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Come along to The Reading Room on Saturday 2nd Feb anytime between 11-2... to find out more about my upcoming workshops, clubs + pop-ups. Free to drop by and have a cuppa... hope to see you there! 👍🏼 #vaultedstoryuk #creativityroad #childrensworkshops #adultworkshops #createfulness #artandwellbeing #timeforyou #getcreative #leicester #leicestershire

So after a lengthy break vaulted-story is back with new Creativity Road workshops starting February. All sessions will be held at The Reading Room in Newton Harcourt, Leicestershire. We have Creative Catch-Ups (for adults), Young Creative's Craft Club (for children 8+), Monthly Workshops including Lino Print, Journaling & Createfulness (a fabulous combined creative/art & wellbeing/mindfulness workshop) More details will follow soon... I will also be running a drop in session on Saturday 2nd February 11-2 at The Reading Room for you to find out more about the workshops available - do pop by for a coffee & a chat if you're free 👍🏼 Booking details will be live on the website shortly... in the meantime please feel free to message me... thank you! #creativityroad #vaultedstoryuk #vshomestore #workshops #creative #wellbeing #youngcreatives #craftworkshops #wellbeingworkshops #createfulness #leicester #leicestershire

Visual language . . . . 👵🏼🎨

Details.... details . . . 👵🏼🎨

Art is like life, subject to transformation, extern, intern .... . . . . 👵🏼🎨🌹

Mixed media on wood 40. X. 50 cm

Detail mixed media on wood When you are packing bacause you are moving to a new home all kind of forgotten items are going through your hands. And unevadable through your emotions. Older work I m not going to alter this one. . . 👵🏼🎨❤️

WIP 90 cm. X 1.20 mtr 1 canvas, 3 years... Two worlds.... one person 👵🏼🎨

Detail WIP Mixed media on canvas 👵🏼🎨

Rakefet Hadar maakt prachtige artjournals . Ik zie ze als sprookjesachtige verhalen. Je blijft kijken naar alles wat er op de pagina's gebeurt. Grappig ... ik kan Hebreeuws niet verstaan... maar kunst is een universele taal. Voor mij betekent Facebook dat ik in contact kom met bijzondere kunstenaars van alle windrichtingen. We spreken allemaal dezelfde taal waardoor we niet veel woorden nodig hebben om elkaar te begrijpen. Wat jammer dat we in Nederland zo weinig aandacht hebben voor deze kunstvorm. Veel grote kunstenaars zoals PIcasso hielden een kunst dagboek bij. Het is zeer toegankelijk voor iedereen. Je hebt geen dure materialen nodig en kan het gewoon aan je keukentafel doen. Zelfs in bed! En of je nu van verf houdt, schetsen, doodlen, plakken ...alles kan en mag hier. Dát maakt het zo toegankelijk. Velen gebruiken het als therapievorm en klankbord. ( zoals vele kunstvormen) Laat je niet afleiden door alle commercie die er is rondom Art journaling. Helaas ( mijn mening!) wordt soms de indruk gewekt dat je allerlei gadgets moet aanschaffen zoals bepaalde stiften, stempels en stencils en wat nog meer. Ook de stijl waarin art Journaling gemiddeld wordt gepresenteerd ( google het eens) lijkt eenduidig.... DAT IS HET NIET! Alles behalve! En net zoals het leven niet alleen fastbover bloempjes, bijtjes, blije elf achtige gezichten zo ook jouw journal! Zwart, grijs, grauw rose, geel of fluoriserend oranje! Who gives a damn! Ik niet neer! En daar heeft mijn art jounaling zeker een rol in gespeeld. Ik heb gaandeweg mijn weg gevonden, en ontdekt dat werken met “ waardelooos” 🤔 materiaal mijn voorkeur heeft. Net zoals werken met fotokopie transfers zo ook bepaald fotomateriaal en dat ik niet gemakkelijk tekst in mijn werk gebruik. Art journaling is kan daarmee een oefening zijn in “schijt” hebben aan wat “ gangbaar”, normaal of “zoals het heurt”... Een oefening om vrijer te zijn, weer terug naar het onbevangen vrije kind dat hier een uitstekend talent voor heeft. 👵🏼🙏❤️ AVE @rakefethadar #rakefethadar #artjournaling #visualjournaling #createfulness #happinez #spiritueel #intuïtiefart #intuïtief #artheals

Mess? Or passion? Who is to judge... I don't. I don t care. I love "mess" get lost in the flow. If I get lost I m just where I want ( need) to be😂 . . 👵🏼🎨❤️

Visual journal Slaap zacht Lente De rode haan kraait AVE ART 👵🏼🎨 Createfulness

Pouring out some paint... trying something new... . . You are never stuck... in your creativity...only in your head👵🏻🎨

Best moments in life Sitting in your studio, looking at all these great WIP in front off you, a beer in your hand..a hot stove burning, take away indonesian food on the way ..shigh... Life is so good!!! . AVE ART 👵🏻🎨💖

WIP. Layer 7.0..... Mixed media on canvas 1.10 mtr. X 90 cm . . 👵🏼🎨

Large mixed media WIP 1.50. X 1.20 mtr

Story’s come as they choose..... don’t judge it.... Take it as it comes... react on it however you like or as feels right by you. By you, and no one else but you. . . . 👵🏼🎨❤️

WIP Mixed media on canvas 60. X. 60 cm . 👵🏼🎨

WIP Mixed media on canvas 50. X. 45 cm . 👵🏼🎨

Bits and pieces. So mutch more than that❤️ . 👵🏼🎨

Triptych 3 x 50. X. 50 cm Mixed media

I m challenging myself in working with colors lately.... but you know... My heart just beats harder if It looks at my work that has more white/black/gray blueish colors🤔🤔🤔👵🏻🎨

Ain't no mountain high enough🎶🎶🎶 . . AVE ART 👵🏻🎨 #createfulness

WIP and a lot of fun today

Love love love❤️🎨

Derail WIP

Detail WIP

WIP Mixed media in cardboard 1.50 mtr. X 1.10 mtr Just trying out new approaches, stepping out of my comfordzone ... And the trick is to have fun😆 doing so . 👵🏼🎨 AVE ART Createfulness

Right page 👵🏼🎨

Legt page art journal 👵🏼🎨

When nature presents you a creative gift... say “thank you” and value it. Lightflash Swipe⬅️ . 👵🏼🎨 AVE ART createfulness

Stiching.... CREATEFULNESS = MEDITATION #meditation #meditatie

Art book 60 cm. X 45 cm

Mixed media on wood 90 cm. X. 90 cm . . We started all from the same nest .... . . . 👵🏼🎨

Detail Mixed media on wood . 👵🏼🎨

WIP Who say’s you can only stich in fabric..? Mixed media ís MIXED media🎨❤️

Wall paper art Detail Mixed media ⬅️ for the whole picture . . 👵🏼🎨 . AVE ART

Wall paper art Detail Mixed media . . . 👵🏼🎨 . AVE ART

Art Journal Visual Journal My journal

VISUAL language 'Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.' Pablo Picasso . AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Different style Same person

Art book Art page Art Journal Visual journal Intimacy true art Art through intimacy AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Another WIP Canvas 50 cm X 65 cm

WIP .... Layer 8.0 60. X 70 cm AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

How many white’s are there...? 👵🏼🎨 Canvas 60. Cm. X 70 cm

This little bird..... Nests of memory's Love & pain. You need them both to gain wisdom, maturity, trust, growth. I'm my own warm and safe nest ...... It took some time.... to reach this point but it is worth all of it 👵🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

WIP 1.50 mtr. X 100 cm

WIP Spiritueel schilderen . . AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Inside & outside We can present ourselves in a certain way.....but feel totally different from the inside... Who is able to see through this harness...? Who is allowed...? Who is brave enough....? We can wait for someone to show up...or we can start by stepping across the line...this barrier of fear.... A little step .... just a little one.... AVE ART Creatieve coaching




Mijn lieve nicht(je) is 29 weken zwanger en het weekeinde in het ziekenhuis opgenomen met zwangerschapsvergiftiging. Vandaag zie ik dit tevoorschijn komen in mijn werk wat ik zaterdag maakte... Houd vast! Liefde geeft je vleugels 🦋 AM👵🏻💓🤞🤞🤞

I usualy start my paintings sticking a lot of different kind of paper on the surface. Wrapping paper, boxes, imigeary etc. Whatever is laying around. No thinking is involved here. Than I start reacting on it very intuitively with mixed media. Paint, charcoale, oilpastels, neocolors etc. whatever my hands can find whitout realy looking. Sometimes the paint is in the lead, the next minute the texture is calling the shots. My role is to step back now and than... stepping into it again with all my senses wide open. This for me is createfulness. Spiritual painting. Mindfulnees through creating. My head becomes more and more empty. . 👵🏼🎨🌹


Let flowers grow out of your head. . . . Createfulness AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Change is coming Change is needed Change is scary Change is exciting Change trusting Change is growth Change is proces Change is unevitable Change is a choice Change is what I choose I decided to leave my comfortzone... mixed media, ephemera, images...Art book... all that I know, trust ... love... etc. I m leaving my house (with my partner Piet), and I thought that if I m bold enough to jump into this huge transition I also should be able to take this step in my art to. So I cleaned my desk, all paper is tucked away in the moving box 😱 The canvas and ezel is ready for take off! I bought a lot of paint I rarely use or feel comfortable with. For the next weeks I m just allowed to use paint... Let’s see where this takes me. Believe me... this isn’t easy for me at all ... but hey!! What is the worst that can happen😂 . . AVE ART

Detail of a lamp I had made in commision for my friend @bibian_hopmans🌹 Materials: Wooden table foot Glas Papier maché Wire Total lenght: 2mtr . . . AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Collage ANDERS “Different” . . . AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Welcome your shadow part. She is as much part off you as the consciousness one. Maybe your Art is a chanel for this part to tell you how you are really doing.....? . . . AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Abuse........ Hands off!!!!!!! If you can seek for help. Find someone to talk. Someone who really listens, helps you to tell yóur story. Sharing helps!!! You are not alone even if it feels otherwise!!! During my work as a psychiatric nurse I talked with a lot of women who had endured (most times severe)seksual/ fysical/ menthal abuse. I have seen and felt the pain, fear, and the feeling of impotence..... Prisoned for life.... punishing themselves for the mollesting others had done... Set yourself free....It is hard..... but start with small steps. Maybe a Journal like this can help to express what spoken words can’t..... . It is alway’s there., patience, non judgement, you can open or close it whenever yóu want.... need, allow yourself to express..... . Remind Art journals come in defferent types and “styles” ..there are all true and They ARE alway’s right because they just can’t be wrong. It is private so who cares ( besides yourself probably ) how it looks... I t s about how it works for YOU!!! AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Art book It starts from a point of no return.. . . AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

ART BOOK This is a page out off an altered book “ A point of view” I started 3 years ago. It is one of my favorite books. . . AVE ART

Detail page visual journal

An art journal can apear in many way’s. Ibelieve that when there are no limits in how you live your life your art will be boundles to. This little journal was made in a tin can. AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Sometimes you just have to find a way to find yóur way. I like to look back at what I created long ago. I start altering my own work. I dig myself in again with all I ve learned since then... and you know what...? The time between has been more about UNlearning... digging deeper, truthful, less thinking ...more reacting on impuls. Without fear of failure! This diptych from 2017 is a good reflection of my recovering from my burn. I alway’s tell that my burn out is the best that happend to me. My life has become so mutch richer and more relaxed. It realy feels like the moment I got my first eyeglasses. Everything looked so mutch brighter, sharper and My world literally had become bigger. My Art is alway’s(!!) a reflection of my innerworld. I don’t judge it anymore.. I sit down... looking at it... learn from it and just try to be friendly and merciful to myself. And THAT just THAT makes all the difference!! . 👵🏼🎨❤️ AVE ART Anne-Marie

ART books . . .AVE ART

Photo copy transfers ate one of my favorite mixed media techniques. I like the vintage look, the surprise of the outcome every time again... It is a good way to practice letting go of the need of being in control.. AVE ART

In action.... layer on layers....on layer.... In a way I m having difficulty’s with colors.... I have an unrestless mind of myself... so maybe that’s why my work is more in balance that way...? Dear to change... Dear to be the change! . . AVE ART

It is now.. Always NOW.... . . .AVE ART