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😋Dinner of champions. Thai basil stir fry, a medium boiled egg, 🥚#purplekraut, and a clementine. 🍊🚫No grains, but tons of satisfaction. Happy mouth, happy family, happy life. 😍🥚I’ll be posting the Thai stir fry recipe in my Facebook health tribe this week: What the Healthy. Come join our health revolution 💪🏼I had the name wayyyy before the documentary and I #pinkypromise I won’t make you go vegan. We talk whole food, wholehearted love for ourselves and others, and helpful natural living and health tips. Hope to see you there 💜💕💚

🥝I like to think I have tried pretty much every exotic food out there, but then I come across things like the pomelo. I remember a friend I was grocery shopping with long ago told me it was just a grapefruit with thicker skin, so naturally, being pretty happy already with grapefruits, the amount of skin they have, and their price tag, I moved on. 😂 Then a sweet friend I was grocery shopping with the other day (what can I say? Grocery shopping is my favorite thing cause I love good food) told me it is like a floral grapefruit. Sold! Found them at Lidl for a great price and my littlest and I chowed down on this beautiful and fragrant fruit. I am pretty sure it just knocked grapefruit off of its throne. Tell me, what’s your favorite fruit?

Disease fighting, Gut Healing Superfood: Red Cabbage- get my Quick Red Cabbage Salad with Cranberries, Feta and Almond recipe on the blog. https://debbiestevenson.com/disease-fighting-gut-healing-superfood-recipe/ #guthealingsuperfood #eatwholefood #debbiestevensonhealthcoach #cleaneating

Because health 👌🏻budget it into your life, make the time to cook, get up instead of hitting snooze, find balance instead of excuses and eat an apple a day kids. #futurebikinicompetitor #npcbikini #md #fitspo #groceryhaul #wholefoods #eatwholefood #healty #noexcuses #personaltraining #swolemates #lift #fitchicks

Just hanging out with my workout partner and he wasn’t feeling so good. But that doesn’t mean I don’t workout. Got it ✅


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1st time with cauliflower crust. Verdict is...it’s a winner. I feel like I just cheated. BTW, this is Charlie’s, mine was olive, peppers and artichokes. #delicious #ketodiet #bobbesays #pizza #cauliflower #cauliflowercrust #eathealthy #ketodiet #ketoresetdiet #eatwholefood #foodies #instagood #instafoodies #louisvillefoodies #homemade #freshisbest #homecooking #foodphoto #picofday #pepperoni

Saturdays spent enjoying the outdoors at local farmers market, visiting @blueskyorganicfarms and getting creative in the kitchen are my kind of days! 🙌🏻 . Today, I made some fresh #tangelo juice! Super silky to taste and rich in #vitaminc! Did you know that a tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and grapefruit or pummelo? 🤔 Easy to peel and have a “knob” on the end giving it a bell-like look so they are easier to identify...Go try one today! 🤤 Works great as part of a snack! . I also shared additional juices I made today with my #breville in my IG stories! Check it out! What’s your favorite freshly made juice? Share below! #simplywellness

Recovery = builder! Elemetx® NitroVegg is the first and only product that combines a blend of vegetarian, seed and egg white proteins and is 100% dairy and gluten free with zero sugars! I'm not vegetarian and zero allergy to dairy! So When comes to recovery,I do it my way! 😉 I have no problem drinking fat free Skim milk or eating greek yogurt!!! You might ask, Why I'm choosing Nitro vegg!? NitroVegg's raw ingredients are also sourced from more sustainable sources and have a whole host of micronutrients that are not in whey protein! even though,I'm not vegan,I still like to take benefits of this nutritious blend to fuel my muscles plus i I love the taste👌🏻 To create an insulin spike after training, a simple carbohydrate (sugars) should be consumed! Some examples of good sugary carbs to consume after a workout are, honey and fruit and milk!! Yes why not milk💪🏻 1 cup organic fat free skim milk 1/2 banana 1 scoop vanilla Nitro Vegg @elemetx Make a shake in a blender and enjoy! Go to 👉🏻 http://lddy.no/1pz4 Use code : HONYD to get 10% discount #offseason #ufepro #elemetx #teamstarr #ufeshows #highcalsium #healtybones #vitamind#offseasonmealplan #imnotdairyfreak #eatwholefood #naturalbodybuilding #metacorefitness#fitjourney #igfitness #fitspo #fitspiration #girlswholift #ripped #igfit #ufeshows l #bodybuildizng #girlswithmuscle #fit #eatcleantraindirty #strongisthenewskinny #fitover35 #natural #naturalathlete #ufefitness

Breakfast hill top this morning.. presoaked oats, ginger powder, honey, and sesame seeds!!! Sesame is a good Source of Vitamins and Minerals Like Iron, Fiber and Magnesium. Sesame seeds are a good source of many different minerals, fiber and even protein. A serving of two tablespoons of whole sesame seeds contain a substantial amount of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and manganese. Sounds important to me 💁🏻‍♀️ quite impressive from a tiny little seed. #sesameseeds #oatmeal #eatoutside #hikemore #traillife #beoutside #movement #sunshine #eatwholefood

Quick and easy post @orangetheory breakfast this morning 😋 @siggisdairy vanilla triple cream with banana, blueberries, and a couple of fat balls👌🏻 filled with complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats aka my kinda breakfast. How do you like to refuel after a workout? Tell me below! #nourishedbyrachael


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Over the years I’ve realized how important it is to take care of myself, for myself. I can’t be what or who I need to be to others if I’m depleted or unhealthy. • I have become an expert on self care tips and tricks. I know what works for me through trial and error. • For me, I need to eat clean, take time to cook, go to yoga and Pilates, be with friends and family, take epsom salt baths, read a good book, do what sets my soul on fire and have fun. • It’s taken years to figure this out but my experiences help me to serve others and help them find what works for them to feel great about themselves. • What do you do to take care of yourself? Tell a few self care tips you have! . . . . . #selfcare #selfcaretips #selfcarematters #selfcarecoach #selfcarecomesfirst #youmatter #youneedtofeelgood #replenish #replenishyourbody #replenishyoursoul #replenishyourself #eatwholefood #movement #healthychoices #selfcareexpert #domore #givemore #bemore #saturdayfeels #saturdayvibes @shechangeseverything

Tom Thumb Butterhead growing in my kitchen in the middle of a #saskatchewan winter ❤️

Procedimiento Avena Fría: Preparas la noche antes en un envase de cristal. Añade al final las frutas y semillas. Ingredientes: . 3/4 Taza de avena en hojuelas 6 oz de leche de Almendras con vainilla y sin azúcar 2 cucharadas de Chia 1 cucharada de azúcar de coco ( puedes usar miel o sustituto de azúcar Añadir luego las Frutas y semillas: Blackberry Strawberry Blueberries Semillas de calabaza y girasol Lee más sobre cómo hacerla aquí: http://www.coachanaelisa.net/preparar-avena-fria/ . . . #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #desayunosaludable #desayunonutritivo #avena #avenafria #overnightoatmeal #oatmealrecipe #grains #danielplan #ayunodedaniel #eatwholefood #estwholegrains #greatcarbs #eathealthy

Saturday lunch time feels like #fajitas If like me you can't use those premade spice mixes (#dairyintolerance sucks - NOT really 😄😊), but you love the taste of fajita. Well, fear not I got this covered with my delish #spicemix - and you get the recipe for free 👇www.Kitchentakeovers.co.uk 👈 For the filling I used mixed peppers, cauliflower, red onion, nectarine, lime juice and coriander leaves. You could add some chick peas for protein (I didnt need it). Being #dairyfree doesn't mean I am limited with ingredients, in fact it allows creativity and exploration of different foods. Giving an array of interesting and deliscious flavour combinations. In other news am sure you can't help but notice the sun is out today (UK). Spring is on the WAAAAAAAAY 🙌💓 I am still in pain from pulled muscles in my sides, which have affected my back as I've been compensating. But, that's not going to stop me taking a walk in that 🌞🌿🍃 Get out there and enjoy it folks, but wrap up its a tad chilly in the shade 😄.🌸 . . ... #eatwholefood #healthyhappyme #freerecipe

Black bean tacos with fresh pineapple and roasted poblano salsa. Topped with avo & queso. Taking reservations for the weekend!

The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. When this beautiful girl came barreling into my life she brought ALL the sunshine. We’ve been through a lot together, ups and downs. And honestly we have grown up together. I was just a babe myself (19) when she was born. I had no clue how to be a mom. But I knew I better figure it out...and quick. I’m nowhere near perfect but I’m really super proud of what an amazing young woman I’ve raised. ❤️ The hardest lesson of parenting for me? That no two kids are the same and you have to be willing to adjust your style to be effective. What has been your toughest lesson you’ve learned as a parent so far?

I had a huge craving for sardines. Luckily we have a lot of it stocked in our pantry bc my mom always sends some with her care packages. (Yes, my mom is awesome and sends us sardines as a token of her affection.) . I usually eat it with sauerkraut but we don't have any in the fridge, so I ate the sardines with gluten-free crackers instead. . Sardines are an easy and sustainable way to get your omega fatty acids along with other nutrients like Vitamin B12, selenium, and other trace minerals. . Have you ever tried sardines? Yay or nay?

Although I use supplements with most of my patients and there is a huge body of research supporting the use of supplements at therapeutic doses to treat a variety of concerns, I always incorporate dietary and lifestyle changes with EVERY patient. Whether it’s addressing food sensitivities, getting important vitamins and nutrients, taking away inflammatory and processed foods or just eating healthier - supplements cannot give us everything we require ! Talk to your naturopathic doctor to start making the right changes for YOU! . . . . #diet #dietandlifestyle #eatrealfood #eathealthy #eatwholefood #supplements #poordiet #foodsensitivities #inflammation #processedfoods #optimalnutrition #nutrition #naturopathicdoctor #naturopathicmedicine #ndbarrie #naturopath #wellness #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #barrienaturopath

Fried Eggs | Avocado | Chicken Apple Sausage Patties by Applegate Naturals 🍳🥑🍽

The perfect way to finish my 6th week of clinicals and start this beautiful Friday! Over halfway done with clinicals and it’s flying by. @perfectbar comes in handy when I don’t have time for breakfast in the mornings and I’m running out the door 🙌🏻 What are your go-to breakfasts when you’re running out the door? Tell me below! #nourishedbyrachael

#eatwholefood #morefruitsandveggies 🍓🍐🍊🍑🥑🌶🥝🍠🥔🥕

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What’s one thing you can’t do mid workout at a gym? COSTUME CHANGES! 😜🤘🏼 Leg day brings the heat. And as I got hotter and hotter and hotter my clothes got less and less 🤪 All I had to do was press Pause on my workout, make a quick change and jump back in 👊🏼 Home workouts are my JAM! If you’ve tried them and thought “meh not for me” MAYBE you just haven’t found the right fit. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And that’s where I come in. I can help YOU find a workout to commit to, provide you a support system and guidance ❤️ I can’t do the workout for you, but I can be your accountability in the journey. Spots in my next round are going fast! Only 4 spots left (out of 10) so message me today or drop your email below and let’s get you rocking that fit bod before summer ✌🏼

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Super quick & easy breakfast running out the door to hot yoga this morning // 1 slice Flax Seed Ezekiel Bread 1/2 cup egg whites seasoned with salt and pepper A handful of greens (with every meal!) 1 TBSP. shredded cheddar 20P/3F/15C

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Cauliflower( fried) rice Sautéed onions garlic fresh turmeric and red pepper in olive oil and sesame oil when tender add zucchini mushrooms and red cabbage. In a small bowel mix tamari sauce or soy with a bit of orange juice lemon juice sesame oil and Himalaya salt. Pure the sauce right after you added the grated cauliflower. Stir well on high heat and in the very end add babe spinach. Served hot with fresh mint leaves . Perfect one bowel meal. Took 20 Min to prepare 🙋🏼‍♀️ #cauliflowerice #healthyfood #eatclean #plantbased #eatwholefood #healthcoach #iin #balance


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Truth, right?! Nutrition, for me, is the MUCH larger mountain to climb each day. Especially surrounding holidays. Who else is trying to reverse the sugar coma from yesterday?! 😂🤚🏻Day 30 of my program and going strong despite a candy indulgence yesterday 🙊 #controlwhatsonyourplate #eathealthyfeelamazing #feelgoodfuel #sweattherapy #caseywallacefitness #getobsessed #80dayobsession #formersugaraddict #fitmomof3 #eatwholefood

I know eating well can sometimes seem hard or complicated 🙇🏼‍♀️ But it doesn’t have to be! . Here’s three simple ways to improve your health. Substantially. Right now. No rocket science involved. 🚀 . 1️⃣ Eat real, whole food. 🍋Chose things that are closest to how they’re found in nature and avoid the processed s$!@. For example, instead of buying potato chips, make your own sweet potato fries with some coconut oil and salt. . 2️⃣ Remove vegetable oils from your diet. I’m talking about canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, etc. These oils are polyunsaturated and extremely chemically unstable. 💥 They rancidize easily, especially when heated, and when consumed they promote oxidation and inflammation in the body. Inflammation is no bueno and the underlying cause of most diseases. Instead, use monounsaturated and saturated oils like olive oil, avocado oil, ghee, and coconut oil. . 3️⃣ Fat is your friend. 🥑 No, dietary fat doesn’t make you fat. It is the precursor for hormones and the main source of fuel for your brain. Fat keeps you full and makes food taste delicious! Include ample amounts of avocados, nuts and seeds, grass fed butter, wild caught fish, and the healthy oils mentioned above. . ⏺ Honorable Mention: Quit sugar. I hope this one goes without saying! 🤷‍♀️ . What other easy changes have you made to improve your health? . 📷: @nhsphoto

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Keto reset breakfast day 2. Not hating this so far. Scrambled eggs over a bed of arugula dressed with a little avocado oil & balsamic, with avocado, hot sauce and a side of berries. #yummy #yummo #ketodiet #ketobreakfast #ketorecipe #prettyfood #healthyfoodshare #eatwholefood #freshisbest #bobbesays #avocadolove #arugula #hotsauce #foodies #instafoodie #tastelouisville #berries #breakfastidea #louisvilleky

I’m all about easy plant based meals and this is definitely easy + delicious 👅✨ I made @nutritionstripped Chickpea meatballs that are full of fiber, nutrients, and flavor. Plus I paired them with @eatbanza chickpea pasta topped with classic marinara sauce cause you can never have too many chickpeas, right?! I may turn into a chickpea after eating this on repeat all week 😂 How do you like to incorporate more plant based foods into your daily eats? Tell me below! #nourishedbyrachael


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설 귀성길 스낵 준비완료! 비트와 두부의 핑크빛 만남💕 Beet Tofu Dip with whole wheat crackers and veggies. . #설날 #연휴 #건강식 #selflove #selfcontrol #eatwholefood #폭식금지