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7 Days 20 Hours Ago

So I went to the scale yesterday. When I lost weight I lost curves. I was at 60kgs. I had started at 78kg for my fitness. So anyway now I am doing bulking to grow curves. In a short time with so muvh hard work I have grown and I weighed at 66/65 kgs. Amaiwe. Last time I was this I was jiggly. So fitness family how do you replace the scale with another measurement. My abs also grow nebulking... haaa I think I have those big ab muscles but will need to super clean my diet. @senseimugo said the scale can be deceiving if you treat it to measure health.solely. I asked my fat police authorities they said I wasnt fat in my mid section...but ma GAINZ.. are gathered lower half... gathered with their friends and family and they gathered like an MDC Bulawayo rally type. I start waist training soon. In May actually. Will make this winter a super fitness winter. #gains #gym #fitnessmotivation #drewmotivation #fitnessbunny #fitness