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The gun is a Colt .22 cal on a .38 frame. It was my great grandfather’s gun. He was a Texas cowboy turned New England land surveyor. Not sure when he got it in the 1930s, but usually carried it afield whenever he and my father went for walks in the woods and fields of Vermont. My father learned to shoot handguns with it. Now, in my hands I hold history and heritage.

Looking to sell on this custom made Warpath Leather western belt if anybody's interested. (It's a little too big for me) Would fit a 37-40 inch waist. Cost $160, open to reasonable offers 🐎 . . #warpath #warpathleathergoods #westernwear #vintagewestern #cowboy #cowboystyle #custom #handmade #leather #bejazzled

A hard day’s ride deserves a saloon break... :-) #cowboy @triangletranch #horses #bucketlist #exploreitall #doitall

The little ponies are coming on so well. So happy with them and so grateful for the help .. what's better than @jo.pollard with little Jo and a Cornish cowboy with Jake ... Tristan you make me laugh 😂 love you guys. . . . #cowgirl #cowboy #dartmoorponies #welshpony #friends

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Cowboy hat from Gucci👨🏽‍🌾🏇🏾 #farmboy #cowboy #farm

🌵 Capim branco 🦌 ________________________________________________⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Parceiros: @popoderosas @rubyaguima @serena_horse_ @garotabrutaofc ________________________________________________⠀⠀ #horse #popoderosas #vaquejada #brutos #sistematico #trestambores #vaqueira #rodeo #pbr #nelore #xucro #roça #rustico #horse #campo #cowboy #cowgirl #sistematico

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

The Will Rogers Stampede PRCA Rodeo has always held a special place in my heart. Here’s to great memories year after year and many more to come! 🖤 * * * * * #rodeo #sidelinereporter #cowboy #cowgirl #makeup #fashion #style #college #travel #photography #oklahoma #traveloklahoma #claremore

Di ritorno dal mercatino! Le targhe americane sono stupende👍 #licenseplate #replica #car #american #style #country #horse #cowboy #design #cool

I actually don’t do this because I feel like explaining your emotions to someone is kinda pointless, because that person won’t truly understand how fucking miserable you feel no matter how you explain it. 😐

Stivali Sendra donna camperos. Mod. 8746NEPD #bikers #style #texani #reggio emilia #cowboy #stivali #boots #camperos #móda #stile #sendra #sabot #jalisco #sendraboots #reggio emilia #instagram #country http://ow.ly/21TO50ulnf2

I'm really starting to enjoy making wild west characters #art #drawing #illustration #copicart #copic #wildwest #cowboy

“Oh Bennie she’s really keen!” Link in bio ↖️ @eltonjohn cover 🚀 . . . @rocketmanmovie #elton #rocketman #eltonjohn #cover #singers #recording #filming #beard #cowboy

Es ist nicht nur eine Phase, Es ist mein Leben. Es ist nicht nur ein Hobby, es ist meine Leidenschaft. Es ist nicht nur ein Pferd, es ist mein bester Freund. #tinker #irishcob #westernreiten #cowgirl #cowgirlatheart #cowboy#vertrauen #stallion #stable #equestriansofinstagram #equestrianlife #reitenstattrollator #equestrianriders #ohnesattel #ohnetrense #freiheit

Palmikat with Julie in @disneyland ! ✨🏰✨ A memorable time in the world of cowboys dressing like one 🤠🐄 . . . . . . . . . . . . #illustration #disney #disneyland #disneyworld #thunder #drawing #art #cowboy #anime #comics #magic #ranch #digitalart #graphicdesign #sketch #world #portrait #characterdesign

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LISTEN UP... just about anyone can catch a fish but if you can catch a fish while wearing a cowboy hat and a pink shirt (WHILE LISTENING TO OLD TOWN ROAD). you're a legend 😉👌👌 - Another day=time on the water and grinding - - - @foxriverluresrods #oldtownroad #cowboy #fishing #bestfisherman #youtubefishing #bassspawn #bassbeds #bassfishing #midwestmonsterfish #midwest #lmb #googansquad #googanbaits #cowboysong #oldtownroadremix #blackbassfishing #blackbass #braid #springfishing #ponds #pondhopping #pondfishing #reel #onlythereal #lilnasx #lilnasxoldtownroad #pink #pinkheals #brestcancerawareness

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On est pas des Cowboys nous dans le canyon de Tupiza 🐎🐴 #roadtrip #southamerica #bolivia #tupiza #canyon #horse #cowboy

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What an amazing day!! Thank you @tysondurfey for such an amazing clinic @jaynovacek84 it was awesome to meet you.

This really isn’t helpful lmao but😂🐮 - Steps🤠 •send a dm to someone then go to your dm list and screenshot •then screenshot or find a picture of an unopened dm •go to PicsArt and put both screenshots together •erase excess and fit to your liking •PICSART IS FREE FOR THIS• - Follow @satisfyingtiings 🐮 - #follow#like#arianagrande#dm#funny#lmao#cow#comment#cowboy#satisfying#helpful#picsart#picsart#fake - byeeeee

Every ranch now a days usually uses outside cowboys. I would be hard pressed without these two. Cody and Mike Leopold. They are so very smooth with your cattle. Even tempered and super great with your Cattle. These guys know the drill and I sure appreciate their efforts. They are at the top of their game!

As most of you know today was Monday. Now a lot of folks don’t care for Monday but for me today was a great Monday. Here are my two of my four cow hands that helped out today. Good hardworking cowgirls are hard to find! Jerra and Mary Kathryn filled the bill I’m a telling you! We also brought into play our new brand for the Deep Roots Ranch. Had an electric brand made and I was very pleased with the results. It was a great day. I am very blessed!

Cattle working day at the Deep Roots Ranch! Two great cow hands today! They were a big help!

So Sista Baby is having a bit of trouble being a cow dog. She is getting a bit too familiar with the other side! I told her but it doesn’t seem to be working. I tell you this dog just keeps on being a mystery.

For all of my photography friends. If you ever want to shoot some great action shots then come to the Polo event at McFaddin next year. Some great photo opportunities plus you support the Nave Museum. A win win for sure.

Ah Spring time. The past few days have been glorious if you have taken the time to slow down and really look around you. For probably the next month there will be ample opportunity to see renewal all around you. Now like a lot of us we will be zipping by at 75 MPH or more trying to get from A to B. We all do it as we are conditioned to get it done. But now is the time to slow down and really contemplate what this time of year represents. Renewal in all its splendor. This year is especially significant for me as I stepped away from the practice of dentistry after fifty years and now am in the process of repurposing my gifts and talents for the next part of my journey. And remember we all have gifts and talents! When we are surrounded by this incredible time of year you just have to be inspired by the possibilities of what renewal means to all of us. Do not do what a lot of us do and just pass on by without seeing the possibilities. It can be and is very inspirational for me. Do not take it for granted. How will you be seeing spring and renewable?

Just finished about two hours of fixing fence. Stan Lee and I are a bit tired. Not sure why he is as this is what he was doing while I was working! But he’s a dang good dog! Yep he found us!

Hello Spring from the Deep Roots Ranch! What a day this is! Mighty thankful!

Just s bit of an update on Sista Baby’s pups! What a fine dog this one turned out to be! Just got this sent to us tonight! And the Sista is getting a lot more comfortable with us.

There is something about a mott of trees on a ball prairie that always draws my eye. Especially if it is during a thick fog. I think it is the repeating patterns of the trunks of the trees that draws my eye. But these motts are also an oasis for a variety of birds on the prairie. And a great sun block for animals to escape the burning rays of the sun on a hot summertime day. Not sure why trees grow in a pattern like this. Maybe there is a soil aspect that is conducive to tree growth. There is a reason that you will see motts of tress like this and if anyone has the answer I would love to know it. I remember some time back I had a grand idea of planting a pecan orchard on a pasture not far from here. I bought about thirty trees and got some river bottom soil and planted those trees and ran a watering system to them and they just never did well and finally died out. I was attending a meeting for pecan growers and there was an “expert” there and so I told him about what I had done and he said “who told you that pecan trees will grow on a bald prairie?” He said there are reasons it is a prairie. I am sure it is the soil makeup but I really do not remember what the reasons were. Can anyone shed some light on the reasons?

So guess who greeted me when I drove into the Deep Roots Ranch yesterday. This gal is stealth dog that is an escape arttist. We had her in the chicken coop with wire everywhere and she made about a six inch hole and bam she’s free. And we are back to you may get a little closer but no can touch unless it is on my terms. I just hope her stitched hold. Obviously it’s her game so we are going to see how this turns out. Ole Stan Lee is still in the coop and doing fine. He is quite a good dog! So a little update on this strange presence that has brought mystery to the ranch!

Today is an epic day in the life of Sista Baby! Here’s an update. As you know we placed all the pups to their forever homes thank you to all who participated. Now for Sista. You know she is going to come in heat again. I am starting to believe that she may have just been a feral dog all along. She is a sweet dog but she is as aloof as the wind. We have tried to befriend her with all kinds of opportunities to fit in and while she is getting a tad better it just may be that she is wild like the wind. So you have a wild non catchable female fixin’ to come in heat. What to do? So we got some happy pills from the vet and Jerra finally caught her this morning. How she did that is beyond me because I have been doing dry runs since yesterday but dang it she did! Praise the Lord! And as we speak she is being spayed. She along with yes an lnterloper who showed up right before the last pup left! A really sweet male dog that is also being neutered today. Not sure what the heck all of this means but the alternative is pretty much the end of the road for these two. So we are going to see how it all works out. We are going to be on dog watch for the next week to get by these procedures and then see where it goes. When I think about what all of this means it is baffling as we haven’t had strays show up many times over the years. Not sure where these two came from or where they are going but it seems they have a spot for now.

Just call me Corriente! ❤️💕

Think about the mindset of the perpetrator of this act of littering. I find it to be a big tilt because this is an RTV tire. Folks usually use these leisurely to get back into back country to enjoy the pristine litter free landscape. And now this one was thrown off the bridge. How long do you think this took? Ten seconds to stop the car, get out and another five seconds to grab the tire and pitch it over the side. So in all, it probably took 15 seconds to become litter. Out of sight out of mind. Right. Now how long do you think it is going to take me to dig this thing out carry it up a fifteen to twenty foot steep riverbank and properly dispose of it? I just don’t understand how people can be so thoughtless. Thank goodness most people are just great upstanding folks that dispose of litter properly and a shout out to all of them. But for those of you who just want to take a short cut please reconsider. This Lavaca River belongs to all of us and we must show respect for it by taking the best care of it . This is a blatant example of laziness, arrogance and a big dose of disrespect. If you see any of this kind of activity please call the Jackson County Sherifs Department 361-782-3541 and alert them of such activity.

We had a crime committed at the Deep Roots Ranch yesterday. Somebody was stealing milk. I don‘t know if we are having a crime wave but I have seen a lot of this so far this year. Or maybe I just have some charitable momma’s.

Had some tall visitors today. Probably a hundred or so. Sorry I couldn’t get all of the sandhill cranes in one shot but man they were strung out and were making a lot of noise. Not sure what they were feeding on but today was a sandhill crane kind of day! Such a magnificent sight!

Ohh look we got a valentine! How sweet! It magically came out of the sky! Just gives you warm feelings about having to pick up crap that falls from the sky. I like balloons and have bought plenty in my lifetime but you have to dispose of them properly. Notice that nice little string hanging down? Can be such a trap for our wildlife to become tangled up in leading to a very bad out come. Remember when you release a balloon that is not the end of the story! Sometimes the end is not very pretty! Please dispose of these things responsibly! This world is our home we must take care of it! Please share. Thanks a million for your help.

The puppies are gone, the puppies are gone! We are free! And everyone was joyful! Everyone was a running and a jumping! A sight to see! Here we go!

Collard greens, spinach, and broccoli fresh from the Farmers Market! Going to a healthy kind of weekend! Better get in line as this kind of produce will not last long! VICTORIA Farmer’s Market!

Last of Sista Baby heading out to her forever home tomorrow. And everyone is joyful!! What a cutie with the greatest personality! It has been a fun ride!

Psssst.....got any cubes?

It wasn’t me! No sir I haven’t been messin’ with your cows!

Trying to be quiet and shy in a push and shove world! Bourbon Street on a Saturday night comes to mind!

Pretty dry in Jackson County at the Deep Roots Ranch! Said no one this year! No complaints because you know we are one day closer to dry dry dry!

Sista Baby has two pups left. A male and a female. Please help us place these two. They are handsome pups with great disposition. Please share and let’s find these two a super forever home. Thanks for your help.

The next generation!

Hey Dad! Do you think I will ever be as large as you!

Just another day at the office. My kind of office!

Me and my sis are Looking for a forever home! Can we get a share?

One black male and one black female left looking for forever homes. Come take a look! Looks are free and so are the puppies! They are getting their shots today. One of these sure would make a fine valentine 💝! Please help spread the word. They are just too darn cute and very alert and confident pups.

Here they come. One of the chocolate pups got a forever home today! One female and two males are still looking! Getting their shots on Wednesday! Dang they are so full of personality!

Jerra @thejerralee took this handsome portrait of this blue eyed fellow! Just about as cute as they come with an attitude to go with him!

Puppies that are always glad to see you! 1 female and three males that need forever homes left!

This is an oil painting of Sammie Callis. This fellow had a huge influence on me and my brother Mac for most our lives. Sammie was a man who knew the ways of nature and how the natural world worked. There are so many ways to look at a situation and figure out a way of how to fix it. He knew the short cuts about how to work an ax, use a post hole digger (the manual kind), repair just about anything and just knew the ways of the natural world. He taught us how to hunt and fish. He could spot a squirrel in a tree like no body’s business. I would be looking all the time but I would sort of watch him because I was pretty sure he would find it first. You had to find the Squirrel’s eye. Sammie always had some kind of dog. If a man is lucky enough to have just one great dog in his life then his life is blessed. Sammie had two great dogs that I remember. Hannah a female coon dog that could find those coons. We spent a many a night following Hannah in that Lavaca River bottom. Listening to her wail. And Jiggs a small black and white male dog that was a squirrel dog deluxe. He was fairly short but as we rode along on horseback in the river bottom you would see Jiggs jumping up out of the grass for a look see to check out his surroundings. Sammie was our Uncle Remus in the stories he told and his love of the natural world. And we loved him for it. There are a ton of other stories I could tell you about this man. Like the one where he and I were up in the top of a tree trying to get a squirrel out of this hollow and all we had to work with was his tail. Gabbing a squirrel by the tail is a precarious position. But I digress…When I saw Dub’s oil painting of him I was blown away. It brought so many stories and emotions from many years ago to the surface. Please come to see the awesome oil paintings of Dub Lee at the Nave Museum. A lot of DNA of growing up in these parts is demonstrated in Dub’s paintings. As I look back over my life it becomes real clear the impact people and places have had on our journey. You can sure see it at the Nave Museum. Grand opening of Dub Lee’s Exhibit January 17th for Patrons of the Museum and invited guests and the general opening January 18th.

You never know what’s lurking around at the ranch. There are so many hogs out there that you would think these canines would make a dent in them but so far not so much! However these coyotes are in prime shape. They are feeding on something. Caught these on a game camera.