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one month until I get to marry my favorite person 💛

Photo by Boris www.sfcityhallphoto.com

Can you guess what my dream job was 10 years ago!? 💫 -- THIS. I'm doing it! 😭 Sometimes, during the day to day, it's so easy to forget that I am living something I once only dreamed of. 📸 -- Other days, like Kait & Ryan's magical day ✨, it feels too amazing to be true! Pinch me.. capturing beautiful people, crazy in love, on the best day of their lives, chasing sunsets, alongside everyone they love too. Just wow! -- This past week I've really been reflecting on how many amazing people support this dream of mine and cheer me on relentlessly. How many people got me started, have picked me back up and told me I was made for this, and continue to encourage me. -- 💛Shoutout to @jenny_dress who was the first person to ever tell me I should be a photographer & modeled for all my crazy ideas (who's wedding I get to photograph this year, btw 💖😭). 💛To @jessiejoyy for skipping class, pulling over on the side of the road, waking up before the sun just to get "the shot". 💛To my parents for buying me my first camera and being forever supportive. 💛To my husband. Who supports me endlessly in ways I can't even think of. 💛Of course my girl @rebekahviola for believing in me time and time again. Encouraging me daily, allowing me to live out this dream alongside her, and trusting me with all she's worked for. 💛To every bride, model, friend, family who has believed in this dream for me. Thank you so so much! 😊

Love all of the colors, textures, and details in this shot!🥂

I love when you can look at a photo and feel the love oozing from it! 💕😍 ⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀

To have [a laugh] and to hold [a groom] 😂😂😂

IDAHO PEEPS⛰ I’ll be in Moscow on business for a few days the first week of August!! I’ll be photographing my girl @justistyra wedding & I CAN’T wait!!! I’d love to offer a few sessions while I’m out west, but considering it’ll be a short trip, spots will be limited. Hit me up ASAP if you’d like to get photographed by yours truly 🙋🏼‍♀️ SO hype to hit all my favorite Moscow spots again & show my boys all that Moscow has to offer! This will be my first time back since 2012😳 That little college town holds such a special place in my heart & I truly consider it the town that shaped who I am today! Can’t wait to see some of your lovely faces! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

When you have your wedding on the top of the mountain 🏔 then you might have snow in May. Like these two hotties, who celebrate their love and their wedding high up on the mountain 🖤 • • Hair&MakeUp: @geturlook_weddings Dress: @kiligdress • • • #bohocouple #mallorcaweddingphotographer #radlovestories #dirtybootsmessyhair #belovedstories #campfireandlovestories #bridetobe2020 #instawedding #belovedstories #elopmentphotographer #hipsterwedding #yourockphotographers #helloelopement #bohowedding #ibizawedding #elopment #instabride #mallorcawedding #gypsywedding #hippiewedding #destinationwedding #italywedding #bohobraut #mallorcahochzeit #hochzeitsfotografmallorca #bridetobe2019 #bohobride #adventurouslovestories #pirateslovemermaids [Werbung wegen Profilverlinkung]

FÁBIO MEIRELES ⠀ Studio: Fábio Meireles fotografia⠀ @fabiomeireles⠀ Fortaleza, Brazil⠀ 🏆 6 Awards⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ 49 Collection of Wedisson Awards⠀ ------------------------------------------------⠀ ✅ Entry is free for all members⠀ To become a member register on⠀⠀ 👉🏽 wedisson.com ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ 🏁 Deadline for 50 Collection is May 31⠀ ------------------------------------------------⠀ International Wedding Photography Awards⠀ #luxurywedding #elopmentphotographer #wpja #weddingdream

My planning for the weekends @the_cannabis_squirrel Post gatitude @marijuana.pothead

Walking together...

Kensey & Ian just married!

when that ocean breeze is hitting just right.

I could have stayed inside because it was raining. I could have stayed in the warmth and been fine. I would have been content. Because I wouldn’t have known what I was missing. Shortly into my run the sun was shining on one side of the earth and the other side was indigo blue. In front of me was the world’s largest double rainbow. 🌈. The lesson I’m learning from this, is that the choices we make could make us miss rainbows. So go for it. Get a little cold + wet + mesmerized by what life can offer you.

What is ONE thing you prioritize during your work week? 🤓What's one thing that no matter what's happening during your week you make sure this happens because you value it?💛 ⠀⠀ .... Spending time with friends or family.⠀⠀ .... Sitting down and reading a good book.⠀⠀ .... Going out on a date night with your boo.⠀⠀ .... Cook a healthy meal.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ For me it's outdoor time. ⛰It's sunshine on my skin and exercise in the form of walking, hiking or exploring somewhere new.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ I told myself in 2019 that I'd take more time to get outside during my work week. That even a 15-25 minute outdoor break or walk for my body to stretch and get some sunshine is a MUST! ☀️⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ I feel like there's more clarity in my soul and there's more sunshine on my skin.. So it's a win win right?⠀⠀🙌🏻 ⠀⠀ But seriously, tell me what's a must do for you during your workweeks! 👇🏻👇🏻⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

These guys are so fun to work with, as you can tell they are super posey and goofy. We were extremely happy to shoot with @la_la_laaa and @formal_carry again! .. -Venue @uppershirley -Photographers @thegernands -Planner @amymarieevents -Jewelry @liberatusjewelry -Florist @amymarieevents -Hair & Makeup @cakedbycaly_mua -Rug rental @paisleyandjade -Furniture & Tableware @rentequipva -Macrame details @dandelionandlily -Calligraphy @_letterful_ -Dress: @carynsbridals -Models: @la_la_laaa @formal_carry

The smell of the campfire is still lingering in my hair, I am covered in bites and am a little sunburnt... but my gosh, I am feeling so refreshed. Spending time in nature with my dogs and my favorite person has a way of recharging my batteries like nothing else can! So, today I am back at it, and am PUMPED to be filling up my session slots for the summer! • • • • • #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #stylemepretty #creativeentrepreneur #makersgonnamake #elopmentphotographer #creativepreneur #soloverly #chasinglight #missouriphotographer #justgoshoot #shootandshare #lookslikefilm #lovethelittlethings #livethelittlethings #loveauthentic #radlovestories #belovedstories #dirtybootsandmessyhair #livefree #photobugcommunity #documentaryphotographer #socalitymidwest #loveandwildhearts #photooftheday #darlingweekend #thehappynow #postmoreportraits

2/3 . . . 🔆modelka @jessica_jankovych 👗butik @modea_style & stylistka @monika_jankovych 💄vizáž @marie_pospisilova 📷foto @tami_wojcikova #tape_production #modeastyle #canon #canonphoto #canonczsk #portrait #portrait_vision #portrait_mood #slovakia #makeup #studiomood #fashion #milanofashion #milan #dnesfotim #slovenskyfotograf #slovensko #elopmentphotographer #assf_sk

I love sneaking away from the reception for some shots during the gooey goodness that happens during the golden hour ✨

I love when people include their fur babies in family photos 😍 Merlin was precious this last Saturday and I had so much fun with him Jen, and Will at the dog park!

Really loving this intimate embrace. I hope as a photographer I am always awestruck by the intimate details I get to capture, it’s such an honor.

S&A reviennent tout juste de leur Lune de miel et vont enfin pouvoir découvrir leurs images !! J’ai extrêmement hâte de lire leur ressentis, et asap, je vous mets les photographies les plus canons sur un article de blog! 🥰 Des bisous à tous !!

Time is running out! There is just about one month left to lock in special booking on your engagement session combo for your 2019-2020 wedding! If your wedding is this fall, let’s communicate today so we can lock in your date! Times going to fly fast and those fall dates will be moving like hot 🎂s! As you can see, we act like helicopters on our engagement sessions! Book with us today!

Rise and shine. ✨ - Be expecting LOTS of the beautiful @thewildwang on our Instagram. She was one sweet, easy, amazing model! @hmbyasianicole KILLED it with Jessica’s hair and makeup. It’s always so fun working with her. The work she puts into anyones hair and makeup always comes out perfect. @bridal_bish provided her @buildabride_official dresses that were absolutely STUNNING. She is a perfect go to for anyone needing a wedding dress! Kind, hilarious, and knows how to style! Loved working with these ladies and look forward to doing it again. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Authentic moments 🌊 • • • Contact me for California bookings this summer! Wb@whitneybphotography.com ❤️

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” - Maya Angelou

Ok but was this dress made for her or what 😍😍😍 - Currently omw to Denver for an amazingggg elopement in great sand dunes np which Im so stoked for cause it’ll be my first time visiting!! But not stoked on the cold weather 🙃 - Dress: @luv_bridal Florals: @mintgreendesign

Romantic wedding in Golfo dei Poeti . . Grazie al meraviglioso team che ha reso possibile tutto questo . Photography @malfanti_studio Wedding Planner @perfectweddingitaly Flower Design @laverdemilonga.ireneratti Location @villasergilla Jewels @nyamijewelry Cake @pasticceria.peccatidigola Dress @comeinunafavolasarzana Hair Studio17 Make up Annalisa Bertella Models @giulia_casalini @lorenzscara . . . . . . #italywedding #fineartwedding #weddingphotography #elopmentphotographer #wedding #engaged #weddingphotographer #instaweddings #weddingday #shesaidyes #destinationwedding #destinationphotographer #fineartweddingphotography #weddingbouquet #bouquet #weddingdetailes #nikonphotohraphy #cinqueterre #liguria #malfantistudio

Foggy days are the best days

Travel sessions fill my creative soul ✨ and the traveling couple Instagram pose is my new go to.

Llevaba mucho tiempo sin compartir del contenido que hago por las clásicas razones: - Empezar a compararme - Idealizar de más lo que hago - Falta de personalidad - Falta de seguridad y confianza - Tener prisa en progresar - Pérdida del enfoque principal (la más importante) ... and you know what? La fotografía es -para mi- una herramienta en la que quiero desarrollar mi creatividad, en la que quiero llegar y capturar lo que yo veo a través de mis ojos. Un amigo me dijo “Un quipo no es nada si no hay un ojo que vea más allá “ y tiene razón, no debo auto engañarme en el “si tuviera un mejor equipo, haría mejores cosas” porque de nada serviría si perdí el enfoque y no tengo ojo. Asi que es absurdo cuando me desanimo por no obtener lo que busco cuando ni siquiera me estoy molestando en trabajar duro por ello, y a eso es a lo que me refiero con la pérdida del enfoque, pérdida de mi identidad. Anyway, gracias a las personas que - para mi sorpresa- se molestaron en escribirme y animándome a seguir mostrando contenido e ir creciendo en el proceso, a esas personas que ven algo mínimo en mi y que mi ausencia por aquí la notan. Eso es oro para mi. Sin los amigos, sin las personas que nos animan y apoyan e incluso creen tanto en nosotros, más que nosotros mismos, no sería para nada igual el viaje. ¡Gracias! 🙏🏽 // mi pregunta para ustedes es: ¿Quién te anima y cree tanto en ti como ni siquiera tu mismo lo haces a veces? Share your thoughts 🤗

Our version of American Gothic. . . .

Always a pleasant day spent on my uncle’s property. Swipe to see his beloved security guard.