped o'er the ranges Have you roamed the arid sun-lands through and through? Have you chummed up with the mesa? Do you know its moods and changes? Then listen to the Wild — it's calling you. ~ Robert Service . 📷: @benglasscophoto . . . #wakefulttravel #mindfultravel #purpose #poem #robertservice #qotd #quoteoftheday #mindfulness #exploremore #roamfree #findmeinnature #vancouverisland #pictureperfect #greenery #savetheworld #planet #environmentalist #consciousness #conscioustravel #motherearth #wanderer

This sherpa is carrying a 70kg double-door freezer on his back. It’s insane how much weight sherpas can carry, and sadly many tourists take advantage of this. The International Porters Protection Groups’ advised limit for Nepal is 30kg. With one porter typically used for two hikers, and the porters’ own kit usually weighing around 5kg, that leaves you with 12.5kg. I’m travelling with @encounterstravel which has a limit of 12.5kg per person, and it’s honestly all you need - I’ve got dry shampoo, power packs, an entire pharmacy, the works. Don’t forget to ask if your operator follows these responsible guidelines. If it doesn’t, consider spending your rupees elsewhere 〰 #nepal #hiking #responsibletravel

Your own private ocean-view room so you can unwind and relax while enjoying the exuberant tropical view 🌿✨

Let me ask you pay your bills and debts month in and month out. I get it, you “have to”...but when’s the last time you paid yourself first?! Here’s an idea, when you get paid every other Friday, make a monthly payment towards your Bali retreat, then pay your bills. You deserve it more than your creditors anyways! And your bills will still be there when you get home. And they might even be easier to pay because...when your Soul is full, everything else in life is possible and worth it! 💯💪🏼 We still have a $400 deposit that’s yours for the taking! Message us to make it yours! Retreats starting March 11th or July 10th, 2019! Monthly payments available! ✈️🌏🎉 #holyhealingbali Link in bio

At RoundTrip, we believe that travel can play a key role in fighting poverty. All travellers – from backpackers to cruise boat junkies – can have a positive impact on the places they visit. Head to our responsible travel resource on our website to find out more.

As sustainable travelers, we do a lot to ensure that our everyday actions have a positive impact. But let's be real here – conscious consumerism can only go so far. Did you know that just 100 companies account for 71% of the world's carbon emissions!? That's not okay, which is why we're launching our new #brandsthatimpact series to highlight the companies that are making changes toward a more impactful future. The first in our series is @flynorwegian. Since 2008, the airline has reduced their carbon emissions by 30% per passenger. Today, Norwegian has been rated as the most fuel-efficient transatlantic flight. Now that's something to celebrate. #brandsthatimpact #thisissustainable

Meet Kate! Kate (@travelfordifferenceblog) is a sustainable travel blogger and calls herself “a compassion enthusiast, a peaceful activist, an eco conscious human being and a lover of all life on earth.” Kate is GTT’s very first Featured Blogger of the Month. We think Kate is great and we want to show you why! Stay tuned for our interview with Kate where we find out how she’s exploring, sharing, and making an impact. ⠀ • 〰️ @travelfordifferenceblog knows how to GTT, do you know how to GTT? 〰️ show us how you GTT!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #teamtravelers #travelaroundtheworld #travellovers #travelwriting #travelguides #travelblogging #explorers #connections #empowereachother #expandyourmind #gooutsideyourcomfortzone #gotravelandtalk #talkaboutit #travelon #backpackerlife #budgettravel #conscioustravel #socialimpact #volunteerabroad #volunteertravel #makeanimpact #writinglife #travelwriting #travelblogging #instagramwriters #travelstories #traveltips #storytellers #exploretheworld #exploreyourmind

Yes we’re sure you have heard of the nightlife, the beaches and the food, but here at Consciously Connected Travel we go against the grain. Immersing you deeper into a destination, and letting you get the most exclusive all access pass to the best bits of Tel Aviv from where we eat, sleep, play and who or what to discover. - - - - - - - - - - - - - #discovertheworld #telaviv #whitecity #israel #rediscoveryourself#consciousconnectors #yourworldyourway #traveltribe #mindfulmovers #soulfulshakers #travel #travelgram #instatravel #nomadlife #neverstopexploring #theglobewanderer #wanderlust #conscioustravel #ecoconscious #luxurytravel #traveltheworld #travelholic #travelinspiration #travelinstyle #adventure #travelmore #lovetotravel #travelblog

This is Lidia @myownsadhana she is another one of Montaia's new Graphic + Web Designers. She is a visual artist who works for a variety of projects which promote consciousness towards spirituality, art and lots of fun. She love sunrises, breakfast and the beach....the combination of these 3 elements is even better! We are so excited to have her on the team with us! . . . . . . #mindfultravel #travelinspiration #conscioustravel #travelhappy #travelcommunity #mindfultravel #travelwoman #exploremore

Watching hippos from our braai at Bush Villas, @botlierskop. . We do live in an extraordinary part of the world. . As we swam, sat by the fire, ate supper and chatted we were visited by hippos, rhinos, impala and clouds of swallows feasting in the air. . Now the cool dark descends on our dying fire and we doze off amidst a chorus of frogs and ducks. . . . . #conscioustravel #wildlife #satravel #southafricantravel #southafricantourism #hippos #waterhole #thisisthelife

Would you dare to jump into the water on a freezing winter's day? For the adventurous ones there are hot springs to be discovered in nature. However, if you do like to indulge on a warm bath outdoors on a cold winter's day there is plenty of choice of spas, resorts and hotels that use natural hot springs. Both Iceland and the Alps are known for such places. They even use them for energy, heating and hot water in their buildings. In fact, 65% of energy in Iceand comes from geothermal (underground hot water) sources. Check out the +principles in our bio for more tips. What are your favourite winter activities 💚? Comment 👇 __________ Today we are featuring 3×3 on winter wonderland. ___________ Follow us for more at: 👉@impacttravelworld 👉tag #positiveimpacttravel to be featured 📷 @LoganrFisher ___________ Don't be indifferent Be #theinformedtraveller ___________________ #nomadict #wildernesstones #thewanderco #earthpix #bealpine #escapeandwonder #folkscenery #mountainstones #exploreourearth #stayandwander #the_folknature #earthoutdoors #wanderforever #bestravelphoto #mountainstories #createscenery #exceptional_pictures #mountiansgram #positiveimpacttravel #voyage #viaje #путешествия #resonsibletravel #mindfultravel #conscioustravel #sustainabletravel #amazingplaces

Él es mi amigo Matt. Vive y trabaja en Gambia en Restauración. 🔅 . Trabajamos juntos hace muchos años. Él me enseñó cómo tratar con el/la clientx, trabajando desde el respeto y la amabilidad; entre otras muchas cosas. 👌🏾 . Sigue en activo y tiene una amplia carrera profesional. ⬆️ . Sinceramente, lo admiro mucho. 🙏🏾 . . . . . _____🔅👌🏾⬆️🙏🏾🌍_____________ . . . . . (🇬🇧) He is my #friend Matty. Lives and works in the #gambia in Restoration. 🔅 . We worked together many years ago. He taught me how to deal with the client, working from respect and kindness; among many other things. 👌🏾 . He remains active and has a broad professional career. ⬆️ . Honestly, I admire him very much. 🙏🏾 . . . . . #thegambia #tamalatravel #viajar #travel #viajaresvivir #viajessostenibles #viajesconscientes #sustainabletravel #conscioustravel #viajesamedida #viajesacompañados #guiagambia #viajesdiferentes #thisisafrica #westafrica #smilingcoast #viajeros #africa #viajes #africanman #igerstravel #instatravel #customtrips #friends #viajesengrupo #amigos #viatjar #megustaviajar

🌊 = lifeline

Q: What’s your number one tip for traveling in a more responsible and ethical way? . A: Research! I think it's so so important to research all the destinations, attractions and accommodations before visiting.. I always try to ask myself "is this good for the animals?", "is this good for the local people?" and "is this the most sustainable alternative I have at this point in time?". . I think it's vital that we constantly question our intentions during our travels... No one wants to leave a destination having created more harm than good.

We begin our mondays hiking through coffee plantations in the mountains😎 Join us for a trekk with our local partner Saqueo and learn all there is to know about the amazing coffee Guatemala has to offer ☕️🍃🇬🇹

After what can only be described as a fairly delicious family and good food filled weekend, I am feeling refreshed and ready for this new week. What better way to start the week off than with a Festive Fast Five from the gorgeous Caroline Fleming. Link to the blog is in my bio, I hope you enjoy it!

We watched a screening of Alfonso Cuaron's masterpiece, Roma, at @cinemamoderne in #montreal last night. Simply, stunning. Not only an ode to his childhood growing up in La Roma and the strong women who raised him, but a perfect cinematic feat. It draws from the memory every arresting sound and visual that make up Mexico City's grandiose, in the most intimate way. Just like the city herself. The film was shot in black and white but evokes the most intense vibrancy. It's available on Netflix, but we definitely recommend seeing it on the big screen at your local independent theater! // photo by @ioanatodosia on our October journey to Mexico City #comunatravel #myroma #comunainmexico #laroma #mexicocity #cdmx

Whoop whoop! Looking for holidays full of adrenaline and thrills? Well, nothing is better than a paragliding initiation in the sky of Reunion Island ⛅ A little extra? Leave with amazing pictures and videos of your unique adventure. #reunionconscious #reunionisland #mauritiusconscious #conscioustravel #sustainabletravel #responsibletravel #ecotourism #greentourism #liveforadventure #adventuretrip #cheapthrills #paragliding #passionpassport #travelenjoyrespect #viewfromthesky

This Christmas, discover our range of smaller gifts for the conscious and the curious traveller. . The Millican Library is full of wanderlust for the New Year, including the latest copies of @sidetrackedmag, @anotherescapeand @ernestjournal, or explore our range of travel accessories, a little gift to inspire something bigger in 2019. . Shop travel accessories, books + magazines and our coffee club range at homeofmillican (link in bio). . #homeofmillican #millicanbags #millican #travel accessories #conscioustravel #sustainability #travelgifts #travelmagazine #travelbook #coffeeclub #stockingfillers

Love bowls aka smoothie bowls!! ⋒ I’m in paradise. I’m making healthy choices this trip. Ok, maybe I should say healthier...or part-time healthy. Idk, but it’s been good. Anyone else on a journey of better and cleaner eating habits? I’m convinced I could totally make these at home.

Midway down the Mediterranean coast is one of Israel’s key cities. A place full of paradox, from the laid back culture to a nightlife that never sleeps. ⠀ ⠀ From it’s 4,000 buildings that dub Tel Aviv the “White City” to the dilapidated Florentin neighborhood that serves as the artistic cultural hub. ⠀ ⠀ Tel Aviv is truly one of the Middle East’s most emerging and hip destinations to explore. ⠀ - - - - - - - - - - - - - #discovertheworld #telaviv #whitecity #israel #rediscoveryourself#consciousconnectors #yourworldyourway #traveltribe #mindfulmovers #soulfulshakers #travel #travelgram #instatravel #nomadlife #neverstopexploring #theglobewanderer #wanderlust #conscioustravel #ecoconscious #luxurytravel #traveltheworld #travelholic #travelinspiration #travelinstyle #adventure #travelmore #lovetotravel #travelblog

How would you like to live the rest of your Life?

Mother nature and her marvelous shows. 🙏🏻

Yesterday, on 16th December, we took the students and the teachers from @dsbinternationalschool on our ocean biodiversity trip who are visiting Goa on an excursion organised by @jlstudentexpeditions @junglelore .Everyone was served with some delicious breakfast at Red Fox Hotel, Morjim while they enjoyed watching some informative videos about dolphin behaviour to prep them for what they might see while out on the boat. The group was filled with anticipation as an hour and a half passed by without a dolphin in sight. And then all of a sudden we were surrounded by several dolphins showcasing different behaviours like hunting, deep dive, slow and fast traveling: This really drove home the fact that wildlife watching is always unpredictable! During the trip everyone was served with some yummy cookies, bananas and juicy watermelon on the boat. The trip ended with a tour around the mangroves in Chapora river where the students did a little birding and observed terns, seagulls, black and brown kites. To book your spot and experience this exciting trip for yourself, call +918308600699/+917744858652! #beterraconscious #coastalconservation #conservation #communities #coastscommunitiesconservation #oceanconservation #marineconservation #saveouroceans #responsibletravel #ethicaltravel #conscioustravel #responsibletourism #tourism #choosewisely #makeadifference

Everest Base Camp hike day 1: smashed! After being very, very ill with an acute gastrointestinal infection just three days ago, words can’t describe how thrilled I am to be on the mend and one day closer to the ultimate white Christmas. It might be (very) cold up here in winter, but already so worth it for the bluebird days and lack of crowds: every solo/couple/family we have met so far that booked a small group tour ended up with a private guide, including us! Stoked to be travelling with @encounterstravel again - our guide Niraj is the best! 〰 #nepal #evetestbasecamptrek #hiking

Since I am back from my US trip I haven't posted a lot, I just didn't feel like it and I was super busy with my life anyways. * A lot has changed. Inside and out! * I made my studio super cozy because dropping temperatures also mean spending more time inside. :) * This gives you time to think. In the last days and weeks I got more clear about what I want in my life, professionally and personally and I feel that I am on the right track. * Winter is the time when everything tends to be slower, quieter and more peaceful. I embrace this time of the year and take as much calm out of it as I can. * What do you feel like in winter? Do you feel a shift of energy or are you immune to the changes of the seasons? * Let me know! :) * * * #welivetotravel #thetraveltag #wanderlustlife #travelbook #globetrotters #thewanderer #weekendwanderer #meinglobetrottermoment #soultraveler #wanderingsoul #soultravel #travelforthesoul #conscioustravel #mindfultravel #slowtravel #theslowlife #presentmoment #beherenow #thetravellerwoman #slowtravelgirls #expandyourhorizons #travelwithmeaning #travelwithpurpose #visittheusa #thetravellerwomen #thetravelwomen #girlsabroad #roamingwomen #femmetraveler #girlsthattravel

Tibumana waterfall 💧🍃


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🖤 Wild and free 🌟 this beautiful elephant 🐘 was rescued by @elephantnaturepark from carrying tourists on their back and now lives free in a natural setting in northern Thailand 🇹🇭 🙌 the @elephantnaturepark program “save Thai elephant “ aims to ensure the wellbeing of these elephants and educate the public on the negative impacts of elephant riding and allow us to observe these magnificent animals in their natural habitat 🖤 #elephantnatureparkchiangmai #noelephantriding #noelephantrides #conscioustravel #protectelephants

Our new fav! The most comfortable and functional Bandeau Top ever. ⠀ ⠀ Best thing, you get 2 in 1 because its reversible ...check out the other stunning color-side on our website!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Made out of ocean recovered fishing nets and other recycled materials.

Dresden’s Alternative Christmas market is a lovely little place to spend a couple hours if the type of gifts you like to give come from the heart and hands of artisans in the area. • All the goodies made and sold in this market are unique, enviro/animal friendly, and locally made. • While you’re you can also grab a delicious haloumi and falafel sandwich and hang out with robot Santa if you feel so inclined🎅☺️👌🏼. • For more things to do in Dresden, click the link in our bio for some Inspo! 📸: @_xpdtnst_ . . . . . @zero.waste.collective @sustainable.collective @lonelyplanet @traveltribeglobal

The last time I was here I was on the Big Island, staying at a remote intentional community in the jungle near Pahoa. I was on a movement retreat with like-hearted folk enjoying communal meals, permaculture gardens, nude beaches and a sweet and wholesome kind of freedom. ⠀ ⠀ Waikiki is not that.⠀ ⠀ And I wouldn’t expect nor would I ever want it to be. The spirit of Waikiki is unique and authentic to Waikiki. It is as beautiful as it is surreal. Every place on this earth has a soul.⠀ ⠀ I was sitting on a lounge chair watching the sunset when I took this photo. Or more accurately, I was watching people watching the sunset, which was far more interesting: Literal throngs lined up the full length of the beach glaring into their phones at the sun as it slipped below the horizon, their every view filtered and zoomed. This need to acquire the sunset — to turn it into a material thing they could own — was burned on their faces in fervent squints and furrowed brows: If they didn’t capture it, there would be no proof that it happened. As though they couldn’t trust their bodies to remember the experience for them. ⠀ ⠀ I have a lot to say about the tourist/traveler dichotomy. About the difference between consuming a place and breathing it into one’s cells. About the distance technology places between our sense organs and the objects of our interest and desire. But for now I’ll just leave you with this picture. #sunsetselfie . . . . . #noticing #waikiki #hawaii #sunset #greenflash #pacificocean #senses #feelitall #awareness #intentionalliving #travelmore #sustainabletourism #slowtravel #conscioustravel #aloha

Now this just about perfectly sums up what Tread Lite 4x4 hire is all about. Quote found of a wine box all the way from New Zealand. We like that way you think @yealands #treadlite #travellite #quoteoftheday #travelquote #responsibletravel #conscioustravel #conscioustraveller

Puja Mitra

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#repost @terraconscious • • • On 15th of December, we were very happy to host a group of boys and girls from @dsbinternationalschool who were on an excursion organised by @jlstudentexpeditions @junglelore. We conducted a workshop on marine stranding where the students were taught the codes and protocols for a marine animal stranding and were trained on how to respond to such situations if and when they occur. . This workshop ended in the evening after which everyone took a trip to the Morjim beach to see the turtle nesting site. Students also mapped the beach to understand the varied stressors that impact turtle nesting at the beach. . It was a very fruitful experience for everyone filled with learning! #beterraconscious #coastalconservation #conservation #communities #coastscommunitiesconservation #oceanconservation #marineconservation #saveouroceans #responsibletravel #ethicaltravel #conscioustravel #responsibletourism #tourism #choosewisely #makeadifference

Community Spirit // Earlier this week Kate @travelfordifferenceblog asked the big question “Why are you on instagram?” . ❊ The short answer of my reply was: “I simply get excited to share great things I see or learn as maybe my discovery will be helpful, make someone smile, or give them the opportunity to look at a part of the world they otherwise wouldn’t see”. ❊ This tiny community library is the perfect example of the type of discoveries I get excited about. A simple little act of kindness that gives back, brings a smile to people’s faces and proves community spirit is still alive and well in many corners of our world. ❊ . “If sharing the lessons I learn has a positive impact on just one person then this space has been a success and well worth the time I invest in it.”🌿 . ❊ Now it’s your turn. What makes you show up here on Instagram - or any social media platform for that matter? How do you balance your activity in this time consuming space? And, while you’re here, if you know anything about little free libraries could you please fill me in because, it seems our little girl now has her heart set on building our own ... 📚 #2018rediscover #littlelibrary #communitylibrary #littlefreelibrary

On 15th of December, we were very happy to host a group of boys and girls from @dsbinternationalschool who were on an excursion organised by @jlstudentexpeditions @junglelore . We conducted a workshop on marine stranding where the students were taught the codes and protocols for a marine animal stranding and were trained on how to respond to such situations if and when they occur. . This workshop ended in the evening after which everyone took a trip to the Morjim beach to see the turtle nesting site. Students also mapped the beach to understand the varied stressors that impact turtle nesting at the beach. . It was a very fruitful experience for everyone filled with learning! #beterraconscious #coastalconservation #conservation #communities #coastscommunitiesconservation #oceanconservation #marineconservation #saveouroceans #responsibletravel #ethicaltravel #conscioustravel #responsibletourism #tourism #choosewisely #makeadifference


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Happy National Day, my beloved Bhutan! 🇧🇹 It’s like an Independence Day celebration except they were never colonized, so I guess it’s the celebration of Bhutan’s unification under the rule of a singular King 111 years ago. It’s probably a huge party in Thimphu right now and I so wish I could teleport myself to be there! Maybe someday! In the meantime, I’m going to binge all the Insta coverage I can find. 😬

PS: money and real relationships will avoid you if you judge them, have shitty stories about them, and envy people who have them. You want money and relationships...celebrate them. They are both energies, circulating around & through people who are inviting and pulling FOR them (not against them). 💯🖤 #holyhealingbali

Australia. I still remember the first time I heard of it: the Disney movie “Rescuers down under.” Mum brought my sister and I to the cinema. I’ve never finished to watch it. I started to cry, terrified by the evil animals, dwellers of the outback. 25 years later, I’m still puzzled of finally calling ‘home’ a land that I’ve been exploring for the past 3 years. And got so much more to explore. Here’s to the next three years in this wild, strange, remote land, so filled with both Beauty and Controversy. Where modern cities are build on a land holding the secrets of a timeless culture. Where the trees, the grass, the rain forests, the mountains, the rivers and the sand still speak the ancient language of the traditional owners of the land. I’m ready to dive deep into this all. Explore more. Discover more. Understand more. 🙏🏼💚🌏


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Sunrise views over Mt Rinjani, Lombok 🇲🇨


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Saya cinta kamu Indonesia 🇲🇨 Home no.2 ❤ throw back to lake swims in Lombok with our lovely students ❤

Thought: I went to lunch today with a friend of my Mum's who's daughter was angry because she hadn't yet recieved her 80K cheque for Christmas. A woman with property all over Sydney and art in her penthouse worth millions, but children who have sued and stolen from her and her estate. An interesting comparison, but it really got me thinking about how beautiful this life is and how grateful I am for the irreplaceable things I have. I wasn't born into a family with a shit load of money. I wasn't born into a family with very much at all if you're measuring in 0's. No security guarenteeing me a cheque every Christmas or a big pay out at the end of it all. The only thing I've ever been able to count on is unconditional love, unwavering support and open arms. Room for me to make mistakes and heal myself. To figure out what it is that my heart sings for and a push in the right direction whenever I've needed it. A priviledge I acknowledge. We don't need a truck load of cash to live a full life. We need freedom, unconditional love and connection. A place for ourselves and the people we love to call home; whether that be a physical place or a heart space. To be loved, understood and appreciated. To be supported by people who believe in us enough that we are encouraged to build a heart so strong that we can provide ourselves with these things when we need to. The fact that a person can afford to sign a cheque for 80K willy nilly makes me happy. Because it means financial abundance is an accessible reality, but also because its shown me that this alone can't bring us happiness. With or without it, my life will be full. The older I get, the better i'm becoming at giving and receiving love. Being graceful in teaching others; learning how to give genuinely and without ego; to recognize when a person might need love and thinking or feeling into the right words or actions for that person to recieve before they're given. This is my wealth. Money is a resource for us to be able to do the things that we enjoy. A tool to cultivate experiences and spend time with the people who bring us happiness and make our hearts feel full. It really doesn't work the other way around.

Look who came to visit us! Chillin' out on our doorbell. 💚


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Are you curious about tweakments or medical aesthetics but don’t really know where to start? One of my favourite social media finds this year has been Dr Sarah Tonks from The Lovely Clinic in London. One of the treatments Sarah in renowned for is the “Injectable Glow” which uses synthetic free hyaluronic acid based Profhilo to boost the skins moisture levels from within and increases cell renewal. Her YouTube channel covers all the questions you will have and her upfront style and eagle eye for detail always make her videos an informative watch! Highly recommend you checking them out. Dr Sarah Tonks’ #festivefastfive is over on the blog now 😊


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Nothing quite beats the first rays of the sun on the ocean. Like some kind of beautiful alchemy is going down...If you swim in it naked your insides glow.💫

Today’s #festivefastfive is all about the renowned facialist and well-being expert Marie Reynolds. I was first recommended her by the lovely Alex Steinherr earlier this year. Her fan base is vast and includes Beauty Editors, A -list celebrities, sports personalities and one of her latest fans is my son. There is no ego with Marie, but she is possibly one of the most kind, interesting and genuine people I have ever spoken to. Marie’s Festive Fast Five has just gone live over on the blog.... link in bio.

We saw a dude chuck a plastic bottle and a whole bag of Mickey D's out the window of his car today onto the freeway... I didn't realise that was still a thing?! What a paradigm that must be to live in (🤮). Tonight I am grateful for the abundance of pleasure I recieve for treating our home with love and treasuring her beauty, big & small. Respect ya mother. ❤


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My gorgeous friend @hanshappinessproject 🌏💕 Yin & Yang ~ 2 different women with the same core. This incredible human will be CYCLING SOLO from Hanoi to London (taking the silk road - yes, through China, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan & India just to name a few) all in the name of spreading LOVE and raising funds for 4 amazing charities. Give her a follow! Check out her journey. Living on Cat Ba wouldn't have been the same without you Han. All my love ❤


21 Days 10 Hours Ago

Vietnam it's been so real. Heading home tomorrow soul fam!! See you at @subsonicmusic 😜👊🏽💫

When I arrived on Cat Ba I gave myself 3 days to explore the island and move on. Little did I know this place would become a home away from home and I'd be in tears at the prospect of leaving. One missed flight to Thailand and a month later, I'm finally moving on from this place and my new friends here. It's hard. Reminding myself that nothing in this physical world is permanent and practicing gratitude for the love that has been created, shared and will exist forever. ❤


26 Days 15 Hours Ago

There is always joy in the world as long as this exists. 💕

Little dude in lantern. 🦎⚡

I've been living on an island off Ha Long Bay called Cat Ba. Kicking back with like minded people who've also managed to get stuck here. Artists, humanitarians, novel writers, laptop nomads and travellers who've been away from home for up to 9 years. A very easy decision to miss a flight to Thailand. An inspiring place to find myself...💫