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Water • Nikon D300s #hipacontest_water


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Last night you said goodbye now it seems years II


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CURATED INTIMACIES (2) She never really liked bathrooms when she was growing up, at least not the one back home. In other people’s houses they were more bearable, sometimes quite inviting actually. Warm and bright and clean. They used to go there together, she and the other girls. Lots of laughter and fun, shifting among them who would pee first. Nothing else, they never went for those things, it was a social thing, not for what bathrooms were supposed to be used as. At least one of them had do the business anyway, for the sake of those waiting outside the door. When her turn came to be the needy one, she could never squeeze out one single drop. - Turn the tap on, one of her friends said, and it worked. Running water, and the shoulders went down and the shyness about her bodily functions were relieved. 🔶🔶 Later, the social aspects of these collaborative toilet visits hardened. The leader girl or one of her current privileged princesses would be the first to announce that she needed to leave to find the bathroom. She pointed out who were allowed to follow. Those left behind could hear their laughter and no one knew if they were laughed at or just being held in hopeful suspense until next time. 🔶🔶 As they grew up, these joint visits were broken off. When she went out partying, she was always reminded of them anyway. Always at least one restroom too few for ladies at pubs and restaurants, always a line outside, always cluttered and full of water around the sink and too little toilet paper, and girls fixing their makeup and fixating each other. The same pattern. She immediately knew who was in or out depending on the eye mimics. If she was met with a fixating gaze, up and down her body, she knew. She was out. Friendliness was never having to look, just smile and chat. No one went to the restroom without their nerves in tension. She thought it was like having a silver dagger lying around, as a reminder of how hurt you could be if you crossed the line and pretended that you didn’t care. (More to come in the next image) _____________________________________ #exxplorevision #wearegrryo #grryodiscovers #feminism #femalephotographer #womanphotographer #ci2018vsj


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CURATED INTIMACIES (4): MUMMIFICATION/DEATHMAKING: Mummification is a lengthy process in which skin and flesh of a corpse can be preserved. The process can occur either naturally or it can be intentional. 🔶🔶🔶🔶 Mummification as deathmaking: an intentional process in which the skin and flesh of a living body is preserved while life itself slowly dries out. Often caused by an unforgiving correctional voice, internalized and made extreme, a search for purity and control at the expense of life processes. Self-inflicted. 🔶🔶🔶🔶 While I have been curating these images here on insta, a public discourse has exploded here in Norway. It’s background is a news story from a mall in a small city, that suddenly became flooded. When exploring the causes, they found that young girls left taps on in the public restroom. They are afraid that others may hear the sounds when they’re on the toilet. With young girls, this issue is much larger. Investigations show that every third young girl has severe negative thoughts about her own body. Negative dialogues with one’s own self can have many sources, like experiences of violence, or from other traumatic experiences, the feeling of being on the outside of society, or from widespread consensus among parts of the population about how to behave toward oneself in order to be accepted by others and by oneself. Is there a whole generation that live under such restrictions? In addition to people with traumatic experiences? If abnormal experiences lead to negative self-dialogue and bodily restraints, and what is considered as normal conceptions of purity lead to the same, where are we as society then? Where’s freedom? ______________________________ #ci2018vsj _____________________________ #storytelling #storyteller #cantadora #wearegrryo #grryodiscovers #exxplorevision #femalephotographer #womanphotographer #twistingpixels #friendsineditroom #zutfocus #ifyouleave #thinkverylittle #broadmag #rentalmag #taintedmag #take_magazine ________________________________ Techs: Performance and photo ©️Vigdis Stokker Jensen. Shot on iPhone 6s via Adobe Lightroom app camera 1/20 sec f/2,2 ISO 320 edited in #adobelightroom and #picsart


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It‘s a trap ... • #fromstreetswithlove #munichstreetcollective


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You are not you when you are hungry! • #fromstreetswithlove #munichstreetcollective


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Random Access Memories • #fromstreetswithlove #munichstreetcollective


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Couch Street, Portland Oregon keeping Portland weird!