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A little pre workout #momcrack to get my booty moving this morning! I don't drink coffee so this is a healthy, plant based caffeinated drink that totally helps me wake up and get moving on these early mornings. This stuff is LEGIT, if you ever want a sample hit me up and I can totally help 😁

Can you tell it’s been sunny and hot here a whole lot lately? So much so that, today on a cooler, rainy day, this was Nat’s outfit for a quick car trip. Maybe a tad overdressed? But perfect for jumping in muddy puddles. #alwaysprepared #rainydayfun #mygirlie


9 Hours Ago

My boss made me homemade baby wipe spray! i can't wait to make my own! #diymommy


5 Days 11 Hours Ago

Something I've learned about myself over the years is I love proving people wrong (you can imagine how “fun” of a teenager I was for my parents) and breaking stigmas!!! . Pregnancy and babies ruin your body: Here I am 37 weeks pregnant with my 3rd babe in 3 years, and I say that because that means I have literally been pregnant for more months than not in the last 3 years. ZERO breaks, I’ve gained over 100+ pounds from it. But yet, here I am today feeling STRONGER and more confident then ever. She’s into those fads and trying to make a quick buck: Here I am, a year and a half into a business that honestly, almost everyone in my life rolled their eyes at or didn’t acknowledge (except for a few I am so grateful for!) Oh you’re one of “those” people now, drinking a silly shake, into the pyramid scheme thing. Someone very close to me actually told me that the average person only makes it 10 months in one of these things so I’m wasting my time. And now here I am today, making more than it would cost to put both of my kids in daycare a month and my goal of surpassing my teaching salary (that took me 4 years of schooling to get) is looking more like a reality by the end of the year (which is REALLY scary for me to say outloud). I don’t leave my babies, I don’t miss a thing nor do I ever want to. But I also work HARD before they wake up and HARD during nap time. Sooooo my point????? It’s kind of fun proving people wrong, you should try it 😜


2 Days 10 Hours Ago

Last Date night before we become a family of FIVE!!! Feeling large and in charge, but feels good to feel good!!💕#37weekspregnant


11 Hours Ago

Welcoming 38 weeks with open arms and while workouts are slowwwww going there is one thing I can control and I have to give a shout out to the snack/meal that has hands down changed my nutrition. 🌱 It is 99.9% of why I've been able to stay so active and healthy throughout my 3rd pregnancy!! I was having a conversation with a girl the other day and she said something that I thought for soooooo long that is so true!! . Shouldn't eating right and exercise be enough? Why do people feel like they have to take extra things, why not keep it simple? . Oh man, this was ME for so long, and honestly I believe that healthy living should just be about those 2 things! I would roll my eyes at people who would take stuff to help them in their health journeys, just eat right and workout people! . But what I've found is that I STRUGGLE eating right most days, especially as a mom (why do goldfish and mac n cheese have to be so dang good?! 😩) And it's not easy getting in ALL the nutrients I need, and currently my baby needs, to be healthy and energized. Knowing I can still have an easy, quick option for a meal that also subs as my prenatal is one less thing I have to to worry about or plan, and that’s okay to admit!! So other's that struggle with nailing down the nutrition part, or that struggle with giving in to cravings, THIS is what has changed my eating. It’s the reason why my night time cravings are gone, it's the reason why I finally have lean muscle, it's the reason why I've only been sick twice in the last 2 years, and it's the reason why my skin/nail/hair is healthier than it's every been before! I’m so thankful I gave it a shot because I know I would be STRUGGLING without!💜


12 Hours Ago

Carnival theme party ! 🍭🍿🤹‍♀️🦁🎪 #mybabyfirstbirthday #staytune #diymommy #lmkifyouwantmetodoyours


14 Hours Ago

Another adult lunchable! #yesimanadult . ❤️ @greenfieldnaturalmeatco turkey slices 💛 Whole grain crackers 💚 Peppers 💙 Cheese 🧡 @bolthousefarms salsa greek yogurt dressing


15 Hours Ago

Facebook class tonight all about the endocrine system and what we can do to help support it, so that us women have the patience to take care of these sassy little faces!!! #healthyhormones #imtwo . . Watch my stories for a brief overview and how it will work! . . . . . . . #hormoneimbalance #womenshealth #endocrinesystem #facebookclass #onlineevent #crunchymama #itsalifestyle #healthyliving #bodyandmind #support #community #momlife #mamabear #family #kids #emotions #balance #sandiegomom #socialmedia #onestepatatime #happywifehappylife #naturalmom #diymommy #youngliving #essentialoils #preventativecare #supportthebody


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My little mini and I finished framing and hanging her art wall from her Pre-K school year and displayed them in her playroom. 😍 #diy #diymommy #5yearoldartist #kidsplayroom


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DIYing some of our household staples this weekend. Any one else making anything fun? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #diy #bodywash #householdcleaner #thieves #valor #natural #plantbased #fun #diymommy #diywife #cleansallthethings #askmehow #weekend #sundayafternoon #cleaning #shower


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A top rated show about an adult so mad for decades at his friends Life that he had to scheme & target the friends kid cause he couldn’t get to him 🤔#damnshame #yallwatchyofriends#artimitateslife #morningmood #starz#power#family1st#soulfoodsundays #diymom #diymommy #momlife #1stchoicestylez #dmv#alexandriava #springfieldva #homeandfamily


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The last things on my to do list ✔️ (Thank God for Daddy’s help bc I’m on my last leg!) Made Big Sis & Bro shirts & canvas bags stuffed with gifts from Baby 👶🏾 OKAY baby! You can come flying right on out. We ready 🌻🌞 Next post will be the announcement of my babiest babe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ... #todolistcomplete #wefullterm #ipredictthisweek #week39 #comeonbaby #thirdtrimester #lastweek #hopefully #babynumber3 #luckynumber3 #weloveyousomuchalready #naturalbirth #unmedicatedbirth #diymommy


1 Day 13 Hours Ago

Thrift haul! Apparently I needed lighting today. You can bet I'll be shnazzing this stuff up a bit. I'm thinking the dangly lights might be fun patio lights somehow? Also, is anyone else a blind smiler? Aka you squint so much when you smile for real, you can't see no mo😆


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Another one in the books. #wilsonbickford #wilsonbickfordpainting #oilpaint #diymommy


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U can live in the house w/ me , be my neighbor or see me everyday & still know nothing 🙅🏽‍♀️#virgoshit#diymom #diymommy #momlife #1stchoicestylez #dmv#alexandriava #springfieldva #homeandfamily


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Haciendo rollers y productos de higiene personal.🤗🤗🤗. No hay mejor satisfacción😁 que preparar tus propios productos ... pues sabes qué es lo que contienen( ingredientes 100%naturales 🌿🌿). Cambiemos nuestros hábitos y estilo de Vida. Nosotros hacemos todo esto por #princessivanna .. y tu ¿por quién? Piensa en ti.. cuida a tu familia. Es muy fácil. . . . . #aceitesesenciales #younglivingmexico #younglivinglife #younglivingoils #diy #hogarecologico #hogarnatural #libredetoxicos #diymommy #annywellness


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“You’re anxiety is lying to you. You are going to be okay.” -Unknown . This👆🏼is exactly what I told myself this morning before heading to the pool with @brittneyapperti313 (PS- moms need more alone time at the pool. Right, Britt?😎) . Dear anxiety, I am beautiful even if I don’t have a six pack or if I have stretch marks and big hips. I grew two beautiful babies and am DARN PROUD of my progress. I take care of my body and fuel it daily with healthy foods and exercise. But I also enjoy the doughnuts and pizza. So what?! Quit making me feel like I need to hide underneath layers of clothes and a towel. I will wear this suit today and I WILL be okay. What other people MAY think of me is a waste of time. You are no longer welcome here. Byeeeeeeee!👋🏻 Love, Carissa . Ladies... I struggle with this DAILY. It’s a constant battle in my head and the anxiety is a real thing. Oh what does everyone say? #thestruggleisreal But you don’t have to struggle alone. I promise you that there is a light at the end of the anxiety filled tunnel💕


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These outdoor lanterns!!! Made from my scrap wood pile make me 😍😍😍 but now my scrap wood pile isn’t scraps 🤷🏼‍♀️ my husband walks through the pole barn asking if he can burn my scraps...😱 😂 I’m afraid that I’ve crossed the line between collecting and hoarding 🤣. Oh well that’s a problem for another day! The tutorial for these can be found from @thediymommy her blog has lots of great projects! I put my spin on them by cutting some laser cut frames if you zoom you can see where I put them! Also the cordless hot glue gun and battery powered brad nailer from @ryobipowertools are 2 of my favorite tools ever!!! Life changing seriously!!! Get yourself the set from @homedepot . . . . #ryobination #dewalt #buildit #diynetwork #playtent #montanalife #bigskycountry #lantern #lanterns #diymommy #diyproject #scrapwood #scrapwoodproject #rustoleumchalkpaint


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Beköltözős ajándéknak készítettem #diy #diycraft #diymom #diymommy #instadiy #movingingift #newfamily #mutimitalkotsz #sahm


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This weekend activities... #diy #diymummy #diymommy #teepee #playtent #buildityourself #craft #craftymum