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4 Hours Ago

#supersoulsunday 📝”Keep it real, aim high, do the divine work.”- Danielle Laporte 📚#theuniversehasyourback #desiremap #whitehottruth #supersoulsessions #supersoulsessions2 #ownnetwork #supersoul100 #gratitude @owntv @supersoul @tracywheelock @owntvfans @daniellelaporte #earthday2018

Grabbing some family time in the South of France with these two who can’t help but bring out the child in me! . . One of my core desired feelings this year is Adventure. So at the weekend I am always on the lookout for exciting things to do as a family. . . We are halfway through the year so I decided to dig out my Desire Map by @daniellelaporte to refine my desires and goals for the second half of the year. My number 1 goal this year is to feel good and awake my inner child. What about you? 💯💖😁😜 . . . #sundayfunday #familyfirst #desiremap #mygirls #bespontaneous #silly #france #familytime #persueyourpassion #mumboss #femaleentrepreneur #femalefounder


8 Hours Ago

Today I am so proud to say we held our second Soul Limber ever and it was sold out! Yet again I was moved to tears as the women expressed what shifted for them during the workshop. Each and every Moment is sacred for me and I am beyond grateful to be a part of this ✨❤️ @oneparamita @studiomeokotoks #souldesirestribe #truthbombjourney #natalielaurin #createthelifeyouwanttolive #careercoach #lifecoach #takingchargeofmylife #tigress #soultribe #yycwomen #calgarywomen #yychustle #speakthetruth #yycentrepreneurs #yyc #yycbossbabe #yycgirlboss #creative #desires #create #goals #living #manifesting #yyclife #calgaryliving #nevergiveup #yycworkshops #soulimber #desiremap


11 Hours Ago

Getting back into my Desire Mapping and using my planner has been such a huge part of my healing and growth. I am so, so grateful for this incredible life-changing program by @daniellelaporte. If you haven't checked out the @desiremap yet, it is time. You can thank me later. BEST. PLANNER. EVER. ❤❤❤ . . . #desiremap #daniellelaportedesiremap #daniellelaporte #desiremapplanner #planner #dayplanner #bestplanner #bestplannerever #plannerlove #plannergirl #plannerpeace #journal #artjournaling #artjournal #artsy #washitape #coredesiredfeelings #woman #women #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #inspiration #happiness #gratitude #color #creative #creativeexpression #quotes

I've been really into DIY printables lately, this wedding sign is in my Z Squared shop. There are a couple of other wedding goodies on there too! https://www.zsquaredstudio.com/shop

Rollin' into the weekend like...


13 Hours Ago

Listen, I know it's easier to speak up for yourself when you're a few margaritas in, but honey, if you need liquid courage to take a stand for yourself, we have a prob. ⠀ ⠀ I totally get it. You're scared what people will think. You're afraid they will be mad at you. Maybe they won't like you anymore. ⠀ ⠀ Here's the truth... if you can't say what you *really* mean, you're sending a subconscious message to yourself that everyone else's wants, needs, & opinions are more important than yours. That you're not good enough. ⠀ ⠀ And how's that been working out?⠀ ⠀ Exactly. ⠀ What you think matters. ⠀ What you want matters. ⠀ How you feel matters. ⠀ ⠀ So, act like it & say what you gotta say and do it with grace & kindness. ⠀ ⠀ #whiskeywisdom #buildyourtribe #goals #elitecoach #beachbody #badasslife #badassery #selftalk #selfworth #selfconfidence #selflovesunday #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #thejoyjunkie #lifecoach #relationshipcoach #jillianmichaels #tonyrobbins #maycausemiracles #desiremap #courageous #brenebrown #spiritjunkie #podcast


14 Hours Ago

Seek out inspiration. . Some days when I’m feeling worn out, energy stuck in the usual, I just want to nap. Or lounge on the couch and mindlessly watch Netflix. . And sometime I allow myself that space, because sometimes space is what is needed. . But other days I know what my heart is yearning for is a fresh outlook. . New spaces, new places. Adventures and inspiration. . Sometimes you’ve just gotta move the energy around a little.


15 Hours Ago

"What in your life is calling you, When all the noise is silenced, The meetings adjourned... The lists laid aside, And the Wild Iris blooms By itself In the dark forest... What still pulls on your soul?" - Rumi ✨ . Do share below... #chaselife #iris #purpose 🦒


15 Hours Ago

#soullimberyoga #desiremap #rosequartz #lessplasticmoremindfulness what to some may look like a step back is in fact a huge step forward in reclaiming our lives. I attended a Soul Limber Yoga and Desire Map workshop today. With intention I drew this card from the scattering of #truthbomb cards. This card means so much to me and to my life right now. There are big changes around the corner for us. #futuresobright #changesarecoming #morereallessfake


16 Hours Ago

Weekends are for #brunching with good friends ☕️👯‍♀️ #weekendvibes

| if you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to listen when it screams | . I think the most important thing that I have learned and understood ever since I got into the field of nutrition and health is that there is no right or wrong diet. . When I first studied nutrition, my diet was vegan, before that it was mainly known as a “normal western diet” consisting of too much processed, too little whole foods. It then turned into vegetarian, I tried fully raw vegan, rawtil4 (is that still a thing?), paleo, high fat, high carb, as well as Ayurveda for a bit (ok, 2 days). These days I simply listen to my body. I started eating meat again last summer (after trying to resist it first!) and also started to enjoy some fish on a very irregular basis. . See the point here is - and also the most important thing I am teaching my clients - is that there is no right or wrong. Vegan isn’t bad, vegetarian isn’t bad, meat isn’t bad. We have to listen to our bodies, eat as much from mother earth as possible and finally stop stressing over all the things we worry about. As that eventually will just put your body into stress mode and I hope we all know by now that this isn’t the best either. . Meanwhile that’s a snippet of the most delicious seafood meal I’ve ever eaten. If you’re ever in dover go and visit @cullinsyard as not just only the food is great, but also the wine, staff and view. 🌊💗

Rollin' into the weekend like...


19 Hours Ago

I always knew I was meant for more and meant to live bigger but I didn’t know what that meant at the time! I spent most of my days praying... . . Praying that God and The Universe would lead me to what I’m meant to do. . . I kept thinking. “There has to be more than this.” . . I knew I was meant to make a bigger impact, I knew I wasn't living up to my fullest potential, I knew something needed to be different. . . It’s funny that doors always open when you least expect it. . . The coaching world came into my life and my world was instantly transformed! My purpose fell directly into my lap! . . I felt instantly inspired and I was ready to run! . . Things just fell in place from there! Sold out program, more money in one month than I’ve seen in months combined, up leveling, finding my purpose in life, and so much more! . . . . . . #ambition #babesinbusiness #beingboss #bossbabe #believe #mindsetcoach #businesswomen #confidence #journey #createyourlife #dreambig #empoweringwomen #entrepreneur #fierce #unstoppable #findyourtribe #lovewhatyoudo #makeithappen #inspire #growth #sheroams #financialpeace #creativepreneur #personaldevelopment #mindsetshift #getclear #highvibes #myeverydaymagic #desiremap


20 Hours Ago

Okay, I get the irony. I’m sharing my progress towards a goal of healthier social media habits on social media. • For some time now, I have been aware that when I check my Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn feeds, I’m feeling something dark or uncomfortable before I start and I don’t feel better when I’m done. I’m not present and aware while I scroll. I don’t have a clear objective (or if I do, I’m not honest with myself about what that is.) I often feel an itchy craving to visit these sites and then invent a story to cover up the compulsion of the behavior. • Yuck. • So, my goal is to compassionately and unflinchingly record what I’m thinking, feeling, and noticing in my body when I want to get on those sites. After I have more data, I want to create a more intentional social media strategy because I do want to be engaged and visible there. As my turnaround, when I feel those compulsive patterns come up, I will reconnect to my deepest desires - my #coredesiredfeelings - and ask myself if I really want to get online right then. And I will share what I’m learning about myself here, once a week, for as long as the experiment creates new insights. #conscioussocialmedia


20 Hours Ago

Early bird pricing ends TOMORROW! ⠀ ⠀ The Desire Map Level 1 is a 6-week group coaching program led by Mellissa Last (Reiki Master and professional trainer). I help people fall in love with themselves and their life. Are you ready for that kind of love + devotion?⠀ ⠀ We meet once a week for 6-weeks for 60-minutes live and online (recordings are available if you miss one). The Desire Map + Usui Reiki + Guided Meditations.⠀ ⠀ Register before Apr 22 to save.⠀ Early bird: $260 CAD⠀ Regular price: $345 CAD⠀ ⠀ Link in my profile for information & to register.⠀ ⠀ There are a limited number of spots available. Come join us! We are waiting for you. <3


20 Hours Ago

🌸 What are you up to this weekend?👇🏼 ✨ I am feeling the homebody vibes, and am grabbing a chocolate croissant and chillin’. Maybe taking a drive with the hubs, with that croissant and a snuggly blanket, feet on the dash. Mood: blanket ☺️ ✨ Really love my “do nothing” days and to just let the weekend play out in a way that feels delightful and good in every moment. ✨ Share what you’re up to below! ✨ From @spiritualgangster ⠀ ⠀ ⠀


20 Hours Ago

Finally reading more of this book while I patiently wait on my spa services to begin. Lovely Birthday gift 🎁💆🏻‍♀️🥂from from @toddthrelkeld 🤗👌🏻♥️❄️ #birthday #taurus #spa #ritzcarlton #denver #colorado #snowday #mimosas #desiremap #daniellelaporte

Stop buying into bullshit that says you have to be a certain way, or know something more or be perfect and flawless before you can start helping people and making money doing what you love. It's simply not true. You're ready right here, right now. ❤⠀ ⠀ You have and have had what you need to move forward all along, you just have to give yourself the opportunity to see it.

All too often, you jump on the entrepreneurial wagon or take the promotion to realize it is stressful. The jump requires a lot of hard work and doesn’t always light you up or allow your gifts and talents to shine. You implement strategies the way you see others operating, and yet it falls flat when you put it into action. You worry because you can’t find the time to do ‘it all’ or that there is too much competition and not enough to go around. When you try to foster a more efficient way of doing things or be a catalyst for change, there is push-back, frustration and resistance. Figuring out 'how' becomes so overwhelming you wonder why you bother, creating analysis paralysis. And then nothing gets done. That’s where the Desire Map for Business can help. Applying the principles and theories of The Desire Map, you will uncover a more holistic, feelings-based approach to goal setting in you work to make decisions with more confidence and ease. To manifest more joy and abundance to be of better service to the clients and communities you serve. More thriving. Less striving. For more info or to register visit annmariemckenzie.com/events (link in bio) . . . . . . #anniemck #desiremap #desiremapworkshop #smallbiz #bossladymindset #consciousleaders #consciousbusiness #whistler #whistlerbc #squamishdowntown #downtownsquamish #squamishbc #squamishisawesome #exploresquamish #seatosky #vancitylife #squamishlife #businessleadership #selfleadership #entrepreneurlife #creativepreneurs #handcraftedbiz #businessdevelopment #onthebiz #daniellelaporte @alignedcollective @desiremap


21 Hours Ago

🌸 READ THIS IF SIGNING/RETAINING CLIENTS IS A PROBLEM FOR YOU. 🌸 {Or if hitting your income goals is next to impossible EVERY MONTH} . If you're not signing clients - it could be 1 of 2 things (but most likely it's both): . 1) Your energy/belief/mindset is off 2) Your marketing is off (But please do not try to fix your marketing without fixing your energy/mindset - take it from a girl who spent months wasting time on that) . BOTH are fixable. Alignment to signing clients is EASY. (I went from $0 to $10K in sales in 3 days after shifting) . ---- . If you're signing clients into packages but they're dropping: . You're aligned with selling, but not with receiving the full amount of money - this is easily fixed. . --- . If you're manifesting money and opportunities, but not through your business: . You're an awesome manifestor, congratulations! BUT your belief isn't wrapped around making money from your business yet. . OR you're manifesting money through an OLD means or pattern because it's the path of least resistance. . Both situations are easily shifted. <3 . --- . If you're literally repelling money (liiiiike money is constantly a struggle and it never shows up for you the way you need it to): . THIS IS AN ENERGY/MINDSET ISSUE. . Fix your energy, fix your money. . People act like it's SO hard, but truly it's not. . Money is easy when you know WHAT you need to change in order to create it - it can literally change in a matter of DAYS. 🍃 . . . . #femalefounders #savvybusinessowners #intentionalliving #bizcoach #desiremap #creativepreneurs #bloomyellow #beingboss #risingtidesociety #femaleentrepreneur #makeitblissful #gritandvirtue #communityovercompetition #womenempoweringwomen #myownboss #beyourownboss #onlinemarketing #businesscoach #workfromhome #businessquotes #laptoplifestyle #millennialmillionaires #spiritualbosslady #spiritualcoach #spiritualentrepreneur #manifestation


23 Hours Ago

Do it with passion or not at all. ✨🌸💕💎💫💖


23 Hours Ago

Breathe in gratitude. Breath out joy. 💃🏼🙌🏼✨


1 Day 8 Hours Ago

Allow yourself space. Allow yourself time. Allow yourself to come back home. . Instagram is, um, where I pretty much share all of my personal reminders with you. . I have been digging deep lately into feminine energy and the state of yin. (Which was something I denied for many years being so gung-ho in my masculine). . This time for space, breath and ease can get so lost on us. And this concept is so sacred. . So this weekend, instead of doing, try being. . Instead of giving, try receiving. . Instead of forcing, try allowing. . Instead of “omg I have to make all this shit happen” try allowing space. . You can always find some answers in the stillness and being in the receptive mode is such a beautiful practice. ✨💫 . Photo via Pinterest.