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Dad. He may not always lead with his emotions, but you know how dad can be when it comes to his four-legged bestie. Be ready for some moist eyes this Father’s Day when you surprise dad with an original Sutton Studios portrait or a gift certificate for a portrait sitting. Three words you won’t be hearing? "You shouldn't have.” Instead, you'll hear things like "thank goodness you did." Call. 847-679-8090. All photos © 2019 David B. Sutton/David Sutton Studios. . . . #suttonstudios #davidsuttonstudios #fathersday #dad #daddy #dadsday #bigsoftie #fourleggedbestie #loveyoudad #thankgoodnessyoudid #catphotographer #dogphotographer #petphotographer #familyphotographer #portraitphotographer

Memories matter most. Mom. She may not ask for much, but we know what she’d love to see. Put a portrait on her wall. You’ll always be a family, but you won’t always look the way you do now. When it comes to mom, its memories that matter. Get ready for some serious hugs this Mother’s Day when you surprise mom with an original Sutton Studios portrait or a gift certificate for a portrait sitting. Call. 847-679-8090 . . . #davidsutton #davidsuttonstudios #suttonstudios #mothersday #mom #memories #momories #petphotography #petphotographer #chicagopetphotographer #chicagofamilyphotographer #blackandwhitepetphoto #memoriesmatter #memoriesmattermost #portraits #portraitphotographer #portraitgift #giftportrait #serioushugs #lifetimeofsmiles

What does April Fool’s mean to you? Are you a prankster or the one that gets pranked? All jokes aside ~ ❤️ To me - it will always remind me of Polly (RIP) 🐾 She was born on April 1st and always full of personality 🐾 ❤️ So grateful that #davidsuttonstudios captured the two of us during our last photo shoot a few months before she passed. A birthday gift to myself that I’ll never forget & always treasure 🐶 #grateful #furmom #blacklab #darbyzwagerman #proudmomma #soldwithgoldandzwag #ninaanddarby

💛 Those 👀’s and head tip...little miss Polly had such a personality 🐾



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#ronsorin Photography: David Sutton #davidsutton #davidsuttonstudios © 2011 “The Blues Wall of Fame: An Honorable Tribute to Ron Sorin for his contributions to Harmonica Blues” is not original photographic art to Matt but rather a conglomeration of photography by various photographers throughout the world. The images used span many decades over blues arts rich history. This photographic art reveals great emotion of character captured via these precious & cherished images. Matt is a true blues lover who simply is bringing much needed information to the public about our treasured music art ‘THE BLUES’ Thank you” ~ mw #ronsorin QUOTE: HOMEPAGE: “Ron Sorin has been playing harp professionaly since his teens. He has worked with scores of blues artists such as Johnny Littlejohn, Bo Diddley, Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins, and Willie Kent, and has recorded with Chicago blues men James Wheeler, Bob Stroger, Steve Freund, and Ken Saydak, among others. Ron was also a founding member of the popular American roots band Big Shoulders on Rounder records. He has developed his own voice on the instrument, a unique style rooted in tradition, but traveling down other blues avenues as well. Check out his new CD "Lake City” © 2011 #ronsorinandthebluecoastband #lakecity #biglakerecords •”Ron Sorin's harmonica as soulful as a neighborhood bar." Downbeat •”Totally his own player - fresh, original, soulful, but can play straight up blues with the best of them" Tom Albanese •”Ron Sorin plays powerful, melodic lines and never wastes time pretending to be Little Walter." Niles Franz, Living Blues •"Sorin is far more melodic than the usual Chicago style of blues harpist" - "whose lyrical style functions practically as a second voice within the band." Don McLeese, Chicago Tribune •”His distinctive lead voice with the blues harp, a sound nurtured through nearly two decades of belting out clean, dynamic lead lines at South Side blues clubs (that no longer exist) and North Side clubs that are now health food stores." Illinois Entertainer •”Ron is one of the best Chicago blues harp players in town." Joe Filisko Web site by Harlan Lee Terson