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There is talk that this turd might run for president. Never elect a zionist to the office of president. He has armed guards and he isn’t more important to me than my family and that’s how you need to look at these dirtbags. Politicians have armed guards. Monsanto has armed security and use it to intimidate farmers. I will say it again, nobody is more important to me than those that I love. I protect them with guns. Not votes, not opinions and not feelings. If you feel that politicians and rich people are more deserving than your family for armed security, you are a sheep. You have been indoctrinated and ‘their’ work is done. If you don’t want to own guns, fine. Just don’t get in the way of those that want them. We don’t need a reason, we don’t need justification. If they’re manufactured, if the government and law enforcement has access to them, then we all have the RIGHT to them. There is a giant difference between ‘laws’ and ‘justice’. I will be on the side of justice. #nofilter19 #consideratebutunapologetic