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Tonight another beautiful interchange of food and love at Stratford.. please feel very welcome to join us or helping with donations 👍


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Nidhisha Babu is from our Kerala site in Mannackanadu, India, and in 2005 she became part of Chalice sponsorship program. She came from a broken family and struggled with it all through her younger life. But one thing was constant, the encouragement she received from her mother to achieve her goals. . Nidhisha's dreamed to work for the airlines. With the support of her wonderful sponsor she recently completed her studies and received her BDA (Bachelor Diploma in Aviation Management). Now Nidhisha is working as a security officer for Indigo Airlines and is grateful for all the support her sponsor gave her. . See how you can make children's dreams come true at http://ow.ly/Q9FC50jCnly . . . . . #educationiskey #educationisthekey #educationispower #educationisaright #educationfirst #educationforall #educateanddominate #changinglives #changinglivesdaily #makingadifference #helpingothers #helpinghand #helpinghands #nonprofit #nonprofits #givingback #india #changingtheworld #dogood #doinggood #fightingpoverty #aviation #empowerment #womanempowerment #empoweringwomennow


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What could be better than seeing a child smile? This year, we decided to take part on Weihnachten im Schuhkarton. "Christmas in a Shoebox" is part of the worldwide operation "Operation Christmas Child", in which children in around 100 countries are presented with gifts. Yesterday we prepared more than 100 peaces. Our boxes will be distributed in the following countries: Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine. Big thanks to all our friends and #rotary members who helped, especially to @autohausaichlseder who took over the 8 € donation per box. #doinggood #weihnachtenimschuhkarton #helping #happychildren #rotaryinternational #rotaracteurope


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There are only two major differences between fear and excitement: When you’re excited (and not afraid), you continue to breathe and you expect something positive out of the experience.⠀ ⠀ From my article Are You in a Winner’s Mindset?⠀ ⠀ #passion #purpose #purposedriven #changemaker #loveyourwork #changetheworld #inspiration #inspire #success #business #liveyourpassion #meaning #meaningful #entrepreneurship #makeadifference #calling #gogetter #doinggood #changemakers #makingadifference #change #lifeadvice #career #focus #courage #courageous #wisdom #life #fear


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Just finished filling out the articles of incorporation for Willowcreeks NEW PTO!!! Now to put on my Listing Leader hat, and start working on my open house for this weekend!! It's a beauty! #listingleader #soldby_b #morgantownship #valpo #nwipropertylifestyle #nwi #girlboss #allthehats #nonprofit #doinggood #realestate


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Yes we do!!! 10% of our profits go to this amazing charity. This charity provides free education to poor and remote villages within Cambodia, saving many children from a life of trafficking. . . . We believe in doing good with beautiful things. The more support I get the more good I can do with this brand. Shop any of my products and know that you are doing good. . . . #doinggood #shopsmall #ethicalbrand #charity #stoptrafficking #ethicalfashion #bringchange #changingtheworld


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We donated 2000 € to the #jugendnotschlafstelle #klagenfurt . #juno helps homeless youth between 12 and 21 years. They offer sleeping space, personal hygiene, food & drinks (also: cooking together), advice and suppport in all situations, networking with other social institutions ... #doinggood #rotaracteurope #helping #donating #proudtoberotaractor #rotaryinternational


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When your friend can lash and u can to so y’all do a switch off @lashedwitcash can’t wait to post my lashes today she’s bomb with lashing as well🙌🏾💣 way from #atl #tooakland #sheslashing #doinggood #supportwhosupportyou


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AUCTION AHEAD! Bosnian NBA star Dzanan Musa, who plays for Brooklyn Nets has signed and donated this shirt for raising funds at the auction! Be ready to bet for it! #diplomaticwinterbazaar #dwb2018 #sarajevo #forthechildren in #bosnia #savethedate #doinggood #localpromotion #bosniaandherzegovina #skenderija #goodies to get for a #cause #charityevent #auctionforcharity #nba #dzananmusa


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Good evening beautiful people😊 I'm sure we're all very brilliant people so riddle me this: A man condemned to death has the option of picking one of the mentioned three rooms. The first room is a furnace filled with flames. The second has armed men with loaded guns, while the third has lions starving for years. Which one should the man choose? Let's see who gets it first.-AgentAnjola #temnnys #motivation #inspiration #postoftheday #brainteaser

Entertainment boss lady Mona Scott-Young continues her philanthropic work with GrassROOTS Community Foundation's (GCF) annual #givethanks Turkey Giveaway program this holiday season. A GCF board member since 2013, she will help provide healthy meals for almost 1000 families and elders in need this Thanksgiving. Brava! #doinggood


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Yea so this is one bad @$$ girl. Not only is she my #wcw but she and @shantalmonique are banding together to send supplies and support to victims of the wild fires. She didn’t wait. She organized local businesses and did something. Hurray for action!!! #doingthings #doinggood #wildfires #california

Join us all day today for our @explore_austin Charity Brew and the Special Beer Pre-Release of our new Lo Bräu Lager! Drink a new beer and help a great local community organization. * BENEFITTING - This Charity Brew benefits Explore Austin, an organization that equips underserved youth to make positive life choices like avoiding risky behavior, developing healthy relationships, and advancing their education. * CHARITY BREW - Our brand new Lo Bräu Lager – 5.0% ABV: Lo Bräu Lager is rooted in American malt and features all Hallertau Mittlefruh hops. Classic, classy, crushable. * PROCEEDS - All proceeds from the sale of our Lo Bräu Lager will be donated to Explore Austin. We will also donate 25% of total sales from the entire day to this great organization! * SPECIAL CHARITY BREW PINT GLASSES - All proceeds from the purchases of our new and ridiculously good-looking Charity Brew pint glasses go to the Explore Austin. These glasses are only available for purchase during the day of the Charity Brew, so grab them while you can! Grab some handcrafted beer and pizza and give back! #pinthousepizza #austintx #charity #explore #exploreaustin #givingback #doinggood #beer #craftbeer #brewpub #brewery


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Day 3 of burntheturkey! Take a pic of yourself and post with the #burntheturkey to enter yourself into a contest for a free year membership to Anytime Fitness! Also don’t forget for each one we will donate one meal to Feeding America! #burnthecalories#cardio#gains#fitness#running#health#atfbastroo#anytimefitness#doinggood#hunger#giving#freeweights


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Please take a moment to VOTE for @cannedgoodsco, as they are one of 5 finalists in Colorado for the FirstBank Doing Good 20K Giveaway. CANNED GOODS can increase their food donations exponentially with this grant, and its being decided by public vote! Thanks for your support! https://www.efirstbank.com/BusinessContest {Link in Bio}


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This quote is ALL the truth for me and my business... I had it all... great paying successful career that I built (which I still love and still have) a wonderful family, health, happiness... I could go on... But I didn’t even realize I was going through the motions of everyday life. There was a void missing. I stopped laughing, stopped smiling, lost myself, wasn’t challenged... and then one phone call from my Dear Friend Traci Adams Mobley... changed it all. What’s funny is she never convinced me.. it was an accolade she accomplished that I thought... why not me? Why can’t I help people that are in some of most desperate times of their lives make a change? Cause see, at that moment I didn’t need a change. But I knew what she did for her family, and saw what she was doing to help others and I wanted to be apart of that. Whether it’s helping someone pay off debt, helping someone adopt a child, help someone have vacations, or switch jobs so they can take a pay cut. I wanted that warm and fuzzy feeling of #doinggood This life we have been SO blessed with is too short to sit back and wonder WHAT IF? And I know if I didn’t do this business, AND FAST, I would always wonder where I would be. Or if I waited... what would I be missing? Today I’m thankful for this business. The extra income that’s helped me LIVE MORE and PLAN more. It helped bring that burning desire back, to help me see the light at the end of ANY tunnel. For helping me look for the good within the bad. I am thankful for every customer that I have that trusted me to consult their needs to help change their skin. I am thankful for every new and old relationships I have developed. I am thankful for the personal development, laughs, tears, and most importantly MY team #jcrew and leaders. I am proof that this business can be what ever you want it to be, even if you are successful at what you do. "This is my unique story; for info re: typical results search ‘Rodan + Fields IDS.’"


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Eurostar’s contribution to “wrap up London” over 200 jackets to go to the homeless across London #wrapuplondon2018 #donations #charity #eurostar #doinggood #community #londonboy


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LAST CALL!! Last 24 hours to buy pies and #giveback through this amazing program. Did you know that Food & Friends 🚗delivers ~3,000 home-made, 🥗nutritious meals EVERY DAY throughout D.C., M.D. & V.A.? Please help support by buying a pie, sharing this post, or both!! 😄 .. .. .. #foodandfriends #giveback #doinggood #helpingourcommunity


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We’d like to extend our gratitude to @nikkihaley for being so kind as to join us this #veteransday for our celebration with @operationmend! 🇺🇸❤️ Thanks for spending the night with us - we can’t wait to see you again. 📸: @stephmannphotography


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WHAT DO YOU SEE? . . . Affirmation: I am an expert in all that I see and perceive as a successful rendition of what is true reality! . . No misconceptions, or spun storylines, just a true basis from which to live from, expand on and convert into your life paradigm shift to the most positive degree.

#doinggood Вынашивая идею, да ещё и воплощая её в сюрприз, вам нужен надёжный товарищ, а лучше два✊ И как показала практика в моей семье они имеются! Неделя переживаний, паники, что все сорвется, куча звонков папке😏✌️, что все под контролем и все предупреждены и вооружены, как говорится💪😎, посыла мыслей в космос, чтоб ни малейшей частички информации не утекло (это было на самом деле важно, ибо мама актёр ещё тот, могла разоблачить и не показать👌). А главное! Непреодолимая сила мыслей, что все должно получится, огромнейшее желание и вот, слезы счастья, недоумение и ни капли актерского мастерства! И вот он кайф...🌟 твой самый родной человек в безумно-приятном шоке!🥳😍 Жаль виновник торжества запретил показывать видео, ибо «врасплох» дело такое, непредсказуемое, не подготовишься🤷🏻‍♀️ #мыслиматериализуются #желайте #добра


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Be true to your next stage of becoming! . . . Who will you BECOME, as you traverse the path of life journeying forward into the future, but with in this moment right now lies the ever present moment always a fresh new pallet from which to paint on to discover your self is the essence of life, the struggle is to find your inner beauty, sense of peace, resilience, strength from which to sense and read the terrain right now with the step you have just taken. Happiness shouldn't be in your pocket it should be found in every picture of your Life, like a apple 🍎 that you are biting into! Always there, not up for grabs or on the line, it's not for sale. Who you will be tomorrow is what you are planting today, in thoughts, feelings and emotions. Your visuals in Life are like miveable transparency so vivid that in time your imagination coupled with this true regard for the Law of Attraction will be perfectly overplayed to a successful outcome, just as you imagined it. They are in perfect alignment! Your sense of becoming today has many mikes in the past as footprints 👣 that have lead to this moment. So Celebrate your life now. Become the best version of yourself as per your inner knowing, and knowledge of Self. As you go thru Life be open to introspection, contemplate your Life Path, revise, become enlightened by what you learn. Set an example of proper conduct becoming a person who has all the ear marks of trying your best. The take away is you always going to be unbelievably great in your capacity to be great! You have to become what the tests of Life ask you to be. So learn well and God Speed... Jimmy 🍋


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Ever donated blood? Did you know that your pint of blood can save three lives with your donation?⠀ ⠀ CNM student Candace McCutcheon, right, donates blood as Maria Garcia, left, Assistant Donor Care Supervisor with Vitalant (formerly United Blood Services), secures the blood draw line, during last week's blood drive at the CNM Main Campus.⠀ ⠀ If you missed last week's blood drive, you have another chance at Montoya Campus on Wednesday, November 14th from 10:30-1:30pm in front of H Building Parking Lot.⠀ ⠀ #doinggood #blooddrive

What is Giving Tuesday? A day the world comes together to Give, serve & support local organizations and communities -- TOGETHER we make a difference! We depend on people like you who care enough to get involved! You can give today by clicking on the link below - thank you! Https://west-end-ministries.networkforgood.com/ #buildingcommunity #doinggood #highpointcommunity #servinggodbyservingothers gothers


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Our social project in Kellensoo, Ethiopia is all about education and empowering the girls and women of the community. In 2013, we aided in the construction of a library in Kellensoo, providing greater access to learning and computer skills.


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They make the pumpkin pie, you bring the coffee! Order coffee online now to get it by the holiday, or stop by the store if you need a gift to take with you for Thanksgiving! #giftsofgratitude


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Shoutout to @locali_bred, who got some well deserved #love from @libusinessnews. . LocalLI Bred is a dynamic new business featuring #local #longisland craftspeople and #smallbusiness. . They offer a variety of creative boxed sets of local goods through a subscription service. It’s the gift that keeps on giving...or the perfect personal treat. . #madeonlongisland #locallyowned #locallymade #smallbiz #localeconomy #newyork #newyorkcity #handmade #homemade #creative #massapequa #massapequapark #womenownedbusiness #doinggood https://libn.com/2018/11/12/startup-highlights-artisanal-gifts-with-a-local-focus/


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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time working my ticket this week. It feels great to have the concepts in motion and it feels better seeing the results these programs deliver to our community. Stay tuned... . . #woodbadge #woodbadgecourse #woodbadgeticket #woodbadgec766018 #baseballcap #blue #selfie #smile #ticket #antelope #antelopepatrol . . . #boyscouts #boyscoutsofamerica #scoutsbsa #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #trainedleader #service #serviceproject #doinggood . . #goodturn #caring #sharing #helpingothers #meritbadge #selfimprovement #peopleofaction #weownadventure #beprepared #scoutmein


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@laurenblauren and her Leather FEED 1 — always on the go, always #doinggood.