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16 Seconds Ago

I'm calling this pattern sandstone. Like the beautiful walls of Antelope Canyon or the passageways to Petra, Jordan (which, let's be honest is mostly burned into my brain from watching Indiana Jones so many times). I've yet to see either of those places in person, but I've still got a lot of life left to explore. / / / #moonwalkerthings #sandstone #handmade #doitfortheprocess #handmadejewelry #maker #modernmaker #creativeprocess #makersmovement #craftsposure #makersgonnamake #handsandhustle #carveouttimeforart #inspiredbynature #pattern


4 Minutes Ago

Definitely hit the “What a hot mess!” phase this weekend. But...... pushed through and looked at ‘the triplets’ with fresh eyes late today. Layers continue (will the canvas hold up??)... while details are changed, deleted, and... added. -> Ironically, I’m aiming for ‘less is more’ at this point. 🤨 . . . #12x12 #floridaartist #process #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #collage #texture #abstract #layers #microstory #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #orlandoartist #creating #creative #doitfortheprocess #robinlkstudios #2018


21 Minutes Ago

Couple more designs from my daughter @konxnichiwa Repost @konxnichiwa ・・・ Soma - apparel design #2!


2018-05-01 03:53:35

Swipe for original He makes a pretty hijabi right? My mum keeps asking me whether he's done a new video


17 Minutes Ago

Beautiful story. Feels like I was carried here.❤️ photo from my one way ticket to ca. ———————————————————————— She lifted it and gently carried it in her cupped hands through the house. She could feel and, of course, imagine its terror. She took it out to the garden, where there was a moist patch of earth over near the blackberries, and set it down. It sat stock still for a bit, and then hopped away into the bushes. She said, “My name is Caroline. I’m that frog.” I am, too, and I am also a big helper. When I have felt most isolated and lost, I have always ended up being carried back to the garden in people’s good hands, to where I need to be, afraid and not breathing. for much of the way. And I have helped carry scared people, the best I could. You have, too. Isn’t that what grace is, when some force of kindness, against all odds, with unknown hands, brings us from fear and hard tiles to a moist patch earth, and sets us down? #annelamott


16 Minutes Ago

Surface designs Sunday is a thing, right? Having fun with color and patterns today. What have you been up to? #surfacedesigns #yunomi #handmade #winetumbler #handbuiltpottery #handbuilding #slabbuilt #colorlove #wip #doitfortheprocess

On the day before Christmas Eve almost ten years ago, my best friend died after a fiercely-fought battle with cancer... . I remember sitting there in the cold, wrapped up in a blanket, huddled with my friends as the wind blew and spattered the tears that could not stop pouring out of my eyes. I desperately needed dawn to break because I was certainly sitting in what felt like the shadow of death. . As the sun hit my face the next morning, I felt embraced by the light. Though everything was in shambles in that moment, I felt a sense of peace—not a fleeting peace, but one that carried me in my grief and continues to carry me now. . "For Those in Darkness" by Lauren Wright Pittman // Included in our Advent resources


26 Minutes Ago

A pile of color, beauty, art. A pile of possibilities. . We create art and then set it free—hoping it stirs the hearts of those who encounter it, hoping it can pave a tiny path of peace in this warring world.


19 Minutes Ago

Getting more Floral #ornaments ready for my LAST @pepperplacemarket of the year this Saturday, 9/29!! Hope you can make it!! #floralstories #theperfectgift #christmasiscoming #inbirmingham #flowerpainting #pepperplacemarket @pepperplacebham #paletteknifepainting


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@empressak Looked Stunning Tonight @queenecollection Fashion Show Tonight!!! 🇻🇨🇻🇨🇻🇨


24 Minutes Ago

Tons of fun today with @thecityvault. I lost my hip during silent disco musical chairs but the clam chowder eased the pain.


21 Minutes Ago

🍌🍌all stitched up! will be in my shop soon! #handmade #leatherwork #handstich #etsyseller #surfacedesign #anthrostyle


28 Minutes Ago

One of the most inspiring parts about being on Instagram has been the support and advice I've received from other artists and printmakers! So I wanted to pass along the “good-nature baton” and share the materials I use on the daily. • Battleship gray linolium & wood-backed linolium. • @sakuraofamerica carving set ($20 on Amazon). These are my main tools. • #nijitools ($12 on Amazon). Use these to diversify my texture. • @flexcut_tools (sold in sets and individually). Huge game changer & I hope to slowly add more to my collection. • @pfeiltools micro 11/.5 gouge (not pictured bc it's being shipped from @jacksons_art) but I cannot wait! Will update when I receive it. • @flexcut_tools SlipStrop for all of your sharpening needs! I hadn't realized how important sharpening was until I had this. • @strathmoreart Tracing paper will take care of all your mirroring needs. Use this to transfer drawing to lino. • @strathmoreart printmaking heavyweight paper. Such an affordable option. • @legionpaper Stonehenge paper (not pictured bc I'm waiting on a new order). @speedball_art bench hook for inking my brayers. • @cranfieldcolours Caligo Safe Wash Relief Inks (oil based inks that wash with water). Don't make my mistake and be sure to order the WTC oil and wiping compound. Also ordered the extender! • @speedball_art water based print making inks and extender. • @poscagallery acrylic markers for sketching. So much fun! • @sharpie marker for tracing the parts of my lino block that stay. Be sure to get the “super” size. • Brush for brushing away lino pieces. • Kitchen spoons for transferring drawings to lino. Just rub the back of the tracing paper. • Plexiglass (not pictured) to mix my inks and roll my brayers. • @speedball_art baron and brayers to rub final prints on the paper. (Not pictured bc they're drying). •Seral transfer paper. Careful to use this for transferring images, won't mirror. • This wonderful community! (Not pictured for obvious reasons). . . Sorry for the newspaper sized post! If you're a newbie or hoping to pick up this medium as a hobby, please feel free to reach out with questions. I'm learning myself, but we can learn together! 💕


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Words are not enough to say all the things about this weekend. I’ll stop talking about it eventually... but tonight I just have to say thanks to this one here for putting together this weekend so I could start to get my life back together after one of the hardest seasons of my life. 🖤 • • • #handsandhustle #mycreativebiz #creativelifehappylife #tnchustler #creativeentrepeneur #doitfortheprocess #cylcollective #onmydesk #whereiwork #creativehappylife #calledtobecreative #wearethemakers #smallbiz #makersvillage #creativityfound #creativepreneur #calledtocreate #colorinspiration #favehandmade #createeveryday #communityovercompetition #creativehappenings


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Go to @solovelyloopgiveaway . . ⏱ In 30 seconds you can be entered to win a Anthropologie shopping spree or $800 paypal cash by following these quick & easy steps listed below! OPEN WORLDWIDE! . . How to enter: 💥1. ”LIKE” this post 💥2️. Head to @solovelyloopgiveaway & follow everybody they follow! . . Ends on 9/26 @ 8pm EST This is no way sponsored by Instagram. Open worldwide with cash option. Winner will be announced within 24 hours on the giveaway page. 📷 anthropologie . . . . . . #anthropologie #anthropologiehome #boheme #sundayfunday #interiorstyle #forthehome #interiorblogger #bohostyle #bohemianlocs #anthro #wearethemakers #minimalistic #artistsoninstagram #doitfortheprocess #doitfortheaesthetic #sundaynightfootball


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Found My Piece From The @queenecollection Resort 2019 Collection!!! Can’t Wait!!


33 Minutes Ago

Sunny Sunday in the studio! Swipe to see a clip of me finishing up pulling a mug handle, and a shot of all the handles I worked on today.


33 Minutes Ago

Sundays are for reflection. Reflection to evaluate life, work, family, and yourself. Don't dwell on that which didn't turn out as expected. Let it go gently. You're as evolving as the seasons. It's a beautiful thing to see. #seeksimplicity #writingadvice #bedeeplyrooted #naturelover


38 Minutes Ago

I’m grateful for studio days with the windows open and podcasts playing. I’m also grateful the studio pup only walked into a drying painting once today 😂.