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Story 👏 time 👏 As a young child I wanted to pirate music because I had no money (I was very young, alphabet bois, please let this one slide). I knew of a torrent site that only had an ~86% chance of hijacking my mom’s computer and forwarding all of her emails to Cyril Ramaphosa. So like the little computer whiz I was, I typed in the rather unique url as soon as my parents let me on the desktop. However, I made a slight mistake: I didn’t type it quite correctly. Download links for that sicc Linkin Park album didn’t show up, but some thicc pron stars filled the screen. I had no idea what I was looking at. I was absolutely fascinated and disgusted by all the thumbnails I scrolled past. I heard my mom coming, so I clicked wildly to get off the pron site I somehow ended up on. HOWEVER. The saga did not end there. Oh no. The computer, now a sentient zombie being controlled my malware, wouldn’t let me off that easy. The link remained copied to the clipboard, and then it posted itself to Facebook. I discovered this error before anyone saw the post (I think) and scrubbed the evidence, but the computer did commit harakiri soon after these events. My parents still don’t know


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The sad truth 😣😞

Er kann mich umhauen 😩

So satisfying 😍😂🙌