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E AS COMEMORAÇÕES NÃO PARAM🥳!! . No dia 20/12 vai ter um AULA ESPECIAL🎊. . ⚠️Super Heroes Class!! . Venha caracterizado com o seu SUPER HERÓI FAVORITO🧬. . Essa aula especial só vai acontecer às 08h00 e logo após o CAFÉ DA MANHÃ🤤. . Não FIQUEM DE FORA DESSA! . VAMOS nos DIVERTIR. *os demias horários aula normal* . #crossfit #fitness #crossfitter #crossfitlife #crossfitgirls #crossfitgames #wod #crossfitlifestyle #crossfitcommunity #crossfitfamily #crossfitters #workout #crossfitbrasil #crossfitlove #fitnessmotivation #crossfitgirl #fit #gym #crossfitmen #motivation #crossfitmom #training #weightlifting #crossfitaddict #crossfitcaveira #crossfitbox #crossfitlovers #crossfitwod #fitfam #crossfitopen


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Just over here trying to stay warm 🤷🏼‍♀️😆 PS this didn’t work, but I think I should still get points for the effort 😏 @assaultairbike I’m still accepting sponsorships if you’re interested 😘💕 #babyitscoldoutside #nottryingtogetpolitical #donthashtagsinglemom #happymonday #mondaymotivation #crossfitmom #girlswholift #chickswholift #momswholift #morethanyou #quadslikequinn


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Re-test week and test week in the books ✔. Some things went well and others didn't but that's the way it goes sometimes. I'm looking forward to cycle 3 🙃. @misfitathletics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Monday 🖤🙏🏻 . . . . . . . . . #crossfitmom #selfie #maceio #nordeste #simbora #crossfitter #crossfitmcz #fitness

2 years of working my 🍑 off and I finally feel like I’m getting to a point where my goals are changing 🥳 —— I worry less about my macros. I eat when I’m hungry. I make sure at least one meal per day is filled with TONS of veggies. My protein intake is much lower now, usually around 70g per day. My fat intake is higher...I enjoy eating plenty of bacon and avocado every day! 🥓🥑 My carbs are usually around 120g per day (but sometimes as much as 200g/day). I Crossfit for 1 hour, 3-4x per week, and then add in 1-2 days of strictly weight lifting 🏋🏻‍♀️ —— My body is working with me, and I consistently have a few pounds of fat loss every month without even trying. I feel like I’m in maintenance mode, yet I’m still seeing progress. It’s A-MA-ZING what can happen when your body realizes that you will ALWAYS feed it. That you will ALWAYS provide it with movement and exercise. I haven’t gained a single pound back that I’ve lost over the past couple years. I was 190lbs when I started CrossFit 2.5 years ago...and today I am 150lbs with a shit ton more muscle too 💪🏼 #fitwithjojoandbritt #crossfitmom #crossfitgirl #utahgram #utahmom #cftp


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Big 3 today. Hit my PR on squat at 265, made a PR on deadlift at 330, hit below on strict press at 110. Good with that! Didn’t push any of the lifts because of time cap. Prob my last PR at 40 ☺️. #pr#deadlift#330#oldladygains#cfn#crossfitnavarre#liftheavy#deadliftsaremyfav#strongmom#fitmom#momstrength#rpstrength#40andfit#crossfitmom#progress


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Happy Monday. Let’s get to WORK. Let’s GRIND. Let’s BECOME that person we want to be. 💯💪 • 📸 @ashley_gossman


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I'm grateful for all I have. But being honest, I have not displayed that gratitude well. That needs to change. No---it's GOING to change. NOW 👊🏼 Because gratitude is the key to #thesecret


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Casi 33 y mi femineidad va de la mano con moretones 💋


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“Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it” is a very powerful motto to live by and stand behind as a woman. I absolutely believe that you should move your body as much as possible. I also believe that you should eat well…not because you hate your body in its current form, but because you love your body and all that it’s capable of doing. • I’ve seen firsthand how this mindset can have such a positive effect on women both with myself and with my coaching clients. Focusing on choosing to love your body and deciding to step into the best version of yourself is both very empowering and relieving all at the same time. It’s exhausting to always look at yourself through the eyes of self-hatred and always choosing to find something about your body that you need to “fix”. • But, I think this “just love your body” motto is some pretty naïve advice to be doling out right off the bat…especially to a woman who is just starting out with fitness and isn’t quite ready to hear such a thing. • Getting to this point with your mindset, especially after experiencing all the changes your body goes through during #pregnancy and #motherhood, or when you’ve gone through years of really disliking the way you look and feel in your own skin, is a lengthy process and not a simple mindset switch that happens overnight. • There’s a strong possibility that you don’t like something about your body….it’s okay…it’s part of being human. Maybe it’s the way your stomach looks after having a baby(ies), maybe it’s the cellulite on your butt or thighs, maybe it’s the way your arms look in a tank top. Much of this is because society has conditioned us to view our bodies critically and with disdain. • We can’t simply tell women to “just love their bodies” and expect them to change overnight. This sort of healing and acceptance needs to happen over time. • If you don’t like how your body looks right now, and you exercise exclusively for the purpose of “fixing your flaws,” then what is one small action step you can you take to help you get your mindset to the point where you exercise and eat well because you love your body?


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Never miss a Monday. Especially when Monday is squat day. And always make sure you have a few doggos to coach you #doggos #grace #sophie #squat #monday #crossfit #comptrain #bornprimitive #crossfitmom


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15 hours left to sign up!! There are still some spots left for the Conquer Athlete Camp, but get in quick before the sale ends! DM us to sign up! #repost @iamchrisharris with @get_repost ・・・ We are starting off the 2019 season with our first athlete camp to be held at Crossfit Milford. __ Come hang out for three days with the Conquer Coaching Staff, myself, and athletes at Crossfit Milford January 11-13th. __ DM me if you would like to reserve a spot! __ ➡️ Day 1 (Friday): Workout and BBQ meet and greet. ➡️ Day 2 (Saturday): 9-5:00 pm where we will go over lectures on programming, mindset, habit creation, training protocols, testing, and a Q&A session with the athletes on how they are preparing with the new season. ➡️ Day 3 (Sunday): 9-4:00 pm where we will go over more skill and drill in gymnastics and weight lifting, lectures on barbell cycling and movement efficiency, application of dynamic contractions for improved fitness levels, more testing and application of the tests. __ ➡️ We are going to have some amazing athletes here to guest coach and assist all weekend. Stay tuned for more information at @conquerathlete.

Come join a gym with plenty of space for stroller parking and a huge kids room for your family! Keep your peace of mind knowing your kids are safe so you can focus on your fitness! #crossfitmom #crossfit #crossfitdad

I take my kids with me every morning to the gym , it’s part of our routine! Some days they are sooo good sit and play the entire time other says they wanna be right beside me ! I’m so thankful that my @newtcrossfit Allows moms to bring our kids ! They have a huge lobby area with toys , Netflix playing kids shows steady and free wifi :) ! Makes brining the kids a little easier and my kids really love going, they look forward to our morning outing ! Our matching leggings are from @pineappleclothing_com . . . . . . . . #coach #crossfitmom #fitmommy #weightlifting #healthyeating #instagood #strongwomen #bodypositive #fitnessgirl #mom #fitmomsofig #gymjunkie #transformation #cleaneating #bodytransformation #physique #fitspiration #getfit #workouts #fitfamily #fitnessgoals #trainhard #crossfitter #love #gymrat #fitmama #girlswithmuscle #momlife #crossfitlove


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I'm sore, I didn't get much sleep, my timing app kept crashing, and my kids love playing with my phone. Today wasn't about hitting a PR on the retest but instead just moving. Did todays main @streetparkingmembers WOD followed by a modified version of their weekly Power workout. Took all of 45 mins. #streetparking #garageathlete #crossfitmom #consistencyiskey #alwayson #fitnessanywhere #hwpo #imsoreaf #doms

#repost @crossfitgames ・・・ @CrossFit-sanctioned competitions are replacing CrossFit's Regional events and will become a direct pathway for top men, women and team competitors to receive invitations to compete at the #crossfitgames. Here is a list of the events that have been announced for the 2019 and 2020 seasons: - 🇦🇪 @dxbfitnesschamp - Dubai, U.A.E. - December 2018 🇺🇸 @thewodapalooza - Miami, Florida, U.S. - January 2019 🇿🇦 @fittestincapetown - Cape Town, South Africa - January 2019 🇬🇧 @strengthindepthuk - London, England, U.K. - February 2019 🇺🇸 @midatlanticcrossfitchallenge - Baltimore, Maryland / D.C. Area, U.S. - April 2019 🇮🇹 @italianshowdown - Milan, Italy - April 2019 🇧🇷 @brazilcrossfitchamp - São Paulo, Brazil - May 2019 🇳🇱 @lowlandsthrowdown - Apeldoorn, Netherlands - May 2019 🇫🇷 @frenchthrowdown - Paris, France - June 2019 🇺🇸 @thegranitegames - Saint Cloud, Minnesota, U.S. - June 2019 🇦🇷 @southfitchallenge- Buenos Aires, Argentina - December 2019 - These newly sanctioned events expand the opportunities available to CrossFit competitors around the globe. Each newly sanctioned competition emerged from the CrossFit affiliate community. - CrossFit Inc. will continue to announce additional sanctioned events in the coming weeks. All changes to the CrossFit Games season will be codified and published in the official CrossFit Games Rulebook prior to the 2019 Open. - This list will be updated as events are released. #crossfitgames • Games.CrossFit.com - 📷 @petewilliamsonphotography ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ #core #gymmastics #crossfitgirls #crossfitgames2018 #crossfitathlete #sponsored #athlete #crossfitmom #crossfitladies #crossfitlady #crossfitwife #instagood #crossfitgirl #crossfitlife #crossfitchicks #crossfitbabes


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✨What’s your why?✨ Last year when I started @vitalnutritionandperformance a gym member asked me “why aren’t you happy with just the gym” and my reason is simple, I saw a BIG hole in the fitness industry in regards to nutrition I wanted to change it. I was sick of seeing all the bullshit fad diets and under qualified coaches leading clients down the road of heartache and temporary results. Having worked with such an amazing nutrition coach myself I wanted to give everyone the experiences I had and show the results I worked so hard to get. Being a busy entrepreneur and new mom I felt so lost in my new body, and I hate to admit it now but I would look in the mirror and cry, and then feel guilty for longing to have my body back. I hated the way I looked and hated the way I felt. I wanted to hide from everyone but I had a gym to run, so I slapped a smile on my face and got shit done. When my clients tell me all their feelings I feel their pain, I’ve been there, but that’s why I become so invested because I was there and I KNOW how hard it can feel but you can get to your goals. I am in the best shape I have ever been in! I have a better body then before I was pregnant, I have more confidence in myself now then I did before life changed. It came with WORK!!! Day after day!!! You can achieve your goals too! I continue on my journey to set an example to Bentley, to help encourage others, to help clients find the time between a busy life and chaos! It can be done. But ya gotta work! You’ve got to want it more then all the excuses going against you. You have to commit to yourself. You HAVE to know your why!! #vitalnutritionandperformance #fitmom #crossfitmom #motivation #ironagecrossfit #nutritioniskey #healthylifestyle #getit #nova3labs


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2015 ➡️ 2018⁣ ⁣ After having 4 babies, #mombuns were pretty much an inevitability. I thought a ton of squats would fix it, but the #mombuns stuck around. It wasn't until I really started focusing on glute-specific exercises that the #mombuns started to disappear. ⁣ ⁣ Also, in the first video I was squatting maybe 110#, but my back was always bothering me. As I continued to work on strengthening my glutes, I found that I didn't need to wear a weight belt nearly as often. So this doesn't need to be a purely aesthetic endeavor- building a butt can also alleviate back and knee pain!⁣ ⁣ Here's a list of a few exercises that I began doing on a regular basis:⁣ ✔️ barbell hip thrusts ⁣ ✔️ barbell glute bridges⁣ ✔️ sumo deadlifts ⁣ ✔️ sumo squats ⁣ ✔️ tons of banded abductions, steps, squats, bridges, thrusts⁣ ⁣ If you're trying to avoid or eliminate a bad case of the #mombuns, stick around! A 🔥 core and butt workout program is coming soon 😎


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It’s a thumbs up kind of Monday! Why? Because all our in stock items are ON SALE! Get your last minute gifts and FREE SHIPPING! #wasatchapparel #sale #greenmonday


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Montandome en el caballo de nuevo! Aquí voy 💪 #crossfitafterbaby #crossfitmom