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This blizzard set from winter #tbt #winter #winter2018


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To Old for games ... To Smart for Players !!!🧐 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Photographer: @geelepapa #sunrise #insta #instagood #photoshoot #picoftheday #photoodtheday #nikon #nikond500 #nikondx35mm #summer2018 #morningshoot #dontcare #geelepapa


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Un día quieres el pelo largo y al otro vas y pides que te recorten como a Dora la exploradora 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣💁🏻‍♀️💇🏻‍♀️ #shorthair #dontcare


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#funny #me #curlyhair #dontcare 🙈🐵


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you leave and you leave again


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My Monday face😑 #mondaymood


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Today used to be a day I would dread... tuition day! Because my golly gosh I know you mamas & dads out there can agree that Pre-K/private schools are expensive!!! So much so that when we first moved to Austin it made more sense for me to just stay home than to work — knowing that the majority of my paycheck would simply pay for childcare in a city where I knew no one was not what I signed up for... now I’m thankful for the way things played out because I was able to stay home with the babes & figure out my passion. It came with a price though... _ Our #daveramsey style budget left NO room any extras & it took a lot for us to pay for Ella’s & then Fitz’s pre-K tuition - I worked multiple little side jobs to help pay for it all & to help out a little, but still every month was a tight squeeze. Fast forward & now I’m excited & proud to say that my income from this month alone can more than pay for Fitz’s tuition! I’m not sure if that would mean anything to you but it means EVERYTHING to me! _ First off, it means that doing something I’m passionate about, supporting women & men in becoming their healthiest selves, has helped my family keep our heads above water. It means freedom—I don’t have to run around chasing side jobs. It means my hardworking hubby can breathe a little easier, we can enjoy vacations together, & finally complete renovations on our super 80s house. We can go out with friends, buy our kids school supplies & new shoes without stressing like we did before. Or buying a little something for myself 😁 _ So if you’re interested in having this type of freedom, or you just want a little extra to have fun with & make some really great friends along the way as you support them to be healthier & happier! OR at the very least get in the best shape of your life while you save money on your favorite programs & products! *What could be better than all of that!?* I’ve got a solution for you! My team will be hosting a short & sweet info chat to discuss all of the details & I want to share my story with YOU! Message me if this tugs at your 💗 in the slightest way & I’ll get you the details! Now, time to leave the house to go pay that tuition 💵 whoop whoop!!!


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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.


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Taken Single I don't care, I'm a unicorn ☑ #tshirt #outfit #ootd #unicorn #white #red #lipstick #dontcare


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Relaxing summer😉 #summer #rest #flashback #sunnyday #dontcare


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Well the Sean Paul gig last night was a bit of a disappointment, but at least my hair was looking alright 💁😂 . . . . . #curlyhair #dontcare