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She was everything good and everything bad about the night. She was a galaxy full of secrets and a sky full of stars. Her darkness was heavy, but her light… Her light was like silk, trickling into places you never thought it would. She was gravity, pulling in those around her, closer and closer to her heart. You always knew when she was coming, you could feel her in your soul. But just when you were used to her, just when you thought she’d never leave, you’d open up your eyes and watch her melt away. This world was way too small for her, with its walls and broken doors, she needed space to think, to breathe, so she dwells among the stars.

Met two of the coolest humans last night 🧡 I LOVE sharing sneak peeks! 🍂✨

Cheers to these two for finalizing their June destination wedding in #alaska ! 🍾🥂#destinationwedding


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I've been staring at this photo in my grid planning app for weeks. Months actually. I have THOUSANDS of photos I've never shared - that could be shared but I can't bring myself to write up a dumb little caption and put my work out there. It's so silly but I worry about being judged by all you lovely people to the point of not sharing things I like. That's so sad and disappointing. I'm trying to work on it though. The art of just not giving a flying f* is so tricky but I guess step one is admitting that it scares me. We'll see if I can get another post out tomorrow. 🤞🏼 #communityovercompetition #stopjudging

Pure happiness just moments after saying I do :) Also, @_emilymartens is not only an amazing person but an amazing photographer so you should all check out her account!! Love these two so much!

woodland lovers 🌿

All 3 of my children have been napping for the last 2 hours! I can finally say that this entire gallery is completed & delivered! . My computer has been emptied, new galleries are being uploaded and backed up. . Here is a little behind the scenes of being a photographer. First we communicate with you about your session, locations, time, etc. Then we drive and scout out locations for you to ensure that it will be good or the leaves are still on the trees, next we find baby sitters so that we can take your photos at that perfect location, or locations. . Once we get home or to our office, we export and upload your images on 2, maybe 3 devices before we even get them sorted thru. Some, like myself, use software that we purchase monthly or yearly for online storage, photo culling, and for editing... After we're done editing we export them from the computer <- this takes a LONG time because we are exporting the highest quality possible. From there we upload them to a online photo sharing gallery so that you have easy access to your images with the best image quality. . . I love photography, and I love my clients. Most of all I love being able to be a stay at home mom & watching my littles learn and grow. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I wouldnt be able to do what I do if it wasn't for you & my children napping all at the same time! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ THANK YOU! . Culling #photomechanic5 Editing #adobelightroom Online gallery #pixieset Photo Gear #nikon Website, Domain & Email #wix Photo storage #dropbox & #seagate

Brides and grooms just a friendly reminder that your day is also a very important day for your moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and best friends. It is your day but these are the people who are cheering you on and celebrating the two of you ❤️

Eins meiner bisherigen Lieblingsbilder überhaupt - ein wunderschönes, authentisches Shooting, das so viel Spaß gemacht hat. Vielen Dank liebe Andrea und Sven für diesen tollen Abend ❤️ #loveauthentic #authenticlovemag #makemoments #peoplescreatives #couplegoals #lovegoals #canonlove #loveauthentically #presets #ingolstadt #ingolstadtvillage #deiningolstadt #littlethingstheory #nothingisordanary #belovedstories #storytelling #elopment #elopmentphotographer #wedinspiration #anotherwildstory

All smiles these two 💛.


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Details & close ups are my favourite most of the time. 💕 Anyone else feel the same?! I love the emotion that you can feel from them. Someday this family will look back on these photos and remember just how tiny his little feet and hands were!

Hand shots will always be my favorite. ✨


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✨ l o v e i s: w e i r d ✨ ___________ an incredible a loving thank you to Paulina @otyliaphotography for capturing all of our moments - for going above and beyond on our day and giving us more than we could have asked for 💗 ___________ #wedding #elopementwedding #elopement #retro #70saesthetic #bohowedding #tinpoppy #britishcolumbia #70svintage #70svibes #retrowedding #fallwedding #elopmentphotographer


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“Sus ojos se cruzaron, penetraron en los del otro, se tocaron desde la distancia, se dijeron cosas en silencio mientras los demás observaban sin entender el alcance de aquella conexión.” Fernando Trujillo Sanz.❤️💍 . 🧠 @getmarriedinpr 📷 canon6D . #isabelapr #yourockphotographers #puertoricoelopement . @yourockphotographers @getmarriedinpr @canonusa . For wedding photography info. DM or ajrphotostudio@gmail.com


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Feelin' festive yet?💀👫 Photo: @janasnuderl & @eurotribephotographers Makeup: @manjatrtnik_korosec for @tm.esthetics Hair: @zannametelko Flowers: @sanjskisopek Models: @tadejbozenk & @mrs.bozenk #hallowen #halloweencostume #hallowenmakeupideas #halloweniscoming #wedding #elopmentphotographer #elopment #happycouple #scary #skull #skullmakeup #beautymakeup #beautifulskull #couple #photography #wedding #weddinginspo #brideinblack #festive #festivefeeling

Alex and Jessica eloped to paradise ❤️ @cheekwoodweddings

Usually families with little kids rarely get the picture perfect moments where both kids are smiling perfectly...but in my opinion the “perfect real moments” are when the kids are just bein themselves. And i LOVE it. 💙 It’s been such a joy to be in a busy season with so many new families to photograph!


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I want to live in the abstract. I want to live in the confusion. I don’t want a lot of answers. I want a lot of directions. Because I want to travel to a million different worlds and ideas and perspectives. I want squiggly lines that take me to places I’ve never been before. I want different.


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Eskimo kisses for the win 😻 #capturedbykay

Never have I ever seen a couple so happy in love. Their love story one for the books. 17 years + six children and still looking at each other like it’s their first date. That, my friends is the truest love will ever be.


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I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about something that’s always been a driving force in why I have chosen the niche industry that I have, but I struggle to share it for fear of alienating some people, or making others feel bad. However, I do believe it’s important, and after a wildly inspiring phone conversation this morning, I’m laying it out there. • Did you know that annually, weddings produce 1 billion tons of waste? That each wedding produces 400-600lbs of TRASH? I feel sick thinking about it - like, really, genuinely bummed about that statistic. • I think it’s awesome that we celebrate love so grandly - however, I wish that alllllll the people out there who didn’t feel called to that particular form of celebration for their wedding, had been given the thumbs up from society to do it their way, and in turn - save a landfill a few hundred pounds of waste. • I know, I know - “not *everyone* wants to elope, Ruthanne!” —  and that’s fine. But, I am here to give people who are thinking about it a little bit of encouragement to do it, if it’s what they want. Plus, I receive messages daily from couples saying “omg, thank you for giving a voice to something I’ve been thinking about, but unsure of how to do it!” • Traditional weddings with 100+ guests are fun, and lend themselves to great dancing and awesome stories, sure - but if it’s not what speaks to you, eloping is an incredible alternative - and WAY more eco-friendly in the long run. • So, if you’re on the fence and love this great big world of ours as much as I do, maybe this is the final nudge to get you out on a ridge line in a gorgeous dress with the love of your life to say “I do.”