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Project in Barnstaple for Davis roofing. #scaffoldinglife #scaffoldlife #roofing #davisroofing #topscaff

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A missing shingle replace is very easy, first cool the shingle with cold water, use a metal pry bar between the shingle to separate them. The sealant should pop loose. Remove nails from shingle you are replacing and the one above it. Replace it with new one and finally hand-seal the shingle. #davisroofing #weareateamyoucantrust

KEEP GUTTERS CLEAN! One of the most common areas and causes for roof leaks are clogged gutters. Gutters that have not been cleaned can cause the water to build up during rain. Clean them at least once a month. #davisroofing #weareateamyoucantrust #alwaysprevent

Leave it to the experts!!! We can help you repairing or replacing Shingles, starter shingles, underlayment, ice & water, drip edge & flashing and vents. #davisroofing #weareateamyoucantrust

Sometimes it’s best to leave it up to the professionals! Call now and get a free roof inspection! 614-945-4493 #davisroofing #weareateamyoucantrust #alwaysprevent

How to protect yourself from hail damage: Any roof repair or replacement done on your roof is a financial setback. Thus, it is necessary to protect your roof from hail damage. Although you cannot prevent a hailstorm, you can always avoid the adverse effects of hail damage. Some proven ways through which you can achieve this are listed below. #davisroofing #weareateamyoucantrust #alwaysprevent

Whether it’s a fallen tree, a severe storm, a pesky animal, or some unexpected accident, any compromise to your roof that could allow water to quickly infiltrate your home constitutes an emergency. Generally, we are able to respond to emergencies within the day and provide, at the very least, a temporary solution to keep water from entering your home. Call us now! 614-706-7003 #davisroofing #emergencyrepair

Home maintenance should be done on a preventative basis, rather than waiting until it becomes an emergency. Call now and get your free inspection! 614-706-7003 #weareateamyoucantrust #alwaysprevent #davisroofing

Make sure you check out our website and see all the shingle types and options we have available for you! #davisroofing #freeestimate #freeinspection #roofupgrade

Seasonal changes play the biggest role in aging and damaging the roof of your home. As the temperature changes and storms hit, the roof expands and contracts, often cracking the structure and surface. As these contractions and expansions occur, water can build up, sometime causing ice dams, which then melt and leak in between and underneath shingles. The water then refreezes pushing the shingles and exposing greater damage to the surrounding shingles and structure. #themoreyouknow #davisroofing #roofexpansionandcontraction

Davis Roofing alleviates the stress that can burden homeowners when the time comes for roof repair or replacement. We provide straightforward quotes, quality products, and services, and help you find the resources to keep the costs associated with your roof low. #davisroofing #weareateamyoucantrust

As a homeowner, roof installment, replacement or repair can seem like an overwhelming task for both financial and convenience reasons. Davis Roofing provides a team of experienced roofers to help ease that anxiety and make the experience a productive one, rather than painful. You can rely on us for a fair, honest assessment! #davisroofing #freeestimate #freeinspection

If you are experiencing water pooling or mildew buildup at the base of your home or along the side of your house, the following could be the issue: #davisroofing #freeestimate #freeinspection

Was supposed to start a roof today but Mother Nature had other plans! Good time to look back at a roof we finished last year in Powell, Ohio! Love the look of these GAF Mission Brown Shingles! #davisroofing #powellhomes #satisfiedcustomer #requestestimate

New Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration Cool Shingle Roof Installation - In progress #davisroofinggroup #davisroofing #roofingsacramento #roofingnortherncalifornia #roofingeldorado #roofingamador #roofingsanjoaquin #roofingplacer

Flats erected this week 8 block roofing /guttering project#phscaffoldingbristol#davisroofing

Scaffolds erected fully boarded around perimeter plus internals on two large run down ware houses for full renovation works , #cardiff#phscaffoldingbristol#davisroofing

Thanks Allstate for being color blind and making me be out in this scorching heat to do a repair. #allstatehandsdowntheworst #statefarmfightingtobeworstthough #davisroofing #roofingcolumbus

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Beautiful day for a new roof! #davisroofing