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Coming home 🏡 late after werk 💵 2nd day no Carbs, 5 meals in and 2 gallons 💦 I should to be more tighter. Ima Show you after work and training tomorrow night. Abouta do my round 2 of Cardio 👟👟 Hope everyone had a good day 🙏🏽🏋🏽‍♂️💪🏽🙌🏽 @phillip_hazel_chiero #motivationmonday #workinprogress #getbetter

Round 2 of Cardio 👟👟 after werk 💵 I’m so 😏 tired 😴💤 and burnt 🔥 but it’s Motivation Monday right? I just keep on pushing through 💪🏽Good night 🌙😴💤 Fam 🙏🏽🏋🏽‍♂️🙌🏽 #workinprogress #getbetter #motivationmonday


2017-09-05 16:35:32

Now that I'm a senior (srsly don't know where time has gone..), I've been thinking back a lot on the past few years and all that I've accomplished. Start of my freshmen year I knew nothing about health or nutrition. I had never picked up more than a 5lb weight. And I thought working out meant 45 min on a cardio machine and that doing a hundred crunches would give you abs. 🙄 if only!! It's been 3 years since I started my fitness journey. 3 years of on and off workouts, from strict eating to binging to finally balance. I know now how to fuel my body with the good stuff but also know life is short and my soul deserves a donut or pizza or an entire pint of ice cream every now and then. I've learned that it's not about having a certain physique or body weight.. because that won't make you happy. It's about feeling GOOD and taking care of your body and being the best version of yourself you can be. Reaching your goals while also saying eff it sometimes and being spontaneous and enjoying life. Sorry for the preach-y rant but just had a lot on my mind about it and wanted to spread good vibes 🙌🏼💕


2018-02-16 06:38:31

Happy friyayyy!!🙏🏼 I didn’t have the best week but that’s in the past now, and I’m ready to have a good weekend. Life is what you make it. It’s legggy day today. Feel free to DM me for the workout🏋🏼‍♀️ PS- doing a giveaway soon so keep a lookout for that!!😉✨


2018-02-19 07:07:24

Morning sprints done!! ✅ I found that the key to working out in the morning is to get to the gym before you’re awake enough to realize what you’re doing😂👌🏼 #darasworkouttips #whydoidothistomyself


2018-03-09 21:33:22

currently packing for mexicooo!! I am sooo excited for some killer sunshine and relaxation. I’ll be keeping up with workouts (body weights circuits/runs on the beach) and eating mostly healthy (seafood!!🐠🐟), but of course will enjoy myself. I’m thinking about making a post about keeping healthy on vacay, comment below if you’d be interested on that! ALSO got some new suits for the trip on amazon for cheap, and they’re actually amazing soo def recommend.


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Gym open 7am Start training 7.01am. Today we hit shoulders, hams and calves Fueled with boogieman fuel @nutriking.be @hero_gym_gent #gym #gymlife #motivation #motivated #dedication #bodybuilding #bodybuildinglifestyle #gohardorgohome #strong #nopainnogain #flex #trainhard #gainz #swolenation  #whateverittakes #workout #dutchbodybuilding #beastmode #muscles


2018-03-13 17:10:56

Working on my squat form with trainer @debhulk #girlswholift


2018-04-04 03:14:37

This beautiful weather puts me in the best mood!! Conquered leggies today and practiced free throws just for fun 🏀😄 with my fencing career over and school being more lax than usual, I’ve had so much more free time to cook and workout and read and do what I want! It’s been really refreshing, & I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible before I start my first job... 😱 #realadult. I hope everyone has a happy humpdayyy!!!


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Madison is 💥 #repost @madisonginley (@get_repost) ・・・ Happy Saturday everyone everyone 🏃🏽‍♀️ Life is so fucking great right now, I’m not stressed out about counting my macros and it feels sooooo good, it’s such a relief. I am losing fat, I see it in my upper body, face, stomach, but my current weight is 159. It makes sense because fat and muscle weighs the same, so I’m just losing fat (some on my booty too but I’m trusting the process) MY BODY IS REACTING so good to this huge change that I’m doing. A lot of you are asking what I’m doing to lose body fat but preserve my muscle. I am using my weight loss muscle gain guide! Here is a short sneak peak: I am doing fasted everyday with @ehplabs oxy shred (THIS IS A NEED) and bccas, I wear my @angelcurves waist trainer during this time as well. I drink bcaas during my lifting sessions, I also take EHPlabs PSI pre workout because I don’t have as much energy from the lack of food. I am doing cardio 3-4 times a week, and making sure I’m lifting as heavy as I was before. This is a huge mental challenge for me because I thought my biggest fear was losing my hard earned booty gains, but I’m facing that fear and just thinking about the up sides to this. I’m so excited to lose more body fat then start another bulk. Thank you to everyone who purchased a guide during my small sale, hope everyone’s weekends are great ☺️ #strongnotskinny #motivation #girlswholift #dedication


2018-04-11 13:10:04

Time to workoutttt!! Doing back&bi today💪🏼 back is honestly my fav to train! It took me awhile of training to really feel the “pull” during the exercises. If you struggle with this too I found it’s best to start with lighter weights and then squeeze and HOLD for a few seconds at the end of the movement before releasing back to the start. Dm me if you want the workout🤙🏼😊 ps loving having dark hair again WOOO♠️♠️


2018-04-17 12:58:36

idk about y’all but today was the most monday-est Tuesday EVER. I finished my senior design project this morning 😅 got like 3 hours of sleep and am still so wired on caffeine lol. Did a little arm workout before passing out for a much needed nap. See y’all on the other side ✌🏼 if you haven’t worked out yet HERE’S YOUR REMINDER!! You got this! Go get sweaty, go work hard, go own the day 👊🏼⚡️⚡️ Carpe that mf-ing diem


2018-06-29 09:57:05

currently cleaning & packing & dancing around like a total dorkkk.🤓🤷🏻‍♀️ I move to Seattle in 3 days!!! I’m so freaking excited. I’ve been getting rid and donating SO much of what I own.. I want to move out with as little as possible and have a fresh start to my new life adventure. Trying to embrace #minimalism Also if anyone lives out there I would love love love to hear about your fav places to go and food to eat!!☺️💜


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Suatu kehormatan bisa kembali menginjakan kaki di tanah Papua.. . . Kali ini di Jayapura kami ( @friends.co.id ) berkarya untuk mempersiapkan tugas Negara membuat sebuah Perhelatan dalam rangka memperingati HUT Ke 73 Republik Indonesia.. Terimakasih sambutan masyarakat yang begitu ramah dan santun.. Ini salah satu sambutan yang di berikan oleh Keluarga di Jayapura, Keluarga Oma Rika dan terimaksih Kak Linda, Kak Donny.. . . Sampai Jumpa di event Pesta Rakyat BUMN Hadir Untuk Negeri Host by Pertamina.. 🙏🏻 Pada Tanggal 25 Agustus 2018 Pukul 05.30 WIT sd Selesai di Lapangan TNI Lamtamal - Jayapura. ❤️❤️❤️ . . #teukuzacky #friendsentertainment #yourcreativepartner #creativeagency #eventplanner #eventorganizer #eojakarta #eoindonesia #papua #jayapura #timurindonesia #workwithlove #dedication #reponsibility


2018-07-10 00:05:19

Ayyye lovelies brace yourself for the start of me documenting my workouts!!🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼 I don’t follow any program but have done enough of them and learned enough exercises to feel good to make up my own! I enjoy combining weights/circuit training/hiit/cardio so whatever y’all want to see tell me, & I’ll make it happen. I don’t have anyone to film for me or a nice camera so this is real, sweaty front phone camera for y’all. It ain’t cute😂 but I hope it helps!! Here is the leg + cardio workout I did today: REPEAT x4 10x weighted hip thrusts 8x deadlifts REPEAT x4 10x weighted step ups each leg 8x push up+box jump+step down REPEAT x4 12x kettlebell sumo squat 10x kettlebell back lunge each leg ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Then I finished with a 2 mile jog on the treadmill!! 🏃🏻‍♀️💦 ..... Going to be honest guys I am SO out of shape, but that’s okay because the first step to getting in shape is being out of it right!! Bookmark this & get in shape with meeeee. I’ll also post recipes and legit anything you wanna see 😘🙏🏼💪🏼


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We've come so far in such a short amount of time. #inlandempire #motocross #supercross #riverside #beefjerky #perrisca #minimoto #kids #dedication #sanbernardino #moto #honda #ktm #smallbusiness #supportlocals #giveback #superstars #dirtrider @christiancraig @coleseely_14 @milestonemx


2018-07-15 15:34:13

It’s been a lazy Sunday but ready to grind now👊🏼👊🏼 happy to see quads starting to pop out again💥 I’m doing another leggy workout today that I’ll film & post later for y’all!! Also I hear it’s national ice cream day...😻🍦 which is my all time fav dessert so I’ll be downing a waffle cone later hehe. Tomorrow’s the start to a new week so prepare to make it a great one!⚡️♥️


2018-07-15 19:58:25

Here’s my full leg workout from today!! Holy moly my legs were jello after this. Complete annihilation 😅😭🔥 .... REPEAT x4 10x bb sumo squat pulses 8x bb static lunges each leg REPEAT x4 10x db Romanian deadlifts 10x db sumo squat REPEAT x4 10x smith kneeling squats 8x smith single leg rdls each leg REPEAT x4 10x db elevated hip thrusts 8x db single leg lying hip thrusts each leg .... ⚡️💪🏼 bookmark this for your Monday smasher!! I’m honestly scared for how sore I’m about to feel💦💦 ps peek my bf’s video bomb in slide #3 hahah every timeeeeeee


2018-07-17 22:04:04

Homemade protein bars😍 This is my first time making ones of my own, and they are AHHmazing!! Ooey gooey goodness x1000. I’m definitely going to start making these every week. They’re easy to make (no baking) and so much more affordable than store bought bars (seriously why is every protein bar like $6 a piece uggghh🙄) Plus no crazy ingredients or fake sugar! Here’s the recipe for these delish chocolate peanut butter protein bars. You can thank me later ☺️🤤🍫🥜 .... Ingredients: •1/2 cup nut butter (I used crunchy peanut butter) •1/2 cup honey •2/3 cup oats •3 scoops protein powder (I have gourmet chocolate flavor) •1/3 cup dark chocolate chips •1/3 cup coconut shavings Recipe: 1. Heat the peanut butter and honey in a pot on med-low heat until it thins 2. Remove from heat, mix in your protein powder and oats a little bit at a time. It will thicken but add water if it gets too thick to stir. The consistency should be relatively hard but easy to mold. 3. Stir in coconut shavings 4. Put the mixture into a dish and press it out into a square/rectangle 5. Heat up your chocolate chips in the microwave and pour over the bars, smoothing evenly. Sprinkle extra coconut shavings on top 6. Put in freezer for 30-60 mins to harden & then cut six lines down and one across for a total of 14 bars. 7. If you can keep yourself from eating most all of them at once (haha I might not), store the rest in the fridge. .... ENJOY!!!🤤♥️

While I was at werk 💵 today my baby girl 👧🏽 @aiyianaaa send me this Photo 📸 She got her identification Card for her new job, and for her flight ✈️ when she comes down to see the whole fam. I’m so proud of you Nanaboo 🙌🏽 Can’t wait to see her soon. Love ❤️ you, and miss you so much 😏 See you soon baby 🙏🏽💪🏽 #myprincess #mybabygirl #mylove