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When the world gives you a landslide, build a house! #resourceful #perspective

Angel Guidance for January 24 The angels assure you that the right decision will be made! Count cases, settlements, or other issues decided by third parties will be ruled in your favor. . Where situations had previously become unfair, the angels can help restore balance between the people involved, and you will soon be able to put this challenge behind you. . The angels also brings a message of empowerment that the situation you find yourself in was partially created by previous choices you made – and therefore, new choices can bring about new results, if you desire! . It is very important to make fair and carefully measured decisions at this time. Kindness and justice must always be extended toward everyone involved.

You want to have the successful business you are envisioning, that you see other people having. You want to feel confident in your message and how you’re showing up. You want to understand what you’re unique gifts are so that you can really stand out from all the rest. You want to feel empowered to use your intuition to guide you rather than always doubting yourself. You want those damn 5k, 10k months that everyone is talking about. Guess what? By simply thinking it and having the desire, it ALREADY EXISTS!! All you have to do is allow yourself to receive it. But that’s the tricky part that feels practically impossible, right?! It’s not that you don’t get to have it, you just have to learn how to open up and receive it. Enter… SoulFire mastermind. Through this program you will learn how to apply this art of allowing to everything that you desire so you can become the master creator of your life. It will, quite literally, change everything for you! Curious? Drop an emoji below or PM me for more details! Xx Hannah B . . . . . . #thebraveandempowered #makeanimpact #createchange #belove #momswhoinspire #findyourpurpose #businesscoach #businesscoaching #firestarter #choosehappiness #firestarters #intuitivecoach #behappy #spiritualcoach #thepursuitofjoyproject #firestartersessions #selflovejourney #selflovemama #soulfiremastermind #intuitivecoaching #businesscoaching #bravemama #lifecoachforwomen #findyourpurpose #momswhoinspire #desiremapfacilitator #choosejoy #findyourfire #desiremap #soulfire #coredesiredfeelings

Funky Healing Chocolate! ❤️ Playing with tiny hearts without respecting boundaries... ❤️ Reishi, Rose, Cacao, Coconut & Stevia Infused with looove. ❤️ Tonight I received a heart nourishing gift that will make me smile for long, my older boys 11 and 8 , chose to hang out with mama, chatting and sharing while I washed dishes (which I l truly enjoy- I will share why soon:)!!!! ❤️ This is what it’s ALL about. Feeling the love, finding beauty and weaving a tapestry of endless magic now moments. ❤️ Have a love filled night and life. ❤️

sarahbennettnash I ABSOLUTELY love this quote.  Look forwards, great things are ahead of you 😍

Don't deny yourself of abundance just because of what your parents, society, or your culture has raised you to believe. Money is energy. And when manifested by a person who is Grateful, Faithful and Giving, it means many lives are being impacted in a way that this world so desparate needs. So no, money is not evil. It's what people choose to do with it that creates association. Don't get it twisted. You can be rich, spiritual and HAPPY AF. #woodrop 💸✌️🔥


#illuminate2018 @soulpreneurs Day 23. Courage My number one lesson last year leads perfectly into one of my guiding words for this year, Courage. I’m a scaredy cat, I get anxiety, I chicken out, I back off. But I’m learning to stand strong, to speak my truth, to look fear head on and say “Thank you for the heads up but I’m going to do this anyway even if I’m shaking”. I was shaking when I met the artist who performed the song I walked down the aisle to on Monday night (Broadhurst) but I damn well told him about it anyway and it was received with gratitude and I felt good for sharing that with him. I didn’t die. Anxiety was trying to protect me from nothing. I’m not going to die for living my truth and releasing my words and my work, fear and anxiety just doesn’t have anything better to do since I’m physically safe (99% of the time). So my idle fear is coming to speak up every now and then, and that’s okay, it’s trying to protect me. I’m just going to work on having the courage to take the step forward regardless.

My honest thoughts on healing lately 💕 I am a healer. It is an innate ability I have to see someone for their wholeness and align them to that. So what I’m about to say may seem counterintuitive, but take this to heart and let it sink in. ➕ when you’re focused on healing, when you believe you must be healing your beliefs and wounds to carry you through to the “next level” the next big thing, project, dream or whatever, tell me what it is you’re giving all of your energy to? 🔥 Healing is necessary. But you may not be doing the necessary healing if healing is your sole focus. Instead, focus on BEING what you’re seeking through healing. 💗 Don’t get caught up in becoming. It will come to be just as it should if you’re focused on being. 💗

May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me ✨ 1/80. It’s been awhile since I committed to a program - let alone 80 days, but I need this right now. Even though I’m 8 days behind schedule, haven’t meal planned (I might have eaten McDonalds today), Helen my anxiety monster is back, and I just want to curl up on the couch. I’m giving myself G R A C E - it’s not going to be perfect and I’m okay with that, I’d rather find J O Y in the process and honor myself each day instead of striving for something that makes me feel crazy. I plan to check in here but I’ll be spending some more time on my blog. Come hang out ❤️ www.danimayxo.com

I remember when I took the plunge and decided to get my yoga teacher training certification in 2009. I had been waiting tables because my family needed the extra income after a lengthy run of regular touring with The Polyphonic Spree had come to a halt. It was a very humbling time. One minute I'm with the band opening for David Bowie or singing at the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway and the next I'm serving chicken fried steak to the Deep Ellum lunch rush. I felt so lost, 30 something years old, two children to raise and zero safety net of any kind. I knew I needed to change directions for my future and my soul. I had no idea that my decision to become a yoga instructor would evolve into cultivating the community we know as Super Yoga Palace. As I prepare to greet those attending teacher training open house this Saturday I can't help but imagine where some of our future teachers crossroads lay and what magic may evolve from their decision to embrace a new adventure. #lovethelifeyouchoose

Card Reveal!!! 🏹 Check IG stories or swipe left to get a closer look at each card! ✨ Trust your intuition in regards to what comes up for you after reading about and seeing the card you chose. The answers you seek lie within. 🌼 1. Two of Stones - Test the waters. Do you have an idea, hope, plan, or something similar that you have been keeping to yourself? It is time to see if or how it will benefit the world around you. Pay attention to the resources at hand to help you move in the direction of prosperity. 💦 2. Seven of Pipes - Dance on doubt - Fear is a friend hiding behind a mask. What is something that helps you rid yourself of doubt? Do it this week. Maybe it is just taking the next step. Action kills doubt. It will help give your dream and goals wings! 🦌 3. Exemplar of Arrows - What are you passing along to the younger generation? Does it have form and structure? Take time to consider how your knowledge and lessons can help other people. Figure out a way to share and share freely. 👦🏻 #intuitioneverydamnday ✨ Take a moment now to take 3 deep breaths. Let this reading integrate into your mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy the energy of your card! ✨💗🌙 . . . #themoonandarrowlodge #moon #arrow #community #nurture #nurturingcommunity #intuition #slowdown#tarot #medicinewomantarot #followthemoon #moveforward #receive#integrate #letgo #manifest #dreams#energywork #energyhealer #magical #positiveenergy #holistichealing #prosperity #ideas #wisdom #actionkillsdoubt #spiritjunkie #desiremap

Confidence.⠀ ⠀ What does it mean to have confidence? When I guide The Desire Map, I usually suggest digging underneath the word confident to see what the core feeling is. ⠀ ⠀ If you were confident, what would you have?⠀ ⠀ If you were confident, how would your life change?⠀ ⠀ Confidence is the vehicle to get us to the deeper core truths.⠀ ⠀ A great example of this is a woman who is starting up a new business and wants to market her business online using social media, blogging, youtube or an email list but she’s feeling terrified about putting herself out there. Lack of confidence can really play into feeling able to share freely on social media. ⠀ ⠀ Yet, if she felt confident. She could be more abundant in her business. She’d feel safe being seen. She’d be able to connect more freely with the people who’s lives might be changed because they saw her message.⠀ ⠀ Confidence is the catalyst to the core desired feelings of abundant, safety and connection. ⠀ ⠀ Cultivating confidence is the foundation for feeling the way you want to feel. That quiet, gentle, easeful way of being that generates feelings of fearlessness and empowerment when it comes to sharing your message and being seen with it. ⠀ ⠀ My true confidence comes from my practices. Yoga, meditation, pleasure. All of them. By rooting back into FEELING again and again and again - connecting to the sensual experience of LIFE - I am generating a deeply authentic sense of confidence. Cultivate presence, be still, contemplate, and experience the beauty of YOUR pleasure, your life, and your body. You’ll find your true confidence there. ⠀

January 31 is the Super Blue - Blood Moon. 🌕 Making moon day and manifestation rollers just for the occasion this Friday @superyogapalace I blabbed a bit about all that in my highlights.

Feeling a bit drained with two sick kiddies so sneaking in a bit of soul medicine during their nap time because when do they ever actually sleep AT THE SAME TIME?! Practice You journal by @elenabrower, Desire Map Planner by @daniellelaporte and card deck by @gabbybernstein all giving up the goods. Ahhhhhhhh ❤️ #simplesoulsessions . . . #slowtime #slowandsimple #slowandsimplelife #slowandsimpleliving #mindfulness #soulfood #honouryourfeelings #slowliving #pause #selfcare #simpleselfcare #justbreathe #mumlife #momlife #parenthood #journal #plan #howdoyouwanttofeel #desiremap #practiceyou #theuniversehasyourback #dontforgetthetea

#día20 de #miretoenero2018 Intención: A mover el trasero con amor. Y llega el momento en el que hay que actuar, hay que mover el trasero. La gran pregunta es ¿Desde qué energia me estoy moviendo? ¿Desde el rechazo? ¿Desde el "tengo que"? ¿Desde el odio? Una cosa es moverse y otra es moverse con amor... Vamos a ponerle dinamismo desde la gentileza y el amor propio - principalmente-; porque me amo, pongo amor en todo lo que hago. #desiremap #miretoenero2018 #meamoprofundamente #productividad #congruencia #mapadeldeseo #compromiso #marilynsalazar

#día19 de #miretoenero2018 Intención: Conecto con la exuberancia. Hay una definición en inglés de éste término que me encanta: "Exuberant: abounding in vitality; extremely joyful and vigorous." La total plenitud de quienes somos y de cómo nos experimenramos, no tiene mas parangón que la exuberancia, la abundancia en vitalidad y extrema alegría y vigor, como salta a la vista la imagen de la hermosa señora de la foto. #desiremap #miretoenero2018 #meamoprofundamente #productividad #congruencia #mapadeldeseo #compromiso #marilynsalazar

I’ve heard this statement often especially in business and in giving advice to others in general. I was reminded of this yesterday when talking with a friend about that sometimes when we are giving opinions, a compliment, or even just having conversations we must first ask ourselves whether or not the opinion, compliment or even conversation is needed because it can often be taken out of context especially if you are someone who is a giver. I was reminded yesterday that as a #projector personality type from #humandesign I need to be reminded that I should wait for the invitation to share perspective, compliment, opinion etc...because it may be seen as a negative even though that is not the intention. It was a good lesson and reminder to always remember that and to always come from a place of #love and #authenticity to share with others and speak from where you have been and how you’ve come through to the other side, and most importantly in my case “wait for the invitation”. All good things to remember as our #soul grows. #health #wellness #healthcoach #soulsyncwellness #desiremap #yoga #zen #motivation #mom #entrepreneur #lifestyle #healthylife #mindset #strengthscoach #mindfulness #firestartersessions #findyourvoice #speakyourtruth #inspiration #humandesignsystem

Adventure Photo Assignment Day 13 #soulshaker #desiremap

It is NEVER too late to make an impact. It is NEVER too late to RISE UP! RISE UP! CONNECT! FEEL! Be compassionate! . . Practice true compassion......true compassion means seeing the hurt/ pain and suffering, feeling it, connecting to it and then CHOOSING to shift into JOY and CHOOSING to raise your energetic vibration.....choosing to SHIFT Choosing to be the light and bring others UP with you. . . LISTEN UP! Healers, sensitives, empaths, coaches, healthcare workers, teachers, mothers, fathers....those of us who CARE We get to change the world. It's our time! Rise up and be the change you wish to see in the world. Live Fueled By Joy #fueledbyjoy . . Tag someone you know that needs this!!!

The Moon is in the waxing crescent phase. You’ve planted the seeds (set your intentions) during the New Moon a couple of days ago and now it’s time to let those seeds grow. . What you do now over the next couple of days will either help your seeds BLOOM or hinder them. . What actions steps can you take to nourish and feed those seeds so they grow? . This is what’s needed for #manifestation You can’t just set your intentions and expect them to become reality. You “water” your seeds by taking it one step at a time towards your goals. . What can you start doing this week that will help realize those #newmoon intentions? . Photo credit @galina . . . . . #desiremap #goalswithsoul #mooncycle #cycleandflow #mooninaries #moonmedicine #manifesting #spirtualgrowth #spiritjunkie #lightisthenewblack #risesisterrise #womenempoweringwomen

This is like my 20s vs now, almost 30. Yup. Cookie is way fucking comfier than the others haha. Who are you??

Connecting with fire 🔥 today! I use my torch to soften the metal which makes it easier to shape. 🌙 My newest pendulum series, LUNATION, will be available Feb. 16 at 6pm {MST~USA}. . . . #pendulum #divinationtools #lunation #mysticalmetalsmith #soulpreneur #desiremap #sacredbusiness #spiritualtools #howitsmadematters

An integral being knows without going, sees without looking, and accomplishes without doing. -Lao Tzu 💜💖 #quotes #motivationalquotes #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #desiremap #daniellelaporte #firestartersessions #laotzu


13 Hours Ago

Are you craving CLARITY on the life you wish to create? . Full of ideas, thoughts and feelings and want to make it all happen. NOW? . Want to set goals that leave you feeling bursting with JOY and motivated into ACTION? . Ready to take this sacred time and focus on you + your DREAMS and DESIRES? . I've been running juicy workshops in Sydney and Melbourne focusing on Goal Setting and helping beautiful women discover and bring their Visions to life. I would like to help you do the same. . I'm offering a FREE webinar covering all things HEART CENTRED Goals. What a perfect time of year to set some time aside and focus on what you want to achieve and (more importantly) how you want to feel at the end of this year. . Join me Wednesday 31 January at 8pm EST and let's put the wheels in motion towards your goals, dreams and desires. . Link to join in bio above. . BIG LOVE X x x x

Every time someone signs up for a workshop or one on one coaching with me, I take a moment to say thank you. 🌟 I light a candle and say express my heartfelt gratitude. I so appreciate that I am doing this work. 💖 Do you have a ritual tied to your business or work? I’d love to hear about it below ✨

Metallic Roses I love all the ways you can create 'purely' decorative designs out of all kinds of materials. Living with beauty is the best way to appreciate your surroundings.

No matter how small the step, it is still a step. A step closer to your destination. All those little steps add up to leaps and before you know it you'll wonder how you got there. ⠀ ⠀ Make sure that the steps you take today are getting you closure to where you want to be next month, in 6 months and beyond. ⠀ ⠀ Massive love ladies ❣️

Ok! Who else has this dang book and hasn't gone through with all of it?? 🙋🏼Clutter and not having real systems for my stuff has been such a PAIN in my ass these last couple years. So I've made a decision. I'm doing this whole thing. All of it. Starting this weekend. Who's with me?? ✨ . I'm running a free group on this for 5 weekends. I'm calling it Get Your Sh*t Together. 😂If you're not familiar with this process, we'll be going through our homes category by category (clothes, books, papers and documents, miscellaneous, & mementos) & sorting EVERYTHING out. We'll clear out a new area each week. We'll check in and stay accountable and *actually* do this.✨ . Look, I'm not kidding around about this year. Things are shifting and I'm ready to make very real and big changes. And I know that my surroundings have such a major impact on how I feel and what I think is possible. So if you're with me, comment below or shoot me a message. Make this the year you finally do the things you've been taking about for so long.✨