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🐙 U N K N O W N 🐙


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Oil painting - almost the whole painting! Loved to work more details in the bow of her hair. I wanted to capture that part more and make it central to the painting. Thursday I will post the whole painting and there is a surprise to that as well 😏☺️


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Se liga ae, quando a dedicação e a paixão por algo que fazemos é grande, não há nada que possa nos barrar. Estudo, dedicação e muita prática, o da esquerda foi feito em Janeiro, e o da direita em Dezembro. Quase um ano entre eles. Ai você se pergunta, "será que sou capaz?" Se você não correr atrás e não lutar pelo que quer, nada vai cair do céu. @staedtlermars @derwentpencils @historyvikings #pencilsacademy #vikings #ragnar #duende_arts_help #desenho #ragnarlothbrok #photooftheday #monstersofart_ #pencilart #draw #dibujo #worldofartists #artistic_nation #artcollective #art #dessin #dailyart #art_empire #drawing #art_spotlight #artsanity #creativempire #artistmafia #proartists #artistinspired #worldofpencils #theartistmotive #drawingoftheday #travisfimmel


2017-02-02 05:27:30

Mi relieve y jarrón de metal os desean una feliz libertad 🎆🎆🎨🍸🍺🍷#duende_arts_help


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13 reasons why Clay jensen (@dylanminnette ) Hannah baker (@katherinelangford ) • • •{ #13reasonswhy #13rw #hannahbaker #clayjensen #jessicadaves #alex #zach #drawing #art #pencil #duende_arts_help #emotional #teen #suicide #respect } •

Regrann from @yukomakimura - yukomakimura.___ ✍🏻 🍃 🌿 🌱 🍀 #colorpencil #drawing_expression #leaf #色鉛筆 #pastel #blackhair #パンパステル #duende_arts_help #darrell_collins47 #watercolor #pencil #watercolorillustration #yukomakimura #art #love_arts_help #まきむらゆうこ - #regrann 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 💮 #yukoさん半端ねえ😃  My repost is expressing “respect” - - - - - - - - 📸 All photographs, pictures, drawing and movies are belong to their owners - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 😜about me😜 I’m just a tiny tiny reposter 😁 I'm japanese🇯🇵, male, not young, not wild, not free, using a poor english as you see 😂 And I'm a reposter, viewer and  impostor(笑)😁 I don't have a camera 😁 I can't draw a picture 😅 But Jessel said “It doesn't mean you can't create” 👍 【🚨attention 🚨】 I am posting not for profit, just for fun 🍀🍀


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Hello friends 😃 Some artists have a moment when the account stops growing. New followers do not appear, the number of likes does not increase. At the same time, the artist constantly works and publishes new posts. But still there comes a period of stagnation. Let's figure out why this happens and how to fix it. 1) One of the main reasons may be that you stopped promoting your account. You can constantly post new posts, but without advancement it will not be effective, especially if the account is young. Be active on the pages of other people, publish your posts on art sharing pages, buy ads. Use all possible methods of promotion and do not throw it, even when you reach a large number of followers! 2) The second reason may be that your content has ceased to be interesting. Maybe you changed your style of drawing, or began to photograph in a different way. Maybe you just publish uniform content. Look at your best photos, which have the largest number of likes and comments. Do more similar photos! Ask your followers what they want to see on your page, what you need to change. 3) Another reason may be that you have stopped posting posts, or do it very rarely. Publish your work more often! 4) People can stop following you if you somehow changed the header of the account. For example, if you changed the profile image or wrote something in the bio, which is why people do not want to see you on their following list. 5) If you have made an account private, this can lead to a deterioration in the growth of followers 6) If you stop using hashtags, then you can also lose a fairly large percentage of the new audience Constantly work on your account, improve it, improve your drawing skills, develop! Make your account attractive and interesting! Use all the known methods of promotion! Thanks to all this, your account will grow constantly! 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 ✔️ Click on ❤️ and write "YES" if it was useful 📌 Follow @Alexander_Esin and turn on notifications so as not to miss the new tips 💡 Ask your questions in the comments below⬇️