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•VEGAN QUESADILLAS NIGHT🧀🌶🍅🌮 🇲🇽 watching The Big Bang Theory finale 🧬💛🔭🔬😭: 🔅MAIS TORTILLA 🔅VEGAN CHEESES: grated mozzarella and cheddar slices @violife_foods 🧀 🔅GRILLED SEITAN STRIPS 🔅MEXICAN REFRIED BEANS 🥘 🔅PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS 🍄 🔅SWEET CORN 🌽 🔅GREEN JALAPEÑO 🌶 🔅ARAGULA, TOMATOES, RADISH & homemade RAW SPICY TOMATO SAUCE 🌶🍅🌿🥗 Not the fanciest of presentations but believe me, the taste was so bomb 💣 the cheeses melted so well! 😍😍 Have a great night!🎐💛 Nutritional info: 515 kcal Carbs: 55,5g Proteins: 36,3g Fats: 14,9g Fibers: 9,4g ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #vegan #veganism #veganismdaily @veganismdaily #vegansofig @vegansofig #vegantravel #veganfood #veganfoodporn #veganfoodlovers #eatplants #whatveganseat #veganeats #veganbodybuilding #vegansofinstagram #veganfortheanimals #plantbased #govegan #bestvegan @bestveganau #vegancommunity #plantpowered #veganinspo #veganshare #veganstrong #vegangains #vegano #veganfeature @veganfeature #veganaf #bestofvegan #plantbased #friendsnotfood #crueltyfree#meatlessmonday

"Coqueta de escalivada" . This time, suuuper recipe 🔝 of @delantalesyfogones 💚 The recipe is identical, I just have not put the onion but put asparagus, and I do a garlic oil to spread the bread 🍞 before putting the vegetables ... Soooo good 😍😍 ‼️ At the time of serving, a little bit of Maldon salt and a few leaves of fresh basil‼️ Bon profit a totxs ‼️ . . Help the world ➡️ Go Vegan 💚🌱‼️ . . #veganfoodporn #keepitgreen #nomeatathlete #veggies #eatclean #plantbased #govegan #veganrunner #healthyfood #nomeat #veganlife #veganfoodshare #eatclean #whatveganseat #vegancommunity #rawvegan #lovecoocking #eatplants #veganprotein #veggiefood #veganfood #veganfoodlovers #eatplants #run #vegan_fam #rawvegans #vegansofspain #veganfoodspot #veganfeature #realfooding #thrivemags #veganfoodshare #thechalkboardeats

Sadly it is generally accepted that healthy food is expensive. This is so far from the truth. The only resource standing in the way of turning inexpensive ingredients into healthy, delicious, family friendly meals is a basic knowledge of cooking. All the recipes you will find here with Veggies & Me are simple and perfect for busy people. This pea pesto pasta sauce was put together in 5 minutes for just a few dollars by simply blending together parsley, mint, defrosted frozen peas, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, salt & pepper.

My handprints from doing diamond pushups in the sand the other day at Brockton haha. I always leave there covered in dust from the sand haha


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'Animals are not just other species. They are other nations. And we murder them at our peril. The peace map is drawn on a menu. Peace is not just the absence of war. It is the presence of Justice. Justice must be blind to race, color, religion or species. If she is not blind, she will be a weapon of terror.' Philip Wollen✌✏@katelouisepowell

Missed breakfast? 🥞🥓 No problem, breakfast tacos can fix that. 🌮*hot sauce 🔥 is recommended but not required*🥴

Does this sound familiar? You see gorgeous veggie gardens on Instagram & you say to yourself, “I’d LOVE to have that, BUT I just don’t have the time/space/yard/money/knowledge/love of dirt that it will take to accomplish it. Oh well, I’ll just keep buying mediocre, week-old fruits & veggies at the grocery store instead.” . That was the story of my life. For YEARS! I thought I was cursed with a “black thumb”, had never kept a house plant alive longer than a month, let alone actually grow my own food! I also moved from apartment to apartment during & after college and lived on the resorts I managed where I wasn’t allowed to plant anything. . You can imagine how elated I was when I had a (tiny) yard of my very own! I could finally get my hands dirty! There is no easier way to begin elevating your cooking than with fresh, homegrown ingredients! . But I know for most of you, just the idea of starting a garden sounds WAY too unattainable, expensive, overwhelming, or exhausting. I get it. It’s a LOT of work. . My advice to you is: start small. Like REALLY small. Get a pot/upcycle a glass jar, buy some potting soil and a packet of seeds. You can grow herbs on a small windowsill & have flavorful, fresh herbs whenever you need them! . It’s a great opportunity to try herbs you can’t find in your typical grocery store like: Garlic chives Chocolate mint Cinnamon basil or Lemon thyme . Herbs are usually pretty easy to grow, take a only a few dollars to set up, require a few minutes a week to care for, and are bursting with fresh flavor! . This could be the year your passion for gardening begins to grow!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!) . xo, Sara Speckels Farmacy Revolution - Elevating Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cuisine To The Next Level 😀👩🏽‍🌾👩‍🍳❤️🌱 #farmacyrevolution . . . #wfpb #nutritarian #wfpbno #plantbased #hownottodie #chef #veganchef #veganfoodie #forksoverknives #eatplants #plantbasedfoodie #healthcoach #whatthehealth #wholefoodsplantbased #eattolive #plantbasedlife #herbivore #plantbasedeating #eatbetternotless #poweredbyplants #meatlessmonday #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedliving #plantpowered # #plantbasednutrition #vegana #wholefoodplantbased #foodieforlife

“Is eating healthy hard?” . Me: “.......... have you ever had a smoothie bowl?!” 😂 . There are so many delicious foods that are healthy too! Smoothie bowls, for example, are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber. They’re good for you AND they taste amazing! 😍🙏🏻🌱💓 😋 . Do enjoy smoothie bowls? What are your favourite toppings? I love berries and shredded coconut! 🍓🥥 😁

The sweetest cherries on the most beautiful day 🍒 And what i love about them most is that they have so many health benefits. Not only do cherries help lower blood sugar and risk of heart disease, they also help improve your memory and help you get a good nights sleep.

What are you enjoying for @meatlessmonday ? On this plate is one slice of roasted spaghetti squash that was featured earlier today, @violife_foods grated parmesan, nondairy butter, roasted potatoes, romaine lettuce 🥬 from the garden, red onion, 🥒, and sesame ginger dressing. #summermeals #estherapproved #meatless #spaghettisquash #food52grams #eatplants #gardenlettuce #plantbased #vegandinnerideas

Spinach soup with sweet potatoes flat bread (gluten free) . The sweet potato flat bread is actually a pizza dough recipe from @elavegan Thanks so much Ela! Your recipe make our life so much better, with it being gf and also plantbased. I think her blog is one of the blog where recipe really works. And I am grateful for it! . The soup is great for freezing. I love making it in a batch and freeze some so I can have some soup whenever I want. 😍 it is made using rice milk instead of cream and it us still creamy ❤🙏 so no worries, go plantbased! . . . . . #plantbasedgoodness #foodallergyfriendly #glutenfreefood #glutenfreevegan #plantpowered #ieatplants #eatplantsnotfriends #eatplants #nodairy #lactoseintolerant #vegansoup #spinachsoup #plantbaseddiary #veganfooddiary #simplevegan #plantbasedcommunity #vegandeutschland #vegansofgermany #plantbasedofig #plantbasedeating #glutenfreebread #glutenfrei #glutenfreiessen #lactoseintolerant #plantbasedcooking #vegangoodness #vegancooking #letscookvegan #nomeatnoproblem #vegangermany

This bowl of Asian-style glazed eggplant cooked by @cookingforpeanuts looks fabulous!!!! 🥰🍲 Who would you share this bowl with? 😎🥘 Tag him or her in the comment 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ . . Go follow @cookingforpeanuts for always posting amazing picture😍😍 . . FOLLOW @healfeed for more 🥑😍 . . Recipe Asian-style glazed eggplant: Whisk: 2 minced garlic cloves, 2 tsp finely chopped ginger, 1 tsp toasted sesame oil, 2 tbsp rice vinegar, 1/4 cup low-sodium tamari or soy sauce, 1/4 cup water, 1-2 tsp sriracha, 2 tsp maple syrup (Adjust ingredients to taste.) Slice 1 large eggplant into approximately 3/4 thick pieces. Heat a little sesame oil in a non-stick skillet, medium-high heat. Sauté eggplant slices a few minutes a side until browned. Once both sides are golden brown, on high heat, (high enough that sauce sizzles), add enough sauce to cover bottom of skillet generously and cook another 30 seconds, flipping eggplant half way. Serve immediately. Use remaining sauce in a stir-fry or with almost any veggie!) #whatveganseats #vegansofinstagram #veganfood #veganfoodporn #veganfoodies #veganeats #eatplants #eatyourveggies #traderjoes #govegan #healthyvegan #plantbasedfoods #veganrecipes #highcarb #veganbowl #plantbasedpower #veganfoodspot

Does this make anyone else depressed as hell?? I mean, I know it’s good that they are being raised well, in a big field with their friends, but they will be killed for food and not get a great, long life. They are soooo cute and precious. I don’t know how anyone can look at them and still want to eat them. And this is a cow living a happy life too. I’m ok with someone making fun of my diet for the rest of my life knowing that I’m preventing some deaths, along with doing my part for this earth by reducing my carbon emissions. I love you cow. I wish I could save you 😭😭😭😭😭

#repost @the_vegan_futon • • • • • •🌶🥓🧀JACKFRUIT & CASHEW CHEESE @fermefermentini STUFFED ROASTED MINI PEPPERS 🌶🥓🧀with PROTEIC PULSE COUSCOUS @probios1978 seasoned with pickled veggies 🌽🥒, fresh avocado 🥑, pomegranate seeds, fresh tomatoes 🍅 and a drizzle of EVOO!😋🍛 Happy Monday everyone!🧡Late lunch today with this huuuuge bowl after a productive morning and an intense workout 🏋️‍♀️👩🏻‍💻 Rich in nutrients, satisfying and packed with all the summer ingredients and flavours!☀️😎 Enjoy your day!🌿🌿 Nutritional info: 448 kcal Carbs: 56,8g Proteins: 18,9g Fats: 14,4g Fibers: 17g ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #vegan #veganism #veganismdaily @veganismdaily #vegansofig @vegansofig #vegantravel #veganfood #veganfoodporn #veganfoodlovers #eatplants #whatveganseat #veganeats #veganbodybuilding #vegansofinstagram #veganfortheanimals #plantbased #govegan #bestvegan @bestveganau #vegancommunity #plantpowered #veganinspo #veganshare #veganstrong #vegangains #veganfeature @veganfeature #veganaf #bestofvegan #plantbased #friendsnotfood #crueltyfree #meatlessmonday

Fried rice! 🌿 brown rice | onion | garlic | carrots | shiitake mushrooms | broccoli | @traderjoes sriracha tofu | topped with kimchi & avo ✨ . . . . #vegan #govegan #veganfood #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #veganism #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #food #foodporn #instafood #healthylifestyle #veganlifestyle #veganeats #vegetarian #meatlessmonday #veganaf #meatfree #eatplants

Batata, couve flor e feijão verde cozidos + Rebentos de feijão mungo + Estufado de soja com courgette e ervilhas (receita em breve) + Pistachios 💚🌱 #veganfood #veganfoodshare #bowls #veganbowl

I know it’s not soup season...in theory! Let’s face it, it’s hardly summer though!? 🤷🏻‍♀️Im on a diet as of today! Well people hate that ‘d’ word so let’s say ‘healthy regime’ instead. I’ve just fallen off the wagon this year. Still vegan strong...just not always making healthy choices and I’ve known it. The kilos have crept on! Some times I need to have a blow out before I can get back on the straight and narrow and I’m sooo ready! I have 1 month till I go to Italy and having a time frame helps I think. Goals to work towards. Just want to get back to more wholefood based eating and trying to eat at better times of the day. So I made a huge batch of this soup tonight. Full of all the good stuff! Loads of veggies and barley. Ticks all the boxes! #vegetablesoup #vegetables #eatright #healthyeating #betterchoices #veganhealth #plantbasedhealth #healthyoptions #healthyfoodoptions #healthfirst #vegankitchen #vegan #veganforhealth #wholefoods #vegnigroup #healthregimen #plantbaseddiet #eatplants #meatfree #dairyfree #weightloss #veganweightloss

A stain? I do knot know what you’re talking about. *~ carnists attempting to refute their hypocrisy of caring for [environment/animals/health] while paying for their death & torture ~* some things we don’t really notice until they’re pointed out 🙃

“For me, running is both exercise and a metaphor. Running day after day, piling up the races, bit by bit I raise the bar, and by clearing each level I elevate myself.” -Haruki Murakami ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ #mondaymotivation | #plantbasedathlete

✨ What’s your favourite breakfast? I honestly can’t get enough of granola (and oatmeal of course). ✨

Meet the McMaiden, a most tasty and compassionate breakfast sammich with a heavy metal twist.🤘🏼🤘🏼 Featured on the @onionmaidenpgh brunch menu, this deliciousness includes chickpea egg, cashew cheese, tomato, and smoked maple shiitake. #eatplants 🎸 🎸 #pittsburgh #breakfastclub #veganaf #veganpittsburgh #plantbased #dairyfree #vegetarian #vegansofig #whatveganseat #veganfortheplanet #globalwarming #climatechange #veganbreakfast #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan

Gluten-free homemade bread via @umixmexico 😋. Vegetarian sandwich: breaded zucchini (gluten-free @morama.mx), avocado, Bermuda onion, sun dried tomatoes, vegan mayo + house salsa! Delicious! #sustainablewellness #lunchideas #refinedsugarfree #snacks #momlife #summersandwich #dairyfree #grainfree #bonappetit #glutenfreebreadmix #wifemamafoodie #italiansandwiches #wholefoodsplantbased #glutenfree #forkfeed #eatplants #vegankitchen #healthyfoodshare

Ich liebe es neue Nahrungsmittel zu entdecken und in meine alltägliche Ernährung zu integrieren. Hirse hat sich definitiv einen Platz im Vorratsschrank erobert! • Hirse mit Champignons, Zwiebeln, Cashew Creme Sauce (Link in Bio) und frischer Petersilie #vegan #veganism #veganlifestyle #veganandhealthy #veganhealth #health #healthylifestyle #vollwertigvegan #veganundgesund #veganfood #healthyfood #hirse #veganiron #eisen #iron #plantbased #eatplants #vegansofig #plantbaseddiet #vegandiet #whatveganseat #gesundessen #abwechslungsreicheernährung #plantpower #poweredbyplants #gesundeernährung #veganeernährung

'Nacho' average Monday lunch!😋 I really feel I have a knack for repurposing almost any meal into a delicious something new! Easy Green Nacho Salad: •Plantbased crumbles- made my own from tofu + (AbstractSpice+cumin) •Chopped fresh spinach and green onions •Tortilla chips •Homemade Nacho Crema- 1 part vegan mayo + 1/2 parts taco sauce • Squeeze of lime to finish • ...so dayum easy, SOOOOOOOO dayum good!! I thought I'd need cheese, but I didn't!! #winning • ~Your Culinary Health Resource www.acartoffood.com • #mexicanfood #repurposed #meals #nachos #salad #spinach #greens #plantbased #vegan #vegetarianlife #vegetarian #cleaneating #wholefood #eatplants #fresh #eatrightforyou #fitfam #fitfood #quickandeasy #delicious #fingerfood #lunch #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthful #health #food #nutrition #culinaryhealthresource

Chickpea Spinach Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 🌱 📷: @lastingredient ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Recipe: Serves 4 4 medium sweet potatoes 1-15 ounce can chickpeas 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon black pepper plus more for serving 1/2 teaspoon cumin 1 cup baby spinach, roughly chopped 2 tablespoons tahini Flaky sea salt for serving Crushed red pepper flakes for serving ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Instructions: 🥔 Preheat the oven to 375° F. 🥔Prick the sweet potatoes with a fork and roast for 45-55 minutes until they are just tender. 🥔Let the sweet potatoes cool for 5-10 minutes before halving them lengthwise and fluffing their flesh with a fork. 🥔While the sweet potatoes are roasting, make the crispy chickpeas. 🥔Drain and rinse the chickpeas. Pat them dry with paper towels. Remove any loose outer skins. 🥔In a small bowl, toss the chickpeas with 1/2 tablespoon olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper and cumin. 🥔Spread them in a single layer on a parchment paper-lined sheet pan. 🥔Bake for 25 – 35 minutes until crisp and browned, gently shaking the pan about halfway through cooking. 🥔While the sweet potatoes and chickpeas are roasting, heat the remaining olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Sauté the spinach until the leaves start to wilt, about 2 minutes. 🥔Add the garlic and remaining salt and pepper, and continue cooking until fragrant, about 1 minute. 🥔Top each of the sweet potato halves with chickpeas and spinach. 🥔Drizzle with tahini and sprinkle with flaky sea salt and red pepper flakes before serving

We are gd aliens so why tf we have to eat👽

A quick, delicious, healthy lunch: Grilled Veggie Hummus Wrap on a Whole Wheat Tortilla or Lavash Wrap. 🥬 A generous schmear of your favorite hummus (check the ingredients to find one with less oil, or make your own), piled up with grilled veggies (zucchini, red bell pepper, broccoli and portobello mushrooms went into this one) and several handfuls of fresh baby spinach, plus a drizzle of fig balsamic vinegar for an extra flavor boost. 🥬 Need more recipe instructions? I teach this one in my Fresh Start course, which begins July 1st, and in which I explain everything in detail. Link in bio for more info. I hope you’ll join us! 🥬 #wholefoodplantbased #hummusrecipe #healthyvegan #eatbetternotless #onlinecourse

Show who you are and what you stand for. Apparel with a purpose. It’s all in the details. #veganathletic #plantstrong . . . #peta #ethicalfashion #vegansofig #veganrunner #vegancyclist #plantbasedathlete #veganathlete #eatplants #plantbasedtriathlete #vegantriathlete

BREADCAKE PROTÉINÉ 🍎 Ultra rapide, simple, sain et rassasiant, tout ce qu’on aime ! 💡 Le petit plus : la whey goût vanille et les graines de tournesol 🌻 Une recette facilement adaptable avec les produits que vous aimez ou que vous disposez dans vos placards. 👀 Retrouvez la recette initiale sur le compte @vaness__ladiet 🥰 _______________________________________________ #healthyfood #healthy #gateauauxpommes #applecake #fitfood #proteine #eatclean #plantbasediet #dietfood #sugarfree #breakfastideas #fitspo #fitinspiration #foodshare #fitfrenchies #eatfit #eatforabs #trainingmeal #mangermieux #reequilibragealimentaire #nutritionsportive #fitgirlcook #mangerplusmangermieux #dietfoodporn #cookinglight #breadcake #applepie #eatgrain #eatplants #morningmotivation

WILL YOU SHOW ME SOME LOVE ❤️ IF YOU CAN RELATE TO THIS!! . . . . 💁🏼‍♀️Have you been saying to yourself that you really need to make a change, that you really need to do SOMETHING for YOU for once, but you just haven’t FOUND THE TIME YET!!!⠀ ⠀ I get it momma's- we are busy, raising kids, working, doing everything for everyone else. At the end of the day there is literally not anymore gas left in the tank for YOURSELF!⠀ ⠀ THAT WAS ME TOO!⠀ ⠀ Until one day when I was getting dressed and every tank top was too tight & every pair of shorts I could not button without my muffin top squeezing over the top. THAT WAS MY MOMENT of I cannot stand myself ANYMORE!⠀ ⠀ I NEEDED TO CHANGE! ⠀ I was miserable, I was always running from here to there with NO TIME TO DO ANYTHING!!!! ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!!! I got my home fitness program, my nutrition plan and I committed to showing to the virtual community!! But most of all to MYSELF!!! I got up early, before the kids got up, did my workout, and devoted time to ME for once!!! I learned how to fuel my body properly, learned how to cook easy&simple clean foods and guess what.... the weight was coming off!⠀ ⠀ Not only did I lose the weight but I gained a. Bunch of badass women friends, I learned how to eat healthy, that I did have THE TIME to take care of ME, and make exercise a part of my life forever!⠀ ⠀ I don't consider myself on a “diet” and I don't workout to “lose weight” I eat healthy and exercise because I FEEL better when I take care of myself. I have more energy, more self love, more patience!!! ⠀ AND I am so passionate about helping other busy moms who are ready to make a change too!⠀ ⠀ So here I am putting it out there!⠀ Maybe this is YOUR SIGN! Maybe this is YOUR BREAKING POINT!⠀ Maybe just maybe you are reading this post for a reason! Maybe you want a supportive group of ladies!!! 🙈Close your eyes.. Visualize your best life.. What does it look like? How do you feel? What gives you confidence? What gives you energy?! ⠀ ⠀ Now lets take that dream and make it a reality together👭! DEAL! 💓 (P.S FLASH SUMMER DEAL IS ENDING, DO NOT MISS OUT!) #lifestylenotadiet #tryingtobehealthy #weightlosshelp #athomeworkout

Halloumi stuffed mushrooms from feasts by @sabrinaghayour


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🌻🌿@veganbynaturebox Reposted from @_chlowhitee - . . 🌼💚The snacks in this @veganbynaturebox look insane🤤 THAT COOKIE!😱. I think I need to order one of these boxes daily... I take my snacking seriously!!😍👀 (This box is our gift sweetly one on veganbynaturebox.com) 🌻🌿

Finally got this triptych done. On to framing and then transporting it to Ohio. Someone else can come up with a witty name@for these three. #eggplant #persimmon #radish #paperbagart #recycle #eatplants #yum #triptych

Vegan fish tacos 🌮 for lunch, thanks to @gardein products. Soooo tasty! Cruelty free eating feels amazing. I saved an animals life by not eating meat for this meal ❤️ . . #fishtacos #veganfishtacos #tacos #vegansummermeals #vegetarianmeals #vegetariansummermeal #tastyvegan #crueltyfreemeal #gardein #gardeinfishlessfilets #plantpower #eatplants #eatplantsnotanimals

Since my 48 hour water fast I have been craving weird things, like cranberries, so this morning for breakfast I made this cranberry smoothie with with dates, raspberries and oranges. I had a tiny bit of raw organic honey before the smoothie. Dan McDonald of the Life Regenerator channel made a very compelling argument for not excluding organic raw honey on a vegan lifestyle saying it supports small beekeepers who actually love their bees and this keeps bee populations thriving. Would anyone like to share what they think about this, I am a little weary of supporting honey but what Dan says makes a lot of sense. 🐝🐝

I just finished my mini water fast at the 48 hour mark. I decided to break it with something a little unconventional since it was just a 2 day fast so I was not worried too much about breaking it wrong. I had a beet and red cabbage sauerkraut. I just intuitively wanted something with a probiotic. It was so zingy and delicious. Shortly after I had a medium bowl of blueberries and after even such a short fast I really could taste all the nuances in the berries that I don't usually. I feel good and my back seems to be improving faster than usual, although I may still need some physio and accupuncture. Tomorrow I will have fruit all day, moodrop grapes, fresh orange juice, honeymoon melon, thai coconuts and more berries. Then Friday I will also have some tender leafy greens with my tahini dressing. I am so happy I went to 48 hours! I feel from the experience that it would be nice to do 24 hours every week or two, and eventually go for 72 hours. 📷 Detox DIY

I started my mini water fast early! We had an ice storm over the weekend and I hurt an old army injury in my back while shoveling. Usually I would take a lot of Advil and Tylenol to help it heal because it is a disc injury and can get pretty serious if the inflammation and spasms are not taken care of. But this time, after learning a lot about how fasting can be very healing I decided to start the fast last night at midnight and now I am 1 hour and 12 minutes away from my 24 hour goal. I had almost a gallon of distilled water throughout the day and brought it to work for my evening shift too. I feel pretty good and it seems to be helping my back so I will continue to 30 hours, which will be 6 am. I will break the fast with a monomeal of honeymoon melon or moondrop grapes. 📷 Grounded Nutrition

It is often said that you can not do raw vegan in cold climates like here in Toronto. Kasey of the youtube channel Vegetable Police even hightailed it out of Toronto to Chiang Mai, Thailand when he was trying to do raw! I don't actually find it that hard to find good fruit here though. Maybe it is not perfectly tree ripened like in Thailand or Costa Rica, but it is good. I mainly rely on the organic, free trade banans, which I blend with berries imported from California. We often have organic blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and blackberries on sale, and when they are not I just get the conventional at Costco. Melons are also available in abundance all winter, and my favorite by far is Honeymoon. The melons are pricey though, like a medium 2 lb Honeymoon is $4.99 and same with cantaloupe and the others. I find pineapples all the time for only $3.99 and papays also go on sale quite often. I can also get epic Israeli dates that are organic from Costo and big bags of citrus. Then organic greens are always available, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and carrots. It is definitely not cheap, like when I do simple beans, potatoes and rice vegan, I can keep the food budget at about $200 a week for 3 people, but on raw it is closer to $300 so it is a bit challenging to be frugal. But having gone both ways, I would rather cut costs on things like clothes, haircuts, mani pedis, and do raw. Even if I go off for a day or two I feel like I have been run over by a bus, so it is worth it in my opinion. 🍍🍌🍋🍊🍉🍈🍇

I started my day with a huge bowl of blueberries and watched the new videos of @theliferegenerator about his 40 day water fast. I am inspired to try a mini fast of 24 hours that I will begin next Wednesday at 9pm. This will be my first time restricting food without the goal of weight loss or weight maintenance. I also had an epiphany today about why I was not able to get past 40 days of 100% fruitarian last summer. As I do fruitarian now I am finding it is helpful to rest a lot, whereas last summer I was starting half marathon training. I think exercise is essential but when combined with the detox at that time it was a little too much and backfired. Well, live and learn. 📷 Melissa Hartfiel

I am always amazed how vivid are the colors and flavors of fresh, ripe fruits! No wonder the snack food industry always seeks to find strategies to reduce the consumption of this most delicious, healthy and portable snack, provided in abundance by nature, no factories required! I feel so sick when I hear it said that fruit has too much sugar and will cause diabetes, or that bananas will make you fat and that avocados are too high in fat. Even peanuts. Thirty years ago at most 2 or 3 kids in a school of over 1000 students did not eat in the cafeteria due to peanut allergies. Half the school would have this plant-based, frugal and nutritious food for lunch. Now every type of nut is banned in every school and cafeterias are serving greasy burgers and fries, and selling protein bars and soft drinks in the vending machines. The latest trend is to bash all nightshades and cruciferous vegetables. These are lies that only serve to make people second guess buying these healing foods and as a result buy more packaged, processed snacks! I apologize for my rant, but it is just so disheartening! I was actually worried when I started raw vegan fruitarian that I would gain more weight and get diabetes, but I took the plunge anyway and while I have second guessed myself at times and slipped back to old habits and lost all my progress, when I stick to it I am literally dazzled by the results! No fatigue, anxiety gone, losing weight, and enjoying delicious food without restriction and dieting. I am so grateful that I have woken up and I am so grateful for the raw food movement and its pioneers! There was watermelon from Guatemala at Costco this week and I juiced some this morning. I can't wait for watermelon season to begin! 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

Raw vegan lunch on the go today! Breakfast was a banana blueberry smoothie, and my morning snack was pineapple. Later I will snack on grapes and maybe dates. And dinner will be a huge salad with raw tahini dressing.

Can the 801010 lifestyle be maintained in a cold climate? Yes, yes it can. Is it difficult? Yes sometimes it is hard to get a nice variety of fruit without spending way too much money on food. Is it worth the effort? Yes. There has been a lot of bashing of Doug Graham on vegan youtube lately because admittedly he does say weird things sometimes. I also suspect some ageism is involved. But his overall premise is good and the format of his daily meals is the only way raw actually works for me. When I first got the book a couple of years ago I thought it was so crazy I returned it. But later I revisited it with an open mind and was completely blown away, and applied it with much success. I read it 3 or 4 times. Then eventually I hit some roadblocks and stopped doing 801010. Now I have returned, although I am not plugging numbers into Cronometer every day anymore, it just drives me nuts.

This dairy truck was in front of me at a stop light, ironically shortly after I was watching some undercover videos of the deplorable conditions that dairy cows live in. Is is not insane how hard the dairy industry works to perpetuate the fairy tale idea of happy farm animals!

Liquid sunshine to start the day today after a 5K and some yoga I also found spectacular organic Israeli medjool dates at Costco which are unlike any other dates I have ever had. They are a bit tangy whcih cuts the overwhelming sweetness a bit. 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍

Today completes around 10 days of morning celery juice. It felt like a powerful cleanse that really improved my well being. I will not continue it daily though because on a fruitarian diet it makes me feel too full to eat enough fruit for adequate nutrition. Without enough fruit I inevitably go back to cooked food late in the evening when I am tired and hungry. So from now on I will do the morning celery juice for a periodic weekly cleanse, or the morning after a day when I have some cooked food, or after high intensity exercise for extra electrolytes. Thank you celery for the magic, today will be a large mason jar of 2 whole celery bunches freshly juiced, and tomorrow it is back to morning fruity smoothies! (Photo credit to Jinan Gogo International) 🍌🍍🥝🍐

I have some advice for newb fruitarians I learned the hard way. Don't restrict your fruit calories! It will lead to snacking late at night on cooked food and it will make you feel sick and unable to sleep. Especially if you are intermittent fasting and then having celery juice to start your day. The celery juice is filling and you may then be eating very little fruit. If you keep the fruit at under 1000 calories then in the evening it is easy to slip into old habits and snack on cooked food. After a day of a clean fruitarian diet this will make you feel very sick.Today was a perfect fruitarian day but my calories were under 800, and at around 9pm I wanted to have a smoothie but thought it was too late at night for the fruit. Soo around midnight I mindlessly snacked on cooked food and now at 4 am I can not sleep and feel sick. Resticting fruit calories is counter productive and comes from years of calorie restiction mentality I think. It does not work on a fruitarian lifestyle. (Photo is not mine, I am not sure who to attribute it to.)

My first foray into raw vegan sauces! My dinner today is spirilized butternut squash with a sauce made of tomatoes, dates, basil and garlic. For breakfast I skipped the celery juice because I was late for work, and had a banana berry smoothie. Snack was bananas and fresh orange juice. Lunch was a bowl of sliced bananas and pineapple chunks. Later I had a bit of fingerling potatoes, like just a cup, and some vegan coleslaw. This evening I might also have some fresh cranberry lemon juice.

Another day, more celery juice, more fruit, more Ashtanga yoga. Working just on the primary series standing sequence for now. Detox came to a halt yesterday when I caved in and had Taco Bell with my kids 😱😱😱 The interesting thing was that I nearly threw up after eating it which has never happened to me before, so maybe this detox thing is really changing me.

I am loving cranberries lately! Tangy cranberry sauce on bananas balances out the sweetness of the bananas, and it is so good on salad too. Today I will make some homemade raw vegan cranberry sauce with fresh orange juice and dates. 📷 Bartlett Farms

My first attempt at collard green wraps! They taste better than I expected. I had my celery juice this morning and the did an intermittent fast until 2:30 and then had some medjool dates. Now the wraps for dinner and then a strawberry banana smoothie. At night I will have a romaine with cranberry dressing and blackberries. Another day raw and I feel better than ever! I did have to take some naps on my days off though like today to deal with a bit of detox fatigue. 🥒🥑🌶🌽🥕🍅

I did an intermittent fast yesterday and then had celery juice followed by orange juice and dates. It felt very cleansing. For dinner at work I had pineapple and an apple-almond bar. I've lost 3 lbs this week and I feel like my digestive system is less tired if that makes sense. 🍍🍌🍋🍊🍉🍈🍇

I did a little bit of Ashtanga yoga again this morning before my celery juice. Being fruitarian seems to go hand in hand with it. However, I find it increases detox which is both good and bad. Years back when I I did Ashtanga yoga I always wondered why I did not become serene and yogic and in fact felt worse and even irritable when I had a good daily practice. Now from doing raw vegan fruitarian I recognize it was detox symptoms! Ashtanga is very cleansing so of course there would be detox! And all that time I thought I was just not meant for yoga. 📷 Ashtanga Philippa

I tried something new for dinner last night, romaine with cranberry dressing and blackberries. It is my new favorite salad. This morning I did a short Ashtanga yoga practice, it has been years since I did this and it felt good. Now onto celery juice and a smoothie before work! 🍎🍇🍈🍉

Celery juicing streak! Today was my first 100% raw day in a long while. I had celery juice and then a banana berry smoothie this morning. Then for a snack at work I had 2 bananas and a bit of shredded coconut. For lunch at work I had 3 bananas and some dates. Then as a treat after work I had a raw vegan Jos Lois. When I got home for a snack I had a can of organic jackfruit. For dinner I will have some guac, pico de gallo, and romaine lettuce. If I get hungry after that I will have some olives or strawberries. This day is not the ideal macros, usually I would aim for around 801010 but for transition to raw I feel it is helpful to include a bit more overt fats. And these macros haven't made me feel bad, after a day at work on my feet I am going for a hike instead of doing Netflix, so it is all good. P.S. Sorry for the terrible lighting in my photo.🍍🍌🍋🍑🍊🍈🍇🍎🍏

I continued today with the morning celery juice! I've lost track of how many days but it is less than 5 so far and I feel the difference already. It has made the transition to raw vegan fruitarian almost effortless. All day I crave fresh fruits and vegetables and have few cravings for cooked food and junk food, and when I get cravings they pass quickly and do not have such a strong hold on me. I still do have overt fats, though, putting avocados and olives in my salads and munching on fresh coconut. Maybe this has helped the transition too, not eliminating olives, avocados and coconut. Also if I want a little handful of chickpeas, a bite of tofu, half a potato, or a slice of sprouted Ezekial bread I do not lose my mind over it like in the past trying raw. I think it is better to be 97% raw rather than having a nervous breakdown over a tiny amount of non raw whole plant foods. 📷 West Coast Seeds🌶🌽🥕🍆🥑🥝🍅🍓🍒

I've been continuing with my morning celery juice and going strong with being raw vegan. The celery has had me crave more of the savory fruits like bell peppers and cucumbers, which is funny because usually I prefer sweet fruits. I still do have tons of bananas, melons, berries and whatever else I can get my hands on for a good price. I have a renewed enthusiasm for fully raw after binge watching Rebecca Rosenberg's #texasfruitarian youtube videos. She has healed completely from Multiple Sclerosis, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and her testimony is very powerful.

Something magical is happening on day 3 of #celeryjuice in the morning. Being fully raw (with a few exceptions like a tiny bit of legumes or tofu) is feeling effortless again. This has been a roller coaster since I went vegan 2 years ago. That first summer in 2016 I lost about 15 lbs on #hclf vegan. Then after a year vegan I went raw and had a 40 day #801010 fruitarian streak. On fully raw I lost another 15 lbs and felt amazing. But then I don't know what happened but I started getting a lot of cooked food cravings especially junk food like nachos. I think it was because I started half marathon training and had so little salt and overt fats in my diet following 801010. Anyhow one thing led to another and I was off raw, and even went off vegan for a couple of weeks, sharing some of my kids' vegetarian meals. Well I quickly regained the 30 lbs and felt really blah. Then I would try some raw days here and there but it just was not sticking. I was not feeling motivated to stick to it. So let us see if this celery juice thing continues to work. There are so many testimonials about it from people following Medical Medium's protocols that I am willing to believe it is true. I wish to recover from yo-yo dieting and some anxiety I tend to have. There is no point in giving up now. This huge salad made of a head of romaine with avo, carrots, and red peppers is my lunch today. I had fresh celery juice in the morning and then a 3-banana berry smoothie about 20 minutes later, and some dates.Then because it is my day off I have made this huge salad for lunch. The rest of the day will be fruits and maybe a teeny tiny bit of potato wedges I am making with the kids' veggie burgers tonight. 🥑🥝🍅🍓🍒🍑🍐

I've started doing fresh celery juice every morning, let's see how it goes. Rest of the day is a 3-banana and berry smoothie for breakfast, papaya for a snack, banana berry smoothie for lunch, pineapple for snack, whatever other fruit for dinner and a large salad, and maybe avo on Ezekial sprouted bread. 🍍🍌🍋🍊🍉🍈🍇

I was not sure about doing raw vegan fruitarian in the Canadian wintertime but it actually is pretty doable. Bananas are always good and you can get the organic for .89 a pound. Also pineapples are my staple too because they are surprisingly nice this time of the year and only 3.99 each. I avoid grapes which are 4.99 a pound for the good ones, and things like mangoes, papayas and figs are expensive and bad. My typical day is a banana berry smoothie for breakfast with 3 bananas. Bananas and vegan chocolate at work for snacks and lunch, and pineapple after work. In the evening I have whatever other fruit is ripe and then a large salad with raw tahini dressing. 📷 Jesse Ponce

Day 7 raw vegan fruitarian! I have so far been about 90% of may calories raw vegan, mostly fruit. But I had the realization last night that the cooked food is holding me back. My main challenge has been at night when I cook for my kids, and also at work when I buy lunch at Whole Foods. I noticed I feel good all day on fruit and when I have the cooked food I get flu-like symptoms and it even burns my mouth a bit because I guess I get used to the cool food. So I am going all in 100% to see what happens and how I feel. 📷 Photo credit @Ksenia_L

Day 6 fruitarian! This was supposed to be day six of ten but as things are now I am going to keep going. I had a bit of cooked food last night and definitely feel the difference. This pic was on pinterest but I don't know who to attribute it to.

Day 5 of ten days raw vegan fruitarian! This is the 1st day I have not had any nuts during the day. The first four days I was wanting salty nutty things and unlike in the past I was not going to worry about 801010 or food combining too much. This morning I had my classic 3 banana smoothie with lots of filtered water and some frozen blueberries. The smoothie for breakfast always has seemed to keep me from craving anything but high water fruits all day. Then in the evening I have a large salad, usually with raw tahini dressing. I went to the gym today finally and feel pretty good. I might do another 10 days after this is done. 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋

Pineapples and wintertime rain on day 4 raw vegan fruitarian! This morning I am having some melon and then fresh carrot-apple juice. Yesterday I was so so so very tired. It could be detox but most likely just because we were extremely busy at work all weekend and I haven't been to the gym in ages. Today I am finally heading for a workout after breakfast. I am still on my target for keeping my groceries at under $1000 a month for 3 people even with all the fresh produce, so I guess raw vegan can actually be done on a budget. 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍

Day 2 of ten days raw vegan fruitarian! I surprisingly have no detox symptoms. I have been feeling my digestive system clearing out and I have better mood and energy. In fact, I am chatting people's ears off with almost too much energy. Hopefully the feeling turns more serene. I stocked up on fruits and veggies after work last night, and came home and juiced these carrots and apples. I stayed on budget and spent only $50 on a cart full of produce on sale! I am proud to say I avoided the tiny clamshells of $5.99 blueberries which I love. 🍎🥝🥒🥑🍅

Day 1 of ten days raw vegan fruitarian! I had a small hurdle this morning when I had a pineapple and about 10 minutes later had 3 nuts, like literally 3, and now I am so bloated. How could I forget about proper food combining on raw! This pic is a throwback to when I used to buy so many thai coconuts at $4.99 a piece. This time I am going to see if I can do raw on a budget. 🍍🍌🍋🍊

I miss summer and watermelons. I also miss being fruitarian. Since going off fruirarian, I have enjoyed the flexibility of eating anything vegan. But to be completely honest I have gained weight, and worse than that I seem to feel sick to my stomach all of the time and lacking energy. I miss the vitality and clear mindedness that I felt when fully raw. I actually got teary eyed thinking about how good it was being fruirarian and how sure I was at the time that I would do it for the rest of my life. I never questioned then if the lifestyle is sustainable. I think I will try 10 days fruitarian starting tomorrow just to see how I feel. Maybe being fruitarian was just a phase, or maybe I will prove to myself it is something I really do want to do for the rest of my life. But this time it has to be on a budget because I have been saving for some goals and that is important to me. So no splurging on cases of persimmons or $4.99 thai coconuts! This time it has to be on $20 a day.

Dino kale 🥗💛🥗💛🥗

Raw vegan hummus for dinner last night! In addition to moving beyond strict 801010 this year, I have also left behind the idea of natural hygiene with its avoidance of onions and garlic. This hummus was made from a fresh red pepper, raw tahini, raw hemp seeds, fresh lemon juice, garlic, cayenne, salt and cumin.

Raw vegan chocolate almond dessert, and for veganuary I am starting a new raw streak! With the new year I've decided to try something different and instead of purist 801010 fruitarian, I am going to be more laid back and just go with the flow. I found the drawback of being hardcore 801010 was that days when I was on my feet all day and did not have enough time for the fruit monomeals I would be so famished in the night that I would break raw and have random things like chips and then gain weight and feel bad. Today I was busy at work and did not have time for enough fruit during the day, so as a snack I had the almond treat and it was so filling that even now at 10pm I am not really hungry, and I will have some pineapple and then a salad. I think 801010 works great for me when I am not busy and when fruit is at its peak in the summer, and I have time to consume the calories in fruit needed to stay 801010 but otherwise why not just be raw or 95% raw and just have fun with it instead of being so purist about it.

I'm going to be shovelling 20 cm of snow today, but juicing oranges feels like summer! I am really into the citrus now. 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

You know when you travel overseas and even though you liked the food when you get home it feels good to have your own food again. That is how it is to have fruit monomeals after all that vegan chili, oatmeal and all the other cooked food I was having. Oranges for lunch! 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

10 lbs of oranges on a wintery day, and fruitarian is back on! I am giving it another shot because since switching from fruitarian to plant based I feel crappy. It is weird because I felt good whole food plant based in the past but after fruitarian I now feel tired, I look older and I have gained weight. I don't understand it except to speculate that maybe after detoxing on 100% fruitarian my physiology has changed in some way. So I am giving it another shot, that is my Christmas gift to myself, and listening to #badreligion Christmas songs! P.S. Don't hate on the plastic bags, I reuse them for kitty litter and dog poop. ⛄❄🎄🍭