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Sometimes we can find ourselves at wits end. Outside influences will tell us to turn to many things. God is calling us to turn to His Holy Spirit. He will fill us. He will give us rest. He will fill our house with peace. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

Chinese Beijing Roast Duck #chineseculture #roast duck #chinese food

Hey, too much photo revising, watch your classmates….#meme #funnyChinesepictures #amusing #picturerevising #Chineseonline

Chinese style photograph2 #Chinese #snowandredplum #Chinatrends

China top actress 2018 Shishi Liu #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Here we are! Faith Life Church’s Week I’d Increase is this week and we couldn’t be more excited to be here!!! #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #keithmooreisbomb #vacationingwithjesus

Fixing to ride Silver Dollar Cory’s newest ride!!! #weloverollercoasters #thrillme #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

Just a couple tourists doing touristy things in Little Rock. The Clinton Presidential Library was super cool. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

Faith in Jesus transforms our lives to be in his image. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

Y’all. Adeline drew a picture of us. #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #betheexample #marriageaintforquitters #loveyourspouse EDIT: The details on Will’s pants are buttons and a zipper flap. I asked. #yallnastyminds #renewyourmind #childdrawingsarefunny

To God be the Glory ❤️ #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

There’s no shame in my mom game. Shoutout to my first baby! #murphyroopurvis #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #girlmom #dogmom #bunnymom

Love seeing our middle schoolers learning about their identity in Christ by learning more about HIS character. We asked them to search the Word and find a verse that showed who THEY are by showing who HE is. I got this text this morning. Compassion. It’s so huge. #hopeyouthmiddleschool #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

When I am facing challenges in life, whether they be small or great, the answer that I find, every time, is that, “Jesus loves me.” #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

When you’re trying to create video content but PEOPLE KEEP CALLING. 😂 #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #ineedjesustopartthecalls #liketheredsea #beconcise #whydontpeoplejusttext

In case anyone wondered if our babies were sweet.... here’s more proof. #heritagefromthelord #raisingarrows #allthearrows #purvisbabies #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #fortmorganbeach

I remind myself repeatedly that my Heavenly Father loves me. It is surprisingly the answer to my situation. It gives me rest to know he loves me. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

If you don’t do ANYTHING ELSE today, listen to this!!!!!!! A few weeks ago we sat down with our middle schoolers and developed our Hope Youth Middle Schoolers “Absolutes.” You have to stand for something. How do you know what to stand for?! #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #krisv #corevalues #whoisjesustoyou

We have been created in the likeness and image of Jesus Christ. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

Thank you Father that you love us. Thank you that your love is the greatest manifestation of your glory. Jesus is the greatest expression of your love. For you so loved me that you gave Jesus so that I can be made like Him. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

We have some amazing new content coming out next week and I thought y’all could use some behind-the-scenes photos from our video shoot. Because Will’s life would be incredibly boring without me. 🤷‍♀️👌🏼 #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #whyarethekidssoquiet #heissointense #makethatvideobaby

When your mom picks out your outfit #theodore #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

The Blood of Jesus removed sin. The Blood of Jesus cleanses our guilty conscience. The Blood of Jesus and Holy Spirit work together. It is the most precious currency that was paid to redeem our lives unto God. Stay under the Blood of Jesus. Let it be your purification. Let it remove all guilt. Enter into your Heavenly Father’s presence marked and washed in the Blood of Jesus. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #whatcanwashawaymysins #nothingbutthebloodofjesus

This is the look of a man who just survived a weekend trip seven hours from home with three ladies- one of whom may or may not have been #salty majority of the trip. Not naming any names (Abbie!). #helenga #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #anniversarytripwhat #momanddadneedanap #andavacation #hiswifeisaprofessionalmom #dadlivesinaseaofestrogen #blessit

The girls are riding up front on the horse carriage ride. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

So many times as Christians, we choose to love those who make it comfortable for us to love them. Those who look like us, think like us, believe like us, and treat us kindly. But Jesus calls us to love the rest, too. Instead, we pick a pet sin. We pick a skin color. We pick a nationality or political affiliation. We pick a denomination. We pick a socioeconomic class. But Jesus said “Love your neighbor.” And I’m pretty sure He meant to love ALL of them with the same love with which He loves them- the kind that would die for them, that forgives them, that restores and encourages them. This weekend, show the love of JESUS to your neighbor. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #lovelikejesus #hemakesthedarknesstremble #cityonahill #lamponastand #saltoftheearth #lightoftheworld

In the world view of many today it is cultural to “live your truth.” Truth is not relative. It does not change. It is not subject to pop culture. It is not subject to opinion. Jesus is the truth. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth. He is central. He is our image. He is our model. Find truth in Christ, and He will set you free. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

As women, our highest calling and greatest ministry is to our husbands and children. We set the tone in the home and we teach the children how to act, think, and believe. And sometimes we mess up. But His Grace is sufficient. I bought this shirt to remind myself that my girls look to me for their example of what a woman should be. And it’s a TON of pressure. But I will use it to show them that I am strong in the Lord and so should they be. That when I am weak, I turn to Him. That when I am afraid, I hide behind Him. That when I’m upset with Him, I tell him and I let Him love me back into submission. And that when I jack it all up, that I receive the Grace He sufficiently gives. May we be strong mothers who raise strong children to follow a God so mighty our strength means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL. One of the greatest men we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, Pastor Norman Manning, said this: “You raise chickens; but you TRAIN children.” So, may we TRAIN our sweet children to love Jesus by example. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #mamasandjesus #trainupachild Shoutout to @KaitlynGKreations on Etsy for the awesome shirt!

To often I hear of folks in the valley, or they have to climb this big ol’ mountain. Stop it. Rest. Put you hope in Jesus. He instructed us to speak. He said if we spoke to the mountain, or the problem you are up against, that we would see it cast into the sea. Let us sit down with Him, and do what He does. He speaks, so we should speak. We should rest from our worry and our self efforts, and speak He Word into our lives. We will see the results that Jesus has set up for us to have. We will grow up in His grace, and live according to the promise. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

Praying in tongues is a huge deal. Sadly we can fall out of the practice. It is super important to incorporate praying in an unknown tongue into you daily life. When you pray in an unknown tongue The Holy Spirit is giving you the words to pray out your future. The gift of the Holy Spirit to pray in tongues is for everyone. Your Heavenly Father is not so cruel as to leave His children to flip or flop through life. He gave us the Spirit to lead us, to take away the vail that hid Christ, to transform us into the very image of Christ, to shape our future to be an effective impact for Jesus, and so much more. I want to encourage you to use the great gift of the Holy Ghost, and pray, pray, pray in an unknown tongue, in the Spirit, and watch Jesus open doors for you to easily transition into every phase of glory that He has prepared for you. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

Have you ever been hungry for more then just building bigger buildings, or setting up a new programs? The Bible says that the old Apostles turned the world upside down. I don’t want to be just another Christian trying to win the world through being just like them, or by being void of compassion. I want a world flipping life style. I am hungry to be more then just “relevant.” I believe that the body of Christ is not facing the opposition like some would have us believe. I want to be a life that glorifies the name of Jesus. I want to do what I see Jesus do, and say what I hear Him say. I desire to be so focused on His purpose that it makes people see that Jesus is more then just good behavior and church fish fries. I want to be a conduit of His power. I want to feel His heart. I want to see with his eyes. I want to do good and destroy the works of the devil. Let’s get hungry. Hungry for righteousness. Hungry for His presence. Hungry for His heart to overwhelm us to set the captives free. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

Our four-year-Old has been fighting off a stomach virus since yesterday. Toast, her beagle and best friend in the world, has not left her side for a second. Where she lays, he lays. If she scoots over, he scoots over. I was making breakfast this morning after what was probably the worst sick episode for us as parents since The Great Puke Debacle of 2015 (yes, we name epic events like this.) and the Holy Spirit reminded me of something: this is JUST like Him. Sometimes, we deal with things in life. Sometimes, it feels like we are losing and we are so far deep in the valley, but even in our lowest moments, He is ALWAYS with us and never leaves our side. He snuggles up close to comfort us and ensure that we are ok and He is there until we come out on the other side. And I’m so, so grateful for His company in the trials. Because when He brings us out on the other side, We will be able to assure others that just as He never left us, He will never leave them. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #toastthebeagle #holyspirit #hillsandvalleys #sheishealed #injesusname (Side note: Yes. Toast actually sleeps like this. Eyes open, unashamed of his too-relaxed sleeping pose.)

When we had our first child, I (Cate) was so young- just 19. I had spent my life up to them trying to be the best at everything- or at least fake it well- because I felt like Love was conditional upon my being “good enough.” I spent the first couple years as a stay-at-home mom trying to make multi-level marketing work because I had to do something to be “successful.” And I failed time after time, with company after company. After our second child was born, I got my real estate license and began working part-time trying, once again, to be what I thought others expected of me: successful, good enough. And again, I wasn’t what I considered successful. I wasn’t doubling my husband’s income while keeping a perfect house and my household duties were falling by the wayside- along with my confidence and my sanity as I felt like a complete failure. Add in a year of “secondary infertility” accompanied by three miscarriages and homeschooling my kids, I was a mess. I could give 100% to nothing and everything seemed to be falling apart. I began to seek God relentlessly on what I was doing wrong. I could put my kids back in school full-time to pursue being a “success.” Or I could quit my career in real estate and risk not being “good enough” as “just a mom.” And both options absolutely frightened me. I felt backed into a corner. As I knelt in worship in the front of our church on a Sunday morning, Just week’s after moving to a new real estate brokerage to go full-time, I felt the Lord speaking to my heart: Your family is your greatest ministry. You see, for years I’ve been seeking approval from the world and people who have nothing to do with my life or my family instead of seeking God and His plan for my family. And when I finally sought him, he listened and He responded. When we pursue Him and His approval as opposed to that of others, the whole game changes and we learn what true satisfaction and unconditional love looks like. #parentingpurvis #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #myhighestcalling #justamom

We were talking about this with our middle schoolers last night. As parents and youth pastors and church leadership, it is each of our responsibility to come together to teach our children BY EXAMPLE how to love others, even in the midst of their sin. The love of God was never exclusive or based on our deeds. If it were, we would all be doomed, for when Jesus died for us, all our sins were future tense. We should love people enough to not want to leave them in their sin. But we should know the TRUE love of Christ enough to know that shaming them is no way to lead them to redemption. The love of God will chase them down and wrap them up tight and say “I SEE YOU AND YOU ARE SO LOVED!” It will welcome them into the church AND HOME with open arms and a warm cup of coffee before an inch of change is made. If we want to teach our children to love, we must lead by example, exactly the way Father God leads US by example. #cultivatedgrace #communitylovers #purviswithpurpose #lightoftheworld #cityonahill #lampstandlife

Fill yourself up with things that point you toward Christ and the things you’re believing for. We are now one year into our journey of having a third baby. With five total losses under our belt- three in the last 18 months- it can seem hopeless sometimes. But if we are certain of one thing, it is that we serve a miracle-working God. I love these lyrics: “I rose up from my grave and my fear was turned to faith. Cause you came. Oh, I knew that you would come.” Feed your faith. Your God still creates, He still works miracles, and He still breathes life into impossible situations. #iknowthatyouwillcome #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #secondaryinfertilitysucks #butmygod #itiswritten #wewillhaveallthebabies

We would like you all to meet the newest member of our family, Theodore! #bunnyparents #allthefurbabies #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #dreamscometrue #flemishgiantsofinstagram

Because we are honorary superheroes! #purviswithpurpose #antmanandthewasp #cultivatedgrace

Ant man and the wasp with the fam! #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #churchfam @thehappygilmore

Sometimes the Lord will let you see stuff like that... #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #godisapromisekeeper

Worshiping in the wait is one of the hardest things to do. To praise when we want to give up. To hope when we feel hopeless. To believe when it seems impossible. But you’re not alone. Our Father is in the waiting. Read our new post on worshiping in the wait. Link in bio. #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #worshipismywarcry

When it’s cold in the restaurant but your moms a problem solver. #papertowelshawl #momforthewin #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

These girls 😍😂 So grateful for the beautiful life God has given us. ❤️ #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #purvisgirls #simpleburger

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned was the one that has brought me the most freedom: stop wondering why. Once I realized that I might never know why and that that fact does not change the character of God- He is still good. He is still faithful. He still loves me relentlessly.- I could stop questioning Him. I learned to start with “God is Good and faithful.” and work backward instead of starting with “Why?” and seeing what conclusion it led me to. Instead, I can now ask “What is God teaching me as I go through this?” and “How is God turning this around for my good?” It doesn’t always make it easy and certainly not enjoyable, but it allows me to look for the true God of Love in everything. #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #stillbelieving #movemountainmove #hismercyenduresforever

We had so much fun canoeing today! We are so grateful we have the ability to do things like this as a family. We got to see hatched gator eggs and tracks leading to the water, because sometimes the Lord will let you see stuff like that. We got to figure out how to get unstuck from the rocks a few times and we got to spend time together. #sundayfunday #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #dlowaterpark

It’s Cate’s birthday! #happybirthday #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

The Church should be a place a family gathers together to pour into each other. To worship together. To minister to the hurting and welcome them into the family. It is a living body of Christ that is continually growing and adding parts. What I love about our church is that it embodies just that. We get together outside of Sundays and Wednesdays. Because we are a family. We take care of each other, we annoy each other, and we look past each other’s faults. We come together to worship the God of Love and we have a ton of fun. God put us in this group of people right when we needed it most and we couldn’t be more grateful for Hope Fellowship Church. #wearehope #hopefellowshipchurch #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace @hopefellowship6180 @hope_youth

#repost from @betheltv_ This is why we #readyourbible. To know God is to become like Him. To know His followers is to learn from those who went before. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

There’s something about starting the morning in His presence. #allididwasworship #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #itssomuchbetteryourway

And we are back to our happiest place- anywhere our girls are. #handmaidensofthelord #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

We spent this week on a beach in Panama City, Florida with five other leaders and fifteen middle and high schoolers. We learned the power of being original. We learned how to love each other. We learned to do better deal with conflict amongst ourselves IN LOVE. But the greatest thing I carried away this week was this: spending time together as a family in prayer and loving discussion is the greatest thing we could ever do. And by “as a family,” I mean two things: 1.) Your household - Treat your family, spouse, kids as your own little small group. Have little discussions about BIG things. Be willing to HEAR YOUR KIDS HEARTS and don’t use it to discipline THEM- use it as a time to check YOURSELF and how YOU are parenting. So many times, our kids are merely reacting to our actions as parents. 2.) Your Church Family- Get together and discuss things of the Spirit, things of the family, things of the heart. We had the absolute privilege of hearing some of the deepest things in our kids and leaders hearts this week and it taught me more about myself, my shortcomings, and the relationship I WANT TO BUILD with Jesus and these incredible people God put in my life. When we come together as family, we can change the world. There is absolutely no one we would rather have by our sides to love us, help us grow, correct us lovingly, and push us farther than the family at @hopefellowship6180 and @hope_youth Grateful can never explain it. God saw what we needed and he delivered. #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #bigstuf2018 #family #churchfamily #graceupongrace @angiegrissom @jagrissom @thehappygilmore @stella_ford @aaronrylander96 @david.hertel.98 @trishblacksher @rileygrace19_ @wesholmes1996

We constantly pray that God gives us wisdom as we speak. Knowledge without wisdom in how to use it is useless. #lovethroughus #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #wiseasaserpentbutdonoharm #hisgraceissufficient

Eleanor is headed to church tonight to hang out with the middle schoolers. We gonna get her saved. #eleanorgoestochurch #hopefellowship #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

“Happy Memorial Day” isn’t a thing. Memorial Day is an honor we pay to those who have gone before us to pave the way to freedom and liberty, not just in our own nation, but for other nations as well. Though many in my family have served in the military, I pray that I never have to give honor to a headstone on these days. To the heroes who gave it all, thanks will never be enough. To the husbands and wives, mamas and daddies, grandparents, brothers and sisters, best friends, sons and daughters whose Memorial Day is anything but happy, our prayers are that the God of Comfort holds you near today. We pray that your heart is filled to overflowing with the love of God and that you experience the greatest honor throughout your day for the great sacrifice YOU have made for this nation. #memorialday #cultivatedgrace #sacrifice

Why wait for a cross-world trip to a third-world country to tell people about the Grace of God? Missions start HERE. In our own backyard. The checkout lady at the grocery store. The man begging for spare change. The church leader whose marriage is struggling. The kid whose parents don’t pay attention. We are either all-in for Jesus when it goes unseen or we are all-in for ourselves to look good for others. #cultivatedgrace #missionaryorimposter #purviswithpurpose #caniprayforyou #hisgraceissufficient #hometownmissionary #backyardmissions

Let your spouse know how much you love and respect them today. Marriage can be hard. Sometimes two opposing forces crash into each other and a tornado ensues. Remember, the other person is NOT the problem. The PROBLEM is the problem. Our favorite book for married couples and those who want to get married is Dr. Emerson Eggerich’s Love and Respect. Get it and read it together. The mystery of marriage has been solved! #cultivatedgrace #cultivatehappymarriages #purviswithpurpose #loveandrespect #endthecycle #hisgraceissufficient

Finishing Father of Lights with our Favorite group of Middle Schoolers. To say we have been blessed by being able to pour into the lives of these teens and preteens would be an understatement. You never know how fulfilling the calling of God is on your life until you step fully into it and see his Grace abound. So grateful for these kids and all the things they teach us. #hopefellowshipbrandon #hopeyouth #middleschoolersarethebestschoolers #youthministersforthewin #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

I often tell people, “Worship is my war cry.” There’s a reason for that. Will gets energy and clarity listening to some of his favorite teachers/pastors messages. I’m not that person. I need worship music. It’s part of what keeps me sane. It lets me breathe when I’m drowning and it reminds me of who I am. Will hears from God while he listens to preaching tapes. I hear from God when I’m in full on, face-on-the-floor, arms-in-the-air worship. Bring a Christian is t about rules and regulations, it’s about communication and relationship. Find the place where heaven meets earth for you. Find the place you hear His voice the clearest. And spend as much time there as possible. Pitch a tent and camp out. It doesn’t have to be where anyone else hears Him. The shower. With Worship music playing. Listening to messages. The car ride to work. Cooking dinner. Get there and stay there. This peace He brings when He speaks to your heart is a love like no other. #findyourplace #staythere #comein #worshipismywarcry #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

We stopped to eat at the Texas Roadhouse in Bossier City, LA on our way home today. We love pulling up to see honor being given to our armed forces veterans. There is a special grace on these families to be able to make the sacrifices they make for the good of our nation’s future. #cultivatedgrace #supportthetroops #landofthefree #becauseofthebrave #purviswithpurpose