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1 Day 5 Hours Ago

At night the lilac saffron flowers sit like little rockets with the tip poking through the soil. In the morning when the the sun comes out they shoot up a few centimetres high and are carefully picked by hand. Hence their name, the Flower of the Sun. #saffron #australiansaffron #tasmaniansaffron #productofthehuon #huonvalley #crocussativus #crocus #flowers #spice #handpicked #flowerofthesun


2 Days 6 Hours Ago

Got some surprise crocuses this year! A truly beautiful sight on this gorgeous day 🙌🏽Thanks nature and hellooooo Spring!


3 Days 3 Hours Ago

❤❤❤Hoje tem 👉Pimentas fresquinhas ❤❤❤


3 Days 20 Hours Ago

During rainy weather the crocus flowers are cloced.


4 Days 9 Hours Ago

Negin Safran aus Persien, Safran gilt als Aphrodisiaka. Da Safran nicht fettlöslich ist, sollte man die Safranfäden in wenig heißes Wasser einweichen und nach dem Kochen der Speise mit Flüssigkeit untergeben. So bleibt das Aroma erhalten und die Fäden lösen sich gut auf.🍨🍛🍝🍵🍜Safran lässt sich sehr vielseitig verwenden, für Fisch, Meeresfrüchte, Desserts, Backwaren und auch für Tee. #thankfullthursday #masawi #masawigewürzinsel #spicedmasawi #spicedbymasawi #safran #crocussativus


5 Days 4 Hours Ago

Harvesting saffron. The flowers are best picked before they fully open, so that the sun does not compromise the quality of the saffron. The saffron flowers are tiny you have to look closely. Lucky for Paddy and I it is school holidays. Thanks for your help Daniel. #australiansaffron #tasmaniansaffron #spice #saffron #quality #flowers #crocussativus #crocus


4 Days 21 Hours Ago

I just gasped out loud walking past this saffron crocus. I didn’t realise they had come up. This is the third type of bulb that has come up for me this past year. I am notoriously jinxed when it comes to growing bulbs - maybe they are taking pity on me this year? That has just made my afternoon🤩. And yes I will collect the 6 stigmas from the 2 flowers that opened today 🤣🤣🤣. There are a few more coming up so I reckon we might just be able to make that pilaf happen 🤣🤣🤣. And who knows those frittilarias I planted years ago may just make an appearance this spring... ok now I am getting cocky...


5 Days 13 Hours Ago

Vuoden ekat. Nämä ovat aina yhtä ihania. #krookus #kevät #crocus #spring #firstone #keväänekat #sahramit #kevätsahrami #crocussativus


5 Days 15 Hours Ago

April Showers bring Frozen Crocuses and Iced Bee Cars. #nhweather #crocussativus #hotwheels #coldwheels


5 Days 17 Hours Ago

Iniziamo a #raccogliere i primi #bulbi del #crocussativus (zafferano)


6 Days 14 Hours Ago

#crocus 💎 16 April 2018. The sugars are flowing in this early spring bulb! Part of the Iris family, the spice saffron is harvested from the stigma of this plant’s fall blooming relative #crocussativus


6 Days 17 Hours Ago

Crocuses posing by the riverside.


7 Days 20 Hours Ago

The saffron harvest By the middle of October, saffron flowers begin to blossom, and this blooming lasts for about three weeks. There occurs a period of intensified blossoming called the “blanket days” which last from two to six days. Blooms that appear during the night must be harvested at dawn the very next day until before noon time to avoid wilting of the petals. It is best to harvest blooms that are still “sleeping” or closed to ensure high-quality saffron threads. Stripping When the blooms are harvested, they are brought to the “stripping” area where the stigmas or threads are very carefully removed manually and painstakingly. The white and yellow parts of the stigma are not to be included in the cutting, just the red parts. Drying After the stripping comes immediately the drying, also known as toasting, which is done daily until the last threads are dried. Because they are exceedingly humid, the harvested stigmas are dehydrated by toasting at temperature not higher than 60 oC. Utmost care must be taken that the threads are not overdone. Hence, the “toaster” (the person assigned to do the task) has a very delicate role in the production of quality saffron spice. After the toasting, the threads will have reduced their size and weight extremely, down to 80% of the original. Five kilos of fresh stigmas yields a mere kilo of dried, vivid crimson threads. Stigmas can also be dried over hot coals or in an oven. Spread the fresh threads on a wire mesh lined with baking paper and place in the middle of the oven. Turn the heat at 50 oC, observing the threads keenly for 10 to 20 minutes till they are dry enough to fall away from each other. For bulk drying, saffron threads are placed in a special room heated at 30 oC to 35 oC for 10-12 hours. A more modern method is the use of a dehydrator, with temperature set at 48 oC for 3 hours. The length of time, it seems, depends on the quantity of threads to dry. But the important thing is they are not overdried because that will reduce the quality and price of the saffron threads. Threads are then stored for later use😍 #saffron#crocussativus