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Production is in full swing at the Vanquish yard. Brand new models under construction and at the paint shop.

Vanquish Yachts Ibiza welcomes you. Experience the finest yachts built by Vanquish and enjoy the perfect location for a seatrial. Not in this picture but also available, the VQ45 ‘SAL’ and VQ54 ‘DIVA’.

Cruising around Barbados onboard the VQ54 ‘VESPER’.

Great article about the brand new VQ40 by @powerboatworld. Read the full article on their website, link in bio.

The all new VQ52 T-Top with his final colors. It will be delivered in Ibiza this summer.

We from @vanquishyachts wish all those wonderful Mom’s a great day! What better way to spend it on a Vanquish somewhere near Mykonos?

Flying across the VQ45.

Just an ordinary day in Monaco with @jonolsson1 & @benjaminortega onboard the VQ45 and VQ16.

🚤 How about this elegant yet powerful Vanquish Yacht to start off your weekend? Stunning, if we may say so ourselves.⠀ ⠀ Dutch design and quality at its finest. We're happy @vanquishyachts completes their new builds with our Sea Speed fouling release coating. What a great partnership!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #h2omarine #partnership #vanquish #vanquishyachts #topyacht #tender #yacht #yachting #yachts #yachtlife #partyboat #powerboat #sportsboat #dutch #driversboat #daycruiser #formentera #luxuryyacht #cannes #custom #craftmanship #boating #superyachttender #boat #miami #monaco #foulingrelease

Last day to check out this stunning VQ45 at the @boatshowpalma. Find the Vanquish Crew at slip 413!

Find the Vanquish Crew @boatshowpalma at slip 413!

Flying across the water at high speed with the 52 S.

Come and see the stunning VQ45 until 1st of May in Palma. Slip 413!

The 50S Long Range is a major step up in this range, offering an impressive centre sleeper arrangement around which you can make a wealth of choices in terms of layout. Here we have placed the master suite under the wheelhouse to ensure that you as the owner have the best amidships real estate when it comes to comfortable and stable sleeping.

Zermatt-Ibiza Après Ski Party.

This VQ16 was star of the show during the swinging Zermatt-Ibiza Après Ski Party at Chez Vrony in Zermatt Switzerland. A stunning restaurant at 2140 meters in the Zermatt Mountains. Transport by helicopter was a spectacular sight. She was taken to her comfortable chair overlooking the famous Matterhorn.

Another VQ58 T-Top with aft garage and full mid cabin ready for the paint job.

The first 65S Long Range won the European Powerboat of the Year award 2019 in the length-independent displacement hull class. The award judges described Li-Janne as “a very special boat for very special clients”. Custom-created for a Dutch family looking to sail with their handicapped daughter, the yacht includes dedicated wheelchair access, entrance via both side decks, a hydraulic lift amidships, a specially adapted cabin and triple-redundant hydraulics to ensure constant medical treatment.

Just a couple more days until the Palma Boat Show. This VQ45 will be visible at Slip 413 from the 27th of April till the 1st of May.

‘Thank God it’s Flyday’: Steeler unveils FD55 S-design with unique split-level, two-deck flybridge performance yacht. Steeler Yachts in the Netherlands has revealed a striking new addition to its award-winning S-design Performance line. The FD55, project name “Flyday”, is a genuinely unique concept that combines the dynamic lines of a pure powerboat with a full-beam flybridge and a huge lower deck living area in a split-level arrangement. This 16.80-metre 2.5-deck speed machine is less than three metres high yet offers an unrivalled interior volume for two, four or six crew on board. http://www.steeleryachts.com

Vanquish Yachts. Not for Everyone.

Another VQ58 on its way to the paintshop. This VQ58 is a Wheelhouse version with aft garage.

The Steeler 59S ‘Ocean Camp’ was fully customized to fit the needs of an adventurous Norwegian couple. Bespoke features such as al fresco gym, hammock, storage for bikes, skis and kayaks, dry and wet storage for the diving equipment, a foredeck helm and much more.

Steeler 65S ‘Flyfish’ on her way from Steenwijk, departure April 1st, to Croatia. Yesterday passing Gibraltar and today a small unplanned turn towards Ibiza!

Fantastic shot of the 57 S-design. This shot was made last year during seatrials. Currently, this 57 footer is located in the Portsmouth area.

The Vanquish VQ48 is able to reach speeds up to 40+ knots while keeping the passengers dry at all times.

Cruising through the Dutch canals onboard the Panorama FF53.

What better way to spend your time.


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Make sure to check out the VQ45 at the Palma Beach Boat Show from the 27th of April till the 1st of May. Slip 413.

A huge variety of motor yachts is currently being built at the Steeler yard.

The Steeler Yachts 52 S is a high performance yacht capable of reaching speeds up to 38 knots!

Last day of the Palm Beach Boat Show! Make sure to stop by our stand at slip D201 to have a look at the new VQ50 Mk2.

Stunning VQ58 Hardtop model. Wait till you see the real thing. Stop by at slip D201 at the Palm Beach Boat Show to check out the VQ50 Mk2.

Spotted the VQ50 Mk2 at the Palm Beach Boat Show yet? Stop by at slip D201.

Production of several VQ58’s well underway for delivery this season.

Flying across the water in supreme comfort with enough place to chill.

The season starts again with the Steeler Explorer 50 Pilothouse spotted in Dover safely moored in after a very foggy journey.

65S interior space and brightness.

The new VQ40 Super Sport in a different colorway.

Take a look inside the 52 S.

Just an ordinary day in Miami with the VQ45.

Join us at the Palm Beach Boat Show and check out the brand new VQ50 Mk2. Slip D201.

A lot of new yachts under construction! Take a look behind the scenes at the yard of Steeler Yachts.

The first of a series of VQ58’s Hardtops and T-Tops that are currently being built just arrived from the paint shop.

Siempre con las últimas novedades del sector: uno de los nuevos motores fueraborda Yamaha. Por tierra o mar, seguimos confiando en esta marca. Always with the latest news of the sector: one of the new Yamaha outboard motors. By land or sea, we continue to rely on this brand. #ssanxenxo #sanxenxo #puertodeportivojuancarlosi #náutica #náuticaderecreo #yamahaengines #yamahaoutboards #yamahaboats #yamahamotors #brand #motores #yamaha #technology #qualityyachts #timeoboard #newproduct #motorboat #motoryacht #powerboat #driversboat

Did you spot the 65S in the background?

Come and enjoy these beauties at the Palm Beach International Boat Show 2019.

Explore the world with the Steeler Explorer 50.

Sea trials on the VQ45 near St. Tropez.

The perfect home away from home.

Definitely a must have toy on board a Vanquish Yacht.

Travel in style with the European Powerboat of the year 2019. The custom built 65 S.

VQ54 taking off near Ibiza.

Custom built oak interior on board the Steeler NG 41 S-design ‘Enjoy Life’.

New VQ50 Mk2 in Gulf Racing colours with matching custom-built Richard Mille watch in same colors.

Exploring Cannes with the 59 S-design.

The new VQ40 Super Sport turns out to be a great success even before its introduction.

Although the #colours on the #am37 will be the same as on an #astonmartin car, the paint will be made to #marine specifications using a special #system that ensures the highest possible standards of #durability and #quality.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #quintessenceyachts #powerboat #topyacht #tender #yacht #yachting #yachts #yachtlife #cannes #sportsboat #driversboat #daycruiser #luxuryyacht #custom #craftmanship #boating #superyachttender #boat #friday #friyay

Another VQ45 hull arrived today.

Great end of the weekend onboard the Steeler NG43 ‘Liberty’

Brand new VQ50 on display at the Miami Yacht Show, slip B37.

Spotted the VQ45 at the Miami Yacht Show yet? Come join us at slip B37!

Make sure to check out the brand new VQ50 at the Miami Yacht Show! Slip B37.

Double equipment for safe and long journeys.

Join us at the Miami Yacht Show from the 14th till the 18th of February, Slip B37.

Come visit the VQ Yachts at the Miami Yacht Show 2019. You’re welcome from 14-18 February at slip B37.

Easy and save walk-around on every Steeler.

Great start of the weekend. Relaxing on the VQ48 DC.

Oak interior onboard the Steeler 57 S.

Still some great footage of the older VQ50 which set the benchmark for its successor.

Nerves of Steel! Steelers’ Richard Veenstra wins Dutch Open Darts. First Dutch winner since Barney in 2006. Congratulations Richard!

The Steeler 46 S. Pocket sized superyacht to explore European waters.

Sunday funday with the VQ43 Mk2 Gulf Racing.

Slow life & slow music on the stunning VQ48.

Discovering the entire French and Italian Riviera with the 59 S ‘Ocean Camp’.

Very clear Vanquish lines bring style to the Med.