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8 Minutes Ago

My youngest son will often create next to me. Together we'll silently sit and paint our own canvases. Sometimes I'll allow the colours and shapes to form without interference, only to break up that unity by beginning to manipulate it. Whilst he swaps from creating dots with a stick to painting a series of bright lines or shapes. As my paintings change and grow, either reflecting my days, or moods. A colour I currently love or a band high on repeat. I'll always love watching him grow as he sits and paints next to me.

Art Muse

14 Minutes Ago

Archimbaldo by Gabrielle Jones Oil and acrylic on canvas Height: 101cm Width: 101cm available for $3200

Yana Panara

20 Minutes Ago

Fairly certain this kickass playroom was totally FLW overcompensating for his whole “absentee father while carrying on a European affair” phase of parenting.


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21 Minutes Ago

Last update till finished, I swear. #acrylicpainting #workinprogress

Happy sunday ya’ll ✨ —— 🧚🏻‍♀️ —— N e w B e g i n n i n g s 👩🏻‍🎨 . . . . . . . . #art #artsy #artist #emergingartist #emergingart #painting #artworks #newartist #abstractart #contemporaryartist #followart #young_artists_help #artistic