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1 Day 10 Hours Ago

The whole shabang!🍀💚🎨❤️ . . 🍀🧝🏻‍♀️🍀


4 Days 4 Hours Ago

WIP Mixed media on wood. 55 cm. X. 55 cm Swipe ⬅️ to last photo. That was 10 minutes before the first one😎 . . AVE ART


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13 Days 20 Hours Ago

Mixed media. Detail. I love everything about mixed media Detail WIP 1.60 mtr. X. 50 cm Mixed media on old wooden door. . . . . . AVE ART . . . . . . #createfulness #artistslife #inthestudio #life #artistslife #lifeinthestudio #gallery #abstractart #beauty #lifelovelive #reallife #art #artbook  #acrylicpainting #modernart #painting #mixedmedia #painting #happinez #contemporaryart #artjournal #drawing


2018-06-19 09:46:03

One day or the other.... You try Try again . . AVE ART


2018-05-23 11:57:08

Music for my ears #birds #singing #nature #createfulness #simplicity


2018-05-16 04:19:42

#mindfulmay N E W M O O N I'm feeling really down and can't see the positive in anything. It came on all of a sudden for no known reason - I feel im on a bit of downward spiral 😣 So i started reading about how the #newmoon last night affects oyr emotions. A new moon occurs when the moon is between the sun and earth. With the sun being behind the moon it makes the moon's face completely dark. The moon controls the tides, the changes of the seasons and stabilizes the rotation of earth. So I believe that the moon can also affect us physically and emotionally. During the new moon's phase, the nights are dark and illuminated only by the natural light of the stars. During this time the moon controls our mind and emotions, mimicking the darkness of the moon. Good to hear that the darkness is temporary but during this timr it is important to be as mindful as possible and positive (easier said than done!) The new moon is a time to rest and regenerate, to recharge our energies to get us through the next month - during this time we are supposed to experience sudden insight and develop new ideas. I am wanting my mind to be inspired so will try to be more mindful, positive and creative - maybe more writing ...