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Hyde & Son

24 Days 9 Hours Ago

We are looking for a brand new part-time barista here at Hyde & Son! If you have had some experience with and are passionate about coffee then we'd love to hear from you. Pop in for a chat or message us for more info: info@hydeandson.com

This is my favourite coffee of the week every week on a Saturday down at Leith Market! ☕ @beardedbarista_ #beardedbarista #leithmarket #dockplace #theshore #edinburgh #favourite #sogood #coffee #edinburghbarista #edinburghcoffee #amazing #photooftheday #scotland #saturday #delicious #behappy #keepsmiling

Salt Cafe

2017-11-02 07:58:27

Hi! We're looking for some FoH/Baristas Either drop a CV in at the shop or email us at: enquiries@salt-cafe.co.uk

Burr & Co

2017-09-10 02:30:27

We all have our go-to latte art designs - @thatreeceguy's signature is a beautiful fern & heart.

Burr & Co

2017-04-17 10:03:01

Meet The Team Monday! @thatreeceguy has been with us since last summer. When he's not serving up perfect flat whites he's at uni studying Film Production 🤓🎥

Leo & Ted

2017-01-24 03:31:59

Meet the Leos Family, Luke, barista at Leo and Ted and Leos at Dovecot. When he's not making tasty coffee, he's studying a masters at Edinburgh Uni in Human Rights Law or cycling.

Leo's Beanery

2017-01-16 05:08:30

Meet the Leo's family! Jonny, barista at Leo's. As well as making delicious coffee with creative latte art, he has just embarked on a project renovating a camper van in preparation of many great adventures ahead of him! Exciting times

Any baristas out there @twelvetriangles are hiring #baristajobs #edinburghbarista #portobello

To the rest of the U.K 🇬🇧: Let it be known that #edinburgh does great #coffee ☕️ To baristas: there are job opps 👍🏼 #barista #edinburghbarista #scotlandbarista