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New Sure Nough Ft. Maverick MAC and CAROLE 2019 Urban Kingpin Comics


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Does this boat go to Europe , France ? 👀😂 #goprosquadselfie . . . Shot on @gopro @goproin . . . . . @vsco_360 @moodygrams @moodygram._ #themoodoflife #agameoftones #thecreatorclass #illgrammers #createexploretakeover #createcommune #way2ill #shoot2kill #fatalframes #heatercentral #yngkillers #urbanandstreet #twgrammers #exploreeverything #leagueoflenses #hsdailyfeature #pursuitofportraits #meistershots #uncalculated #thecreative #hbouthere #humanedge #photo_pond #_ipcl @moodygram_kerala @moodyindia @lightroom.india.co @vsco.kerala.co @vsco_360 @street.ninjas @foggykerala @foggygram @foggygram_ #tellicherrypicturesque


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morning rays through the trees ☀️


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1969-12-31 16:00:00


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Holi 🌻🦕

Counting myself lucky to have caught the tail-end of the cherry blossom season in Tokyo this year, especially on such an impromptu trip! Here’s hoping to see them in full bloom next time 🌸

Work hard & stay humble

we are not the same as we used to be. the seasons have changed and so have we. / Lumix GX8 + Olympus 40-150 2.8 A 2.8 / S 160 / ISO 200 / FL 73mm (146FF)


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Kucing bawa tidur. Rimau bawa igau.

It feels like only yesterday you walked into my life. Even though it was almost a year ago we first met each other! I know you wasn't mine but it sure felt like it! Now I doesn't know how to go on living without you. I know you are in a better place now. Rest in peace Charlie you'll forever be in our hearts.

Life is a journey,Go a head and start your journey.

holy ghos+

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find me somewhere in the dark

Gaesss kabar gembira buat kalian yang sering nanya "Kak baju nya beli dimana?" bla bla bla ... Sekarang kalian ga usah bingung, karena semua barang yang sering aku pake akan lebih gampang!! Kalian bisa cari hanya dengan satu kali klik! Misalnya nih kaya waist bag yang muat banyak barang, rok santai anti ribet biar tetep tampil girly pas jalan, sampe koleksi topi warna-warni aku. Semuanya #racunalanana uda bisa kalian temukan dengan klik link di BIO aku! So! Sekarang ga ada kata bingung lagi guys kalo kalian pengen barang ala aku, karena di profil Tokopedia aku kalian bisa temukan seluruh rekomendasi yang selama ini aku racunin di Instagram! Yuk, langsung follow dan belanja di profil Tokopedia ku sekarang dengan link di BIO aku!! #mulaiajadulu #tokopediabyme

holy ghos+

1969-12-31 16:00:00


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The Sika Deer roam freely here and they want your deer crackers. #nara #japan

I had a dream the world was a rose.. focusing on LOVE. Rose No. 255 | ‘333 Roses’ | A collection of 333 paintings

Paradise🧜🏻‍♀️ #shotoniphone

Run! tsunami comeback again🙄


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Just another 1 of the 5979627 shot of the same place @jewelchangiairport @changiairport @visit_singapore #passionmadepossible #jewelchangiairport #jewelchangi #seejewel #onlyatchangi

Perfect way to beat the Philippine summer heat❣️ (📸: @angeliqxx 😘)


João. 15/04/2019. Centro, Belo Horizonte. 📷

it’s been a while since I got into this whole music thing. Being able to sit down, have a chat & catch up whenever they are in town is something I’m grateful for!

Byron Bay lighthouse at night

I just love when the water is calm and crystal clear.

People want to be more but you have to let them be more #philadelphia #thoughts

Singapore Botanic Gardens 🎍#singapore

Glau Laindorf

1969-12-31 16:00:00


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88. On the ropes


LisTen #lines 💔 🔻 😈CHOCOLATE3707 🔻 🖤HYD ✌️ 🔻 🎧00:10 │━━━━━━━━●━━│🎶00:59 🔻 KeeP SuPPortiNg ▂▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █🔝 🔻 😘10 k 🔜 🔻 👇🏻FOLLOW #exploremore #explore  #explorepage #explorebc #explorepage b#exploring #createexploretakeover er er #shar #share # #exploring #explorepage #beatleslove #exploremore #createxploretakeover r #explorer